Shadows & Roses

Silence & Notes

"Remember…not a word."

Kasumi's words echoed in my head as I took my usual seat in the library. It was quiet and away from everyone else. Ix n the week and a half since my sister had began blackmailing me it had worked.

I would arrive a little later than usual and then hide out in one of the girls restrooms as I pretended to fix my hair or my makeup. I knew that none of the male Host Club members would come in here and that they wouldn't risk Haruhi being found out so I was safe in there.

For the rest of the day I spent it tucked away in a corner of the library with my nose in a book as I pretended to read. This was step two of my 'don't-talk-to-the-host-club' strategy and it had been easy to pull off. I told them that I had fallen behind in my studies.

A few weeks before my father had to go away to the states on business and this time Mother had forced me to go with her and Kasumi. She said she was frightened that something would happen to me like it had the last time they had gone out of town.

I had missed several days of school to go with them and had fallen behind in my school work. Of course I had quickly made it up but the Host Club didn't need to know that and it was best that they didn't. It was my only means of escape.

As much as I missed my friends I knew that this was for the best. If anyone found out about Kyoya and I then things would just end badly. There would be trouble for the both of us and probably Honey and Mori as well. I couldn't let them get in trouble for something I was responsible for.

I knew that this couldn't work for long but it would work for the mean time. Or so I hoped.

I had just gotten to work on some of the following week's Trigonometry homework when I felt eyes on me. Turning slightly in my seat I saw the entire Host Club making their way towards me. I didn't know what they were doing here. It was after school hours and they should've been in the Music Room entertaining guests.

Reaching into my bag I grabbed my iPod and shoved it in my ears, turning the music up as loud as I could stand it. Picking up my pin I began to jot down notes from the book. A moment later I felt their presence behind me. I did my best to block it out and ignore it, including the fact that they were calling my name.

After a few moments it went silent and I thought that maybe they had given up when suddenly the earbuds were pulled from my ears. Looking up I saw one of the twins holding them up.

"Can you hear us now?" Kaoru asked dangling the earphones in front of my face.

I scowled and reached for them but he pulled them away with a smirk.

"You want these? Then you'll have to talk to us." Tamaki said taking the earbuds from Karou and pocketing them. For a moment I understood why he insisted that he was the father of the group, his authoritative tone very paternal.

I sighed and shook my head before going back to my books. Maybe they would take the hint and leave. However a minute later I felt a hand on my arm. Turning I saw Honey standing there looking at me, his brown eyes wide.

"Did we do something to make you mad?" he asked.

"No Honey. I just have studying to do." I replied.

"None of us believe that Sora. Besides I can clearly tell you're doing the work in the next chapter. We won't even reach that until next week." Kyoya said.

I shook my head and went back to doing what I had been before.

"Sora? Did we do something wrong?" Haruhi asked.

I sighed and shook my head.

"Then talk to us!" Hikaru replied.

I sighed again and a sudden idea came to mind. I scrawled a quick note to Kyoya before closing it and shoving things into my bag, tucking the notebook within the stack of books I'd pulled off the shelf. Once everything was in my bag I quickly stood and shoved my way through the group of Hosts surrounding me.

"Sora wait!" I heard Honey yell but I ignored him and hurried on without a word.

3rd POV

"What did we do?" Honey asked his voice sad as he and the others watched Sora hurry out of the library.

For the past few weeks Sora had been oddly distant. She hadn't spoken a word to any of the Hosts with exception of Honey and Mori. In fact he was certain that she was avoiding all of them on purpose.

Everyday for the past 10 days she had arrived nearly late to class and spent her breaks here in the library. She never answered any of their calls or texts and if any of them went to her house she was either out or unable to come to the door.

"Obviously she doesn't want to be around us anymore." Hikaru replied.

"But why?" Haruhi asked.

"Well until she's ready to tell us I'm afraid we won't know. Come men. We have guests waiting for us." Tamaki said with a sigh and started for the door, the twins, Honey and Mori following. Kyoya started following when he noticed Haruhi hesitate before picking up the books on the table.

"Haruhi what are you doing?" Kyoya asked.

"Someone should put these books away. Sora left in such a hurry she left them." she replied.

Kyoya sighed but he supposed Haruhi was right. Reaching out he picked up a stack of them himself and walked over to the shelves. Carefully he began to replace the books cradled in his arm in their correct places.

He was nearly done with his stack when he came to a black and white composition book. Sora's name was written in her small curly handwriting on the front. Frowning he wondered how she could've left this behind. Even in a rush it wasn't like her to forget something.

Holding onto the notebook he placed the last book on the shelf before walking over to Haruhi.

"What's that Sempai?" Haruhi asked as returned to the table as well.

"It's Sora's notebook. She left it in-between a couple of the books." Kyoya replied.

"That doesn't sound like Sora." Haruhi frowned.

"I thought so too." Kyoya nodded.

"Wait…let me see that." Haruhi said and pulled the book from Kyoya's hands and began to flip through it. A moment later her eyes grew wide.

"I saw Sora write something in this but it wasn't math like she was working on. This must have been it." Haruhi replied and shoved the notebook at Kyoya.

Kyoya looked down at the page and saw his own name written on the top, a note quickly written under it.

KyoyaPlease don't be angry. Kasumi is blackmailing me. She found out. If I talk to you or anyone else but Honey and Mori she'll tell our parents. I can't let the happen to you. I love you. I'm sorry.

Kyoya shook his head, speechless at the words in front of him. He was infuriated and judging by the wide eyed look of Haruhi beside him it must have shown on his face.

"Sempai? What's wrong? What does it say?" Haruhi asked her voice wobbling slightly.

"Sora's sister is blackmailing her. If she talks to any of us Kasumi will expose our relationship to their parents." Kyoya replied.

"What would she do that to her own sister?" Haruhi asked.

Kyoya sighed, "The relationship between Misora and Kasumi Nishimura isn't an amicable one. From what I've been told Kasumi is vindictive and in Sora's own words a 'supreme bitch'. She spread rumors about her in their old school to the point that Sora spent nearly all of her time at St. Vincent's alone. If Sora believes that she'll do something like this then I'm inclined to believe it myself."

"So what do we do?" Haruhi asked.

"I don't think there is anything we can do. Unfortunately it seems that this is out of even my power. If I go to Kasumi I'm sure that things won't turn out well. It will reveal that Sora has indeed had some contact with us which is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. All we can do now is keep the others away from Sora." Kyoya replied.

"You mean we have to keep Tamaki, Karou, Hikaru, Honey AND Mori from going near Sora?" Haruhi asked looking uncertain.

"No. Just Tamaki and the twins. She can still talk to Honey and Mori. I suppose it's because of the marriage." Kyoya said.

"I guess it would look odd if she didn't talk to her fiance." Haruhi nodded.

"Indeed. It'll be difficult but we'll have to do it. For her sake at least. Of course this will make it difficult to keep an eye on her. I'll have to increase the surveillance." Kyoya replied as he pulled out his phone.

"Are you going to be okay Sempai?" Haruhi asked.

"Of course." Kyoya nodded.

Haruhi looked at Kyoya for a long moment before sighing.

"Alright but if you want to talk Sempai just know that I'm here." Haruhi replied and with that gathered her bag and headed towards the music room.

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