Shadows & Roses

Two Years

"Mrs. Haninozuka?"

I turned to see our maid Aoko standing at the door of the patio.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Mr. and Mrs. Suoh have arrived." she said.

"Please show them out." I smiled and with a bow she headed inside.

A few moments later Tamaki and Haruhi walked out onto the patio.

"Sora! How wonderful to see you again!" Tamaki gushed and before I could think twice he had scooped me up in one of his signature bone crushing hugs.

It had been 2 years since Honey and I's wedding and nearly that long since I had seen any of the Host Club except Mori. Shortly after the wedding Honey had gotten called away to do some training in the States and of course I had followed along with Mori. We had just recently returned from the States after a year and a half stay.

Everyone was scattered about. Hikaru was in Los Angeles working at an art school while Kaoru had chosen to follow their mother to Milan while she worked on some designs out there. Haruhi and Tamaki had gotten married and were now expecting. As for Kyoya…well I wasn't quite sure where he had gone to.

He was involved in some business venture with his Father that had them traveling all over. I preferred to not keep track for the sake of the fact that I was now a married woman and as much as I wanted it to keep track it was just that much too painful to deal with. What I did know however I had learned through Honey or phone calls from Haruhi.

I hadn't seen him since the night of Honey and I's engagement party. He hadn't shown up to our wedding and I hadn't been able to attend Haruhi and Tamaki's wedding. I was set to be Haruhi's maid of honor and even had my dress when I had come down with pneumonia.

It had come about after I had managed to lock myself outside in the middle of February for several hours. Honey was at the training center for the day and had come home to find me nearly frostbit on the front porch. After a long hot bath I was fine but sick as a dog for the next 3 weeks and had missed the wedding entirely. I had forced Honey to go on ahead though and he had brought me back a slice of the wedding cake.

"It's good to see you too Tamaki." I smiled as he thankfully relinquished his hold on me.

I turned to Haruhi and my jaw dropped. Her stomach was already very round despite the fact that she had only found out about the pregnancy a few months previous. She looked much different from when we were in school. Her hair fell around her shoulders now, pulled up in a ponytail and thanks to the hormones of pregnancy she had grown curves in a few places.

"Oh my god! You look ready to pop!" I gasped looking at her.

"Well that happens when there are two in there." she laughed.

"Two? Twins? You're having twins?!" I asked.

"That's what the doctor said yesterday. Tamaki almost passed out." Haruhi laughed.

"I did not! It was too hot in there! I was getting dizzy from the heat!" Tamaki frowned indignantly.

"The doctor's office was so cold you could see your breath!" Haruhi shot back.

Tamaki frowned before retreating to the corner of the patio to sulk.

I sighed, "He STILL does that?"

Haruhi echoed my sigh, "Unfortunately."

He had changed very little since school. He still had the same bright blond hair and violet eyes. The only difference was that Tamaki was a little more on the mature side. Well…sometimes.

I laughed, "Well Tamaki will always be Tamaki huh? So how is school going with all this?" I asked gesturing to her bump.

"Surprisingly well. I thought it would be harder but it's not. Of course after the twins are born it's going to get more difficult but still. I have Tamaki and Dad." she smiled.

"Don't forget you have Honey and I too. Plus Mori and the twins and…Kyoya." I said.

Haruhi nodded, ignoring the fact I'd hesitated on Kyoya's name.

"Speaking of Honey-Sempai and Mori-Sempai where are they?" she asked.

Haruhi had never been able to shake the habit of addressing everyone but the twins and Tamaki as 'Sempai'. We'd all given up long ago trying to get her to say otherwise.

"They're taking care of some business in Honey's office. There were a few things that came up this morning. They'll be out soon. Besides Aoko told me about 15 minutes ago the cake she was baking would be done. No doubt that he'll smell it and be out her the moment it's done." I replied.

The moment I said it Aoko came walking out with a freshly decorated cake and sure enough she had hardly set the tray on the table when Honey came walking out with Mori close behind.

"Haru-Chan!" Honey grinned and walked over to hug her.

"Hello Honey-Sempai. It's great to see you." Haruhi smiled.

"Wow! You're so big! Is there more than one baby?" he asked looking at Haruhi.

"Actually there is. It's going to be twins." Haruhi replied.

"Yay! Two babies! They'll be twice as cute!" Honey smiled.

"Congratulations." Mori smiled from behind Honey.

"Thanks." Haruhi replied.

"I think we should celebrate! With cake!" Honey said and hurried over to where Aoko had placed the cake and began cutting slices.

Tamaki came out of his corner to join us and we all indulged in Aoko's signature Double Chocolate Devil's food cake, decorated with strawberries. It had been one of the reasons that Honey and I had hired her. Somehow she was able to combine my love for chocolate with Honey's love for Strawberries and not have it too sweet but at the same time sweet enough to sate Honey's tastes. We had it several times a week.

We were talking about what things were like when we were in the States when there was a sound behind us.

"What? You had a party and decided to not invite us?"

I turned and saw the twins leaning against the patio doors.

"Yeah don't you know that it's not a party without us?" Hikaru smirked.

It had become a lot easier to tell the twins apart. Hikaru had dyed his hair a dark ash color and Karou's red hair fell longer around his face. Other than that they were still identical down to the last freckle.

"What are you two doing here? I thought you were in LA and Milan!" Haruhi laughed getting out of her chair as best as she could.

"Whoa! Check out Mama Haruhi!" Kaoru laughed as Haruhi made her way towards them.

"Yeah! It looks like you're trying to smuggle a watermelon!" Hikaru grinned as both twins reached out and cupped her expanding belly.

"It's twins!" I called from where I sat.

Both faces lit up at once, "TWINS?!"

"Yes and you're not to teach them any of your tricks." Haruhi warned glaring at them both.

"Come on Haruhi…" Hikaru smirked.

"…do you really think we'd do that?" Kaoru finished, mirroring his brother's look.

"Yes." all of us replied at once and they just smiled before walking over and sitting down at the table.

"Anyhow way to go Tono." Kaoru said patting Tamaki on the back.

"Looks like you really had it in you." Hikaru winked.

Tamaki blushed and muttered a thank you of sorts.

"So what are you two doing back so soon?" Honey asked.

"Well it's summer break back in the states for me." Hikaru said.

"And Mom's show is on hold. The place we were having it flooded after a huge storm the other night and it's going to take a while to get everything replaced and cleaned up." Kaoru said.

"So we came back here to annoy our favorite toy and the moron king." Hikaru grinned.

"We went to their house but Shima told us that they were here so here we are." Kaoru finished.

"How was the states?" Hikaru asked looking to Honey, Mori and I.

"They were great! We got a lot of training done!" Honey smiled.

"They were quick learners. They know how to duck too. More than I can say for you." I grinned looking at Hikaru who rolled his eyes.

"All we're missing now is Kyoya. Where is the Shadow King by the way?" Kaoru asked.

"Kyoya is somewhere in London. He and his Father are working on closing a deal with a medical specialist family there called the McCarthy's." Tamaki replied.

"McCalman." I replied reaching forward and sipping my drink.

"What?" Tamaki asked."McCalman. That's the family's name. The youngest daughter Rebecca McCalman was in my year at St. Vincent's. Nasty disposition too. Kasumi was close with her and tried to get her to help her play tricks on me. She was afraid of me though and refused. Their whole family is full of awful people even if they are excellent at business. I hope that the Otori's know what they're getting themselves into." I sighed.

"I'm sure they do. Kyoya and his father always do their research." Mori said.

"Not to mention that if they try anything all Kyoya has to do is glare at them and they'll mess themselves." Kaoru laughed.

The image of Kyoya looking at me flashed before my eyes and I shook myself. I had never seen him glare at me. When his eyes had met mine they had always been full of kindness and love. However that was hardly the thing to remember as I sat at a table with my husband.

Haruhi must have realized what was going on through my head because she changed the subject quickly.

"So we thought that we'd use both French and Japanese names when we named the babies." Haruhi said.

"Have you considered any?" I asked looking at her.

"We have a few but we're not certain on any yet. Of course I'm always game for Tamaki Junior." Tamaki grinned.

"Not happening." Haruhi replied in a dead pan.

"I shall break you down yet." Tamaki smiled and picked up Haruhi's hand, pressing a kiss to the back causing Haruhi to roll her eyes.

"So Honey…are you and Sora planning on have a family of your own any time soon?" Kaoru asked.

I looked to Honey to see what he was going to say and saw him smiling a small smile.

"When things are meant to happen they'll happen. Until then Sora and I are happy by ourselves." Honey smiled and reached over and wrapped his hand around mine.

I smiled back but inside I felt my stomach flip. However I shoved it aside and nodded.

Everyone decided that they would stay for dinner and Aoko had the chef whip up roasted chicken with seasoned potatoes and a blueberry parfait. Once all of us had eaten Haruhi declared that she was tired and Tamaki took her home with the twins following soon after.

"I think I'll head to bed." I said as I stood up from the couch about twenty minutes after the twins had left.

"Okay. Good night Sora." Honey said and stood up, kissing me gently.

"Night Mori." I said and with a wave headed upstairs.

As I walked I felt a heaviness settle on my shoulders as Kaoru's question echoed in my mind. Honey and I weren't going to have a baby anytime soon. You had to actually have sex first.

In the two years since we'd been married Honey and I had yet to be intimate. The closest that we had come was our wedding night. Honey never pushed or initiated anything and I never tried either. As much as I loved Honey I couldn't bring myself to do it. I still had trouble thinking of him in that way.

The fact we were husband and wife was just a formality to us. We were still the same friends we'd been since we were kids. We still laughed and joked just like we always had and he could still make me smile at the drop of a hat. I did love him but not as a husband. It was more of a sibling relationship than anything else.

I walked down the hall and opened the door to my room. Honey had a separate room from me across the hall. No one knew that we slept separate, not even Mori. Honey and I hadn't gotten separate rooms until after we'd come back from the States.

With a sigh I undressed before pulling on a pair of loose pajama pants and a t-shirt. Turning back the blankets I slipped under them before switching out the light next to my bed. I wasn't sure how long we could keep up appearances but I would try as hard as I could for as long as I could.

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