Shadows & Roses

Blood & Diamonds

"Why is she smiling?" I asked as I looked through the window that was in the door.

"She's had a severe psychotic break. Right now she's in her own little world. When she'll come out of it I don't know." The doctor replied.

With a sigh I looked back through the window at Kasumi who was muttering something, a large smile on her face. When I had come back from getting Kyoya and I clothes Isamu and I had been alerted about what had happened. Apparently after Isamu had seen her she had been sedated. When she had woken up she hadn't responded to everything. After an evaluation they had diagnosed her with a severe psychotic break.

"Do you have any idea what she might be seeing?" Isamu asked looking at the doctor as his hand absentmindedly touched the scratches on his face from Kasumi's nail the other day..

"We can only guess. She says a few things here and there but nothing that makes any sense." he replied.

Isamu nodded, "Well if anything changes please let us know."

"Of course Mr. Nishimura." the doctor replied and with that Isamu and I headed towards the elevator.

The two of us headed down to Kyoya's room where Tamaki was helping him get dressed. Today we were getting to take him to Honey and I's house to recuperate and I couldn't wait. As I had said many times before I hated hospitals and I was ecstatic that Kyoya's brother were letting us go home.

"So are we ready?" I asked.

"Yep." Tamaki smiled as he helped Kyoya to stand before lowering him into a wheelchair.

"Alright then! Let's go!" I smiled and walked over, taking the handles of the wheelchair and headed out.

An hour later Kyoya was settled in my room with the monitors that his brothers had insisted on, hooked up to him. Everyone was gathered in the room, all of us relieved that he was okay.

He was propped up against pillow with me on the bed next to him and Haruhi, Noemi and Honey sitting at the foot. The twins were perched on my dresser and Tamaki was sitting in a chair while Mori leaned against the wall with Isamu.

"So how are you feeling?" Kaoru asked.

"As well as can be expected I suppose. They've given me enough pain medication that I won't be in any pain for quite some time." Kyoya smiled.

"Well at least you're doing well Kyoya. We were all worried." Haruhi said.

"Well there's no need to worry. I'm perfectly fine. Not to mention that I have a wonderful nurse." Kyoya said squeezing my hand.

"And if you need anything Kyoya please let us know. We're all here for you my friend." Tamaki smiled.

"I'll be fine Tamaki." Kyoya assured him.

"We should let you rest Kyo-Chan. We'll come see you later!" Honey said standing up with a smile.

Everyone said their goodbyes before leaving Kyoya and I alone.

"Do you need anything?" I asked.

"Actually yes. Could you bring me my laptop bag over there?" he asked.

"Kyoya you're supposed to be taking it easy." I said.

"Sora please hand me my bag." Kyoya said.

"Kyoya! Don't make me argue with you! You just got home!" I replied.

Kyoya sighed, "Sora just give me my bag." he replied calmly.

I knew there was no winning in this. If I kept it up he'd probably get upset and then he would have to go to the hospital. I guess a little work couldn't hurt him.

"Fine but you're not staying on long. I'm not going to have one of your brothers yell at me." I said and handed him his bag.

"Thank you. Don't worry this won't take long. Oh and could you please get me a cup of tea?" he asked.

"Sure. I'll be right back. Oolong or Green?" I asked.

"Your choice." Kyoya smiled and with a nod I headed downstairs.

"Kyoya wants tea." I said as I walked into the kitchen where Haruhi was making sandwiches for everyone with Mori's help.

I grabbed the tea kettle and sat the water on the stove before finding the tea.

"You seem irritated." Mori said as he cut cheese into slices.

I sighed, "I am. He's upstairs working. Both of his brothers told him to take it easy for awhile and the first thing he did when you guys left was ask for his damn laptop. He's going to put himself back in the hospital."

"Kyoya knows his limits. He'll be okay." Haruhi assured me.

"I hope so." I sighed and pulled the kettle off the stove and set about making his tea.

When it was done I made cups for the both of us before heading back upstairs.

"Kyo! I have your tea!" I called as I walked in however a moment later I froze.

Kyoya kneeled at the foot of my bed with a ring box in his hands.

My hands began to tremble and before I could think the china cups the tea sat in fell to the floor with a crash. The hot tea spilled over the wood floor and into my socks but I ignored it.

"Sora…I've had this for a while now and I think it's time things became official." he said.

"Oh my god…Kyoya…I-OW!" I yelled as a piece of china pierced my foot.

"Shit!" I cursed as I hobbled over to the bed.

Kyoya picked himself up from the floor and sat down on the bed beside me.

"Let me see." he said and reached out, cradling my foot in his hand.

Carefully he removed my sock and inspected my foot. A moment later there were footsteps and everyone who had been downstairs was standing in the doorway.

"What happened?" Haruhi asked.

"I dropped the cups and cut my foot." I grimaced as Kyoya looked at the cut.

"It's not too deep. Tamaki can you hand me the first aid kit out of the bathroom?" Kyoya asked and with a nod Tamaki hurried to the bathroom before returning with the kit.

I watched as Kyoya carefully cleaned the wound and bandaged it while Haruhi and Honey cleaned up the china on the floor. I wasn't paying much attention to what the others were doing until suddenly Hikaru said something.

"Hey! What's this?"

I looked up to see Hikaru holding the ring box, inspecting the ring inside with Kaoru over his shoulder.

"That is the ring that I bought for Sora. I surprised her with it and that was when she dropped the tea cups." Kyoya replied.

"And what did you say?" Kaoru asked.

"I haven't had a chance to say anything yet. I stepped on glass before I could." I replied.

"So what's your answer?" Tamaki asked and I realized that all eyes were on me.

"I said yes before…why would this time be any different?" I replied turning to look at Kyoya with a smile.

Kyoya smiled and leaned forward kissing me softly before taking the box from Hikaru and from it pulling a ring with a solitary diamond in the middle and delicate filigree along the band. Taking my hand in his he slipped it on my finger and kissed the back of my hand.

"Forever." I smiled at him and he smiled back.


Everyone cheered and clapped and Isamu walked forward, carefully embracing the both of us.

"Take care of my baby sister okay?" Isamu said looking Kyoya.

"Kyo-Chan will take care of Sora, Isamu. Don't worry." Honey smiled looking at me.

"I know." Isamu smiled.

That night I lay in bed next to Kyoya. He was sleeping peacefully beside me, the pain meds having knocked him out a long time before. I turned over to look at him.

His dark hair was almost blue in the moonlight and his skin was a soft white. He wore dark blue pajamas that stood out bright against the soft purple sheets of my bed. Reaching out I curled my hand with his admiring the ring that sparkled in the moonlight.

When the others had once again cleared out he had asked me if the ring was okay and I had nodded. He said he'd been worried that it was too big and fancy for me. He knew that I like simple things and I had assured him it was perfect. He was perfect. Everything was perfect.

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