Shadows & Roses

Bruises & Breaks

"Eat." Tanako's voice said as she shoved a tray of food through the bottom slat of the door.

I walked over and picked up the tray, frowning at the food that sat on it. A piece of cold dry chicken, chalky mashed potatoes with no gravy and some wilted spinach with a glass of water. At least it smelled better than the fish from the previous day.

Walking over I gingerly sat down at the table. My entire body hurt and bruises blemished nearly every inch of my skin. For the last 2 weeks that I'd been stuck…wherever the hell it was that I was…Kasumi and I had come to blows nearly every time.

Each time ended with me sore and bleeding on the floor while she taunted me about how much better she was than me and how I was nothing but a fool. After that she would leave me alone until the following day. However what she didn't know was that I wasn't the fool in our situation. She was.

What my sister didn't know was that I made my moves sluggish as possible on purpose. I knew that she hadn't trained with our father so that meant she had to train with someone else which meant she knew things that I didn't. Though her style was similar to the Nishimura style I could see subtle differences.

By letting her wail on me I was able to watch her and slowly collect the information I needed. I hadn't seen anything new the past couple times that she had fought with me. It was then I would make my move.

After choking down my food I turned on the TV and began to wait for my sister. Sure enough about ten minutes later Kasumi came walking in.

"How are you this afternoon my dear sister?" she asked as she walked in.

I wasted no time in standing from the chair I sat in and lunging in her direction.

"Oh! So you want to get started early today huh?" she smirked and slugged me in the shoulder.

I grimaced at the sharp pain that shot through my chest and back from the blow. I was nearly sure that something was messed up there but I couldn't let the pain show on my face. I kicked out at Kasumi and managed to land it to her hip. She winced and collapsed slightly but used the fact that she had gotten closer to the floor to jab a finger into pressure point which made my legs fold. A second later her fist had slammed into my stomach.

The next thing I knew I was on all fours as my previous meal forced it's way back through my lips. After a few seconds I collapsed on the stone floor. I hadn't seen anything new. Next time Kasumi was going down.

3rd POV

"Do you guys need anything while I'm out?" Haruhi asked as she kneeled on the floor buttoning up Mattieu's coat.

"No thank you Haruhi." Honey replied from where he sat with Tamaki, Hikaru, Kyoya, Kaoru and Mori as they poured over maps.

A portion of Otori Family's private force were working on searching for any trace of Sora. They would report their findings to Kyoya who would relay them back to the others and mark them off on the maps. When they didn't have to be working at their companies they were all hauled up at Honey's discussing where to look next.

The other portion of the private force (at least the ones that weren't following around Kyoya's family) were trailing Haruhi, Tamaki, their twins and the Hitachiin twins. Haruhi had no clue that she was being followed by the Otori force because has she known she most likely would've insisted that they go away. However they all thought it was best since she had the twins and most of the time Taro and would be more distracted.

"Could you pick up some more commoner's coffee sweetheart?" Tamaki asked.

"Tamaki! I just bought a fresh can the day before yesterday! You're going to shut down your kidney's with all that caffeine." Haruhi sighed.

Tamaki looked up at her with his puppy dog eyes and Haruhi sighed again, this time out of defeat though.

"Fine but this time you need to make it last." she warned and with that she scooped Taro up and settled him on her hip.

"Hey do you want one of us to go with you Haruhi?" Hikaru asked.

"No I'll be fine. I'm just getting what I need for supper." Haruhi replied.

"Are you sure?" Mori asked and Haruhi nodded.

Happy that guys were convinced that she could handle 3 kids alone she took Tamiko's hand and instructed her to take Mattieu's. The four of them headed to the car where Haruhi buckled all three kids in and climbed into the driver's seat.

The shopping took longer than expected thanks to the fact she had three little ones trailing along but eventually Haruhi was able to make her way out of the store and to the car.

"Alright you three. Sit still and enjoy your snack while I put the groceries in the trunk okay?" Haruhi said and handed each of the kids a small box of animal crackers before heading to the back.

She has just put the first few bags in when suddenly there was a squeal of tires behind her. Turning Haruhi saw a white van and felt panic rise in her throat. A second later two large men jumped out of the van.

Without thinking she quickly locked the doors of the car, slamming the trunk closed as well so that the kids were safe. One of the men grabbed her roughly by the wrist and began to drag her towards the van.

"NO! LET GO! HELP! HELP ME!" Haruhi screamed as she tried to fight the men off.

Just as quickly as the first two men had appeared a dozen more followed suit. All wore riot gear and descended on the men. The man holding Haruhi quickly let go and shoved her away hard. Before she could think she had fallen to the ground and her arm gave a rough snap sending bolts of pain through her.

Grimacing she stood up and hurried back to the car cradling her arm. She unlocked the doors, all three toddlers screaming in their seats from the noise.

"Shh…everything's okay." Haruhi soothed trying to bit back the pain that was now throbbing through her arm.

Twenty minutes later the chaos had yet to cease. If anything it had gotten worse.

Haruhi sat in the back of an ambulance as the paramedics carefully wrapped her arm. A couple of women had stepped forward and offered to help out with Tamiko, Taro and Mattieu until the others could get there which didn't take long.

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled as he jumped out of the back of Honey's car.

He ran as fast as he could before embracing his wife.


"OW! TAMAKI! LET GO!" she yelled.

"OH! I'm sorry! What happened?!" he asked.

"One of the guys shoved me down. It's not broken. Just sprained." Haruhi replied.

"I knew I should've come with you." Tamaki said shaking his head.

"I'm fine. Go to the twins they're upset and could really use their Papa." Haruhi said.

"Right. I'll be back soon." Tamaki said and kissed her before hurrying away.

Not far from the ambulance Honey stood with Kyoya and Mori. He had checked on Taro and made sure he was okay before leaving him with Kaoru. The lead of the team that had been watching Haruhi was giving them a description of what had happened.

"We were watching her from a distance just as you told us to when suddenly the white van pulled up and grabbed her. Hanatario was able to get Mrs. Suoh out of his grip but she fell. We managed to get one in our custody and secure the van. The second man got away though because we were surrounding the car with the children inside." he said.

Kyoya nodded, "The children are the most important thing here so you did well. We'll need to detain the man you captured for questioning. Honey I suppose you'll want to do the honors?" he asked looking at the shorter man.

"Of course." Honey said, his voice dark.

"We can use my apartment. I don't have neighbors." Mori said his expression so dark that it rivaled Honey's and Kyoya's put together.

"Very well. Take him there and we'll follow after we check on Haruhi." Kyoya said and the man nodded before leaving.

The three of them made their way over to where the others were milling about the car. Mattieu was sitting quietly on Hikaru's hip while Tamiko was holding tightly onto Tamaki with her face buried in his neck as he rubbed her back trying to calm her. The only one that seemed unbothered by this was Taro who was babbling nonsensical things at Kaoru. Finally Haruhi rounded out the group, her arm bandaged heavily and in a blue sling.

"What's going on?" Kaoru asked.

"They managed to catch one of the assailants. My people are taking him to Mori's house where we plan to interrogate him as to where Sora is." Kyoya replied.

"We?" Haruhi asked.

"Kyo-Chan, Takashi and I." Honey said looking at Haruhi.

"Then we're coming too." Tamaki said.

"No you're not." Kyoya said.

"The hell we're not!" Hikaru replied.

"You can't. Someone has to be back at the house to tell Kasumi that everything is fine." Kyoya replied.

"As if she's really going to worry." Kaoru scoffed.

"What I mean is you have to lie to her. You can't tell her anything about what happened today. She has to remain in the dark about all of this. It's imperative." Kyoya warned.

"You think Kasumi is behind this?" Tamaki asked.

"I have my suspicions but until we're sure we must be quiet. If anyone asks Haruhi tripped over one of the twin's toys. I'll call some people and keep things quiet on the news and such." Kyoya replied.

"Right. When you have something let us know." Haruhi said.

"Will do." Kyoya nodded.

With that Kyoya, Honey and Mori left. They were going to get to the bottom of this if it was the last thing they did.

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