Shadows & Roses

Just Like Old Times

I smiled as I walked out of the hair salon. I had just gotten my hair cut and colored and was now about to treat myself to lunch. Haruhi was supposed to come with me but the twins had come down with colds so she was at home with them.

In the week since the lunch at Haruhi and Tamaki's I hadn't been able to get Kyoya out of my mind and I had decided to do something to distract myself. So this morning after working out at the dojo Honey had taken Taro and I had headed into the city. Once there I'd done a little bit of shopping then went to the salon to get my hair done.

My hair had always been the same color so I'd opted to change it to a darker brown. However I couldn't bare to cut my hair so I'd had it trimmed. I loved it long.

After getting out of the cab I'd caught, I walked into one of my favorite sushi restaurants. Haruhi and I had found it when I had forced her to let me take her out for her birthday a couple years previous. It had some of the best sushi I had ever tasted but Taro didn't like sushi so I didn't get to come here much.

Walking in I found a table and set my things down under it. I was surprised I got a table at all thanks to the fact that the place was packed to the gills. By the looks of everything around me I had snagged the last table.

"How may I help you today?" the waitress asked as she stopped at my table.

"I'll have the assorted platter with extra wasabi and green tea please." I said and with a smile and nod she walked away to put in my order.

Reaching into one of my shopping bags I pulled out a book I'd bought that day and opened it, reviling in the cracking sound the cover of new books made. It was a book about a girl who got thrust into a world of vampires after her best friend was killed by one. It was a book written for teens but I was a sucker for young adult literature. I found a lot of adult books dull.

"Mind if I join you?"

I looked up to see Kyoya standing in front of me. My mind raced and I had the sudden urge to run as fast as I could in the opposite direction.

"K-Kyoya! What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I would assume the same thing you are, eating lunch. Now would you mind if I sat here? Everywhere else seems full." Kyoya said gesturing around.

I wanted to tell him no and that he had to go away because I couldn't look at him without wanting to jump into his arms and kiss him. However I also knew I couldn't be rude.

I shook my head, "Have a seat."

He sat down in front of me and picked up my discarded book.

"Reading vampire novels now?" he asked.

"It looked good so I picked it up. So sue me." I shrugged with a smirk.

The waitress walked over and brought my food and tea.

"Anything for you sir?" she asked.

Kyoya picked up a menu but I stopped him, "You can share mine. There's more than I need anyway. I was going to take the rest home. Besides it's extra spicy. No one at home will eat it but me. That's if you want to that is. You can order something else if you want." I replied.

"I'll just have a bottle of sake then." Kyoya said and with a smile the waitress left.

"So where are Honey and Taro? Bathroom?" he asked turning to me.

"Nope. Honey and Mori took Taro to watch Chika and Satoshi in a martial arts exhibition for the day so they won't be home until tomorrow. Haruhi was supposed to come along but Mattieu and Tamiko got sick so she had to stay home. " I replied.

"So just you then?" he asked.

I nodded, "I thought I'd treat myself and relax. Mommy needs a break"

Kyoya nodded, "As does everyone now and then. It's been quite a while since I was in Japan and I wanted to look around. Then I thought I would come and get something to eat, clear my head."

"So what was on your mind that you had to go out and clear your head?" I asked as I bit into a piece of sushi.

"Many things. Most of which shouldn't concern you." Kyoya replied waving it off.

"Come on Kyoya you can tell me anything. Talk." I said.

Kyoya sighed, "I was thinking about Hamako."

"You miss her?" I asked.

"No…not really." Kyoya admitted.

I frowned, "I thought you said you two were doing well."

"Well yes but there is nothing between us. We're not suited to be together. We have the same…interests." he said.

"And that's a problem how…?" I asked confused.

Sighing again Kyoya looked at me, "Hamako and I both are into women."

"OH!" I said my eyes wide.

"Yes things don't work as well when the person you're with is interested in the wrong sex. We're quite amicable towards one another though so it's not altogether unpleasant for the two of us to be around each other but it's not the same as having someone you love by your side." he replied.

I nodded, "I'm sorry."

Kyoya smiled gently and traced the pattern of the tablecloth, "No need to feel sorry for me Sora. You were the one who always said that things would work out in the end. I believe that eventually they will for me."

I opened my mouth to say something when the waitress brought over Kyoya's sake along with two cups. Kyoya thanked her before pouring two cup, offering me one.

"Oh no…I can't…" I protested.

"Sora you yourself said that you came here to relax. Can you think of any thing else? Besides no one is forcing you to drink more than a little." Kyoya replied.

I sighed and looked at the cup. I could never say no to Kyoya. I wanted to sometimes but it wasn't possible. Mentally scolding myself I reached forward and took the cup from him.

"To relaxation." Kyoya said.

"Relaxation." I nodded and we clinked glasses.

I took a sip of the sake and felt the burn of it on my tongue and then down my throat. It wasn't often that I drank alcohol but right now it almost felt right. I was a little nervous about being here with Kyoya but the alcohol in my system was already making things better. Since I drank so little the affects hit me faster.

"So things with you and Honey are going well you say?" Kyoya asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Honey has a girlfriend." I said and immediately clamped my hand over my mouth, my eyes wide.

Kyoya looked across the table at me with a raised eyebrow, "A girlfriend you say?"

With a sigh I nodded, "He has for a little over a year now. Reiko Kanazuki."

"Kanazuki…wasn't she in Ouran with us? Our year I believe? Black Magic Club?" Kyoya asked sipping his sake.

I nodded, "That's her. I overheard they talking a few months back and pieced everything together after that."

"Doesn't it bother you that Honey is cheating on you when you're the mother of his child?" Kyoya asked.

"Not at all actually." I replied.

"That's quite surprising. Do you have something of your own to confess? A lover of your own perhaps?" Kyoya asked coyly.

"What? No! Nothing like that." I laughed.

"Then what could it be?" he asked.

I shrugged, "I have my reasons."

He looked at me for a long moment before giving a shrug of some kind before sitting back in his seat.

"You know this is quite pleasant." Kyoya said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Honestly when I came over here to sit I was afraid things would be awkward. I was quite mistaken and for the first time I am pleased that I was." Kyoya replied.

I smiled and nodded, "Me too."

For the next couple of hours Kyoya and I sat talking and finishing the bottle of sake along with another after that. We didn't talk about Honey or Hamako or even Taro. Our minds drifted back to our times at the Host Club when everything was easier and more comfortable.

"Hikaru had no right to ask me a question like that! He deserved the knife and fork that got thrown at him." I said.

"I only wish that I had gotten a photo. His face was quite priceless." Kyoya laughed.

"Excuse me?" the waitress said as she walked over.

"Yes?" I asked.

"We're about to have our next rush and we need the table so we can clean up." she said.

"Oh! Of course!" I replied.

"Certainly." Kyoya nodded and pulled out his wallet.

"Just put everything on here." Kyoya said pulling a random gold card from his wallet and handing it to the waitress.

"Wait! I should pay for my sushi." I said and reached for my purse but my hands were uncoordinated and it fell to the floor.

"Sora don't worry about it really." Kyoya said and before I could protest again he had given the girl the card.

When she returned Kyoya tucked the card away and I began to gather my things however the moment I stood my legs became unsteady. I collapsed back into my seat shaking my head.

"Who decided the ground should move?" I asked with a laugh.

Kyoya smiled and shook his head, "It appears as if you've had to much sake. Come on and we'll catch a cab." Kyoya replied and picked up my bags before helping me up.

I held tight to his arm to keep myself steady as we walked out. I was closer to Kyoya than I had been in a very long time. I could smell his familiar cologne and feel the electricity that seemed to course through my body as our skin touched. It was so comfortable and easy.

Kyoya hailed a cab and helped me inside before climbing inside himself. Kyoya gave the driver my address and a moment later we were driving through the city. I looked at Kyoya confused.

"How did you know my address? You've never been there before." I replied.

Kyoya smiled at me, "Addresses are public record."

I laughed, "Still doing research on everyone huh?"

"Of course." he smirked.

I laughed again, harder this time and my body slumped against Kyoya's. For some reason I didn't notice the proximity of our bodies so a moment later when I turned to say something else to him I found were inches apart.

This was familiar. Like countless other things it brought back memories I'd stored away. This time it was a memory of our kiss at Tamaki's. Our first kiss.

Suddenly my mouth felt dry and my heart was beating like it was going to come out of my chest. Everything had a light haze on it from the sake and I felt warm and a moment later I felt a surge of something akin to confidence. Before I knew what I was doing I had leaned forward and pressed my lips firmly against Kyoya's.

Kyoya froze and a second later tightly gripped my shoulders and pushed me back.

"Sora…w-what are you doing?" he asked.

My head cleared a little as I realized what I had just done.

"I don't know…I just…I missed you." I replied and the look in Kyoya's eyes softened.

Kyoya looked at me for a long moment before tucking a stray hair behind my ear, "I like what you had done with your hair."

"Thank…thank you." I said.

"I've missed you too Sora. More than you'll ever know." he replied and leaned forward and kissed me like I had him.

I kissed him back with as much force as I could. His hand came up and cupped my cheek while my hands found his other hand and clasped it. Every emotion possible was coursing through my body, the biggest one being relief.

How long had I thought about kissing him? Of being this close to him again? Every thought I'd had about Kyoya since the day we'd parted was coming to life and I was loving it.

Suddenly the car came to a stop in front of my house making us break apart. I had forgotten where we were and realized that we had just been making out in the back of a cab. I felt my face heat up in embarrassment.

"Don't worry about it honey. I've had a lot worse go on back there. Besides you two kids look like you make a nice couple." the cabbie said looking at me in the rearview mirror.

I felt more heat rise in my face and a second later Kyoya took my hand and helped me out of the car. I was still unsteady on my feet from the alcohol's effects and needed the support. Kyoya gathered my bags from the back and guided me towards the front door.

I unlocked the door and turned to take the bags from Kyoya. My eyes locked on his and I realized I didn't want to leave him. I wasn't ready to let go just yet.

"Come inside." I said looking at him.

Kyoya looked startled, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, "100%."

"But what about Honey?" he asked.

"He won't be home until tomorrow." I replied.

Kyoya looked at me for a long second before giving a small nod, "Just let me pay the driver and I'll be back."

I watched as Kyoya paid the driver before walking back over to me. My hands shook as I turned and opened the door before leading him inside. I heard the door shut behind me and a second later I was pressed against the nearest wall, his lips capturing mine.

The kiss wasn't like the one in the back of the cab. That one had been soft and sweet. This one was hard and needy and full of all the pain and anger that we'd built up since the night that Kasumi had forced us to ruin everything.

Kyoya's hands began to roam my body leaving trails of fire wherever they went.

"Kyo." I gasped as Kyoya brought his lips to my neck nipping every so lightly at my flesh.

Kyoya groaned against my neck and a suddenly he grabbed hold of the back of my knees and jerked my feet out from under me. I let out a little scream at the motion but somehow he managed to pin me against the wall with his chest. He pressed his hips against mine and I groaned at the friction.

"Is there somewhere else we can go? Or do you want to do this right here?" Kyoya asked looking at me.

"My room….first door on the right." I gasped.

"Right." he nodded and put his hands under my rear and began carrying me upstairs.

"Do you think this was wrong?" I asked as I lay in my bed next to Kyoya.

"Do you?" he asked.

I smirked, "I don't know that's why I asked you."

"In most people's eyes yes it would be yes. I don't think so though." he replied.

"Me neither then." I smiled.

Turning over onto my stomach, I propped myself up onto my forearms and took in my surroundings. Our clothes were scattered around the room and the blanket that usually covered my bed had been discarded on the floor. Kyoya sat on the bed next to me, leaning back against the headboard, the sheets just barely covering his pale hips. One knee was bent with his arm resting on top and his hair was mussed. From one side the day's dying light cast a glow on him, giving him a fiery aura. If anyone could see Kyoya like this there would be no doubt to them that Kyoya was gorgeous.

"You're staring." Kyoya said snapping me from my thoughts.

"Sorry. I was enjoying looking at you." I said.

Kyoya smiled and moved down the bed before pulling me closer so my head was resting on his chest.

"You know we need to talk about this." Kyoya said after a few moments of silence.

"About us?" I asked and he nodded.

"You're a mother and a wife Sora and my life as of right now is in London. We can do this but the question is do you want to? I know that you're happy with things. I can't guarantee that things won't turn out like they did the last time with you and I broken." he said.

"I know that Kyoya but it's like you said, the last time we were broken. I've been broken since that day and today was the first time I felt whole again. Having Taro fixed most of the cracks but there were some that he just couldn't make better. But you did. I love you Kyo and I want you to be mine as long as you want me to be yours." I replied looking at him.

"You're mine forever Sora. Forever." he smiled and kissed me softly.

I kissed him back before curling closer into him. The warmth of his skin felt wonderful and his scent was intoxicating. He was mine again.

And this time I wasn't going to give him up without a fight.

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