Shadows & Roses


Kyoya sat on his family's private jet as he waited for it to land. He had decided to come back from London a day early and surprise Sora.

Everything had gone well with Hamako and with the aid of the Otori family's lawyer they had managed to get all of the terms worked out. They would sell the house in London and split the profits while the home in Japan would go to her. Everything else would be divided equally between the two of them and the papers would take no more than two months, three at most.

The only dark side to his day so far was a misstep right as he had been boarding the plane. It had been pouring that morning and in a hurry to board his plane he had tripped and sent his bag with his laptop and phone flying. It had landed in the deep puddle and both had been sufficiently ruined. Thankfully he had backed up everything onto an external hard drive or his electronics wouldn't have been the only thing ruined, his family's business might have as well.

However that had meant 12 plus hours without a phone or computer. With the weather like it was he hadn't had time to send someone after new ones. It had been leave then or wait another day to see Sora. He had been stuck with nothing to do or read but an old copy of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, left in the jet by Tamaki some time ago on some random getaway. He couldn't check stocks or call anyone but seeing Sora's face when he surprised her would make it all that much better.

The plane landed seamlessly and not long after Kyoya was in a private car on his way to see Sora.

"Here is your new phone and computer Master Otori. All of your contacts have been uploaded and your phone number remains the same." Tachibana, one of his family's guards, said handing Kyoya a bag.

"Thank you." Kyoya said and quickly pulled out the phone and turned it on.

The phone had just fully turned on when suddenly the voicemail icon popped up. He quickly called it, cringing at the fact he had 9 missed calls.

The first 7 were from associates of his Father's which he mentally noted to return later since none seemed urgent, the second was from Hamako who told him he'd left his phone charger at the house in London and the last ones were all from the various members of the Host Club.

Tamaki's voice rang out first, "Oh what a time to get your voicemail! Kyoya you must call me immediately when you get this!"

Kyoya rolled his eyes, doubting that Tamaki was concerned about anything of any consequence. They were probably out of his favorite commoner's coffee at the supermarket. He deleted it and continued to the next one which was from the twins.

"Kyoya! You have to call us back! It's important!"

"Stuff is going on and we'd really rather not talk about it over the phone."

The twin's dual message had worried him a little but he moved onto the next one which was from Haruhi.

"Kyoya Sempai…I don't know why you're not answering your phone or why it's off but please call us back. Honey asked us to not tell you too much because he wants to tell you in person but it's about Sora. Please call us back."

The tone of Haruhi's voice was the one that bothered Kyoya. However before he could think about calling anyone back they pulled up to the house Sora shared with Honey. Cars were everywhere, police and otherwise. His stomach lurched and he jumped out of the car, hurrying to the door.

Throwing it opened he saw dozens of people milling about the room. There were cops everywhere and he saw Honey's parents in one corner talking to a suited detective. He made his way towards them when suddenly someone grabbed his arm.

"Kyoya!" Haruhi said.

"What's going on? What happened to Sora?" he asked.

"Let's go sit with the others and I'll explain everything." she said and tried to lead him from the door towards the sitting room off of the main entry way.

"No….I want to know what's going on Haruhi. What happened to Sora?" Kyoya demanded.

Haruhi sighed, "She went out with Kasumi for lunch and when they were leaving they were attacked. Kasumi got away but Sora didn't. From what Kasumi said they threw her into a van and took off."

"Where's Kasumi?" he asked.

"She's upstairs in Honey's office with a couple of officers." Haruhi said and a moment later Kyoya was running up the steps.

He opened the door and everyone turned to look at him. Kasumi sat in the chair behind Honey's desk. She had a busted lip and her eyes were puffy like she'd been crying. Honey stood on the other side of the room leaning against the wall, his arms crossed.

"Who are you?" one of the officers asked.

"Kyoya Otori. I'm Sora's boyfriend." Kyoya replied.

"Boyfriend?" the second asked.

"He's okay. He's with me." Honey said.

"Kasumi….what happened to Sora?" Kyoya asked.

"We were just asking that. Why don't you have a seat? We'd like to ask you a few questions as well." the first officer said.

Kyoya walked over and stood next to Honey so that he could hear Kasumi's story.

"So you said that you and your sister had lunch together?" he asked.

Kasumi nodded, "I called her and asked her to have lunch. We had been fighting for the longest time now and I wanted to bury the hatchet and put everything in the past. I had done some awful things to her and I wanted to let her know that I truly regretted it. So we met up and had lunch and then she said she had to get back to her son Taro so we left."

"We were getting ready to say goodbye when suddenly a white utility van came screeching up, you know the kind…the ones that everyone calls pedo vans? Well it came up and four guys jumped out. They surrounded us. Sora went for her purse because she always has some sort of weapon in there because it's what our family is highly trained in. I'm useless with anything but a curling iron but Sora is amazing with anything you give her."

"They managed to get her bag away from her and then they lunged at us. Three of them got a hold of her and overpowered her before throwing her into the van. The fourth held me until the other three got her into the van. Then he shoved me away and I fell which is how I hurt my lip. They were gone before I could even pick myself up. From there a cop arrived and then I ended up back here…I just want to know what happened to my sister." Kasumi said tears falling down her face.

"Don't worry Miss Nishimura, we're doing our best to locate your sister." one of the cops said.

"Why don't you go and lay down. Mr. Haninozuka is there somewhere for her to rest?" the other cop asked.

Honey nodded, "You can lay down in the guest room. I'll show you where it is."

Honey left with Kasumi trailing behind leaving Kyoya with the cops.

"Mr…Otori was it?" one of the cops asked.

"Yes." Kyoya replied.

The cop nodded and motioned to the seat Kasumi had just vacated, "Please have a seat. We have a few questions for you."

"I say nothing until I have a lawyer present. I'm not stupid by any means. If you'd like Mrs. Haruhi Suoh is downstairs and will suffice." Kyoya said.

"Very well. Go get Mrs. Suoh will you Hatori?" the cop said.

Hartori nodded and left, returning with Haruhi as few moments later.

"What's going on?" Haruhi asked.

"They want to make me a suspect and the quickest option was to have you serve as my lawyer. Unless you object that is." Kyoya said.

"No. It's fine." Haruhi said and sat down beside Kyoya.

"Feel free to ask my client anything Officer Takama. I will object if anything seems wrong." Haruhi said, her sudden professional tone taking Kyoya slightly aback.

"Very well." Officer Takama replied and turned to Kyoya.

"So Mr. Otori…where were you at the time of Mrs. Haninozuka's disappearance?"

"I was in my family's private jet traveling here. I've been in London for the past week handling some business with my wife." Kyoya replied.

"You have a wife and Mrs. Haninozuka has a husband but you two are in a relationship?" Officer Hitori asked.

"Yes but both of us have filed for divorce from our respective spouses. You can ask Mitsukuni Haninozuka yourself. He's in a relationship with another woman." Kyoya replied.

"So there was no animosity between you?" he asked.

"No. Not at all. We've been friends since we in the Host Club at Ouran Academy together." Kyoya replied.

"Look if you're accusing Kyoya of kidnapping Sora then you're mistaken. I promise you that Kyoya would never do such a thing. He loves Sora and knows how much Sora means to Taro. He would never take Taro's mother away from him." Haruhi said.

"Well we're going to check out your story Mr. Otori so I wouldn't suggest going very far for a while." Officer Takama said and with that both walked out.

"I can't believe they want to try to pin this on you." Haruhi said.

"It's only logical. They do look at the relationships that a missing person has. The fact that our situation is abnormal only adds to the suspicion. However I swear to you Haruhi that I had nothing to do with this." Kyoya replied.

"Don't worry. None of us think you did. Everyone has their own theories about who it is but Honey says the Haninozuka's think it might have been motivated by the fact that Sora is the heir to the family since Isamu was disowned." Haruhi said.

Kyoya nodded, "That does seem quite possible."

"Well why don't we go downstairs and sit with the others? Maybe we'll get some more news down there." Haruhi said.

"Right but first let me make a phone call." Kyoya said pulling his phone out.

"Who're you calling?" Haruhi asked.

"The head of my family's private force. If anyone can find Sora it's them. I don't trust those officers to do it themselves." Kyoya replied and dialed the phone, his mind wondering just where Sora could possibly be.

Kasumi's POV

"Here…you can rest in here." Honey said opening a door to reveal a guest room.

"Thank you so much Honey." I said flashing him a watery smile.

"You're welcome. If you need anything we're all downstairs." Honey said.

"Alright. Thank you again." I said and hugged Honey.

He hesitated a moment before hugging me back then leaving the room. I walked over to the bed and laid down. I could smell Honey's sweet smell on my shirt and it was glorious. This was far too easy.

So far my plan was working amazingly well. Sora was out of the way and now I could finally put phase two into motion.

It had been no trouble to hire the four goons to kidnap Sora. I had paid them each a tidy little sum and they'd nearly begged me to let them do it. I had fed them the information about the Kunai knives in Sora's bag which had been there since I could remember. My dear older sister was far too predictable for her own good. There was no way that she wouldn't have reached for the knives. She had been taught that weapons were first means of defense.

With Sora ditched in a place that I knew that no one would ever find her and where I could make her pay for what she was doing I had free reign to enact my careful plot.

While she was gone all I had to do was play it like I was scared for my life and being as soft hearted as my Honey was he would let me stay. After that I would offer to help take care of Taro who would get attached to me. After that it would only be a matter of time before Honey would follow.

When my final plan was done not only I would have my sister out of the way so I could inherit the family estate but I would have the only man I ever loved. From here on out all I had to do was sit back and wait.

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