Shadows & Roses

The Host Club

Ouran Academy was huge. Bigger than St. Vincent's and it made my stomach churn. At least until I felt Mori's large hand rest on my shoulder.

"Don't worry." he said and gave me one of his rare smiles which I returned.

"Yeah don't worry Sora-Chan! Everyone at Ouran is very nice!" Honey smiled.

"I hope so." I replied and held my books tighter against my chest before walking through the doors of the school.

We walked in and that was where we had to separate. Honey and Mori were both in Year 3 which was a full year above me. Kasumi was in the middle school with Chika and Satoshi so I was all alone.

I made my way down the hall before finding Classroom 4. Taking a deep breath I walked into the classroom. There were a few kids mulling about, talking amongst themselves. The teacher stood up front writing something on the board so that was where I headed.

After introducing myself Sensei Watari he directed me to sit in the middle of the second row. Thanking him I walked to my seat. I had just sat my books down when someone moved in front of me.

"You must be the new student, Misora Nishimura."

I looked up to see an attractive boy with blond hair and bright violet eyes.

"I am. And you are?" I asked.

"My name is Tamaki and I'd like to formally welcome you to our school." he said flashing me a huge smile.

I smiled softly to myself knowing exactly who this boy was. Honey and Mori had told me several stories about the Host Club and without a doubt this had to be Tamaki Suoh, Head of the Host Club.

"Thank you." I smiled warmly.

"I would like to invite you to our Host Club. We meet everyday in Music Room 3 and on behalf of all of us I say that we would be honored to be in the presence of such a beautiful angel as yourself." he replied and with that took my hand and kissed the back.

"Tamaki are you bothering this poor girl already? She's hardly been here for 5 minutes."

I turned to see a boy with black hair and glasses standing behind me looking at Tamaki. Suddenly I felt my heart skip a beat. I wasn't sure just what it was about him but something about him struck me. However I shook it off quickly.

"Oh he's really no bother." I smiled.

He gave me a soft smile, "Regardless we really must take our seats. Come on Tamaki." the boy said and headed for an empty desk.

"Until later Princess." Tamaki smiled and walked to his desk.

The day's lessons passed by quickly and soon it was lunch. I walked to the dining room and ordered the first thing on the menu that looked good before pulling my most recent book out of my bag. I spent a lot of my time reading and it was one of my favorite past times.

After lunch I headed back to class and finished out the day's lessons. All that was left was Math and History both which I excelled in. I was proficient in most subjects and got by with usually very little studying.

As the teacher droned on I began to play with the silver chain around my neck. It was a new addition to my wardrobe. On it hung my engagement ring. It was pure silver with a princess cut diamond set into it and I had decided to not wear it at school. Honey and I had agreed to keep betrothal quiet for the time being so when not with our parents I kept the ring hidden from sight.

Finally after classes ended I gathered my things and made my way to Music Room 3. I noticed that Tamaki had already disappeared as had his friend. Tamaki would be in the music room of course but I didn't have time to figure out just where the could be because Honey and Mori were expecting me.

I made my way through the school before finally finding the room. Reaching out I opened the doors and walked in.

"Welcome!" a group of voices chorused as I stepped in.

In front of me stood seven young men, two of which were Honey and Mori. Tamaki was sitting on a throne like chair with a smile with his dark haired friend standing to his right. There were three others, a pair of redheaded twins and a boy with brown hair and large brown eyes.

"Ah…Misora! I knew you would be joining us today. Welcome to the Host Club!" Tamaki said standing up and walking over to me.

Before I could say anything Tamaki had put his arm around me and was talking again.

"So the question is which type is your type my dear? We may have your choice of any one of us! I can guarantee that no matter who you pick you will have the time of your life! You can choose from-" Tamaki started but Honey interrupted him.

"Tamaki Sora-Chan is here to see Mori and I!" Honey replied.

"You know each other?" one of the twins asked.

"She's a family friend." Mori said.

"Well then I guess that settles that then. We should really start setting up now." the dark haired boy said as he wrote something down in a black book.

Honey walked over and took my hand, lacing his fingers in mine. Though we had decided that we would keep things quiet we were trying to work on possibly forming a relationship. We were going to be married after all and of course an heir to the Haninozuka family would be expected what with Honey being the oldest.

Honestly though I couldn't imagine just how that would work. I loved Honey but only in the way one would love a brother. However we had to try.

"Sora-Chan meet my friends this is Haruhi, Karou and Hikaru and Kyoya." Honey said pointing first to the boy with short brown hair, the red headed twins and finally Tamaki's dark headed friend.

Suddenly I couldn't believe that I hadn't recognized him before. Honey had talked about the Host Club a lot. How I hadn't pieced together that the cool and refined dark haired guy that had pulled Tamaki away from me in class was the same one that kept Tamaki partly in line in the years that they had known each other? And the brown haired boy? That was Haruhi who was really a girl. I mentally slapped myself.

"It's nice to finally meet all of you. Honey has told me a lot about all of you." I grinned.

"So you're new to Ouran?" Haruhi asked.

"I am. I've been studying in London since I was small but thanks to…recent developments my parents decided to send me and my younger sister Kasumi here." I smiled.

Suddenly girls began to flood into the room.

"Alright everyone! Places!" Kyoya called and everyone began to move their separate ways.

"Come on Sora! You can sit with us!" Honey grinned and pulled me toward a table in the back covered with different kinds of cake and tea.

I took a seat next to Mori who handed me a slice of double chocolate cake which was my favorite. I thanked him and bit into the cake. It was quite good.

"Takashi and I have been friends with Sora since we were really little." Honey said and I looked up from the cake and realized that a conversation had started about me.

"Aww! Sora! What were Honey and Mori like when they were little?!" A girl gushed across from me.

"What did you used to do?" another asked.

"Um…they were actually a lot like they are now. We used to play in the pool at my house or have sleepovers at Honey or Mori's house." I replied.

"That sounds wonderful!" one of the girls gushed.

"We always had fun! Sora was my best friend after Taka-Chan!" Honey grinned.

"Mitsukuni…you have cream on your face." Mori said and reached over and took a napkin and wiped the stray whipped cream from the side of Honey's mouth.

The girls around the table began to swoon suddenly. I had seen Mori do such things for Honey since forever. It had nowhere the same effect on me as it apparently did on these girls. A second later one of the girls fainted, sending her tea flying which landed in my lap.

"Oh!" I cried in surprise and quickly stood up, tossing the cup onto the table.

"Sora-Chan! Are you okay?!" Honey asked jumping up and running over to me.

"I'm fine. What about her?" I asked looking at the girl who was passed out on the floor, a smile on her face.

"Oh not to worry. This happens regularly." Kyoya said walking over.

He took survey of the situation before turning to Mori, "Mori would you please take Ms. Monitoai to a couch to let her rest. Sora if you would kindly follow me I'm sure that we have something you can change into that isn't so damp."

With a nod Kyoya disappeared into a back room before bringing me a fresh and folded yellow dress that was the uniform for the girls at Ouran Academy.

"This should be your size. You may change in there." he said handing it to me before pointing to a door.

"Thank you." I replied and headed to change.

I had just pullled on the fresh dress when there was a knock at the door..

"Misora? It's Haruhi." Haurhi's voice called from the other side.

"Come in." I called and she walked into the room.

"Kyoya-Sempai asked me to come and make sure you handled everything okay." she said.

"Oh I've got everything but I could use a little help with this zipper." I replied.

"No problem." she replied and I turned around so she could do it for me.

"Thank you." I smiled and sat down to put on my shoes.

"So you've known Honey-Sempai and Mori-Sempai for a while?" she asked leaning against the door.

"I have they've really been my only friends since I was small. I didn't get along very well with the other girls at my old school. They loved to clique up and I was kind of quiet so they singled me out." I replied.

"That must have been hard." Haruhi replied.

I shrugged, "Some girls were kind but I couldn't ever call them friends."

Haruhi nodded and I stood up, straitening my dress.

"Alright I'm ready." I replied.

Haruhi nodded but suddenly stopped, "Were you wearing that earlier?"

I looked down and sat the silver chain that held the ring hanging over the neck of my dress.

"Oh! Uh…yeah I was just keeping it under my dress." I replied putting my hand over the ring.

"Why would you hide it? It's a very beautiful ring." Haruhi replied.

I felt my cheeks heat up, "I-It's an engagement ring. It's an arranged marriage that our families set up. The two of us are new to this so we're keeping it quiet for the time we're at Ouran."

Haruhi looked at me for a moment, "Does this have anything to do with Honey-Sempai and Mori-Sempai? Is one of them who you're supposed to marry?"

Haruhi wasn't stupid. I had known that as soon as she saw thing ring she would figure it out. I couldn't just lie.

"Yes. My parents thought that it would be best to merge the Haninozuka family with our own so they made the proposition which the Haninozuka's accepted. When both Honey and I graduate we will be married." I replied.

"So you two didn't have any say in it at all?" Haruhi asked.

I shook my head, "Our parents brought our families together along with the Morinozuka family and dropped it quite suddenly on all of us."

"That's awful." she replied.

"It's alright. It's what's best for our families. Honey has the duty as the oldest son to carry on the Haninozuka line and it was decided that as the oldest daughter that I would be the one to help him do so. It's not as if I don't care for Honey. I do love him even if it's not in that way." I smiled.

"But what about what is best for you and Honey? Can't you do anything about it?" Haruhi asked.

"No I can't and neither can he. If we did our families would disown us both. Thank you for your concern Haruhi but I think it would be best if things stay the way they were. It really is what's best. I would like to ask you to keep this to yourself though. As I said Honey and I would like to keep this as quiet for as long as we can."

"Of course Misora." Haruhi nodded.

"Thank you and please call me Sora." I smiled and with that I headed back into the Host Room.

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