Chapter 16: Another phone call

~Sometime well into T&G being together but before the events of Chapter 13: Distressed~


"Do you really not know it is me?"

"I knew it was you."

"Then why do you answer that way...you know what? Nevermind. How you doing?"

"Fine. Expected your call before now, though."

"Sorry. Kate's birthday drinks turned into dinner and a movie."

"What did you see?"

"Pride and Prejudice. Kate's choice, but pretty good. So I just got home…well, your home."

"What? You at the house?"

"Yes, I am. Is that a problem?"

"Not for me, but it sounds like it might be for you."



"I'm here, just trying to figure out how to answer. I mean, I know it is okay that I came here but I guess I'm not entirely sure why I did. I just...I don't know...a night like tonight, I wish it ended with us in bed."

"Well if you say it like that now I wish it had ended with us in bed."

"Actually, I am in bed. So are you, probably."

"Well, I'm on the bed. I thought I would get a few hours shut-eye and then go take a walk."

"Take a walk in the middle of the night in a big city? I mean, I know you are a badass Federal agent and Gibbs and all that but...what do you do when you walk around a big city in the wee hours of the morning? Wait...do you fight crime? Cause if you are fighting crime without me, I'm gonna have something to say about that. You can't have all the fun."

"I walked around the last few times I was here. There are actually a couple of all-night diners that are in walking distance. A lot of cops stopping by throughout the night. I bought a newspaper and a lot of coffee. Talked to a few people. Some of the cops might even recognize me."

"I thought about coming up."

"You did? It's only two nights."

"I know but...you know...hotel sex. That's the best kind."


"Well, it is definitely one of the best kinds. You know, room service...ice cream and strawberries, champagne—"

"You see me drinking champagne, Tony, just shoot me and put me out of my misery."

"It's not for you to drink, Jethro."


"That got your attention, did it? Hmmm."


"Ever had phone sex?"


"It's just a question, Jethro."




"Two can play this game, you know."

"No, I never had phone sex."

"Good boy. That wasn't so hard now, was it? Why not?"

"Dunno. Just never did. Shannon and I were too young and inexperienced probably but we also barely had any phone time cause I was overseas. It was mostly letters."

"You had mail sex?"

"No! We just...waited til we were together."

"But what about the exes? I heard Diane was pretty kinky."

"Where did you hear that?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised what I can find out."


"Okay, so maybe you wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, no phone sex with Diane?"

"Whenever I was away, I didn't answer her calls, any of the exes' really. I needed a break."

"...Well, that is...romantic. In hindsight probably not such a good sign, huh?"

"Can't argue with that."

"So I should be flattered that you pick up the phone when I call you when you are away?"

"Rule 3."

"Okay, so you have to answer my calls because of work, but what about when you know I am not calling you about work?"

"You fishing for compliments?"

"A little bit, yeah."

"I wouldn't answer your call if I didn't want to talk to you."

"So you do want to talk to me."

"Just said that, Tony."

"Hey, Jethro."

"Yeah, Tony?"

"Wanna have phone sex?"


"Did I shock you?"

"No, I was just thinking about it. How do we do it?"

"Well, first go get ready for bed. Brush your teeth, get in your pjs—"

"You know damn well I don't wear pajamas."

"See you are getting in the mood already. That was such a sexy thing to say."


"I can't actually hear you roll your eyes, you know."

"Just keep going."

"Okay, so I think you should hang up, get ready for bed, turn off all the lights, have a T-shirt handy and lube if you have it, and then call me back."


"Excellent! Call me back in five then?...Jethro?...Jethro?...Damn. I hate that!"

~ten minutes later~

"Tony's Den of Sensuality, Tony speaking."


"Too much? Yeah, I thought so."

"Tony, I think that maybe—"

"Jethro, don't call it off, really, it'll be fine, I'm sorry, I'll stop goofing around, it's just that I was thinking the whole time that now you were going to call me instead of the other way around and I couldn't just say Dinozzo, like you say Gibbs because that would be—"



"I'm not calling it off."

"You aren't?"

"No. Are you in bed? House is closed up? Lights off, face washed, all of that?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, definitely."

"Tony, I can't actually see you nod, you know."

"Yes, Jethro, I'm ready. Are you ready?"

"Tony, I am getting the feeling here that you thought you would be taking the lead."

"Ah...well, I guess that I thought that since I had suggested it that yes, I would be—"



"Can you hear me?"

"Uh, yeah...yes, Jethro. Do you...do you know what it does to me, to my prick, when you say my name like that?"

"I do, Tony. I was counting on it, in fact."

"Oh, I—"

"Touch yourself."


"You heard me, Tony. And this isn't a suggestion. Touch yourself right now, or I am hanging up. … I can tell from your breathing that you followed orders. And I am real glad because you know what, Tony?"

"W-what, Jethro?"

"I don't want to hang up. I want to know that you are touching what is mine right now, because I told you to. Are you doing that, Tony?"

"Jethro, I may not last too long here…"

"You'll last as long as I say you'll last. Do you understand me, Tony?"


"Now, talk to me. Tell me what you are doing."

"I...Gibbs I am thirty-three years old and I have jerked off as much as any red-blooded male of the species but I got to tell you, I am about as hard as I have ever been right now. Much harder than I have ever been by myself before."

"That's good to hear, Tony. Why do you think that is? Oh, and slow down, but make sure you make your fist really tight. I know your body better than you think. And you really like it slow and hard."

"Oh my god, Gibbs. What are you doing to me? Seriously, Jethro, I'm not sure—"

"You can do it, Tony. Hang on. You know how good it will feel if you do, right? I want you to keep doing what you are doing, alright? But close your eyes. Are they closed?"

"Yeah. Yes, they are."

"I like the way your breathing keeps changing, Tony. You are making me hard. Can you hear that, hear how much I want to touch you myself? How I am a little bit pissed right now that I can't?"


"Since your eyes are closed, Tony, you don't really know that I'm not there, right? I mean, I could be right there in the room with you. Maybe I have crawled up on the bed between your legs. Maybe you can feel my breath high up on your legs, on your balls. Tony, did I ever tell you that when I jack off now, when you are not around, I most often think of that first time, the way you slid off the bed onto your knees. And the way you put your mouth and tongue right there. Can you feel it now, Tony? Right there, on you, the heat of my breath and my mouth so close to your cock but not touching it. Because I'm not going to touch you until I start to suck. Can you feel me?"


"Tony, I like hearing you talk but I love the sounds you make when you are past talking. Go ahead, boy, let me know how it makes you feel and when you are ready, you can speed up, and when you are ready, you can imagine the heat of my mouth, the feel of my tongue and lips around you, and you can let go. Go ahead, Tony. That's it. I can hear you letting go because you just couldn't wait any more, could you? And you...can you hear me because that is all I needed to...I'm not going to be able to...oh shit oh fuck...Tony ohhhhhh!"






"You okay?"

"Damn, Gibbs, that was...um...real good. Outstanding actually."

"Glad you liked it."

"I'm going to sleep. You still thinking of taking that walk?"

"You know, now that I think about it, sleep sounds good."

"I was kind of hoping it would."

"What? Why?"

"I dunno. I always feel a little bit proud to have gotten you to sleep."

"I'm not an infant, Tony."

"Of course not, Jethro."

"But I could sleep. For obvious reasons."

"Then go to sleep, okay?"

"If you like it when I say your name like that, then I guess it's only fair to tell you I like the way your voice sounds after...well, you know...after."

"That's good to know, Jethro. Get some sleep, okay? You can fight crime tomorrow, okay?"

"Whatever you say, Tony."

"You're just going to do whatever you want anyway, aren't you?"

"Go to sleep, Tony."

"Mmm. Night, Jethro."

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