Shadows & Roses


I sighed as I sat next to Honey, my hands fidgeting in my lap. We both sat in the back of the car we'd called to pick us up and take us to my parent's estate.

Honey reached over and softly squeezed my hands, "Don't worry Sora-Chan…things will work out okay." he smiled.

I squeezed his hands in return, "I know. I'm still nervous though."

"They'll understand." he said.

"Your parents maybe…mine…not so much…." I sighed.

Today we were going to tell our parents about our divorce. It had been 2 weeks since Kyoya had surprised me with a trip to visit Isamu. When I'd gotten home I had wasted no time in telling Honey about the loophole.

"Honey?! Honey! Where are you?" I asked as I called as I walked into the house.

Honey emerged from his office at the top of the stairs and smiled at me.

"Did you like your surprise?" he asked.

"I loved it. It was so great seeing Isamu and Noemi again." I said

"That's great. I'm glad Kyoya's plan worked." he replied.

"I also got some exciting news while I was there! I can't wait to tell you!" I grinned.

"Why don't I take Taro and go put him in his bed? I'll leave you both here to talk." Kyoya said and walked over taking Taro from where he was sleeping in my arms.

"Thank you sweetheart." I smiled and kissed Kyoya before he headed upstairs towards Taro's room.

"So what did you find out?" Honey asked.

"Isamu took it upon himself to look over the prenuptial agreement that our parents had us sign around the same time that they told us were going to get married. There is a clause in it that says that if either one of us is unfaithful during our marriage then a divorce can be done without disrupting the deals that our parents have made since the wedding." I smiled.

"Are you serious?" Honey asked, his eyes wide.

"Completely." I said hardly able to contain my excitement.

"Let's go look and see! I have a copy of it upstairs!" he said and with that the two of us ran up stairs towards the office.

Honey sorted through a filing cabinet before pulling out a folder. Laying it out on his desk the two of us began to comb over it.

"I found it!" I said and began to read.

'Any infidelity committed by either of the undersigned parties shall result grounds for nullification of the marriage. Should either party decide to dissolve the marriage any and all agreements, contracts and arrangements, both completed and in progress, will continue to stand as valid.'

"So it's real." Honey said looking up at me.

"Yeah…we can get divorced." I said looking at him. However Honey didn't look nearly as happy as I did.

"You do want this…don't you?" I asked looking at him.

Honey gave me a small smile, "Of course I do but I don't want to lie to you Sora. I don't think that our marriage was so bad. I thought we did pretty good even if we didn't love each other like husbands and wives do." he replied.

I smiled, "I don't think so either. I think we did pretty good even if things weren't ideal. Thank you for everything you've done Honey. Things could've been so much worse but you really helped make them not so bad."

"I would've done it for you regardless Sora. I love you." he said.

"I love you too." I replied and hugged him.

Honestly it was a bit sad that our marriage was ending. Honey and I had had so much fun together. He never ceased to make me laugh and make sure that both Taro and I never wanted for anything. He was a wonderful husband and I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't some part of me that was going to miss all of this. However I knew that Kyoya and I would be a better match besides I knew that, especially with Taro, Honey would always be there to be my friend.

That reminded me…I had to tell Honey about what Kyoya had asked.

I pulled away and wiped at the few tears that had collected in the corners of my eyes and looked at him.

"I should probably tell you something." I said looking at him.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Kyoya asked me to marry him." I said.

Honey's eyes got big and he grinned, "Really?"

I nodded, "There's no ring or anything but yeah…he asked me to marry him."

"What about Hamako though?"

"She's been asking for a divorce for awhile it seems and he's going to give it to her." I replied.

"So everything is going to work out then." Honey smiled.

"Are you going to ask Reiko to marry you?" I asked.

"Not right away. I don't think she's that interested in getting married. As long as we're together we're happy." Honey smiled.

"Well as long as you're happy. That's the only thing I want out of this." I replied.

"Same here." Honey said.

The car pulled to a stop and I took a deep breath before opening the door and sliding out.

"It's okay." Honey whispered and took my hand in his as we walked inside.

The maid showed us to the sitting room where our parents were having tea. My stomach began to roll at the thought of telling them what we were about to tell them but I knew I couldn't back out now. This had to be done.

"Mitsukuni! Misora! How wonderful to see you!" Mrs. Haninozuka said.

"Hello Mother." Honey smiled as he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek.

I walked over to greet my parents and my mother gave me a quick peck before looking around behind me.

"Didn't you bring Taro with you today? I was so hoping to see him" she said.

"No we decided to leave him with Tamaki and Haruhi Suoh today. They have twins not much older than him and he enjoys playing with them. I was afraid that he'd be too bored here." I said only partly lying. Truthfully I had left him with Tamaki and Haruhi so that he would be out of the line of fire if things went south which I predicted they would. When it came to my parents I could be nearly clairvoyant when it came to predicting their reactions.

"Oh pooh." my mother frowned.

"So…you two said on the phone that you had news for us?" Mr. Haninozuka asked.

"Oh is it another baby? Are you pregnant again Misora?" Mrs. Haninozuka asked.

"Wouldn't that be just wonderful?! Another little baby! Perhaps a girl! I've always wanted a granddaughter." My mother grinned and I could see the both of them mentally dressing my nonexistent daughter.

"It's not anything like that at all." I said quickly.

"Then what is it?" My father asked.

Honey took a deep breath and I gave his hand a squeeze for encouragement.

"Sora and I have been talking recently and after some careful decision making we have begun taking the steps to file for divorce." Honey said.

A ringing silence filled the room. Both of our mothers stared in shock at us while Honey's father simply stared. My father however was turning a frightening red color that got deeper and deeper each second. It was him the finally broke the silence.

"What do you two mean that you have filed for divorce? I demand to know the cockamamie reason for this!" he spat, standing up so his figure was towering over us.

"We're not in love Father. We're more suited to be friends than lovers. In fact the both of us have fallen in love with other people." I said.

"Love? LOVE?! What does love have to do with any of this!? Your wedding was a business arrangement! The both of you knew this when we told you of the wedding! Now you're both throwing everything away for nothing!" my Father roared.

"Asuto, my friend, you should calm down." Honey's father said standing up, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Yorihisa! How can you stand aside and watch our children do this?!" my father asked.

"It's not going to hurt you businesses or anything though. There is that clause in the prenup that says that if one of us cheats then it can be dissolved without either of you losing contracts or money. And to be honest with you we've both cheated." I said.

"And we're not doing anything but doing what is best for ourselves!" Honey said.

"Yes yourselves! What about poor Taro? Hmm? What about him? How will he live with parents that are divorced?!" my mother asked.

"I think it would damage him more to see an unhealthy marriage between his mother and father! It think it would be better for him to see us in happy relationships with Reiko and Kyoya!" I said.

"Kyoya?! You're seeing that Otori boy again!?" My father spat.

"Yes and you know what? He proposed and I said yes! When this is all done we're getting married! How about that?!" I said with a triumphant laugh.

"The last thing you're going to do is marry that boy Misora! I forbid it!" my father said his eyes threatening to pop from his skull.

"Oh well! It's happening! He loves me and I love him! He's great with Taro and Taro adores him! I'm tired of doing what you say! I'm over being your little puppet on a string! I've sat back and done everything you've told me to do since I was little! I was the dutiful daughter and you know what? I'm fucking DONE! I don't care if you disown me like you did Isamu because you know what? He's doing great! I've seen him!" I spat and then I spun around to look at my mother.

"Remember that 'granddaughter' you wanted? Well you have one named Kaori! And a second grandson too whose name is Riku! You're just too damn stuck up about the fact he married a common woman! Those children are amazing and sweet and you have no clue what you're missing by not seeing them!" I said.

My Mother bit her lip, turning her head away from me. However my father didn't turn away.

"Misora you and Honey will not get a divorce. You will work out whatever issues you have and that is final. You will not shame our families by doing this." My father said.

"Asuto….I'm afraid that you and I may have different opinions of shame." Mr. Haninozuka said suddenly.

My father turned and looked at him, "You mean that you approve of this?"

Mr. Haninozuka looked at the two of us before turning back to my father, "The divorce? No. I hoped that my son and your daughter would have a long and happy marriage together but I do commend them on being strong enough to admit that what they have isn't working. Unlike you and your wife Asuto. If, as the adults they are, they see it fit to separate and have Taro in mind while doing so I hardly see why we should stop them."

"I can't believe this. How can you say this?!" my Father asked.

"I hold the happiness of my son, his wife and my grandson over money any day. If that doesn't suit you than I'm sorry to say that you and I will never come to an understanding." Mr. Haninozuka said.

"Thank you Father." Honey said.

"Don't take the fact I want you to be happy to mean that I fully approve of this Mitsukuni. I trust that you and Misora will go about this with as much discretion as possible, yes?"

"Our good friend Haruhi is handling all the paper work. She's promised to keep things as quiet as possible." Honey said.

"Very well then." Mr. Haninozuka said.

"If that's everything I think it's time Honey and I left. We promised Taro we wouldn't be gone long." I said.

Honey nodded and bid his parents goodbye before the two of us left.

"I've never seen you yell at your parents like that Sora-Chan." Honey said.

"I know. I haven't. It felt good though." I smiled.

Honey grinned back, "Well at least we got that out of the way. Now let's go tell our friends the news."

With that the driver pulled away and I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief lift from my chest.

Kasumi's POV

I watched from the window of my room as Honey and Sora's car pulled away from the house. My hands gripped the window sill so tight that my nails bit into the wood. I was fuming.

I had overheard the news that Sora had given our parents. She was cheating on Honey again with that pathetic excuse for a man Otori. He was nothing more than the 3rd son on the Otori family and would inherit nothing of his family's business.

That didn't bother me nearly as much though. Father was sure to disown her just as he had that slum diving brother of mine for marrying that common scum of a woman. Then everything would be left to me, the only good child of the Nishimura family. With no cousins on either side my inheritance was sure to be large.

No what made me angry was the fact she was leaving Honey to do this. Honey was the sweetest person I had ever known and there was no way that she deserved him or that beautiful little child that they had produced.

Honey and Taro deserved so much better than my sister. She was weak and stupid. I should've had Honey from the moment our parents found out about her infidelities. But no…I was stuck with that second class version of Honey, Yasuchika. He was nothing like my sweet Honey. In fact he did all he could to distance himself from Honey.

There was no way that I could let Sora hurt Honey and Taro like this. I would make her pay and make Honey see that I was the right choice for him. It was only a matter of careful planning.

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