Shadows & Roses


I sat at the table in my family's study as my mother, Honey's mother, Mori's mother, my sister and the wedding planner sorted through books full of flower arrangements, fabric swatches and a million other tedious things. Despite the fact we had another year and a half they had decided that it was time to start planning for Honey and I's wedding.

"Isn't this shade just fabulous?!" my mother gushed as she pointed to a pink color that made my stomach churn.

"Mother! What about this one?" Kasumi asked shoving an orange one under her nose.

"I personally love these flowers." Mrs. Morinozuka smiled as she tapped at a huge arrangement of calla lilies and white roses.

"Has anyone thought of a cake?" the Wedding planner asked.

"Oh there's no need to worry about that. My son is taking care of the cake. He's quite the cake connoisseur." Mrs. Haninozuka said waving her hand.

Suddenly an image of a ten tiered strawberry flavored cake with decorations of roses and mini Usa-Chan's filled my head. I couldn't help but snort at the hilarious thought making all the women at the other end of the table look at me.

Instantly my laugher died and I sat back, "Sorry."

"Are you feeling well Misora? You're oddly quiet today." Mrs. Haninozuka said looking at me curiously.

"Oh I'm fine. Just a little tired. I was up late typing a paper up for my partner and I." I smiled.

"Oh really? Is your partner anyone that we know?" Mother asked.

"I'm sure that Mrs. Haninozuka and Mrs. Morinozuka are. It's Kyoya Otori. He's in the Host Club with Honey and Mori." I replied.

"He's the top in your class I understand. With what I've heard of your grades I'm sure that you'll both get excellent marks on your paper." Mrs. Haninozuka nodded.

"I hope so. I still have a few pages to finish though before we can hand it in." I said.

"Well perhaps you should go work on it instead of sitting here. We can handle all of this. School must come first Misora." My mother said.

"Thank you Mother." I smiled and before she could change her mind I left the room.

I didn't stop until I was upstairs in my room where I proceeded to shut and lock the door behind me before flopping on my bed. Truthfully I had finished the paper the previous night. After returning from my date with Honey I had managed to type it out and send it to Kyoya. I was only waiting for him to review it.

A moment later my phone began to jingle and I pulled it out of my pants pocket only to see Kyoya's name flash on the screen.

"Speak of the devil." I muttered and opened the text.

From: KyoyaTo: SoraI received your paper and I approve.

From: SoraTo: KyoyaGood. However I'm surprised that it passed your eye. I figured it was nothing but rubbish because I was up late working on it. And that made it even worse when my mother declared that I had to get up at 8 to do wedding stuff.

From: KyoyaTo: SoraI actually found very few errors. However after you left I was sorting through my school things and I found out that you left several pages of notes at my house and took the liberty of adding them to the work. I would send them to you for your review but my internet is down at the moment.

From: SoraTo: KyoyaWhat if I came over there and looked at it?

From: KyoyaTo: SoraYou said you were doing wedding things with your mother.

From: SoraTo: KyoyaI told them I had my paper to work on. Mother told me it was fine and that school comes first. Besides…I'd do ANYTHING to get out of this house right now.

From: KyoyaTo: SoraVery well then. I'll come and pick you up. I'll be there in ten minutes.

From: SoraTo: KyoyaOkay

I sat up from my bed and grabbed a black pea coat from my closet and pulled it over the black long sleeved shirt and stuffing my feet into a pair of boots. Over night it had gotten very cold very suddenly leaving us with winter type weather. I grabbed a scarf and grabbed a pair of gloves and made sure I had everything I needed in my bag and headed downstairs.

"Mother?" I said walking into the study.

"Yes? Misora what are you doing dressed like that?" Mother asked looking up.

"Like what?" I asked looking down at my clothes.

"Like you're leaving." she replied.

"Because I am. Last night Kyoya realized that we left a very large portion of our notes out of the paper. He added it in but I have to go over to his house to look at it because his internet is out." I said.

"Misora I don't-" but I cut her off.

"I'll be back later Mother!" and with that I hurried out of the house.

The sky was full of dark gray clouds and there was more of a nip in the air than there had been earlier. Thankfully I only had to wait a few moments for Kyoya to pull up in an expensive looking black sports car. The window rolled down and he gave me a small smile.

"I'm sorry but you're going to have to ride in the front. I only have two seats."

I smiled, "Okay."

Opening the door I sat down inside, arranging my bag at my feet.


"Hello to you too." he replied.

"How are you?" I asked.

"Very well. And yourself?"

"Better now that I'm away from that house." I smirked.

"Really? I thought most brides enjoyed planning for their weddings." Kyoya replied.

"Well most brides also aren't forced into marriage by their parents." I said.

"Very true." he nodded.

"So where are we going? This isn't the way to your house." I said.

"No it's the way to Tamaki's house. He called an emergency meeting of the Host Club. I tried to tell him that I was planning to work with you on our paper but he insisted and said that I should just bring you along. We'll go back to my house and work afterwards." Kyoya said pushing his glasses up from the end of his nose.

"Oh. Okay then. As long as it isn't where my Mother is." I sighed.

Soon we pulled up to a house where another car already sat parked.

"It looks as if Honey and Mori have already arrived. The twins should be along soon. They had to pick up Haruhi." Kyoya said as we climbed out of the car.

The two of us walked in and were greeted by Tamaki who ran at us like he was insane. Kyoya quickly stepped to the side but I didn't move quick enough and a moment later found myself behind swung around by Tamaki in a bear hug.

"Sora! Welcome to my home!" He chattered.

"T-Thank you…can you let go? I can't breathe!" I gasped as I tried to break out of his grasp but he couldn't hear me over his own talking.

I saw Honey and Mori appear to see what was with the noise. Looking to them I gave them a pleading look and a second later Mori walked over and pulled me from Tamaki's grasp.

"Thank you." I gasped as Mori sat me down.

"Welcome." he replied.

"Tamaki-Sempai has a bad habit of grabbing people without their consent." Haruhi said dryly as she and the twins walked in behind the door still open from where Kyoya and I had entered a few minutes before.

"Haruhi! How could you say such horrible things about your father?!" Tamaki cried as he threw himself onto Kyoya's shoulder.

Kyoya rolled his eyes and patted the Host Club King on the shoulder for a second before shoving him off.

"Are we going to have this meeting or not? Sora and I have a very important paper to finish." Kyoya said looking at him.

"Oh! Of course! Come on everyone! I have snacks for all of us in the sitting room!" Tamaki said suddenly happy as could be.

The lot of us headed into the sitting room and took seats around the table that was stocked with all sorts of candies and treats I'd never seen before.

"Commoner candy. Try it." Kaoru said and handed me a biscuit stick covered in chocolate.

I ate it and found it was actually really good.

"Try this one Sora-Chan!" Honey said and before I could think about trying the small cake Honey had in his hand he had pressed it against my lips.

"Mmm…that's really good." I said licking the mango flavored cream from the center of the cake from my lips.

"So Tono what was so important that you had to drag all of us here? Or did you just ask us all here to show off your selection of commoner food?" Hikaru asked.

"No actually I wanted to discuss this week's theme." Tamaki replied.

"Theme?" I asked looking around.

"We dress up in cosplay all the time and it's always a different theme." Honey replied.

"Oh! What's the theme this time?" I asked.

"A pajama party!" Tamaki yelled.

"Pajamas?" Haruhi asked.

"Yes! We'll all wear our finest pajamas and there will be pillows everywhere and blankets and it will be tons of fun!" Tamaki said excitedly.

Kyoya sighed from beside me and pulled out his black book and a pen. His brow furrowed as he began to scribble in the book. After a few moments he looked up at Tamaki.

"Well it seems that with the profits of the last few clubs we should be able to cover all the expenses for both that and the trip." he said.

"Sora doesn't know about the trip does she?" Kaoru asked a moment later.

"I have yet to tell her and assuming none of the rest of you did either I'd guess the answer is no." Kyoya replied.

"So are you going to tell me or just discuss the fact you didn't tell me?" I asked.

"In month we're hosting a trip to the private island in the tropics that is owned by the twins family. We'll be gone for a week and select customers of the Host Club are invited. We had a discussion after the last Host Club meeting and decided that it would be amazing to have you there!" Tamaki said showing off his best Host smile. I may have imagined it but I swore I saw Kyoya scowl at Tamaki.

"Basically Kyoya noticed that Honey and Mori's request list was up about 40% since you started telling stories about them from when they were younger. It might help us out in the future if you're there." Hikaru replied.

Kyoya gave Hikaru a withering glare before turning to me, "It was also because not only do Honey and Mori enjoy your company but Haruhi as well. We may be here to serve others but our happiness is somewhat important as well."

I smiled, "Of course I'd join you. I would love to get away from this freezing weather."

"Yay! Sora-Chan is coming with us!" Honey grinned.

Tamaki and Kyoya started discussing details and such about both the trip and the pajama party leaving the rest of us to nibble on the snacks and do whatever. I ended up having a conversation with the twins about my sweater which I'd bought a couple years before in England. Mori watched over Honey as he continued to eat the snacks and Haruhi looked over books that were lining the bookshelf in the corner.

"Well if that is all Tamaki I think that it is best that Sora and I return to my house so we can finish the work on our project." Kyoya said standing up. I grabbed my coat and stood up as well.

"Kyoya-Sempai?" Haruhi asked from where she had wandered towards the window.

"What is it Haruhi?" he asked.

"I don't think you're going anywhere tonight." she replied.

"She's right Sempai." Kaoru nodded walking over to stand by her, he too looking through the thick velvet curtains.

"And just why is that?" he asked with a sigh.

"It's snowing." Haruhi replied and pulled the curtain back the rest of the way to reveal that it was snowing hard outside. In fact you could hardly see through it.

We were stuck.

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