Shadows & Roses


3rd POV

Haruhi walked out of the room behind Sora and watched as she joined Honey and Mori yet again. A smile was stretched across her face but Haruhi noticed that it didn't reach her eyes.

"Everything okay Haruhi?" Kyoya asked suddenly appearing next to her.

"Everything is fine Kyoya-Sempai. I was just about to head back to my customers." she said looking at the older student.

"I was just wondering because you looked quite angry. I was afraid that you would scare the customers away. Could this have anything to do with the arranged marriage between the Haninozuka and Nishimura families?" he asked.

"So you know about that?" Haruhi asked wondering why she was surprised. The Shadow King knew everything about everyone whether or not they wanted someone to know.

"Really it's no secret. The Nishimura family is almost as close to the Haninozuka's as the Morinozuka's. It was only a matter of time before a marriage was arranged between the two. Both Honey and Sora seem to be taking it in stride though I see." Kyoya replied pushing his glasses up on the end of his nose.

"But they didn't choose to marry. Sora even told me she doesn't feel that way for Honey. Why would her parents force her into something like that? She's far from happy about it." Haruhi asked.

"Prominent families have been arranging marriages between their children for hundreds of years. Honey is the oldest boy and Sora is the second youngest of her family but the first girl. Had her older brother been a female instead, Sora would've had the option to choose her own spouse like her younger sister Kasumi surely will. However as the cards were dealt she was is the oldest daughter." Kyoya said.

"It's still not fair." Haruhi replied and with that walked over to her table.

Kyoya opened his ledger and began to jot down notes on the number of clients at each table. When he got to Honey and Mori's table his eyes fell on Ouran's newest student. She was chatting happily with the other girls as well as Mori and Honey but it didn't take a genius to see that her eyes held a shine that wasn't from excitement but from suppressed tears.

Something stirred in Kyoya's chest at the sight of the girl who looked like she would burst into tears at any moment. However he quickly pushed the feeling away though. Feelings got you nowhere and weren't vital to any plan that he currently had. There was no pay off for caring about someone that he had no reason to. Especially when they were already set to marry one of his friends.

Sure she was quite pretty, beautiful some would say. Her long brown hair hung in her around her shoulders in waves and her eyes were an odd blue that in some lights looked almost jade colored. Kyoya had seen her school records from her school in England and knew that she was smart too with the top grades in all of her subjects. It was possible that now that she was here at Ouran she might knock Tamaki out of 2nd place in their year.

Suddenly he was snapped out of his thoughts by a whining voice.

"Mommy! Those devious doppelgangers are messing with my Haruhi!" Tamaki cried.

Kyoya sighed and closed the ledger, adjusting his glasses on his face.

"Coming." Kyoya said and with one last look at Sora he headed to play peace keeper.

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