Shadows & Roses


I stood in front of a mirror as one of our family maids carefully folded and tied my kimono around me. Tonight was the night of Honey and I's engagement party and I was in one of the rooms upstairs at the Haninozuka Estate getting ready.

In a few hours time we would formally announce the fact that Honey and I were engaged. That would mean that in the coming weeks there would be parties and showers and all sort of mindless things we had to deal with. At least Honey would be there though.

"Don't you look beautiful! You'll make such a beautiful bride Misora." my Mother said as she stepped up behind me in the full length mirror, already dressed. I had to admit the kimono she'd gotten me was beautiful.

It was made of silk and had been hand dyed baby pink. A pattern of hand stitched sakura blossoms stretched from the bottom and up to the middle. My hair was pulled up on the sides and decorated with fresh sakura blossoms from the Haninozuka gardens.

"How do I look Mother?" Kasumi asked as she walked into the room wearing a bright yellow kimono with bright orange flowers. Unlike my kimono, which was new, Kasumi had worn hers a few times before. I could tell it was annoying her that she didn't have a new outfit.

"You look wonderful dear." Mother smiled and a second later there was a knock on the door.

Mother walked over and opened it up and smiled, "Well don't you both look dashing?"

A moment later Honey and Mori walked into the room wearing simple black traditional kimonos. Honey of course was to be my escort for the evening while Mori was Kasumi's. Mori would be Honey's best man and Kasumi was my Maid of Honor so for tonight they would be a pair.

"You look beautiful Sora!" Honey smiled as he stepped forward.

"Thank you. You look quite debonair yourself, you too Mori." I smiled.

"You two make such a lovely couple." my mother sighed before dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief.

A moment later she sniffed and smiled, "It's time to head downstairs. The party is set to start soon."

Honey extended his arm for me which I looped my arm through. He had suddenly shot up recently and was nearly as tall as me. Thanks to that I didn't have to bend to walk with him.

It had been a little over a month and a half since Kasumi had started blackmailing me. Thankfully after the day in the library the Host Club had pretty much stayed out of my way which I knew I had Kyoya to thank for. The day after I had found the notebook I left in the library on my desk with the words 'of course' written under the note.

In that time I had managed to concentrate on my studies. Things were a little lonely but I was managing. It wasn't as if I hadn't ever gone without friends before.

We made our way downstairs and headed out into the garden. People were mulling about in colorful kimonos. Fairy lights decorated the trees and bushes and a string band played in one corner. I had to admit it was a beautiful sight.

"May I have this dance?" Honey asked as we moved onto the dance floor that was set up in the heart of the garden.

"Of course." I nodded and he took my hand.

We began to twirl around the dance floor. Honey proved to be a very skilled dancer. At first I wondered just how he had become so good but then I remembered his tails of dances at the Host Club and realized that must have been it.

As we danced I felt myself laugh and I remembered when we were kids. On my holidays from St. Vincent's I would spend every day I could with Mori and Honey. One of our favorite past times had been dancing in the parlor to old records that his parents let us listen to. At that moment I wasn't marrying Honey, Kasumi wasn't blackmailing me and there wasn't someone out there that had tried to kill me. At that moment I was totally free.

I didn't know how long we danced just that soon I found myself standing next to the punch bowl as Honey poured me a glass of punch.

"Are you having fun?" Honey asked as he handed me the cup.

"Very much so. This is actually more enjoyable than I thought it would be." I smiled.

"I'm glad you're happy Sora." Honey grinned.

"How about another dance?" I asked.

"Don't worry…you two can dance more." A voice said in my ear.

"After you answer some of our questions that is." A matching one replied on the other side.

"Wha-AH!" I screamed as a pair of arms wrapped around my middle and pulled me away from the table and towards the darkened area around the party.

I tried to fight as hard as I could but a second later I recognized the arms as Mori's and I knew that I wasn't getting away. The fact I could easily take down most people didn't count when it came to him. He was far stronger than me.

Soundlessly he carried me a ways into the darkness, three sets of footsteps echoed besides Mori's. I knew one was Honey's and I guessed the other two to be Karou and Hikaru since I had recognized their voices in my ears earlier.

Quickly a plan formed in my mind. Once Mori sat me down I would take off for the party again. Hopefully no one would miss me and Kasumi couldn't say that I was off cavorting with the Host Club and reveal Kyoya and I's relationship.

Eventually we stopped and Mori sat me down but kept a tight grip on my upper arm.

"What do you think you're doing?! Let me go!" I hissed.

"Sorry Sora no can do! The Boss wanted you here." Hikaru said from somewhere next to me. I really couldn't see anyone in the dark.

"Besides we're not letting you go until you answer our questions." Kaoru added.

A moment later I heard a noise and a minute later Tamaki appeared with a paper lantern in hand that lit up everything. Honey stood directly beside me with the twins on the other side of Mori. They wore matching dark green Kimonos with thin gold trim and Tamaki wore a blue one that set off the violet in his eyes.

"I must say you look lovely tonight Sora." Tamaki smiled.

"Thank you but I'm going back to the party! Let me go Mori!" I snapped and tried to pull free but he kept his grip. It wasn't painful in the least but it was enough to hold me there.

"Sorry. I can't." Mori replied.

"As the twins told you we have a few minor questions to ask before you may leave my dear." Tamaki said.

"Why have you been ignoring us Sora?" Honey asked looking up at me.

"I haven't been ignoring you." I said looking at Honey.

"Maybe not Honey-Sempai or Mori-Sempai but you have been ignoring everyone else." Kaoru pointed out.

"We're concerned Sora. As your friends we wish to know that you're okay." Tamaki replied.

"We miss you at the Host Club Sora! We want you to come back!" Honey replied looking up at me.

I wasn't exactly sure what to say. I knew that I couldn't tell them about the blackmail but I had to get them to leave me alone. As much as it hurt I knew what I had to do.

"Who says I even want to be at the Host Club?! I'm ignoring all of you because I can't stand any of you! I'm tired of sitting there day after day putting up with your stupidity!" I spat and turned towards the twins.

"The both of you are selfish and snobby and I'm tired of the stupid games you play! I swear if you try to make me guess which one of you his Hikaru one more time I'm going beat you both senseless! Oh! And by the way! Haruhi is never going to love you Hikaru! Get over it!" I growled looking at them before swinging around to look at Tamaki.

"As for you, you're the biggest idiot of them all! You're not royalty Tamaki! You're nothing but the bastard child of the Suoh family! You walk around like you walk on air but you're nothing but an imbecile!" I said.

"I was never friends with any of you! I was only nice because of Honey and Mori! You're all dumber than I thought if you really thought I cared about you." I said with a smirk.

Tamaki, Kaoru and Hikaru looked back at me with wide eyes. I knew that I had hit something. I didn't have to look at Honey or Mori to know that they were looking at me horrified. I was never like this. I was never so mean or cruel to someone like I had just been.

"Sora this isn't you."

I turned my head and saw Kyoya and Haruhi making their way towards us. Kyoya wore a black and gray Kimono and Haruhi wore one that was a soft powder blue with white flowers decorating it.

"Oh go jump off of something Kyoya. You don't care about any of them anymore than I do! You're just using all of them to get ahead of your brothers!" I said.

Kyoya sighed and pushed his glasses up on his face, "Sora you don't have to put on this act. I think it's time that we told them the real reason that you've been distant. You're not a cruel person and it doesn't suit you well."

I looked at Kyoya for a long moment before sighing.

"Sora? What's going on?" Kaoru asked looking at me.

"Yeah what is Kyo-Chan talking about?" Honey asked.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I said sinking to the ground.

"Mori-Sempai you can let go now. She's not going to run." Haruhi said walking over and helping me up.

"Would someone please care to explain just what is going on here?" Tamaki asked.

Kyoya turned to the Club King, "Sora is being blackmailed by her sister Kasumi."

"Blackmailed?!" Everyone but Haruhi gasped.

"Indeed." Kyoya nodded.

"What does she have on you?" Hikaru asked.

"She found out that I was having a relationship." I replied.

"With Honey? Shouldn't she know that? She's your sister." Karou replied.

"The relationship wasn't with Honey. It was with me." Kyoya said with a sigh.

"You?!" the twins asked.

"How could you keep this from me Mother?! Mothers are supposed to tell Fathers everything!" Tamaki cried.

"How long?" Mori asked looking down at me.

"A little over 6 months." I replied and looked up at Honey.

"I'm so sorry Honey. I never meant for any of this to happen. It just did." I said looking at him.

Honey's brown eyes looked back at me and I couldn't read them. I wasn't sure if he was hurt or angry or what. However a moment later he turned and walked off into the darkness in the direction of the house.

"Wow! That was better than I thought it would be."

Turning I saw Kasumi emerge from the shadows. She had a triumphant smile on her face.

"What do you want Kasumi?" I spat.

"Oh I just came to find you. Father sent me to tell you that it's nearly time to make the announcement. It looks like there might not be one now because it looks like you didn't heed my warning. I knew you'd break and talk to these losers. It was just a matter of time." she smirked.

"Do what you want Kasumi. I'm done being your little pawn. I'm going to go find Honey." I said and took off in the direction he'd disappeared to.

Honey was faster than I thought but I soon caught up with him.

"Honey please stop!" I begged as we walked into the parlor of the Haninozuka Mansion.

Honey turned around and opened his mouth to say something when suddenly there were footsteps behind us. Turning I saw my father glaring at me with Kasumi standing behind him gloating.

Silently he walked over until he was standing right in front of me. I looked up at him, my stomach churning and my heart racing.

"F-Father." I said bowing my head.

A second later stars exploded in front of my eyes as his hand met my cheek. I fell to the floor, my cheek stinging from the slap and tears welling up in my eyes.

"How dare you address me after what you've done." my Father said his voice oddly even and calm.

"Father I-" I started but he cut me off.

"Don't make excuses Misora. You have shamed our entire family by being nothing but a common whore. What you have done is more than unacceptable." he said.

"I'm sorry." I replied.

"Sorry isn't going to fix this. You are nothing but an embarrassment." he said.

"Atsuo? What's wrong?" I heard my mother ask and I looked up to see her walking up along with that Haninozuka's.

My father took a deep breath and turned towards them.

"It seems that Misora has been unfaithful." my father said.

My mother gasped, "Misora! Is this true?"

"Oh it's very true Mother! Look! I have evidence!" Kasumi chirped and happily produced her cell phone, shoving it at our mother and Honey's parents.

"MISORA! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!" my mother yelled stomping over to me.

"I-I don't know what to say." I replied as tears ran down my cheeks.

My mother shook her head and turned towards the Haninozuka families, bowing deeply.

"Please accept our deepest apologies. We are very embarrassed by this. We are sorry to have troubled you with such a disrespectful child such as our daughter. We understand that you will want to terminate the marriage." My father said joining my mother.

"Wait! Father! Mother! What about me? What if I offer to marry Honey?!" she asked.

"You would do that Kasumi?" my Mother asked.

"Of course! I read the contract that you drafted for the marriage and everything and if Sora were to die or she becomes unable to marry Honey then it would be up to me. It's for the good of the family." Kasumi replied.

"You were the one who did it aren't you?!" Honey suddenly said making us all jump.

"Mitsukuni what are you talking about?" Mrs. Haninozuka asked.

"Kasumi was the one that put that coconut in Sora's cake! You're the one that tried to hurt her!" Honey accused.

"W-What are you talking about?" Kasumi asked looking at Honey.

"You paid that man to put the coconut in her cake! You're the one that left Haruhi that awful note! You've been out to hurt Sora for weeks now!" Honey yelled.

Kasumi looked around at everyone who was looking at her now and her shoulders sagged.

"Yes. It was me." she replied.

Our parents gasped, "Why would you do that Kasumi?" Mother asked.

"Because! It's not fair that Sora gets to marry Honey! She gets everything! I get nothing! She doesn't even love him like I do!" Kasumi replied.

"You did it because you wanted to marry Honey?" I asked looking at her.

"Yes! I've been in love with him since I can remember and it's not fair that you're the one that gets to marry him! You could never love him the way that I do!" Kasumi said.

I didn't know what to say. For a moment I forgot the sting of my cheek. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Never had Kasumi shown any sign that she loved Honey. I didn't think she loved anyone other than herself.

This was a side of my sister I had never seen. Real and true tears rimmed her eyes and her tone of voice wasn't snide or bitter. It was her showing real feelings for once in her life.

"I could never marry you Kasumi." Honey said suddenly breaking me out of my thoughts.

"But why? I could be such a better wife for you! I could love you like you deserve to be loved! We could be so happy! I promise I will never do to you what Sora did!" Kasumi gushed looking at him.

"I could never love you though Kasumi. Your heart is full of anger and hatred. Sora is sweet and kind and gentle. I don't care what she did. I still want to marry her." Honey replied.

"Mitsukuni you couldn't possibly want to marry her after what she's done. She's tainted and dirty. Our Kasumi would be much better suited for you. Pure and innocent." my father said.

"Pure and innocent? She just admitted that she tried to kill me!" I replied looking at my parents.

"You will be silent girl!" my Father said and reached back to smack me again and I squeezed my eyes shut in preparation for the blow but it never came.

Opening my eyes I saw Honey holding onto my father's hand.

"As long as she remains mine you will never lay another finger on her as long as you live." Honey said his voice deep and serious.

My father looked at him for a moment before nodding, "Of course."

"Are you sure you want to do this Mitsukuni?" Mr. Haninozuka asked.

"I'm sure Father. I agreed to this commitment and I will see it though." Honey replied.

"Very well then. If we're going to see this marriage through we should make the announcement. I think it can be agreed on that we will keep this between our families." Mr. Haninozuka said.

"Of course." My father nodded.

"Very well then. It's time for the announcement. We will call you when we're ready." Mr. Haninozuka said and our parents left.

"This isn't fair! Why do you always get everything?! I hate you Sora!" Kasumi shouted and ran.

I watched her before sighing and turning towards Honey.

"You don't have to do this Honey." I said.

"I know I don't but I want to. It's what's best for both of our families and for us. If I don't marry you your parents might disown you and at least I'm marrying someone I can be friends with. I might not get so luck the next time." Honey said.

"Thank you." I smiled and pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Come on Sora. I think they're calling us." he said and took my hand.

A few hours later I sat in the back of my family's limo.

"You're very lucky Misora. Mitsukuni was able to overlook that fact that you were consorting with that Otori boy behind his back. Most men wouldn't be so forgiving" my Mother said.

"I understand." I nodded.

"We cannot risk a repeat of this Misora I hope you know that." My father said.

I nodded again.

"So we've decided that we're pulling you out of Ouran Academy. Tomorrow morning you will pack your bags." he said.

"You're sending me back to St. Vincent's?" I asked.

"No. . We've discussed this with the Haninozukas and we're moving it up to the end of the Summer. Until then we've decided that you will be going to stay with Isamu until then. We have a tutor in place to help you continue with your studies." he said.

"I have to leave Ouran!?" I said.

"Misora after all of the trouble you caused you should thank your lucky stars that is the worst that you're getting." My mother said.

I sat back in my seat and nodded. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kasumi shoot me glare that made my blood run cold. She hated me more than ever now and that was something I would just have to deal with.

We pulled up to the house and I got out and headed silently to my room. Pulling off my Kimono I folded it before putting it away and changing into pajamas. With a heavy sigh I pulled the prepaid phone that I used to keep a hold of Kyoya and sent him a text.

To: KyoyaThis is it isn't it?

To: SoraIt would seem so.

To: KyoyaI love you. Always.

To: SoraI love you too. Sweet Dreams.

With a shaky sigh I took the phone and tucked it back into the drawer. That night I crawled into bed with tears clinging to my eyelashes.

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