Shadows & Roses


3rd POV

Kyoya woke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. Grumbling he climbed out of bed and shuffled to the door of his hotel room. Opening it he found one of his family's black suited bodyguards waiting for him.

"Good morning Young Master Otori, your father sent me to see that you're up. Your flight leaves in an hour." he said.

"Very well. Please have some tea sent up." Kyoya said and shut the door.

Still not fully awake Kyoya made his way toward the bathroom before shedding his pajamas and stepping under the spray of the shower. It was ice cold and extremely unpleasant however the only means of proficiently rousing himself this early in the morning.

When he had finished his shower he stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed another for his hair before walking back into his room. His eyes turned to the woman in his bed. She was one in a long string of one night stands that had been plied with alcohol and empty promises after being picked up in hotel bars. This one was named Veronica. Or was it Victoria? Hell might not even be close but it really didn't matter, it was time for her to leave.

Pulling on a pair of slacks he walked into the separate living area of the hotel room he was currently occupying and poured a cup of tea. Carrying it back to his room he roused the girl.

She opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Kyoya smiled back, "Good morning. I took the liberty of making you a cup of tea. However I'm afraid that you must drink it on the run my dear. You see after our night I slept too late and I really must run soon."

"Oh! Okay!" she said and quickly sat up.

Kyoya gathered her clothes for her; a black a-line halter dress, black heels and a skimpy and violently pink thong with matching strapless bra. He handed them to her before walking over to sit at his computer, his back turned to her.

His eyes were raking over stock prices when suddenly he felt hands resting on his shoulders. One slowly slid down and cupped him through his slacks.

"I hope that we can do this again some time love. The next time you're here in London call me." a voice, thick with an accent, purred into his ear.

"Of course my dear. How could I not?" he replied and she pressed a kiss to her cheek.

A moment later he felt the other hand move down and shove something into his hand.

"A little something to remember me by." she said and a moment later she was gone.

Kyoya looked down to see her thong bunched up in his hand, her name and phone number written on the tag. Rolling his eyes Kyoya discarded the panties into the wastepaper basket near him before returning to his computer.

He of course had no intention of calling the girl whenever it was he returned to London. Her voice echoed from every place he walked, recounting stories of her time spent in the city. He didn't need some mindless girl tagging along.

Shaking the images of the previous night out of his head he logged onto his email. Immediately the email of one caught his eye. KinglyPrince76 also known as Tamaki. They frequently exchanged emails due to the time differences that often occurred between them.

Ignoring the other ones he clicked on it and began to read the email.

Kyoya! Bonjor Mon Ami! We all miss you terribly! I am terribly sorry that I haven't written to you in a while but things have been very busy around here. But I have the most wonderful news to share with you! As you know already that Haruhi is currently with child…well perhaps I should say children!

That is right! In one short month we will be the parents of twins. One boy and a girl. Haruhi and I are still discussing names at the moment but when we have them I will surely write you and let you know.

Do know that I expect a visit from you after the birth. It has been far too long since the Host Club has been together again. Hikaru and Kaoru returned to Japan a few months ago and Honey, Mori and Sora returned nearly a year ago now. You're the only one that is left to come back.

Oh my! In my excitement over the twins I nearly forgot the news that you shared with me last time we spoke! Congratulations on your marriage. I am hurt that you didn't inform me of it so that I was able to stand in the roll of Best Man as you did for my wedding but I understand. Business must take precedence in some cases.

You will be pleased to know that I have yet to tell anyone with the exception of Haruhi who I am bound to tell by the bonds of marriage. I am looking forward to meeting your new wife when you return to Japan. As I have said we all miss you greatly. Please return soon old friend.


Kyoya scrolled down the rest of the way and saw that Tamaki had attached a few photos. The first two were of ultrasounds that highlighted the fact that Haruhi was indeed carrying twins. Then came the third.

It was taken at the Hitachiin mansion. They were sitting around a garden table, remnants of food on the table in front of them. Haruhi was on the right holding her swollen stomach and smiling. Tamaki was next to her grinning broadly, beaming with fatherly pride and oblivious to the twins who were making faces at him behind his back.

On the other side of the table sat Mori who was sitting back with a small smile on his face. Kyoya's eyes just barely glazed over the elder man though because his eyes suddenly fell on the brunette sitting across from Haruhi.


This was the first time he had set eyes on her since her wedding. She looked great. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail and she was dressed in a pale green sundress. A smile stretched across her face as she looked into the camera, a glint in her eye.

Next to her sat Honey. He had grown several inches since their time at Ouran but he was still shorter than all of them with the exceptions being Sora and Haruhi. He saw that Sora's hand was clasped with his and both looked very happy.

Sitting back in his chair he sighed and rubbed his eyes. He had tried to forget about Sora but it was useless. Every night since they'd ended things she had haunted him. He had almost hoped that when he married Hamako that he would eventually fall in love with her as his sister had her husband. However it wasn't the case.

Though a dutiful wife Kyoya knew that there was no love between them. They were civil but that was about it. In fact he hadn't seen his wife in three months which he was fine with and knew that she was too. Neither bothered to keep it a secret from one another that they brought other people in to warm their bed when they were apart and even sometimes when they weren't.

However it had been somewhat of a shock when Kyoya had learned that it wasn't men that Hamako brought to her bed but women. Really though he couldn't have cared less. Their marriage was one of business and not love. It was purely so that his family's company and hers could merge. The wedding had been a quick and quiet affair, the only guests being her parents and sister, Kyoya's father, Fuyumi and her husband and his brothers.

Tomorrow though he would be back in Japan and for a while. His Father had brought him along since both of his brothers were too busy. After a year of being on the road with short bursts of time at home he was mentally and physical exhausted. The time at home would be welcome even if it meant living in a state of awkwardness with Hamako. Besides Tamaki would never forgive him for missing the birth of the twins.

Looking at the clock across the room Kyoya saw that he would have to leave soon. Taking one last glance at the photo of his friends he closed the laptop before walking over and tucking it into it's case. After that he quickly finished dressing before checking that everything he needed was in his suitcase.

There was a knock on the door and Kyoya opened it. On the other side was the bellboy who gathered his suitcase before following Kyoya downstairs to the lobby.

"Good morning Father." Kyoya said as he slid into the backseat beside his father.

"Good morning." Yoshio Otori replied from behind his paper.

Kyoya was settling in for a silent ride to the airport when his father spoke again.

"Who was the young woman I saw exiting your room this morning?" he asked.

Kyoya felt his body go cold, "I think you know who she was Father."

"As I suspected then." Yoshio nodded.

"I have been away from Hamako for a long time Father. It was a moment of weakness. It won't happen again." Kyoya replied.

"I might believe that if it was the first time it happened." Yoshio said and Kyoya bowed his head and looked down at his hands like a small child being scolded.

Kyoya had tried to keep his extramarital activities as quiet as he could. He knew that his Father would never approve of an affair and would lecture him on the honor of the Otori family and the fact he wouldn't allow a child that was the product of an affair.

"My apologies Father." Kyoya replied not sure what else to say.

Yoshio sighed, "I will not chastise you for your choices Kyoya. If you are going to have affairs I will ask you to keep it more discrete from here on out. Hamako does it well enough. However I will stress to you that you must forget that girl."

Kyoya looked at his father, "What do you mean?"

"Surely you must have noticed the resemblance between the women you have brought into your bed and Misora Haninozuka. However you need to remember the fact that she is now married." Yoshio replied.

"I-I wasn't aware that you even knew about our relationship." Kyoya said.

"Never doubt the extent of my knowledge Kyoya. I chose not to say anything because afterwards it seemed that you had broken it off. You may continue to bring in substitutes for that girl if you like but you will do well to remember that she is no longer yours. I will not allow you to ruin the relationship that has been built with the Haninozuka family just because you cannot control yourself." Yoshio said and returned to his paper, signaling that the conversation was over.

Kyoya turned and looked out the window as they drove. Had the girls he'd been sleeping with looked like Sora?

He thought about the girl from this morning. Her hair had been the same shade of brown as Sora's and her eyes had held the same brightness. She had been of similar size and body type as Sora as well.

Memories, hazy from the previous night's consumption of alcohol, drifted through Kyoya's mind. He would be lying if he hadn't been thinking of Sora the entire time but had he subconsciously picked a girl that looked like her too? He didn't have to think about it to really know the answer.

The real question was one that he didn't know if he'd ever have the answer to. Would he ever be truly free of Sora?

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