Shadows & Roses


3rd POV

"Thank you for visiting us today. We hope to see you again soon!" Kyoya smiled as the clients for the day left the Music Room.

Once they were gone the smile faded and Kyoya walked across the room and sunk heavily into one of the chairs. He was tired and his face hurt from the forced smile he'd worn the whole day. He'd never felt like this after the club closed but lately he felt more and more exhausted. He wasn't sure why he felt so tired lately but all he wanted to do at that moment was go home and sleep.


Kyoya looked up to see his blond best friend looking down at him, concern lacing his violet eyes. The other Hosts had all left with the clients. He wondered how he had failed to notice that Tamaki had stayed behind. Honey and Mori had both left quickly, things being slightly awkward between him and the cousins since the party, the twins had wandered off before club hours were even over and Haruhi had a test to study for so she had skipped Host Club all together that day.

"Yes? What is it Tamaki?" Kyoya asked.

"I came to see if you're alright. You seem exhausted." Tamaki replied.

"I'm fine I assure you. I was simply resting before I start the calculations of today's profits." Kyoya said and with that turned around and began typing on his laptop.

"Kyoya…you don't have to lie to me of all people." Tamaki said putting his hand on Kyoya's shoulder.

Kyoya sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and first finger, "Tamaki what are you going on about now?"

"I'm talking about Sora. I think the reason you're so tired is you're missing her." Tamaki replied.

"You think to much Tamaki. Now kindly leave me to my work." Kyoya said and shook off Tamaki's hand.

Tamaki sighed and before Kyoya could blink he had grabbed the laptop from the table. Kyoya turned in his seat and glared at the Host Club King.

"Give me my laptop back Tamaki." Kyoya ordered.

"Not until you talk to me!" Tamaki replied.

"There is nothing to talk about!" Kyoya said.

"Yes there is! You're not yourself Kyoya! We can all see it! Now talk to me!" Tamaki demanded.

"What do you want me to say Tamaki? What do you want me to admit to?!" Kyoya fumed.

"I want you to stop acting like a cold robot and for once admit that you're in pain! Haruhi told me everything Kyoya! I know that you cared for her much more than you're letting on!" Tamaki replied.

Kyoya sighed, "So Haruhi told you everything did she? Well then it should be no surprise that I'm hurt! I don't freely give my heart away Tamaki and unfortunately this time I did and she's meant for someone else! I can't do anything to change it! I don't have the luxury of falling for someone that I am able to be with indefinitely like you have with Haruhi! What do you expect?!" Kyoya replied grabbing hold of Tamaki's shirt, pulling the boy closer.

"That's what I wanted to see Kyoya." Tamaki said with a faint smile.

Kyoya shoved Tamaki back from him, "You only wanted a rise out of me?!" he asked.

"No. I wanted you to open up. I was afraid if you didn't you'd explode." Tamaki replied looking at the dark haired teen.

Kyoya shook his head, "Give me my laptop back Tamaki."

Tamaki surrendered the laptop and Kyoya sat back down. A moment later he was working on the figures as if nothing had happened. Tamaki watched his friend for a while before sighing and heading for the door.

Kyoya watched out of the corner of his eye as Tamaki made his way from the room. When Tamaki opened the door to leave Kyoya saw the brown eyed hostess waiting for him.

"How is Kyoya-Sempai?" he heard her ask.

"He's pretty broken. Thankfully Sora isn't around or I'm afraid that he wouldn't ever be able to heal." Tamaki replied.

"Don't worry Tamaki. I'm sure that he'll be okay in time." Haruhi assured Tamaki before he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and the two set off.

Kyoya sighed and looked at the screen of his computer. Nothing seemed to make sense so he closed it and slid it back into his bag as he thought about the couple that had just left.

After months of being utterly and ridiculously oblivious to what they were feeling the two had finally managed to get the night of Honey and Sora's Engagement Party. He didn't know the details of the night thanks to the fact that he was more than distracted by the events that had occurred but come the next school day they were together. As much as it hurt to see their relationship he was quite happy for the two and relieved that he wouldn't have to deal with the trouble of comforting Tamaki after Haruhi reminded him, yet again, that he wasn't her father.

Standing up he picked up his bag and messaged for his driver to come around the front. By the time he got to the front of the school the car was waiting for him.

The drive home was silent as Kyoya watched the familiar trees and other scenery that led from Ouran to his home. He had traveled this way since he was in preschool and it had changed very little since.

Soon they pulled up to the Otori Estate and Kyoya headed in without a word to anyone. Walking into his room he discarded his bag on the table before discarding his blazer and loosening his tie. Afterwards he collapsed on the couch, his head resting on the pillow and blanket resting there.

How long had it been since he'd slept in his own bed? Days? No…probably weeks.

He had washed his sheets but every time he laid down he could smell the lavender from Sora's favorite lotion, see her sleeping next to him. She was like a ghost that lived in his room, forcing him to sleep on the couch so he wouldn't be haunted by her figure. He had considered getting a new bed all together to rid himself of the thoughts but at the same time he wasn't quite ready to let go of them.

Perhaps things might have been different if the nightmare he'd had months before had been real. Then she would really be gone and not just out of his grasp. If there was one thing that Kyoya hated more than anything it was wanting something that was just out of his grasp. He had been in that position all of his life.

He wasn't he first son and knew that the chances of gaining his father's company were slim. He was just as good if not better than his brothers but it never seemed to be enough. When he was with Sora he hadn't thought about all of that. She had been able to take his mind off of anything and make him smile. He missed that the most about her.

Mentally he shook himself. He had to quit thinking about her. She was Honey's. Their time was done. As much as it hurt it was over and there was nothing more that could come of it.

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