Shadows & Roses


"Would you like more tea Sora?" Honey asked as we sat at the table in the Host Club.

"Please." I smiled and he carefully poured me another cup.

Once he had poured the tea he sat a piece of chocolate cake in front of me, "I had Kyo-Chan get chocolate cake special because I knew you liked it!" he grinned.

"That is very thoughtful. Thank you Honey." I replied.

I smiled as I saw a small chocolate heart pressed into the top of the cake. Glancing up from my plate I saw Kyoya give me a soft smirk before turning and walking away. Still smiling I bit into it and found it was delicious.

It had been nearly a month since Kyoya and I's encounter at Tamaki's house and things were going well. Kyoya was good at details so it wasn't hard to hide our relationship.

During school and club hours we never had any more contact than I had with the other Hosts with the exception of Honey and Mori. His name was listed in my phone as a girl I had known at St. Vincent's and mine was listed under the name of a very 'important' contact of his father's.

We met whenever we could. Our most recent excuse to see one another was that I had realized I was further behind than I had thought. As first in our class he was the obvious person to help me out. Or at least that was what we were telling everyone else. Fuyumi was at his house most of the time and with her there we didn't need a chaperone. We actually had a date that afternoon.

The clock in the corner chimed signaling the end of club hours.

"Thank you for coming today ladies but The Host Club is now closed. We will see those of you who are joining us on our trip tomorrow morning. Thank you." Kyoya announced.

The faces of the girls fell as they reluctantly collected their things and bid the hosts goodbye. I was the only one who hung back since I was going to Kyoya's after school to work and most days I helped clean up despite the fact that Haruhi insisted that I didn't have to.

Once the Music Room was clean Kyoya and I headed out with the others.

"How is your work coming along Sora?" Haruhi asked.

"I'm nearly caught up. Kyoya's a wonderful teacher. He's very patient." I replied.

"Patient? Kyoya? Ha!" Hikaru replied.

"What are you doing? Drugging him?" Kaoru added.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We asked Kyoya to tutor us a while back. He tried to strangle Hikaru." Kaoru replied with Hikaru nodding fervently at his side.

"I am a very patient tutor as long as my students actually pay attention and don't call address me as Sensei Four Eyes the entire time." Kyoya replied with a glare at both twins.

"Whatever you say Sempai. Later!" Hikaru said and climbed into his car with Kaoru and Haruhi close behind.

"Bye! Study hard Sora-Chan!" Honey smiled and kissed me on the cheek before climbing into his car, Mori following me after giving me a smile and a pat on the head.

"Farewell Sora." Tamaki smiled and with that he left leaving Kyoya and I to climb into his family's car.

The moment the doors were shut my hand reached out and clasped onto his, the first real touch we'd had all day. Kyoya smiled from where he looked out the window and squeezed my hand tighter. We were quiet the entire way to his house and still didn't talk as we walked into his room.

I made my way to the bathroom and changed out of my school uniform and into a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a loose black shirt. After changing my school shoes out for a pair of black flats and pulling my hair into a messy ponytail I emerged from the bathroom.

Kyoya wasn't in the downstairs part of his room so I headed up to where his bed was and found him relaxed against the pillows reading. He wore jeans and a black shirt, his hair still perfectly combed. Smiling I walked over and kicked off my shoes before joining him.

"What are you reading?" I asked slipping under his arm.

"Nothing really. I was just waiting for you to change." he smiled setting the book aside before moving down so our faces were level.

His lips met mine and I couldn't help but smile. I loved the feeling of his lips on mine. My hands clutched the front of his shirt as the kisses became hotter and deeper. He was so controlled when he was at school and around the Host Club and his family. It was nice to see him loosen up a little.

Kyoya rolled so that he could pull me closer, our bodies pressing together. His tongue tangled with mine as my hands came up and ran through his hair. I loved messing up his hair. It drove him insane to have messy hair.

He ignored my blatant intent to annoy him and began to press kisses along my neck, nipping lightly at the one spot he knew would gain a reaction from me. Feeling his teeth against such a sensitive spot I moaned and felt my body arch of it's own accord into his. He took this as a chance to slip his hand under the hem of my shirt to cup my breast.

"No fair…you cheated to get to second base. " I said pulling away with a smile.

"Well I had to retaliate someway didn't I? You know how I feel about my hair being messy." he smirked.

"I do. And that's why I did it." I grinned and before he could do anything I turned us over so that I was straddling his waist.

I leaned down to kiss him again, slipping my tongue between his lips. While he was distracted I brought my hands up and once again messed up his hair.

"You know that irritates me why do you insist on doing it?" he asked pulling away. He tried to act mad but I could hear the humor hidden under the cool exterior he wrapped it in.

I just smiled and kissed him again. However a second later there was a ringing.

"Damn it." Kyoya cursed and waved his hands to tell me to move.

"What is that?" I asked as I moved to the side.

"It's a video chat request." he replied walking over to his computer, his hands trying to fix his hair.

"From who?" I asked fixing my shirt which was askew.

He sighed and glanced at the screen, "Tamaki. God only knows what the crisis is this time."

Kyoya looked in the mirror and made one last adjustment to his hair before sitting down at his desk. He clicked the 'accept' button and a moment later Tamaki appeared on the screen.

"What is it Tamaki?" Kyoya asked shortly.

"Mommy why are you being so mean?" Tamaki frowned.

Kyoya sighed again, "I'm not. It's just Sora and I are making progress and we wish to keep that pace."

I had to bite my lip to keep a laugh from bursting out at the innuendo one could draw from that.

"Then I will make this short. We wouldn't want to interfere with the princess's studies would we?" he said and I saw him flash one of his Host Club King smiles from where I sat on Kyoya's bed.

"Go ahead." Kyoya replied.

"I wanted to make sure that everything is in order for our trip." Tamaki replied.

"Yes everything is in order. I have all the tickets and everything lined up. I have triple checked the reservations and everything is fine." Kyoya said.

"Good. Now I will leave you and Sora to your work. Tell her I said hi." Tamaki said and the was a clink as the video ended.

"Tamaki says hi." Kyoya said as he walked back over to the bed.

"I heard. And we were making progress?" I smiled.

He sunk down beside me, "I thought we were. Why is it that every time we're together someone has to interrupt us?"

We hadn't gone much further than kissing and some minor above clothes touches here and there. I was inexperienced at matters like these and Kyoya understood that I wanted to take it slow. However even if we'd decided do anything there was always someone or something that got in the way.

"Because we're having an illicit affair behind my fiancé's back? Maybe we'll have a chance to sneak away while we're on vacation." I suggested.

Kyoya smiled and pressed a soft kiss to my lips before standing up and walking to his closet.

"I bought you something for our trip in fact." he said and from the back he pulled out a white clothing box.

"You didn't have to buy me something." I said looking at him.

"I am well aware of that fact but I chose to anyhow." he said and handed me the box.

I opened it and found a white eyelet sundress and a black bikini with small white flowers.

"I love them." I smiled.

"I'm glad. I can't wait to see you in them." he replied and kissed me again.

Suddenly my phone rang making the two of us break apart.

I looked down and saw it was a text from the family driver to let me know he was downstairs.

"Ug…I have to go." I sighed.

Kyoya echoed my sigh and kissed me again, "I'll walk you out."

I took the dress and bathing suit and carefully folded it into my backpack underneath my uniform before following Kyoya out of his room and out to the front of his house.

"I'll see you in the morning." I said and resisted the urge to press another kiss to his lips before walking over and climbing into the car. With a wave to Kyoya the car pulled away and we were gone.

3rd POV

Kyoya frowned at the clock as it beeped loudly at him. It was 7 AM and he had been up until 5 AM working on the latest figures from the club. The special cakes he had bought just for Sora the previous week hadn't been cheap and he was trying to balance everything now. It would've been easier just to buy the less expensive, minimally decorated cakes but when he'd seen the hearts he'd had to get those. She made him do things that weren't of character and at times it scared him.

Yawning he sat up and groped in the darkness for his glasses. After shoving them on his face he clicked on the light and sat about his usual morning routine before getting dressed in the clothes he had laid out the night before; dark wash jeans, a black thermal shirt, boots, gloves, scarf and jacket. Finally he made sure he had everything in his bag before heading downstairs where a car was already waiting.

"Good Morning Mr. Otori." the driver said as he climbed into the car.

Kyoya nodded at him and settled himself in the backseat. The ride to the airport seemed to take forever but soon they were pulling up to the Hitachiin family's private plane. Opening the door he got out of the car and headed for the plane where he found the twins and Haruhi already waiting, the twins flipping through fashion magazines and Haruhi reading a particularly thick book.

"Morning Sempai." one of the twins said. Kyoya wasn't sure which one it was exactly because it was far too early to even attempt to tell the pair apart.

Kyoya returned the greeting with a grunt and took a seat.

"Looks it looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed." one of the twins muttered to the other.

Kyoya looked up at them both with a glare sending a shiver through both red heads.

"Would you like some coffee Sempai?" Haruhi asked her voice calmer than Kyoya expected.

"Please." Kyoya replied.

"Right." Haruhi stood up and set about making a cup of coffee in the small galley of the plane.

A few moments later she pushed the mug into Kyoya's hands and Kyoya took an appreciative sip. The warm liquid quickly began to spread through his body waking him up slightly. He was feeling much better when Mori walked on the plane with Honey clinging to his back and Sora trailing behind.

"Good morning." Sora yawned as she sat down.

"Good morning. How are you this morning?" he asked.

"Wow…you got the Low Blood Pressure Evil Lord to say more than one word." one of the twins said.

"Okay…" Sora replied looking lost.

"I'm not an early riser and I'm rather disagreeable when it comes to being woken."

One of the twins scoffed, "Disagreeable my left ass cheek. Satan incarnate is more like it."

Kyoya paused for a moment before replying, "However thanks to the coffee that Haruhi gave me I am much more awake than I previously was."

Sora opened her mouth to say something when suddenly Tamaki walked on board, his arms full of boxes.

"Good morning!" Tamaki chirped with a huge smile.

"What are those Boss?" Hikaru asked.

"These are commoner games! I was in a toy store the other day and I saw them and thought they would be perfect for all of us to play on the flight!" he gushed sitting them on the table.

Haruhi stood up and walked over to the games to inspect them.

"Candy LandChutes & LaddersHungry Hungry HipposPretty Pretty Princess? Sempai all these games are for little kids." Haruhi replied turning to look at Tamaki.

"But they look so fun! And look at this one Haruhi! It's about a princess! I bought special because you're Daddy's princess!" Tamaki said shoving the game with the picture of a princess on the front at Haruhi.

"You're not my father!" Haruhi replied.

Kyoya looked to Sora who sat in between the two arguing Host Club members. An amused smile was on her face as she watched them but the longer she sat between them as they argued the wider her eyes became. Soon she was looking at the others with a pleading expression.

"I don't know if you've noticed or not since you're both too busy bickering but you're scaring our guest." Kyoya said looking at them both.

Suddenly Tamaki was on bended knee, his hand clasping Sora's.

"I'm terribly sorry Princess. Please forgive us for our rude behavior." he said looking at her.

Sora turned bright red and looked up at Kyoya before quickly looking over to Honey, "I-It's okay Tamaki. Really it's fine." Sora said and pulled her hand out of his grasp.

"Sirs and madams please take your seats and buckle up. We've been cleared for takeoff." the pilot said poking his head out of the cockpit of the plane.

Kyoya buckled the seatbelt attached to the seat as the others moved to do the same. Sora, in an attempt to get away from a still profusely apologizing Tamaki, moved from her seat near the table to one between Kyoya and Honey.

"Buckle up Mitsukuni." Mori said and leaned forward to help Honey with his buckle.

After a few moments the plane took off and soon they were able to move around again. That also meant that Tamaki was back to pestering the others to play commoner games.

"Does he ever give up?" Sora muttered as she pretended to read the book in her lap.

"Not in the least." Kyoya replied as he tapped at his laptop.

After a few moments of describing the games to the others the one called Candy Land peaked Honey's interest.

"Sora-Chan! Will you play this with us?!" Honey asked looking at Sora.

"Of course I will." she smiled and walked over to where Mori was sitting up the board with Tamaki.

Kyoya's eyes strayed from his laptop and up to where Sora sat. He would be lying if he said he didn't feel a twinge of jealously as he watched Honey hold hands with Sora. However he also knew there was nothing he could do.

This feeling wasn't new to Kyoya though. A couple of months previous he had, like most of the other members of the Host Club, carried a torch for Haruhi. However after the incident with Éclair he had realized just how much his friend cared for the girl and had respectful of their friendship had quietly moved aside.

It wasn't until just recently that he had been able to fully suppress the feelings he had for Haruhi. It was the same time he and Sora had begun work on their project. In the weeks that they had been together he had found that he cared for Sora more than he cared to admit.

Kyoya pulled his eyes away from the four people playing Candy Land and went back to his work. He still had figures that he had to work out for the Host Club.

He nearly had everything worked out when suddenly he felt a tap on his knee. Looking up he saw Honey standing in front of him.

"What do you need Honey?" he asked.

"Sora-Chan is sleepy. I was wondering if you she could come lay down by you since Haruh-Chan, Hika-Chan and Kao-Chan are on the other sofa. Takashi and I are still playing Candy Land with Tama-Chan." Honey replied.

"I-I don't think-" Kyoya started but Honey frowned.

"Please?" he asked.

Kyoya sighed. As much as he wished he was immune to Honey's puppy dog eyes he wasn't.

"Fine." he sighed and Honey grinned.

"Yay! Sora-Chan! You can take a nap by Kyo-Chan!" Honey called.

Sora sighed and walked over and sat beside Kyoya.

"You don't mind do you Kyoya?" Sora asked looking guilty but Kyoya could clearly see the playful spark in her eyes.

"No…not at all." he replied.

"Thanks." she smiled and took the pillow and blanket that Honey had brought over for her.

Kyoya watched as Sora propped a pillow against Kyoya's leg and laid down with the blanket tucked around her. Smiling at him she closed her eyes. In no time her breathing slowed and she was asleep.

As she laid there Kyoya continued to work but every so often took a look at his girlfriend who was sleeping right beside him. She looked calm and peaceful in her sleep. He wanted to reach out and stroke her hair but he knew that it would look odd. Had it been Honey or Tamaki or even Mori no one would've batted and eye but the 'Shadow King'? They would all suspect something and the secret that the both of them had been working so hard to keep quiet for the past month would be ruined.

Kyoya was suddenly snapped from his thoughts when the pilot came over the speaker.

"If you would please buckle up. We're coming into some turbulence." he said.

"You heard him! Buckle up everyone!" Tamaki ordered but a second later the airplane jerked violently sending everyone flying.

Tamaki, who had been standing up while making his declaration to the others, toppled over the table sending the game flying. Mori tumbled out of his chair and had managed to grab Honey while the smaller teen was in mid air. Haruhi had been indulging in a book next to Hikaru who had his earphones over his ears with Kaoru laying between the two of them. Now the three of them lay on a pile on the floor next to Sora and Kyoya who were in the most awkward position of all.

When the pilot had come over the intercom, Sora had woken up. She was in the process of sitting up to put on her seatbelt when the turbulence had occurred sending her rolling off the couch, Kyoya had reached out for her and had ended up with her straddling his lap.

Kyoya could see himself reflected in her eyes and she could smell the coffee on his breath. The urge to kiss the other was almost overwhelming.

"Is everyone okay?" Haruhi asked detangling herself from the twins.

Both Kyoya and Sora came to their senses suddenly and Sora quickly climbed off of Kyoya's lap.

"Sora-Chan! You're not hurt are you?" Honey asked hurrying over.

"No. I'm fine. Kyoya broke my fall." she replied.

"Oh Haruhi! Is Daddy's little girl okay?!" Tamaki said running over and grabbing Haruhi in a rough hug.

"I'm fine Sempai! Let me go!" Haruhi said trying to shove Tamaki away.

The twins eventually managed to pry Tamaki off of Haruhi and everyone buckled up. From there on out the flight was quiet for the most part. Despite a few outbursts from Tamaki and a fight between him and the twins that Mori had to break up, nothing happened.

Soon they landed at the airport and all of them had changed into cooler clothes. Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals and the like.

"Ah! Paradise!" Hikaru grinned as he and Karou walked off of the plane.

"It's so warm here." Haruhi smiled stretching as she and Tamaki followed the twins.

"I want to go to the beach!" Honey yelled and shot off of the plane with Mori hurrying after.

Kyoya had just packed the last of his things into his carry on bag when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning he suddenly felt a pair of lips press to his. He was slightly surprised but a moment later he relaxed just in time to feel the lips pull back.

"What was that for? Are you suddenly wanting the others to find out about us?" he asked.

Sora smiled, "No but I had to thank you for saving me earlier." she grinned and pecking him on the lips one last time she trotted off the plane after the others.

Kyoya stood stunned for a few moments registering the moment that had just passed. Finally a small smile crossed his face and finally exited the plane.

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