Shadows & Roses


"We're never going to get out of here with the weather like that!" Hikaru said looking out the window.

"And it's getting late!" Kaoru added.

"It looks like you're all stuck here for the night then." Tamaki said looking out the window.

"There has got to be a way out of here. I'll call my family's security. They should be able to get us out of here." Kyoya said and pulled his cell phone out only to frown at it a few moments later.

"Damn." he cursed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"No signal. It must be this storm." he huffed.

"Maybe I have signal." Honey said and along with him the rest of us pulled out our phones. All were the same as Kyoya's.

"The land lines are down too." Haruhi sighed picking up the phone that sat by the door.

"So we really are stuck here." Honey frowned.

"Don't worry we have room enough for everyone! Come! Follow me and I will show you all where you can sleep!" Tamaki said and headed for the stairs.

"You will all have to share because these are the only rooms that have beds in them since this isn't the main house." Tamaki replied.

"Honey, Mori you two will be in here, Hikaru and Kaoru you both will be in this one." Tamaki said.

"I'm so glad we're sharing. I can't imagine spending a night without Kaoru in my arms." Hikaru said in a breathy voice turning Kaoru's face to his.

"Oh Hikaru I don't want to be away from you either." Kaoru echoed in an equally breathy voice as he clutched at his brother.

"Will you both cut it out? There's no one to Host here." Haruhi grumbled.

"What about Sora?" Hikaru said winking at me.

"Sorry…not into that." I replied and both frowned and slumped into their room.

"Mommy you and I will have to share this room and Haruhi and Sora you both will have my room." Tamaki said.

"Oh Sempai we can't take your room!" Haruhi protested.

"I agree! We're the guests." I replied.

"Exactly and gentleman always gives the lady guests the best and most comfortable room which is mine. So I insist. If not I will take it as a personal insult." Tamaki replied.

Haruhi opened her mouth to protest but I shook my head, "He's not going to stop unless we do. We're going to be stuck here all night. Do you really want to fight him?" I asked.

"I guess not." Haruhi sighed.

I nodded and turned to Tamaki, "Fine."

"Tamaki can Sora and I use your laptop? Finishing our paper is a pressing matter." Kyoya said.

"Of course. It's in my room." Tamaki replied.

"Thank you. This way Sora." Kyoya said and led me to Tamaki's room.

The room was much bigger than the others with a large king sized bed against one wall. On the other side of the room was a couch with a table and a love seat, a large TV across from the couch. On the table sat Tamaki's laptop.

Kyoya made a beeline for it and a moment later extracted a USB drive from his pocket which he stuck in the computer. I sat down next to him and he opened up the computer and typed in a password but not before I saw it.

"Haruhi?" I asked.

"Yes." Kyoya nodded.

"What's with them anyhow? I mean They seem really close but at the same time she acts like she can't stand him." I replied.

Kyoya sighed, "Your guess is as good as ours Sora. After the Ouran Fair we thought they finally had it figured out. However the next week it was as if nothing had happened. They were right back to tiptoeing around each other. Sometimes we see glimpses of what there is between them that it seems both are denying but then they turn around and they're arguing again. It's quite annoying."

"I imagine so." I replied.

"Here is our paper. Feel free to read over it." Kyoya said.

I took the grabbed the computer and sat it in my lap and found the new pages. They fit seamlessly into mine which was good and I found no errors.

"Perfect. This will definitely get us a good grade." I replied.

"With all the work we've put into it, it had better." Kyoya replied.

Kyoya saved the document and pocketed the USB drive.

"I will print it and bind it once I am able to return home. For now shall we go and see what the others are up to?" he asked extending his hand.

"We shall." I smiled and took his hand as he helped me up.

We walked out into the hall and a moment later the whole thing went dark.

Kyoya sighed from beside me, "That was the power."

"The storm must be getting worse." I said and pulled my phone out from my pocket and turned on the flashlight app.

Kyoya did the same and we made our way down the hall and the stairs. When we got to the sitting room everyone was sitting amongst candle light with an assortment of snacks strewn across the table.

"This is what we're having for dinner?" Kyoya asked looking at the sugary treats.

"Unfortunately so. With the power out nothing in the kitchen works." Tamaki replied.

"And with our phones not working and the storm we can't order anything out." Hikaru sighed.

"Sora-Chan! I saved some special things for you that I thought you would like." Honey smiled waving me over.

I walked over and sat down beside Honey who presented me with a half dozen packets of chocolate and banana flavored cakes which were my favorite flavor.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"You don't have to thank me. It's my job. One day I'm going to be responsible for you one day so I thought I should start now." Honey replied.

"What does he mean responsible?" Kaoru's voice asked.

I looked up to see the Hitachiin twin had been listening in on Honey and I's conversation.

Honey and I exchanged looks.

"What do you think?" I asked.

"We have to tell them sometime." Honey replied.

I nodded and he stood up.

"There's something that Sora-Chan and I need to tell you all." Honey asked and all eyes turned to him.

"Everyone knows that Sora-Chan is new to Ouran but the reason she is, is because we're getting married." Honey said.

"Married?!" The twins asked at once.

"It was arranged by our parents. After I graduate next year we're going to be married." I replied.

"So you came to Ouran just because of your arranged marriage? Do you even love each other?" Tamaki asked.

Honey and I exchanged glances again, "Well…we care about each other." Honey said.

"Maybe not in a romantic way but I do love Honey. He's been a part of my life forever." I replied.

"So you two don't love each other like that." Hikaru said.

"And why do I get the feeling that the 3 of us are the last ones to know because no one else looks surprised." Kaoru replied.

"You sort of are." I said feeling my face heat up.

"So everyone but the three of us knew? Haruhi! How could you keep such a secret from Daddy!?" Tamaki gasped turning to Haruhi.

"Because she asked me to!" Haruhi replied rolling her eyes.

"We asked everyone who knew to be quiet about it. Sora-Chan and I want to keep it quiet. You're our friends so we thought we should tell you." Honey said.

"Honey's right. If you're going to be mad at anyone be mad at us." I added.

"We're not mad." Kaoru replied.

"Speak for yourself! Mommy and Haruhi keep everything from me!" Tamaki whaled.

"Oh cut the crap Sempai!" Hikaru said and threw a cake at Tamaki.

"Tamaki I would've told you if they hadn't asked me not to." Kyoya replied.

"R-Really?" Tamaki asked.

"Of course." Kyoya nodded.

This seemed to cheer Tamaki up a bit because he turned to me.

"So do you have a ring yet?"

"I do actually." I smiled and pulled the chain from around my neck and showed him my ring.

"This is beautiful!" Tamaki said and a moment later the twins pulled it out of his hands.

"Honey-Sempai has good taste."

"Agreed." The twins nodded before handing it back to me.

I put it on the chain and tucked it under my shirt yet again.

"Well even though it's not very late we should all probably turn in. Soon it will get cold and we have very few candles." Kyoya said suddenly changing the subject.

"You're right. Alright everyone time for bed!" Tamaki called.

"What are we going to wear?" Hikaru asked.

"What do you mean?" Tamaki asked.

"He means that we don't have pajamas or anything of the sort." Kaoru replied.

"Perhaps you have something that we could change into. I hear commoners lend their clothes to their friends in times like these." Kyoya said.

"Then that's what we'll do." Tamaki said and jumped up heading for the stairs.

We followed and Tamaki handed out pajamas. Once everyone had something to wear they left Haruhi and I to change.

Haruhi left to use the bathroom and change while I changed in Tamaki's room. I pulled off everything but my underwear and pulled the green pajama top which was made of silk. It seemed the only pajamas Tamaki owned were silk because that was what he had given to everyone. I tried on the matching pants but they didn't fit so I left them folded on the bed.

Once I was dressed I had to use the bathroom but Haruhi was already using the one connected to Tamaki's room so I decided to use the one that Tamaki had indicated while he was showing us to our rooms. Opening the door I began to walk down the hall to the bathroom that was 3 doors down from Tamaki's room using my phone as a light. I knocked and when I got no response I headed in.

I had finished my business and was in the process of washing my hands when the door came open revealing Kyoya who already wore a pair of dark blue pajamas. He was about Tamaki's size so the pajamas fit well but he kept the pajama top unbuttoned.

"Oh! I'm sorry." he said quickly as he began to back out of the door.

"Kyoya! Wait…I'm finished anyhow." I said turning around.

"I didn't mean to just walk in." he said.

"I know. I forgot to lock the door. Bathroom is all yours now." I smiled and headed out.

"Actually I just need to wash my face. Tamaki decided to bring some of those cakes to bed and smeared them everywhere including on my face as he tried to force feed me." Kyoya scowled as he walked by me.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Unfortunately so." he sighed.

"But he's still your best friend." I added.

Kyoya smiled, "Sadly yes."

"I wish I had friends like that. Ones that drove me crazy but I still loved." I sighed.

"I was under the impression that you were coming to consider most of the Host Club as friends." Kyoya replied.

"I guess I am. I hadn't even realized it." I smiled.

Kyoya looked at me in the mirror for a moment as if studying me.

"What?" I asked shifting under his gaze.

"Nothing." he said wiping his face one last time before sitting in on the sink.

"You missed a spot." I said as he stood up properly .

"Where?" he asked looking in the mirror.

"Here. Let me." I replied and took the cloth from the sink and wiped off a smear of cream from his cheek.

"There." I said turning and washing the cream from the cloth.

When I turned around I saw that Kyoya was closer to me than he had been. His dark eyes looked into mine and I felt my knees start to tremble. My back was pressed against the sink, my hands gripping the edge. One of Kyoya's hands reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"K-Kyoya…" I started but the rest of the sentence was lost as Kyoya's face came close enough to mine that I could smell the mango flavored cream from the cake Tamaki had forced on him earlier that emanated from his breath.

A second later Kyoya's lips pressed against mine. They tasted sweet like cake but had a hint of spice that I knew could only belong to Kyoya naturally. My hands unclasped from the sink behind me and my arms wrapped around his neck, my hands clasping onto silk black locks. His hands found the back of my neck and the small of my back.

I had never felt something like this before. My stomach was churning and my head was spinning but I was having the time of my life. This felt good and it felt right.

I felt his tongue sweep across my lips, asking for permission which I granted. It slipped between my lips and curled around mine, his hands pulling me closer so our chests pressed together.

Suddenly something began cutting into my chest. It took me a moment to realize that it was my ring and that was when my thoughts started racing.

I was engaged and the proof hung around my neck.

In fact my husband-to-be was probably asleep just down the hall!

I couldn't do this.

As sweet and good as it felt to kiss Kyoya it was wrong.

Moving my hands from around his neck I pressed my hands to his chest and pushed him away. His face was questioning and his lips were swollen, making me want to reach out and kiss him again. However I had to resist.

"W-We can't do this. This…I'm engaged." I sputtered shaking my head.

With that I moved from between Kyoya and the sink, my eyes locked on the floor as I hurried away. However I had already seen the intense hurt that filled those beautiful eyes.

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