Shadows & Roses

What I Deserve

Kasumi's POV

Slowly I felt the chest under my legs begin to slow and a moment later it stopped. Smiling to myself I carefully climbed off of the top of Kyoya and prepared to clip the monitor onto his finger when I heard the door open. Turning I saw Sora staring at me.

She looked from where I stood with a smile on my face to where Kyoya lay still and unconscious. Suddenly she began to shake and a moment later she lunged at me.

"KASUMI!" She screamed and shoved me violently against the wall.

"What? Mad?" I smirked.

"YOU KILLED HIM!" she screamed and brought her hand back to punch me but before she could I grabbed her arm, twisting it behind her back.

"I did and if I have my way you're about to join him dear sister." I whispered as I twisted her arm tighter, a satisfying crack sounding from between our bodies.

Sora screamed and I laughed and only twisted her arm harder. Over her shoulder I saw her grit her teeth and a second later her foot came back and dug into my foot.

"Bitch!" I spat and shoved her away.

Sora's arm hung limply at her side as she gave me a death glare.

"You're not going to get away with this Kasumi." she spat.

"I think I am." I said and that's when my eyes caught something shiny laying next to Kyoya's bed. A pair of scissors.

Reaching over I grabbed them, grasping them tightly. With one final yell I lunged forward and brought the scissors up. A second later there was a squish as they pierced Sora's chest.

Sora looked down at the scissors that were stuck in her chest, her eyes wide with surprise. Stumbling back she slid down the wall, still staring at the scissors that were protruding just above her breast, twitching with every heartbeat that her heart struggled to make.

"W-Why?" she asked.

"Because you deserve this." I said.

I watched as Sora's breaths grew fewer and far between. A bubble of blood formed at the corner of her mouth and soon she lay still. A second later I heard yells and shouts as the door was forced open.

I dropped to the floor and began to cry as a series of people began to fill into the room. A nurse crouched down in front of me and looked at me.

"Are you alright miss?" she asked.

"S-She tried to kill me!" I said looking at Sora.

"Who is she to you?" the nurse asked.

"M-My sister." I replied.

"You're Kasumi Nishimura?" she asked.

I nodded and she took me by the upper arm. A second later two security guards had me on either side and were hauling me down the hall. I let them carry me away as fake tears poured from my eyes, my mind working over time for a sob story that would get me out of this. By the time they'd carried me to the psych ward and tied me to my bed I had a story for the doctors when they came in.

"Ms. Nishimura we need to ask you a few questions." the doctor said.

"I'll do my best." I said making my voice as pitiful as I could.

"How did you manage to make it out of the psychiatric ward?" he asked.

"I was crying. I wanted to apologize for accidentally stabbing Kyoya and tell Sora that I forgave her for the awful things she's done to our family. I know what they may have told you but it was Sora that did everything. I never kidnapped her. She ran away!"

"She was tired of being a mother and a wife to Honey who was never anything but sweet to her. She hated him. So she ran off. Anyhow one of the guards overheard me and came into my room. He said that if I was nice to him he'd take me to see my sister and her boyfriend. Then he attacked me. I'm well trained in martial arts just like the rest of my family so I knocked him out and took the chance to find my sister and Kyoya."

"Found his room but when I went there she was pressing a pillow over his face! I told her to stop but she screamed at me and attacked me. I managed to dislocate her shoulder because it had been dislocated already when we were fighting but she broke free and charged at me again. Not thinking I grabbed a pair of scissors and before I knew it she had ran straight into them. Then….then she dropped to the floor and just stopped moving." I said as tears streamed down my eyes.

The doctor made note of everything I said in his chart before nodding.

"I'll send a nurse into look at that cut on your arm Ms. Nishimura and then we'll look into everything you just said." he replied.

I nodded and he left. Soon a nurse came in and treated the wound on my arm that I hadn't realized was there and soon a police officer walked in along with the doctor. The nurse undid the restraints on my hands and I sat up and looked at the men who stood at the foot of my bed.

"Ms. Nishimura, Dr. Hamortori has given us your account of the events that went on today and after reviewing the evidence carefully we can't find a single discrepancy in what you've told us. With that evidence we've decided that after your 72 hour hold is up you're free to go. No charges will be filed against you." he said.

My jaw dropped out of shock. I couldn't believe that the morons had fallen for it. Had they really taken the bait?

"R-Really?" I asked.

"Yes." the doctor nodded.

I burst out into another round of fake tears and grinned up at them.

"Oh I'm so happy. I've tried to get someone…anyone to see how awful Sora was for such a long time now! I'm just sorry it took her life and Kyoya's life to make it come to light." I said.

"Well if you're feeling up to it there is someone here who would like a word. If you feel up to it the nurse would be happy to show you to the visitor room." the doctor said.

"It's not my brother is it? He's nearly as awful to me as Sora was." I replied.

"No." the doctor replied and with a nod I let the nurse lead me towards the visitor's room.

The moment I walked in I felt something hit me and a sweet smell filled my nose.


"Oh Kasumi! I'm so sorry!" Honey wailed as he hugged me.

"Sorry? For what?" I asked.

"For believing Sora all these years! I should've known that you were right about her. I just didn't want to see it." Honey said pulling away and looking up at me with big brown eyes, brimming with tears.

"It's okay Honey. I understand. She was good and fooled everyone." I whispered as I hugged him.

Honey pulled back again and looked at me, "Can you ever forgive me?" he asked tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Of course." I smiled.

"I'm glad." he replied with a smile and a moment later he was leaning in.

Our lips met and sparks soared through my body. I knew everything was going to work out just fine.

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