Shadows & Roses


3rd POV

The room was dark except for a small strip of light visible between the curtains from the dying sun and a lamp in the corner that provided a dull glow. Mori's couch and chairs had been pushed back against the wall with the exception of a single straight backed chair where a man sat tied. Three other men stood in front of him.

The tallest of the trio stood with his arms at his side, his button down shirt discarded, leaving him in his undershirt which was tucked into his jeans. Next to him stood the shortest of the three fully dressed but his hands were clinched into fists at his side. Finally the last stood, the glare from the window reflecting on his glasses and his arms crossed across his chest.

All three had stoic expressions on their faces but their eyes betrayed the anger they felt.

The man was done with all of this. Before him was Mitsukuni Haninozuka and Takashi Morinozuka who were easily two of the scariest men in Japan and next to them was Kyoya Otori whose family was more than influential. When he'd been asked to do this he had never been told that these were the people he would have to face if he was caught.

To make matters worse if she found out that he was caught it would mean getting his ass handed to him. No doubt that his partner had already headed for the hills. For such a small person she was scary.

Honey started forward again, the sound of his shoes on apartment's hardwood floor the only noise in the room with the exception of the man's heavy breathing.

"I'm going to ask you one last time before I get really mad. Where is Sora?" Honey asked.

"I told you I'm not saying anything until you untie me." the man scoffed.

"Big mistake." Honey growled and a moment later lunged at the man.

Despite his small stature the force he jumped with knocked the chair back. He began to punch the man over and over again as he yelled at him, commanding him to tell him where Sora was.

"Mitsukuni!" Mori said and hurried over, pulling the small blonde off of the man in the chair.

"Let me go Takashi! He knows where Sora is!" Honey said fighting against his cousin.

Mori usually would've let Honey go but he knew that right now he couldn't.

"We need him alive if we're to continue interrogating him." Kyoya said looking to Honey.

"It's been 6 hours! He won't say a thing!" Honey spat.

"Well he won't be able to if you knock him out or kill him. Now I suggest you calm down. Mori if you'd please help me pick him up." Kyoya said gesturing to the chair.

Mori nodded and sat Honey down before helping Kyoya lift the chair holding the heavy man. Blood trickled down the man's chin from a cut in his head and he looked a little dazed.

"Now you…can you understand what I'm saying to you?" Kyoya asked.

The guy nodded and Kyoya looked at him again, conjuring up his best Shadow King look.

"You seem to fail to realize how imperative it is for you to tell me who you're working for and where you and whoever it is you're working for is keeping my fiancée. Make no mistake, I put no value on your life other than the fact that you are the only link that we have to whomever has kidnapped Sora and sent you to attack Haruhi. Now I will give you two choices."

"The first is that the next time I ask you where Sora is you tell me along with the name of the person that hired you. Should you choose this option I will ask that you be tried with leniency and perhaps you won't spend the rest of your pathetic deplorable life rotting away in a jail cell somewhere."

"The second option is that you keep your mouth shut on Sora's whereabouts and die a slow and painful death at the hands of Mitsukuni Haninozuka. And make no mistake though gentle hearted Honey is VERY protective of his friends and family and sadly for you Sora is both. Now I will count to three and that is how long you have before I let Honey rip you to shreds." Kyoya said.

The man looked at Kyoya with wide eyes as if trying to figure out if what he said was real.


The man looked behind Kyoya at Mori and Honey. The only thing that kept Honey in place was Mori's hand resting on his shoulder.


Could he really do this? He began to weigh the options.


Silence filled the room before Kyoya shook his head and pressed his glasses up further on his face.

"Honey feel-"

"She's on the grounds of the Nishimura Estate!" he said quickly.

"What?!" All three asked looking dumbfounded.

"Mr. and Mrs. Nishimura are in China for business and there is an old abandoned wine cellar on the back edge of the property. She altered it and decided to stash the girl in there." he said.

"Who is 'she'" Kyoya asked.

"Her sister…Ms. Kasumi." the man said.

Kyoya summoned two of his guards to take care of the man in the chair while he, Mori and Honey headed out.

"Where are we going?" Honey asked.

"Sora first. Then we'll take care of Kasumi." Kyoya said and nodding they climbed in the car.

Sora's POV

I carefully tore at the thread bare sheets as I wrapped them around my shoulder. It was throbbing painfully and I could hardly move it. Something was definitely wrong with it but I didn't know what. I didn't have time for anything to be wrong either because I had to get out of here. I had to stop Kasumi.

I was more than sure that I could take her now. I just had to watch for the subtle hints at what she was going to do. Anticipation would be my weapon.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Jumping up I hurried to the corner near the door where she wouldn't see her. It was sneaky but I had to do it to have the advantage.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I waited and it took every ounce of strength I had to keep my breathing quiet. The footsteps got louder and a second later the door swung open with a crash. Without blinking I lunged at the person who came through the door.

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