Shadows & Roses

Fantasies & Strange Feelings

Kasumi's POV

I sighed as I walked through Honey's house. No one was here but me and I took it upon myself to do some exploring.

After feigning that I was scared that I would be kidnapped like Sora, Honey had offered to let me stay until they caught the kidnappers. I had successfully moved into the guest room and I was one step closer to my ultimate goal.

I smiled as I thought about everything Sora was missing. Soon this would all be mine and she would have nothing.

I admired the photos of Honey in his karate gear, looking handsome as ever. The thought made me smile as I remembered the look on Sora's face when I had kicked her in the ribs. She had been so confused and it had been so delicious to see the look on her face.

While her and our brother had studied with our hard ass of a father I had had a different teacher.

Our Mother.

My mother didn't approve of how our father taught my older siblings so she had started training me when I was 9. She thought our father was too rough with them and she didn't like the 'Nishimura Way'. She came from a martial arts family as well but the name had long died out.

My mother was an only child. Her father's brother had a son but he had died when he was small so when my grandparents and great uncle died the name died with them. Originally our mother had wanted to teach my sister but Sora was too close to Isamu who was training with our Father so she had too. It was her mistake.

I had taken her down last time and I was sure that I would take her down every other time she came at me. I was done being the little sister.

I found myself outside of Honey's room. I knew Honey and Taro wouldn't be back from the dojo so I took the opportunity to slip inside.

Closing the door behind me I smiled and took a deep breath. The room smelled like Honey. It was sweet yet had just the slightest hint of musk. Walking over I sat down on his bed and laid back. It was soft and comfortable.

Reaching out I pulled Usa-Chan towards me and held him to my chest. Honey used to carry the pink stuffed rabbit around all the time. I'd always wanted to hold Usa-Chan but it was rare that Honey ever let anyone hold him.

After a few moments of holding Usa-Chan and imagining it was Honey in my arms instead of the rabbit I replaced it on the bed and stood. I went through his closet touching each item of clothing, imagining him in it….imagining helping him take it off.

Once I had explored every last inch of Honey's room I walked across the hall to my sister's room. It was much like her room had been at home. Soft purples everywhere and the scent of lavender from every corner. The smell made me ill.

I didn't bother going through my sister's drawers instead I headed straight for her closet. If things went according to plan she wouldn't be needing any of the clothes she had and lucky for me we were the same size. I also made mental note to go through her jewelry.

"Jackpot." I grinned to myself as I saw the racks of label brand clothes that lined the walk in closet.

I pulled sweaters and tops and held them up to me in the mirror trying to judge how I'd look in them. When ever I found one that I liked I'd add it to the pile that I had on a chair in the corner. At the rate I was going I was going to double if not triple my wardrobe.

I was moving aside hangers full of maternity clothes when something bright and white caught my eye. Sora's wedding dress.

Without even blinking I grabbed it, stripping my clothes off. I pulled the dress on and turned to the mirror.

This dress was truly my dream dress. It had a large full skirt and sparkly bodice that made me feel like the princess I was. Closing my eyes I imagined what Honey and I's wedding day would be like.

"Do you Kasumi take Mitsukuni Haninozuka to be your husband?" the preacher asked.

"I do!" I grinned.

"And do you Mitsukuni take Kasumi Nishimura as your wife?"

"Forever and always." Honey said and slipped a ring with a diamond the size of a golf ball onto my hand.

From there he grabbed me tightly and dipped me, kissing me deeply.

The scene faded and we were suddenly alone in a hotel room. His hands gripped my body, his mouth was hot on mine. With a smile he threw me onto the bed before ripping my clothes from my body. A second later he was hovering over me right before he-


I was snapped out of my day dream and I turned to see Haruhi standing in the doorway of the closet looking confused.

"Oh! Haruhi! I didn't know you were here!" I said.

"I just got here….why are you wearing Sora's wedding dress?" she asked raising her eyebrows.

"What? Oh! Well the day that Sora disappeared I asked her if I could wear her wedding dress when I married Chika and she said I could. I was missing her and wanted to feel close so I thought I'd come in here and try it on. I just…I miss her so much." I said and managed to bring up a few fake tears by digging my nails into the palms of my hands.

"Oh. Okay. Well we're all doing what we can. Where are Honey and Taro?" she asked.

"They're at the dojo. Honey took Taro there to try to get his mind off of everything going on with Sora." I replied.

"Oh okay. Are you hungry? I went home to grab some things so the twins and Tamaki and I could stay here for a while to help Honey with Taro and stopped by the store and got things for lunch. Would you like a sandwich?" Haruhi asked.

"You're staying here too?" I asked.

Haruhi nodded, "I took a sabbatical from work so that I can help out with everything."

"Oh…that's great!" I said plastering on a fake smile.

Haruhi nodded, "So sandwich?"

"No thank you. I'm actually going to go lay down for awhile." I replied.

"Okay then. If you get hungry come find me and I'll make you something." Haruhi said with a warm smile and left.

A scowl curled onto my face. This was certainly an unwelcome development. It was going to be harder to get Honey on my side when that little commoner bitch was hanging around.

Well she would be easy enough to handle. I could make her disappear just as fast as I had Sora. It was just a matter of making one little phone call and Haruhi Suoh would be gone.

3rd POV

Haruhi headed downstairs and checked on the twins who were entranced by some show about a large purple dinosaur before heading to the kitchen to unpack the bags she'd got at the market. When she got there she found Kyoya biting into an apple while leaning against the counter.

"Kyoya what are you doing here? You said you had meetings all morning." Haruhi said.

"I couldn't concentrate and my father told me to leave and not come back until I could think straight." he replied.

Haruhi frowned, "How are you doing?"

"My finacee has gone missing and we don't have a single lead as to who it was that took her. How do you think I'm doing." Kyoya said with a cool look that sent chills to Haruhi's bones. However she ignored it and went back to putting away the groceries.

"So you and Tamaki are staying here for a while?" he asked.

Haruhi nodded, "Yeah. Reiko in the states for the next 3 weeks with her family someone needs to be here to look after Taro so I took some time off. My boss understands and told me not to worry about anything and to take as much time as I need." Haruhi said.

"He seems very nice." Kyoya said.

"He is. Anyhow I've handed over all my cases to other people for the time being. The only thing I didn't hand off to someone else were Honey and Sora's divorce papers. With all the press this has drawn the last thing we need is the papers getting leaked 'accidentally'." Haruhi replied and Kyoya nodded.

"Is Kasumi here?" he asked.

"Yeah….she's here." Haruhi said with a little sigh.

"What? Did she say something rude?" he asked.

Haruhi shook her head, "No…nothing like that. It's just…"

"It's just what?" Kyoya asked looking concerned.

With a sigh Haruhi stopped what she was doing and lowered her voice, "I found her upstairs trying on Sora's wedding dress."

Kyoya's eyes widened, "Are you serious?" he asked.

Haruhi shook her head, "I also heard her muttering to herself something about Honey and then I saw a pile of clothes on a chair like she had set them aside or something."

Kyoya frowned, "That does seem odd. Keep an eye on her Haruhi and tell me if she does anything else odd."

"Will do." Haruhi nodded.

Something was odd here and Kyoya knew it. The only thing that was left to do was prove it and hope it wasn't too late.

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