Shadows & Roses


I sat in my desk, jotting down notes from the board. We had an exam in a few days I planned to study every night until then to make sure that I got a good grade. Since I was at a new school I made it my priority to make a good impression on my teachers.

My pen had just finished the final section of the notes when the teacher began to talk.

"Can I have everyone's attention please?"

Once we were all looking he continued to talk.

"Today I would like to announce a project that will be due in 3 weeks time. You are to study another country and write a research paper. You will all work in pairs that I have already assigned. When I call your names please move to a table next to your partner." he replied.

I waited to see who I would be paired up with as he began calling names. Slowly ever one was teamed off and there were hardly any people left when I finally heard my name.

"Nishimura Misora and Ootori Kyoya."

I looked up and turned to see Kyoya already gathering his things. A moment later he sat down beside me.

"Hello Sora. It's nice to see you again." he smiled.

I smiled back, "It's very nice to see you as well Kyoya."

"So did you have an idea on which country you would like to do or would you like me to pick?" he asked.

"I was thinking of England. I've spent most of my life there so the research would be minimal at best." I replied.

Kyoya nodded and adjusted his glasses, "That would be a preferable choice indeed."

The bell chimed and Kyoya gathered his things, "Will you be attending the Host Club today?" he asked.

"No. I have studying to do for the exam at the end of the week. It's my first since coming or Ouran and I want to make a good impression." I replied.

"Well the one you've made so far seems to be a positive one. Would you object to me stopping by your home after my duties at the Host Club are through so we can start on the project?" he asked.

"No not at all. Feel free." I smiled as I tucked the last of my things into my bag.

"Very well. I will see you then." he said and left.

Picking up my bag I made my way out of the room and to the front where I found the driver waiting, Kasumi already in the back.

"Hello." she said not looking up from her book.

"Hello to you too." I replied as the door closed behind me.

"How was your day?" I asked.

"It was very good. Yours?" she asked.

"It went well. Oh I have a guest stopping by to work on a project." I replied.

She just nodded and continued to read.

The ride home was quiet and it felt like it took forever to get there. When we arrived home the chauffer opened the door to let us out. I climbed out and headed into the huge house we lived in. I could never remember how many rooms and bathrooms we had which I guessed came from spending years away from it.

I made my way upstairs to my room to change out of my uniform. Even though it was my room I had yet to feel like it was mine. There was nothing that said that I lived here which, I reminded myself, I never really had. The walls were a white and a large canopy bed with white covers was against the walls. With the exception of a few things I'd brought from my dorm at St Vincent's, the chest of drawers, wardrobe and dressing table, I had nothing really in the room.

Shedding my uniform I put it in the laundry and let my hair down from it's ponytail. From there I pulled on a pair of my favorite jeans and a dark blue t-shirt with a pattern of tiny stars. Slipping my feet into a pair of dark blue flats I made sure my ring was tucked in my shirt before I picked up my laptop and bag and headed downstairs to study.

"Is there anything I can get you Mistress Misora?" one of our maids asked as I sat down.

"Could you please bring me a cup of tea? Oh and I will be having a visitor this afternoon so will you please have the chef prepare some snacks?" I asked.

"Certainly." she nodded and I began to set my things down.

I carefully began to study my notes as a mix of different kinds of music played from my laptop. Soon I was absorbed in my work. I didn't even realize the amount of time that had passed until someone cleared their throat and I looked up from my notebooks and text books.

"You have company Mistress Misora." the maid said.

"Show him in please and thank you." I smiled and a moment later Kyoya walked in with Honey and Mori close behind.

"Honey, Mori what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you two." I asked they walked over to the table.

"I thought it improper for a betrothed woman to be alone with a man so I asked Honey if he would please come along and of course Mori came with him." Kyoya replied.

"Y-You know about the engagement?" I asked looking at Kyoya.

"Kyo-Chan knows everything about everyone." Honey replied as he sat his bag on the table.

"Oh. Okay then." I said a little creeped out that Kyoya knew something I had worked so hard to keep quiet. It also bothered me that Kyoya and I wouldn't be alone. I wasn't sure why this bothered me but it did.

The maid brought in trays of tea with cake for all of us and 2 extra pieces for Honey. Both Mori and Honey started in on their own homework while Kyoya and I started on our project.

I told him about everything I had learned and could remember about England and he took notes. Once I was finished we began to research certain things that I couldn't remember quite well or didn't know.

We were about to call it quits for the day when the front door opened and I heard my Mother and Father's voices from the foyer a moment later they appeared in the sitting room where we all sat.

"Misora? What is this?" Mother asked looking at where everything was spread across the table.

"Oh! We were studying. Mother, Father this is my project partner Kyoya Otori." I said standing up and gesturing to Kyoya.

"It's very nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Nishimura." Kyoya bowed.

"Otori…your family is involved highly in the hospital system yes?" Father asked.

"Yes sir." Kyoya nodded.

He nodded and looked at where Honey and Mori sat.

"It's good that you're spending time with Honey Misora. The more you do the better." he said.

"Of course. Both came here because we thought it proper for me not to be alone with only Kyoya." I replied.

"Very smart thinking. Well we'll leave you all to your studies." Mother nodded approvingly and they left the room.

"Well I think I should probably be going anyhow. My driver will be here any moment to pick me up." Kyoya said looking at his watch.

"We should probably get going too. Right Takashi?" Honey said looking at Mori who nodded.

"I can ask my driver to give you a ride if you would like." Kyoya said.

"Thanks Kyo-Chan!" Honey grinned.

"I'll show you out." I said standing up.

The four of us walked out front and a moment later a town car pulled up.

"We still have a lot of research to do tomorrow. How about we go to my house instead this time? We have a large assortment of books that may give us deeper insight into a few things." Kyoya suggested before he headed towards the car.

"Sounds like a plan." I smiled.

"Good." Kyoya smiled and turned and headed down the steps.

I saw Mori look between me and Kyoya for a moment before giving a small shrug that only I noticed. However before I could say anything to him Honey was in front of me.

"You should join us at the Host Club tomorrow! It's a lot more fun with you there." he smiled.

"Of course I'll join you." I smiled.

"Yay! See you tomorrow Sora-Chan!" Honey said and a moment later stood on tip toe, pecking me on the cheek.

I felt my face heat up as he turned and hurried with Mori towards the town car. I waved as they left before heading back inside to pick up my things. As I started stacking my papers I came across a few pages that Kyoya had written. His hand writing was nothing like him.

I expected it to be small and neat but it had more of a flourish to it as it went across the page. It made me smile a little as I looked at it. Something told me there was more to Kyoya Otori than the calm and cool façade he portrayed and I was curious to find out just what it was.

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