Shadows & Roses

Five Years

"Here, let me help you Aunt Sora!" Tamiko smiled and before I could protest she took the stack of plates and made her way towards the table on the patio, her long blond hair flying out behind her.

It had been 5 years since Kyoya and I had gotten married. We lived in a good sized house not far from Haruhi and Tamaki's and were very happy.

Tamaki, Kyoya and Isamu sat at the patio table talking about whatever it was that men talked about while the kids ran around in the yard laughing. Noemi had ran out to get plastic cutlery and popsicles and Haruhi was busy mixing potato salad in the kitchen. The rest of the Host Club, Satoshi and Chika were on their way.

We were having a picnic today at Kyoya and I's house. Tamaki, Haruhi, Tamiko and Mattieu had returned recently from a trip to the states and had seen a family picnicking at the park and he had become obsessed with the idea. So after some pleading from Tamaki we'd all agreed that we'd have at least one picnic. We were having fried chicken, potato salad, lemonade, corn on the cob and watermelon. It was going to be delicious.

Since Tamiko had come over and scooped the plates from my hands I decided that I'd grab something else to take out and the first thing I came across was the watermelon. I picked up the large fruit and began my way out of the front door when Kyoya came hurrying over to me, plucking it from my arms.

"What is it with you people and taking things from my arms?" I asked looking at my husband.

"Sora you really shouldn't be carrying something like this in your condition." Kyoya said.

I rolled my eyes, "It's not a condition Kyoya. I'm pregnant. Not dying."

"Yes but you're almost 9 months pregnant. You don't want to do anything to hurt the baby. Now go sit down. I'll help Haruhi bring everything out until Noemi gets back." Kyoya instructed.

"Yes sir." I grumbled and gave a half salute before walking out to the patio table.

Usually I would've put up more of a fight but my back had been hurting pretty bad since I'd gotten up that morning. I hadn't told Kyoya though because he would've insisted that I see a doctor which I really didn't want to do. However I would take the chance to sit down and rest.

"So how's the baby doing little sister?" Isamu asked as I lowered myself into a chair.

"He's doing fine. Kicking up a storm, sitting on my bladder, putting his knee in my kidneys, the usual." I replied rubbing my growing stomach.

"Don't worry he'll be born soon enough." Tamaki smiled and with that he and Isamu began to talk again about the newest hotel chain the Suoh company had acquired.

The gate to the backyard opened and Mori came walking in with his son Hiro on his shoulders and his wife Izumi following. Mori had met Izumi about a year after Kyoya and I had gotten married and they had eloped 6 months later with Hiro following the next spring. Hiro was a sweet boy and was very quiet like his father whom he resembled as much as Taro resembled Honey.

As soon as Hiro saw the other kids he began to squirm on Mori's shoulders. Smiling Mori sat Hiro down and I watched as the 4 year old ran as fast as he could towards where the other kids were playing. Immediately he was at Taro's side.

Taro was now 8 and still looked like Honey in ever sense. He had big brown eyes and bright blonde hair and a smile that could melt hearts. He still carried around Inu but I could already tell he was going to be taller than Honey.

The main difference between him and Honey was that Taro was a little less into cute things than Honey had been at his age. However he was always happy. He was turning into quite the little martial artist as well.

I watched as Taro carefully took Hiro's hand and led his younger cousin towards the play set we had for the kids. Carefully Taro picked up Hiro and set him onto the swing before looking at him.

"Hold on tight Hiro-Chan. We don't want you to get hurt!" Taro smiled before walking around and gently began to push Hiro.

Taro and Hiro were as close as Mori and Honey were but it was different. Where Mori had always been Honey's protector it was reversed with their sons. Taro was very careful with Hiro and watched out for his younger cousin. It was adorable to watch.

My eyes trailed to the other kids that were running around the yard and I smiled as I watched them.

The twins were playing at the top of the play set. They were 9 and already in advanced classes at school. Tamiko had long blonde hair that reached her waist and was the most helpful of all the kids. If someone was doing something. She was the first to pop up and ask if there was anything she could do. Mattieu was Tamaki all over again. Every little girl in his class and a few of the others were entranced by him. I had seen it in action at the playground and all it took was a cock of his head, a soft smile and something sweet whispered in their ear and they were his.

Kaori was going up and down the slide and was the oldest of all the kids at 10. She was smart as a whip and super feisty. She had black hair that she insisted be pulled out of her face at all times and she was as into he martial arts as much as she ever had been. Right now I was working with her on her knife throwing.

Her younger brother Riku was scrambling up the climbing wall at one side of the play set after Mattieu who he was playing tag with now. Riku was quiet and liked to draw. He wasn't into martial arts as much as Kaori but he was still a danger. When he got mad he could take down a kid twice his size but normally he wouldn't hurt a fly.

I felt a tug on my arm as I watched the others and I turned to see a little girl with gray eyes and brown hair pulled into pigtails looking up at me. She had a pair of glasses perched on her nose and was smiling up at me.

"Mommy can I have a drink?" she asked.

I smiled, "Sure thing sweetheart. Daddy is in the house with Aunt Haruhi. Why don't you go inside and ask him."

"Okay!" she smiled and hurried towards the house.

Natsumi was Kyoya and I's daughter. She had been conceived on our second anniversary and was now 3 years old. When Taro wasn't watching out for Hiro he was holding tight to his little sister. The only way I could describe my daughter was sparkles. She was bubbly, very friendly and always seemed to be giggling about something or had a smile on her face. She also had a lot of energy which led to more than a few mishaps such as scraped up knees, bruises and once stitches after she jumped off of her bed trying to fly and knocked her head into her nightstand.

I knew that when we had the one I was expecting now that it would be like living in a madhouse but I was more than ready for it.

The gate opened again and this time Honey and Reiko came walking through with Hikaru and Karou bringing up the rear. Reiko had her and Honey's one year old daughter Aya on her hip. She was a tiny thing with dark hair and big eyes that were very intense and piercing for someone so small. However she also loved to cuddle. More than once she had crawled into one of our laps and had fallen asleep for hours.

"I brought cake!" Honey grinned as he held up a large cake box.

He walked over and sat the cake down on the table along with everyone else as Haruhi and Kyoya emerged from the kitchen, arms laden with dishes. Natsumi was following along behind with a sippy cup full of lemonade just as Noemi walked into the back yard through the gate.

"Well it looks like everyone is here! Let's spread out the blanket!" Tamaki said pulling out a red and blue checked blanket from under the table.

"Are you really going to make us sit on the ground?" Hikaru asked.

"Yeah isn't it like…dirty?" Kaoru added.

"This is a traditional picnic and we will do as you're supposed to at a picnic! Now someone help me spread this out!" Tamaki said.

"Tamaki think about Sora. How on earth do you expect her to sit on the ground?" Kyoya asked.

"I agree Tamaki. It's not easy to get up when you're pregnant." Haruhi said.

I saw Tamaki's face fall a little and I shook my head, "You guys I can sit on the ground just fine. You'll all just have to pull me back up. We can use the blanket."

"Are you sure?" Kyoya asked.

"I'm sure." I nodded.

Tamaki's eyes lit up and he jumped up from the table, "Honey! Isamu! You two take the end and help me spread this out." Tamaki said and my brother and Honey stood up.

They spread the huge blanket out onto the grass before we all walked over, kicking off our shoes so that we wouldn't get grass and dirt everywhere. Kyoya and Mori helped pull me out of the chair and then carefully lowered me to the ground. I wondered how many people it would take to get me back off the ground.

Natsumi hurried over and plopped down between Kyoya and I. Kyoya made her and I both plates of food before getting one for himself.

The food was amazing. With this pregnancy I had been ravenously hungry and this was hitting the spot.

"So are all of you ready to go back to school? Term starts next week." Haruhi asked.

All of the kids went to Ouran Elementary and would eventually go to Ouran Academy like the majority of us had. Kaori was starting her 4th year, Mattieu and Tamiko were in their 3rd and Taro and Riku were in 2nd . Hiro and Natsumi were the only two that weren't going to an Ouran School. Instead they were going to a Nursery School for Kindergarten. Hiro had gone last year but this would be Natsumi's first year.

"Mommy took Brother and me to get our new supplies the other day!" Natsumi chirped from beside me.

"Mine pencil case is great! It's got a robot on it!" Taro grinned from where he sat beside Mattieu and Hiro.

"I can't wait to get back. I hope the same girls from last year are in my class." Mattieu smirked.

"Well I don't want to get a call this year and find out that you're too busy flirting to do your work." Haruhi said looking at Mattieu.

"And you better not be following along behind young man." I added looking at Taro.

Though both boys were essentially good kids they tended to get into mischief just like any other boys their age. However Haruhi and I still blamed Hikaru and Karou's influence on them thanks to the fact that some pranks were just too clever for someone their age. Then sometimes Tamiko joined in and things always got really crazy after that because she was the smartest of the 3 and could think of even cleverer things to go along with what they already had planned.

"We'll do our best." Mattieu said.

"But no promises." Taro grinned.

I shook my head and went back to my food.

Soon the food was gone and the kids were back to playing.

"Anyone else think that there may be a new Host Club when they get to High School?" Kaoru asked as we all relaxed on the blanket.

"Of course there could be! They are our children after all! They could follow in our noble footsteps!" Tamaki said.

"They'd need a couple of others but that is highly plausible. Mattieu definitely has the same sparkling personality as you do Tamaki and there a certainly elements of the loli-shota type in Taro like Honey though he'll most likely be taller. Then you have Riku whose quiet and gentle nature will no doubt attract several guests as well. I'm sure they'll find peers to fill the other types should they chose to restart the club." Kyoya replied.

"You're forgetting one important person Kyo-Chan." Honey said.

"Who's that?" he asked.

Honey grinned, "Who's going to be the girl that pretends to be a boy?"

I couldn't help but laugh and laugh hard. Everyone else began to laugh too and that only made me laugh harder. For some reason finding everything hilarious was another symptom of my pregnancy. However a moment later things didn't seem so funny.

"Oh. OH!" I gasped and Kyoya looked at me.

"What's wrong?" he asked his smile slowly fading.

"I-I think my water just broke." I said looking at him.

Kyoya's face instantly switched from an amused one to one of shock, "Are you sure?"

"Either that or I just peed myself but I'm pretty sure it was the first one." I said looking at him.

"Have you been having contractions?" Kyoya asked.

"I don't know….maybe….my back has been hurting all day. I thought it was just because I was so pregnant." I said.

"Okay then you're water probably did break. Just keep calm and we'll get you to the hospital." Kyoya said standing up.

"What's going on?" Mori asked looking concerned.

"I'm pretty sure the baby is coming." I replied with a small smile that turned into a grimace as a contraction shot through my stomach.

"Mori can you help me get her up? We need to get her into the hospital. Haruhi will you go get her bag? It's in the closet in our room." Kyoya said his voice just barely giving away the fact he was internally freaking out.

Mori nodded and quickly stood up as Haruhi hurried to the house. Kyoya took one hand while Mori took the other and both began to haul me up. However when they couldn't the others helped out. It took Kyoya, Mori, Tamaki and Isamu to get me up.

"What's going on?" Kaori asked running over with the other kids following. They had been drawn over by the noise.

"It looks like it's time for me to have the baby." I smiled looking at my neice.

"A baby?! Oh! Can we come too?! We want to see the baby! Please Aunt Sora!?" Tamiko asked.

I wanted to reply but suddenly a contraction hit me and I had to squeeze Kyoya's hand.

"You can't go right now darling but I promise when the baby is here we'll go see it." Tamaki said as he helped Kyoya lead me towards the house.

"Taro, Natsumi you both be good while we're gone okay?" I asked.

"Yes Mom." Taro nodded.

"Okay Mommy!" Natsumi smiled.

While I was in the hospital Honey and Reiko had agreed to take both Taro and Natsumi. Kyoya would be staying with me.

Kyoya and Tamaki loaded me into the car with Haruhi, Noemi, Isamu and my bag in the back. I kissed my son and daughter goodbye. Twenty minutes later we were at the hospital and 5 hours later my mother and Isamu were in the waiting room and Kyoya, Noemi and Haruhi were at my side as I delivered my son.

"He's beautiful." I smiled as I looked down at my son who had a head full of black hair and gray eyes like his father.

"Agreed. You did wonderful." Kyoya said as he kissed me gently before looking down at the baby in my arms.

There was a knock on the door and a second later Taro and Natsumi walked into the room with Honey, Tamaki, the twins and Mori close behind. Isamu, my mother and Fuyumi had already come to see the baby, Noemi leaving with them.

"Would you two like to meet your new brother?" I asked as the kids came to the edge of the bed..

"Yeah!" Taro said in a loud whisper while Natsumi only gave an awe filled nod.

"Get up here." I smiled and they clambered onto the bed.

"Everyone I would like to introduce you Ryuu Otori." Kyoya smiled.

"Ryuu…I like that name." Honey smiled.

"Kyoya picked it out like he did with Natsumi's." I replied.

"I think it's awesome." Taro said.

"Can I hold him?" Natsumi asked.

"Sure sweetheart. Why don't you go and sit in that chair and Daddy will help you." I said.

Natsumi did as she was told and Kyoya carefully took Ryuu from my arms and carried him over and sat him in her lap. She smiled down at him and brushed his hair away. When she brought her hand down he grasped her finger.

"He's holding my finger!" she replied with wide eyes.

"He likes you." I replied.

Hikaru and Kaoru walked over and looked at Ryuu over Natsumi's shoulder.

"He looks like you Kyoya." Kaoru said.

"Yeah…poor kid." Hikaru said grinning.

Kyoya shot them a look but ignored them. He knew they were just kidding.

Tamaki walked over and patted Kyoya on the back and kissed his cheek, "Congratulations. He's a beautiful baby."

"Thank you Tamaki." Kyoya smiled.

"And congratulations to you too Sora." Tamaki said walked over, hugging and kissing me on the cheek as well.

Everyone took turns holding the baby before finally visiting hours were over. The kids both kissed their new brother goodbye before heading out with the rest of the Host Club. That left me and Kyoya to revel in our new baby.

"Looks like we got just what we wanted." Kyoya said as he sat beside me on the bed, Ryuu in his arms.

"What are you talking about?" I asked looking at him.

"Do you remember that time we had that scare back when we were in school?" he asked.

I nodded, "No one ever forgets those."

"After we found out you weren't pregnant you and I talked about what we wanted to name the babies and what we wanted them to look like. You wanted a little boy named Ryuu who looked like me and I wanted a little girl named Natsumi who looked like you. Now we have them both. We have them and Taro who is the best older brother I can imagine for them both." Kyoya replied.

I smiled and leaned against Kyoya, "How did we get so lucky?"

"I don't think we'll ever know. I'm just happy that we were so blessed." Kyoya replied and kissed me gently.

I cuddled closer to him as I looked down at our new son.

I had a wonderful husband, three beautiful and amazing children, great friends and I even had my brother and mother in my life.

I had everything I ever wanted and it was perfect.

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