Shadows & Roses

Final Battle

3rd POV

"Where are Honey, Mori and Kyoya again?" Kasumi asked looking at Haruhi.

"Honey had to talk to Chika and Mori went with him and Kyoya said something about seeing if the police had any leads." Haruhi replied.

Kasumi nodded and turned back to the meal that Haruhi had made for Kasumi, Tamaki and the kids. The twins were locked in Honey's office not trusting themselves to not say something cross to Kasumi.

It was really good but Kasumi didn't want to admit that. In fact she refused just because she could.

Everyone finished eating and Haruhi began to clear away the dishes. Tamaki helped Tamiko and Mattieu down from their booster seats and moved onto Taro but Kasumi waved him away.

"Let me." She said with a smile.

Tamaki looked at her for a long moment but conceded and quietly walked towards the kitchen.

"Taro!" she cooed to her nephew.

Taro looked at me with Honey's big brown eyes before looking to where Tamaki had gone.

"Tama?" he asked looking to see if Tamaki was coming back.

When the little boy realized that Tamaki wasn't coming back his face screwed up and his eyes filled with tears.

"Tama! Mama! Daddy! Haru!" Taro cried for someone, anyone but Kasumi.

Kasumi frowned, "Shh…it's okay it's me! Auntie Kasumi!"

She began to walk towards Taro who only screamed louder.

"Oh hush you! I'm not going to hurt you, you pathetic brat!" Kasumi snapped.

"Don't you dare call my baby a brat Kasumi!"

Kasumi spun around to see Sora standing in the doorway of the dining room with Kyoya, Honey and Mori flanking her.

"Sora?! Oh my god they found you! I'm so happy!" Kasumi cried and ran to her sister but Honey stepped in front of her.

"You're never going to touched Sora ever again!" he said glaring at Kasumi.

"They know everything Kasumi. They know that you're the one who had those guys kidnap me and they know that you've been beating the hell out of me ever since. Don't try to play innocent anymore. The game is up." Sora spat.

Kasumi looked at Sora for a moment before a smile curved on her lips, "Oh this will never be over Sora. Never. I WILL have Honey and he will be mine! I will show him that I'm the one that's worthy to be his wife!"

"Kasumi! I've told you before I don't want you! You're cold, heartless and I could never love you. You will die alone with no one to love you because all you care about is yourself!" Honey said.

Kasumi's face melted a little, "Don't say that Honey! You don't realize how good I could be for you! I love you so much! I'll prove it to you!" she said her voice lined with desperation.

A second later she had lunged at Sora. Sora threw up her arms to prevent Kasumi from tackling her. Kasumi fell to the floor hard but stood right back up. From there it was on.

Sora was more than sore but she knew that this was what it had to come down to. From the moment they'd been old enough to walk and talk this had been brewing just under the surface and now it was time to settle things. Sora was done being understanding and giving love to someone who would never love her back.

Kasumi punched and Sora ducked. Sora kicked and Kasumi swerved. Neither had managed to land a real blow on each other yet but it was obvious things were about to get very messy.

Mori ran over to Taro and scooped up the still screaming toddler from his booster seat before running into the kitchen.

"Tamaki! Haruhi! Get the twins!" Mori ordered

"What's going on? What's that noise?" Haruhi asked.

"Sora and Kasumi." Mori replied and without another question Tamaki and Haruhi picked up their kids.

The three of them hurried to a back room and settled the three of them inside, "Haruhi you stay here and watch them." Mori ordered and wordlessly Haruhi nodded.

"Call the police and an ambulance. We'll probably need on." Mori said and with that he and Tamaki hurried back to the fight.

At the front of the house Sora and Kasumi were fighting with every ounce of strength they had. By this time the fight had gotten bloody. Blood dripped from Sora's lip and Kasumi had a bloody nose.

"This is ridiculous. It's time for you to meet your end Sora." Kasumi said and before Sora could even fathom what her sister might have been doing Kasumi did a flip towards the table, landing on her feet on the top.

Smiling an evil smile she picked up a knife and twirled it in between her fingers.

"Let's settle this right Sister…like Nishimura siblings." she said and a moment later tossed one of the knives gently towards Sora.

"No Kasumi. We're not doing this." Sora said throwing the knife away.

"What? Scared I might show you up?! Fine then wimp out. I'm not holding back like you, you tenderhearted bitch." Kasumi smirked and jumped, the knife flashing in the light.

Sora ducked and dodged as Kasumi slashed at her. Each time Sora knew the blade was just missing her. As much as she hated to admit it she needed a weapon of her own.

As if reading her mind she heard Honey's voice, "Sora! Here!"

A moment later the familiar weight of the blade was in her palm. Suddenly everything was right and instinct took over.

The twins suddenly came thundering down the stairs, drawn out of the office by the noise.

"Are they using knives?!" Kaoru asked as he looked at the girls.

"Indeed." Kyoya replied.

"They're going to kill each other! Honey! Mori! Why don't you jump in and help?!" Hikaru asked.

"This is a fight only they can have. It's been coming for a long time." Honey said.

"Even with the knives?!" Kaoru asked.

He nodded.

"They've been fighting since we were little. It's time that it ended." Honey said.

All of their eyes turned back to the girls who were still fighting. Suddenly things turned when Kasumi caught Sora momentarily off guard. She swept Sora's feet out from under her and Sora came crashing to the floor.

Kasumi's knife slashed through the air towards Sora who lay under her. Sora managed to roll out of the way just in time to miss the blade. With a quick flip Sora was out of Kasumi's arm range but that didn't stop her.

With a flick of her wrist the blade went flying. Sora dodged yet again and it missed her just by centimeters, a few stray hairs falling to the ground. There was a gasp and Sora heard someone yell something behind her but her mind tuned it out as she slipped into defense mode.

Without thinking Sora's hand adjusted it's grip on the handle of the knife and her eyes focused on her sister. Pulling her shoulder back Sora threw her arm forward and let the knife go. A few seconds later it found a home deep in Kasumi's shoulder.

Kasumi looked at the knife for a long moment before collapsing on the floor.

"This is over Kasumi. You've lost." Sora spat.

"Oh I have? I've lost?! Look behind you! It seems like you've lost more!" Kasumi said and let out a high pitched cackle.

Sora turned around and instantly her body grew cold.

Kyoya lay on the floor, his head in Tamaki's lap. The knife Kasumi had thrown was embedded in his chest, the front of his shirt stained dark.

"KYO!" she cried and ran over, dropping down next to him.

She grabbed Kyoya's hand as tears began to stream down her face. His hand was cold and clammy and his skin was the color of old milk.

"Sora…" he gasped looking up at her.

"I'm so sorry Kyo. Please just hold on. We'll get you help. Please." she sobbed.

"D-Do you know how much it's g-going to cost… to get the bloodstains off this floor?" he asked with a smirk.

"Damn it Kyoya! This isn't the time to be worrying about money!" Tamaki said with a smirk, tears falling down his cheeks as well.

"Someone has to Daddy." he said looking up at Tamaki.

"Hold on Kyo-Chan I can hear the ambulance." Honey said gripping Kyoya's arm.

"H-Honey Sempai…I'm sorry for everything." he said looking up at Honey.

"Don't worry about it. We're okay." Honey said.

Kyoya turned and looked at Sora again.

"I love you Sora. I'm glad that you were mine." he said with a weak smile.

"I love you too but don't say things like that! I'm still yours and you'll still be mine. You said forever. You promised." she said.

Kyoya took a shuddering breath, a small bubble of blood appearing at the side of his mouth. He looked at Sora again and squeezed her hand.


His grip on Sora's hand slackened and a moment later his eyes slid shut.

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