Shadows & Roses


Kasumi's POV

I sat on the bed in the tiny room they had shoved me in earlier. My shoulder ached from where the knife had pierced it and they had stitched it up. I was fuming.

I had no clue how they had found Sora and I couldn't believe that I was the one arrested and thrown in this fucking loony bin. Sora was the thief. She should be here. Not me.

Thanks to her they had taken all of my clothes and replaced it with these cheap itchy sweats. They had shoved me in this tiny cold room and locked me away for 72 hours. Doctors came in and out, talking to me, asking me questions.

I wasn't crazy.

How else would someone act when they had everything taken from them? Sora had stolen my inheritance, the love of my life and now my freedom. She was going too far and had to be stopped.

There was a sudden knock at my door and a moment later a nurse came in.

"Ms. Nishimura you have a visitor." she said.

I looked at her, "Who is it?"

"I'm not sure of the name but it's a young man." she replied.

My heart leapt. Could it be? Was it Honey? I knew he would see that I really loved him!

"Take me to him!" I said looking at her.

"Follow me." she said and led me out of my room and down the hall.

I nearly ran into the room she showed me to but a second later my heart dropped. I didn't see Honey. Instead Isamu sat at a table in the corner.

"What do you want?" I growled as I walked over to where he sat.

"To let you know that even if you get out of here you won't get tried for murder. Just kidnapping and who knows how many counts of assault." he said looking at me.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"It means that Kyoya is alive. He managed to pull through." Isamu replied.

"So? I don't really give flying shit if he lives or dies. He's Sora's fuck buddy not mine." I replied.

Isamu shook his head, "For once in your life can you please show some compassion for someone else Kasumi? For once can you please act like the world doesn't revolve around you and see what the hell you're doing to other people?"

I glared at him, "No one gave a damn about my feelings so why the hell should I care about anyone else's?! No one asked if I wanted to marry Honey! No! They just decided that Sora was going to get him and I didn't get squat! It's always Sora this and Sora that! Sora was the one that always got the special meals! Sora was the one that mother was concerned about when she was training me to fight! It was never me! NEVER!" I screamed.

Isamu looked at me for a long second before his face screwed up in disgust.

"Kasumi do you even hear yourself?! Sora got special meals because she can't eat coconut and we had to make sure she didn't DIE! Mother was concerned with Sora because she thought Father was being too hard on her like any mother would be! You're right it was never about you! Because everything you worried about wasn't about you to begin with!"

"You're the one that Mother always took shopping in Paris and Barcelona and Milan! All you had to do was bat your eyelashes and Father crumbled and gave you whatever you wanted! Sora and I had to work for Mother and Father to treat us like that! You got it from the moment you were born! So shut the hell up because you're nothing but a selfish spoiled brat!" Isamu spat.

Anger rose in my throat and sat bitterly on my tongue for a few moments and before I realized what I was doing I had reached out and drug my nails down the side of his face.

Isamu gasped in pain and a second later two large men grabbed me and began to pull me away.

"LET ME GO!" I screamed as they dragged me towards my room.


"Ma'am you need to calm down." one of them men said.


The two of them muttered something to each other and a second later I felt a prick on my arm. A few seconds later my head was swimming and then my eyes slipped closed.

When I woke again I realized that a few hours had passed. The sky was darkening and the halls were quiet.

I was still seething as I thought about Isamu. He had no right to tell me that I was in the wrong. It was Sora's fault for everything that had happened to me. I had to get her back. The question was how.

Suddenly something clicked inside my head. I had managed to bribe two jokers into doing my dirty work why couldn't I bribe another one into letting me out of this damn room? Sora was surely downstairs with Kyoya. I would end this. Now.

Jumping off of my bed I hurried over to the door, cracking it open. I kept watching for just the right orderly. I felt would know him when I saw him.

Soon one came along and I knew it was now or never. Opening the door I leaned against the frame trying to make myself look as enticing as possible.

"Hey." I smirked looking at him.

He turned and looked at me, "It's lights out. You're supposed to be in your room." he said.

"But it's so dark and I'm scared to sleep alone." I said with a pout, my sweatshirt hanging off of my shoulder.

"Could you stay with me? Just until I fall asleep? I'll make it worth your while." I grinned and lightly ran my fingers over the buttons of his uniform.

I saw him gulp and his eyes flashed around, looking around. Finally he nodded and with a triumphant smirk I pulled him into my room. The moment the door was closed her captured my mouth with his and for the sake of things I kissed back, shoving him against the wall.

Pressing myself against him I let his hands roam my body for a moment before I brought my hands up to the back of his head. All it took was one sharp shove of his head against the stone wall for him to be knocked out.

"Never trust a pretty face." I laughed as I quickly lifted his keys.

As quietly as I could I slipped out of my room and stole down the hall. At the end was a door marked 'Employee Lockers'. Using the key card on the end of the set of keys I opened the door and slid inside.

I began to rummage through the lockers until I found enough clothes for a passable outfit; a pair of black yoga pants, a red hoodie and black sandals. The clothes were cheap and it killed me to have to put on such commoner things but I knew they would know I was a patient if I stayed in my sweats. The last thing I needed to do was draw attention to myself.

After stashing my sweats into a clothes bin I used the key to unlock the door that led to the ward and hurried to the elevator. I wasn't sure what floor Kyoya was on but I figured that I would find it eventually. The psych ward was on the 9th floor which was the very top so all I had to do was work down.

I checked the 8th, 7th and 6th floors but found nothing. I was on the 5th floor exploring when a nurse walked up to me. My heart began to beat as I thought I was caught.

"Ma'am…I'm sorry but visiting hours are over." she said.

"Oh! I was here to see someone in the ICU and got lost. I was going to stay the night with him." I replied.

"Paitent's name?" she asked.

"Kyoya Otori." I replied.

"And your name?" she asked.

My name? I had to think fast. I pulled the first one I thought of out of my ass.

"Haruhi Suoh."

"I thought that his fiancee was staying with him for the night. Mrs. Haninozuka." the nurse said.

"Her son Taro came down with the flu at the last moment and she had to stay home to take care of him. She asked me to come sit with him until she can get here in the morning." I replied.

The nurse looked at me for a moment before nodding, "Alright. The ICU is on the floor just below this one. You'll find your friend there." she said.

"Thank you." I smiled and hurried back to the elevator.

This was all too easy. Were these people that damn stupid?

I headed for the floor below the one I was on and in no time I had found Kyoya's room. It was the only one that had the shades drawn around the windows. I guessed it was because the Otori's had a lot of pull in the medical field.

Smiling to myself I walked into the room. However Sora was nowhere to be seen. Instead there was only Kyoya, sleeping alone on the bed.

An idea struck me. If I couldn't have Honey and be happy then what right did Sora have to be happy?

Walking over quietly I looked down at Kyoya. I couldn't see what my sister saw in him. Of course I didn't know what he saw in my sister either. Maybe it was an attraction between unattractive people.

I grabbed a spare pillow from a chair before turning back. Carefully I took the pulse monitor from Kyoya's finger and clipped it onto mine before getting to work. Pushing myself up on the bed I straddled his hips. Carefully I leaned forward and pressed on his chest, right at the spot the knife had pierced his skin.

He suddenly hissed and his eyes shot open. When he saw me his eyes widened and he tried to shove me off and shout but he wasn't able to. My knees rested on this arms, keeping them pinned to his sides and my hand quickly reached up and covered his face with the pillow.

He continued to struggle but I held firm.

"Shh…just relax….it will be over soon." I soothed.

Everything would be over very soon.

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