Undercover Love

Chapter 11

Sam looked out of the police boat. Lake Erie was where Howell took them he knew it because Howell called bragging that he found both Mercedes and Puck and he would kill four birds with one stone. Sam could only conclude the other birds were Brittany and Santana…he had the location and he had the boat so where were they. He flashed the light to the right and saw a figure in the water.

"Over there I see someone."

As the boat reached Brittany, Sam grabbed her and lifted her into the boat.

"You ok?"

"Yeah no big deal a little water doesn't scare me the others are coming up."

As if on cue Puck followed as the other officers pulled them out the water. A few seconds after Puck popped out of the water, Santana came out of the water she screamed for help.

"We need help."

The officers pulled her into the boat and Brittany grabbed the blanket and placed it on Santana.

"Your feet aren't cut from breaking that glass are they?"

"No but…"

"That was so brave of you I mean you stood up and took one for the team."

"Brittany I am…"

"I know are you sure your feet aren't hurt."

She grabbed her face.

"Forget about my feet Mercedes is still down there."

Sam looked at Santana.

"What happened?"

"She's stuck I tried to help her but I couldn't…you gotta help her."

Without thinking Sam pulled off his shoes and jacket and dived off the boat and swam down to the van. Brittany looked at Santana as the other officers dived after Sam.

"He will get her don't worry."

"Why is this happening to us…we haven't done anything why is he doing this?"

"Tana I."

"Get away from me I gotta go back down there."

Brittany held onto her tightly. "No! Sam got it he will save her."

"No I have to what if he can't find her I know exactly where she is."

"Santana calm down he will save her trust me."

Santana continued to fight against Brittany. "No I gotta get back down there. "

"Santana its ok Sam won't let anything happen to her ok."

She fell back into Brittany's arms and watched over the side of the boat.

Sam swam to the van, happy it wasn't hard to find. Only a few feet under the water resting on something he didn't know what. He looked inside and saw Mercedes's limp body on the floor. His heart skipped a beat at the thought she could be dead. He swam over to her, placed his lips over hers and began to breathe for her. He tried to pull her up but saw her leg was twisted in the seat. He went to pull it out but the van began to rock. He knew it was a matter of time before it tipped over farther.

Sam moved back up to Mercedes and continued breathing for her. As he kept breathing in and out for her he wondered what was taking the rescue team so long? As if they heard his plea they swam in. They moved Sam to the side and gave him oxygen and swam with him to the top while they worked to free Mercedes. As Sam came to the surface he waited to see that Mercedes was indeed freed. As they floated to the surface and pulled her to the boat he saw how unlife like she looked. The paramedic performed CPR and Sam wanted to do something anything so he began to pray.

"Lord please don't take her from me…please I need her…I love her."

After two minutes the paramedic looked at Sam and shook his head. Sam saw Santana fall back onto Brittany and he ran over to Mercedes and began doing CPR on her praying he wasn't too late. Brittany held Santana close as tears sprang down her face. Sam couldn't give up he wouldn't not until he saved her.

"Breath come on Mercedes please just breathe."

He jumped back as Mercedes began to spit up water and coughed. The paramedic took her pulse.

"Still a little weak we need to get her to emergency now.

Sam bent back down and held her close afraid to let her go. As the boat made its way back to the dock Sam continued to pray.

"Lord thank you please just let her make it to the hospital please I need her."

Mercedes awoke and saw Sam asleep in the chair. She also saw Santana and Brittany asleep on the hospital couch. As she sat up she felt very light headed. Sam looked at her.

"I wouldn't try to move just yet."

"Yeah you may be right."

She leaned back onto the bed. Sam moved closer to her.

"You ok?"

"Yeah…I didn't know you were up?"

"I'm a light sleeper."

"Good to know…how long was I out?"

"A couple of hours."

"So can you answer me a question?"


"What happened?"

Sam ran his hand through his hair. "We aren't going through this again are we?"

"No I just I was stuck and now I am here I just wanted to know what happened."

Sam laughed. "You wanna know what happened its simple instead of listening to me you left and got you, Puck, Santana and Brittany almost killed and for what to prove you can handle yourself well way to go."

She sat herself up on the bed trying to gain strength.

"Me! You are the one trying to be Mr. Macho with your gun acting like you own somebody well you don't own me I had a quiet life before you screwed it up."

Sam stood away from her. "I screwed up your life how stupid are you that you run from the cops."

"I almost died twice now in not even three months ok before I met you I was fine."

Santana and Brittany looked over at Sam and Mercedes.

Brittany sighed. "Hey guys you shouldn't be arguing you should be hugging maybe kissing are glad to be alive."

"Yeah seeing how once again I saved your life."

"After you put it in danger…and for the record I saved my life the first time."

"Well this time you put it in danger but you know what don't worry about me because from now on if you get in trouble you can get out of it by yourself."

Mercedes laughed. "Is that supposed to scare me because it doesn't?"

Sam sighed angrily. "You don't get it do you."

"What I get is you are nothing but trouble."

"I'm nothing but trouble all you get into is trouble you should've stayed in the hotel like I told you."

His phone rang and Mercedes sat up.

"You better get it don't want Quinn to get upset with you."

"Why are you acting like a jealous girlfriend?"

"Because Sam for over half a year I was your girlfriend…but don't worry If I feel anything about Quinn its pity that she can't see through you."

"See through me."

"Yes you are pathetic, see I was mad cause I thought you were something special but I realized that all you really are is a sorry loser…you play girls because you are not secure enough with yourself to care about anyone else's feelings…I feel sorry that you will never grow up but I am not the one who missed out you are."

"You." Sam spit out angrily but Mercedes continued.

"Me what I'm right I know what kinda of man you are any ways you lie to get your way and when you don't get it you pull your gun on them…you didn't scare me when you pulled that gun out on me you didn't scare me when you handcuffed me to the chair and you don't scare me now."

Sam stared at her angrily. "I don't have to take this I should have let you die last night."

"Screw you." Mercedes threw the hospital remote at the door as he walked out the room and Brittany followed him. Santana looked at Mercedes.

"That was harsh he saved your life."

"Tana I want my life back all he brought to it was trouble."

"He didn't mean to I know he loves you."

Mercedes wiped her eyes and folded her arms. "Yeah that's why he said he wished I had died."

"Mercedes he was hurt."

"Well I'm hurt too and I am tired of being hurt…and how can you take his side we are in this mess because he and Brittany lied to us."

"Well they are trying to make it right."

"How by putting us in more danger I want my life back and I am going to get it."

She turned and lay in the bed Santana looked at her and sighed. Brittany ran after Sam.

"Hey Sam slow down you didn't mean that did you?"

"Yes I did I am tired of trying to prove to her I care she doesn't care for me so why should I bother."

"Sam now is not the time to act like this you can't lose your cool every time she says something you don't like."

Sam shoved his hands in his pockets. "I have to meet Howell."

"Sam what is going on with you letting her get to you like that?"

"She knows exactly what to say to get to me and I am tired like I said I have to meet Howell."

Brittany turned Sam towards her. "Look be careful…I know you love her and so does she you have to just give her time ok."

"I may love her but I am tired of all this mess I'm done getting blamed for her loss…I was scared as hell last night when I thought she died…I don't have weaknesses and when I do I do what I can to get rid of them."

"She being your weakness is not a bad thing."

"For my life it is I know you probably want to settle down with Santana and someday start your family and that is cool for you but I am the job I have always been the job and I am not gonna change not for her…like I said I gotta go."

He walked away.

Mercedes sat on her bed studying when Santana walked into the room and threw her coat onto the bed.

"Get dressed and come on."

"Tana I am studying."

"Look for the last few weeks you haven't gone or done anything they are having ladies night at the Blue Note and we are going so you can get dressed or you can wear what your wearing jeans and tee may not be my taste but as long as you come with me I don't care."

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "Tana I am busy."

"Mercedes you're 26 and you acting like you 50 you need to have fun so get up and get dressed don't make me help you."

"Fine whatever give me like 15 minutes and I will be down."

"15 minutes anything longer and I will dress you myself."

30 minutes later Mercedes and Santana walk into The Blue Note and check out the crowd.

Santana smiled widely. "This place is jumping tonight Mercy you ready to have some fun."

"Do I have a choice?"


Santana lead her to the dance floor and they begin dancing with two dudes on the floor.

"Hey I am Tana and this is my sister Mercy."

"I'm Paul and this is Jerome can we interest you ladies into a dance."

"You just did."

Mercedes rolled her eyes shrugging as Jerome grabbed her waist and they began to dance.

Brittany and Sam walked through the doors to the Blue Note. Brittany surveyed the crowd.

"What I tell you ladies night is the best night of the week."

"Britt why are we here I need to concentrate on work not be in some club acting like I'm 17."

"Sam ever since you and Mercy had it out all you do is mope around and complain. You need to forget her do you see all the beautiful women in here? Quinn is out of town, so let's find you a date."

"I don't want to be here ima just go."

"Just stay for ten minutes if you don't like it after that then we can leave ok."


They walked to the dance floor and Sam stopped when he saw Mercedes dancing. Brittany looked at him.

"What are you on a scent?"

"I'm on a scent all right look who's here."

He pointed towards Mercedes and Santana.

Brittany sighed. "Who is she dancing with? They look familiar."

"That's Paul and the one with Mercy is Jerome…they scout the clubs for Howell get him new clients."

"We can't let them dance with those losers."

"Brittany they are grown women they can dance with whoever they want to."

"What is Santana doing she don't even know that. Grinding really? What is she 12?"

"You need to stop acting like we back in high school if they want to dance let them we came to have fun so let's have some fun…I see a hot little number that I am gonna take to the dance floor excuse me."

Santana glanced over at Mercedes.

"So are you having fun?"

"Yeah I guess."

After the song ended she stopped to catch her breath Jerome looked at her.

"Mercy can I get you something to drink?"


Paul smiled. "Tana you thirsty?"

"Yeah I will take the same."

"Ok Paul and I will be right back you guys can go get a table."

The guys walk away and Santana smiled.

"This is turning out to be a great night."

"Yeah I guess lets go sit down though."

Brittany sat at the bar next to Sam and laughed.

"What happened to your hot number?"

"She was getting hot with her boyfriend…why aren't you dancing?"

"Tana looks great don't she?"

"Yeah they both do…don't look now but the guys are coming over.

"All right Sam I know the drill."

Jerome smiled patting Sam on the back.

"What's good Sam?"

"Nothing much trying to get some action tonight…see you guys found some."

"Yeah they cute ain't they…bout to give them that good stuff you know how we do."

"Well good luck because that girl is hard to break trust me."

"Oh what you got some already?"

"Naw they saving it and you know I'm not the type of guy to just take what I want."

"I know even though you can."

Sam laughed. "Yeah I know. Want me to see what's good?"

"Yeah do that cause we bout to put in some work tonight know what I'm saying?"

Sam nodded and turned towards the girls as Jerome signaled the bartender.

"Nick hey what up man."

"Jerome what can I get you?"

"Well we will take the usual and for our lady friends Pepsi with your special touch of course."

"Of course."

"See those girls over there I think it's about that time."

"Remember I don't want to be connected to this."

He dropped in the two tablets and stirred it until the pills dissolved, then handed them the cups.

"Remember give it a minute so there won't be an after taste."

Sam walked over to Mercedes.

"Hey Mercedes."

She turned to him and frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"We needed to get out trust me we didn't know you guys were here."

Mercedes scoffed. "Uh huh."

Sam moved closer to her. "I need to talk to you."

"About what?"

"Those guys you were dancing with."

"What about them."

"They work for Howell."

Mercedes laughed. "And…so do you."

"They are drug dealers."

"And we are just dancing."

"If that is the case then why did you let them get you drinks and you don't even know them…they could slip you a spill and you wouldn't even know."

"You are not serious a spill."

"Mercedes I'm dead serious."

Mercedes sighed. "Why do you care anyway Sam, I thought you wanted me to die?"

"Mercedes you seem to make stupid decisions I can only assume I am here to make sure you are safe."

"I make stupid choices are you serious?"

"Why do you keep asking me that?"

Santana looked at Brittany.

"Brittany why are you guys doing this."

"Tana we know what happens when girls like you get around guys like that."

Mercedes stood up.

"Girls like us and what does that mean detectives does that mean that we cannot take care of ourselves."

Santana stood up.

"We are not stupid we have been watching them and they didn't put anything in our drinks give us some credit you and Brittany need to worry about yourselves and leave us alone."

"Come on Tana lets go find our guys."

They started to walk away but Sam grabbed her arm.

"Mercedes listen to me ok I don't care that you are mad at me I know these guys…I don't want you taking the drinks from him."

"Sam…unless you wanna repeat of my birthday in front of all these people I suggest you let go of my arm…now."

She pulled her arm away and walked up to the guys.

"Hey guys we started to think you forgot about us."

Jerome wrapped his arm around Mercedes and winked at Sam as they walked behind the girls.

"Never that here you go Pepsi just what you ordered."

"Thank you."

She took it and drank it down feeling Sam's eyes on her the whole time.

"Well I don't know about you but I am ready to party."

Jerome smiled. "Now you're my kinda girl…lets go."

Santana downed hers as well. They walked onto the dance floor. Sam looked at Brittany.

"We aren't leaving until we know they are safe I don't trust them."

"Wait what happened to the 'if you get in trouble I don't care speech you gave Mercedes.'"

"I lied…I know those two and they are notorious for date rape…Howell is actually proud of them. I am not leaving them alone with Mercedes and you shouldn't do it for Santana."

"Let's get posted."

Mercedes danced around Jerome to the song 'Rock the Boat' moving with the music the fact that Sam was watching her every move made her dance even sexier. She swayed and allowed Jerome to feel her curves as they moved to the music. As she moved she felt more and more light headed.

Something wasn't right she only had Pepsi. She felt like her mind was racing and she just danced faster. She felt Jerome pulsating on her back but her focus had been to make Sam jealous. She faced Jerome and saw it was no longer Jerome dancing with her it was Sam. He held her and moved to the music.

She gazed into his green eyes as they moved to the rhythm of the music. She felt him kiss her neck and moved to her lips and she gave them to him. The kiss wasn't right it didn't feel right it wasn't Sam.

When he kissed her it was soft and breath taking this guy kissed her hard and rough. She tried to pull away but he held her tighter and kissed her harder. He moved his hands around her and she felt weak. Not from the way he kissed her but from something else. She felt paralyzed with fear for he wouldn't let her go. She shoved him away with all her might and realized how weak she really was. She turned as she heard a scream and saw Santana collapsed to the floor. Brittany ran to her side as Jerome was trying to pull Mercedes away from the crowd.

Mercedes had figures flash past her and didn't know who was who. As everyone gathered to see if Santana was ok, she couldn't fight Jerome off for her strength was leaving as well as her consciousness. Sam moved through the crowd trying to spot Mercedes. He saw her making out with Jerome and felt hurt until he saw her fight him off. He could see her getting weak and he needed to save her. Brittany lifted Santana from the ground and moved his way through the crowd.

Sam tried to push his way through but wasn't fast enough he saw Jerome dragging Mercedes out of the club. The closer he felt he was to the door when he looked up he seemed further away. Brittany was having no luck either. He kept dodging people who were popping their heads up trying to see what was going down.

When Sam finally made it to the door he saw the ambulance loading Santana and Brittany jumped in. He looked around and tried to see if he could find Mercedes. He heard a scream and turned towards the woods. He knew that if Jerome did slip her the date rape drug she would be helpless.

Mercedes tried to lift her head but felt the weight of a body on top of her. She couldn't move the figure was too strong. She screamed as loud as she could but felt her voice caught in her throat as his hand went to her neck.

As his hand squeezed tighter she felt weaker. She felt him as he moved his hand to her inner thigh. Tears rushed down her face. He fumbled with his pants while she tried to move but his grip on her neck was over powering.

Sam ran to the woods and knew he was close. He could feel it. He stopped and listened as he heard someone gasp for breath. He ran straight ahead and felt rage hit him as he saw Mercedes struggle with what little might she had.

He tried to walk to her as quietly as he could but stopped in his step as he saw Jerome fumbling with his jeans. Sam saw red as he lifted Jerome off of Mercedes and began to punch wildly at him. Blood poured out of Jerome's mouth as Sam tossed him to the ground and ran over to Mercedes. He didn't care if he was recognized or not.

Mercedes felt strength gather back in her arms and decided it was now or never. She began to claw and scratch and cry until he left her alone. As he grabbed her arms and tried to calm her down she opened her eyes to see it was Sam who held her arms. She had to close her eyes and open them again to make sure she was truly seeing Sam. All she wanted to do was cry. He pulled her to him. He went for his cell phone.

"I wanna go home."

"You need to be checked out."

"I just want to go home."

"Mercedes, Santana is already on her way to the hospital you could be in danger too."

"I don't want to go to the hospital I just want to go home please."

"Mercedes you need to be checked out."

"Please don't make me please."

Sam carried her out of the woods she held him tight thinking that if she let him go she'd lose him. Sam felt calm for the first time that evening as he placed her inside his car. She was completely gone by the time he got her home. He picked her up and carried her up the stairs. She was missing a shoe and her shirt was ripped.

He grabbed her keys that he picked up before they left the club and opened the door. As he took her to her room he pulled off the one shoe she had on and laid her on the bed. He grabbed his cell and called a friend who worked at the hospital. She owed him a favor. Mercedes needed to be checked out. As he hung up his cell it rang loudly and Mercedes immediately awoke and stared at him then went back to sleep. He answered the phone.

"Hey Britt how is Santana?"

"She is fine but they are going to keep her overnight."


"How's Mercedes."

"Jerome attacked her…I called Holly and she is on her way to check her out."

"Everything is gonna be fine you know that right?"

"I'm not so sure…I think she's here so I am gonna call you later."

"Ok I will see you in the morning."

"Yeah I am gonna stay here just in case she needs me are you staying with Santana?"

"Yeah…call you in the morning."


He hung up the phone and looked at Mercedes. She looked so peaceful. As he walked to the door, she lifted her head.

"How is Santana?"

"She is going to be fine they are keeping her overnight."

"Where are you going?"

"I called in a favor…you need to be checked out."

"Oh ok are you sleeping here?"

"Yes on the couch I won't leave you."

"Can you stay up here with me please?"

"It really wouldn't look right."

"Sam I just don't want to be alone please."

"Yeah ok."

He went downstairs to the door and saw Holly Holiday MD at the door.

"So where is she?"

"Upstairs. She was drugged and I am not sure what else."

"Well we will soon find out wont we?"

She walked upstairs and Sam couldn't bare to be in the room with them. After Holly was finished she walked down and looked at Sam. He stood up.

"How is she?"

"Well the good news is other than a few cuts and bruises physically she will be fine."

"And the bad?"

"I'm afraid she was drugged, we won't know the side effects of it until it's out of her system. You seem kind of worried about her."

"Why wouldn't I be she was attacked."

"You deal with these kinda cases all the time, but this one seems different. You seem really attached to her."

"Don't worry I'm not…she's a client in a case like I said."

"Yeah your eyes say otherwise…I'll see you later. I have all I need to write up my report…She's taking a shower getting herself strait so that gives you a minute to get the stars out of your eyes."

She walked out the door and Sam locked it. He went to Mercedes room and walked over to the bed. She walked out the bathroom and looked at him.

"I was wrong…and I'm sorry…even when I know a situation is bad I can't help but prove I'm right."

"I'll sleep on the floor."

"No please lay here with me."

"Ok but as soon as you fall asleep I'm moving to the floor."

"Sam what did the doctor tell you?"

"What did she tell you?"

"Just that I was drugged…she gave me some stuff that helped."

"Well you were drugged…why don't you listen? Mercedes if I wasn't there that guy could have raped you."

She had been putting lotion on and stopped in her tracks, tears ran down her face.

"He, tried to rape me?"


She looked back down.

"No he didn't you guys are just trying to scare me."

"No I am not. Guys like him drug girls and then rapes them when they can't fight him off."

"Stop it!"

"I am just trying to let you know how serious this could have been."

"I don't want to hear this."

He went to hold her.

"You may not want to but you need to. This was serious. Could have been serious."

"I am sorry Sam. I am just so sorry."

He pulled her closer to him and hugged her.

"You are still beautiful and you are still the same you. Just stop being so stubborn. I can't lose you."

She lifted her face and Sam kissed the tears on her cheek. Then he kissed her lips. She pulled him to her and kissed him back. Sam pulled away.

"I'm sorry."

She kissed him again. He kissed her back. She pulled off his shirt off and Sam looked at her confused.

"What are you doing?"

"I want you."

"This is not gonna make you feel better."

"Love me Sam make love to me. I want you…I only wanted to make you jealous."

She kissed him again and they fell onto the bed. She kissed his neck as she unbuckled his pants. A part of him was fighting it but the other part of him wanted her bad. He gave into his desire and grabbed her. He got on top of her untying the robe and pulling her up to him. He took her robe off and pulled his shoes and jeans off. Kissing her neck he kneaded her breast with his hands. If he had any doubts they were long gone when his hands touched her naked body.

She wrapped her thighs around his waist grinding her hot center against him. He wanted to take his time and explore her body but the way the heat from her center called to him, he couldn't fight the need to be inside of her. He lined himself up with her and stopped feeling like he needed to make sure one last time.

"Mercedes are you sure you want to do this. There is no going back from this."

She nodded taking him in her hands and guiding him into her. He let out a soft moan as he felt the heat and wetness surround his manhood. "God you are so wet, so tight." Taking care not to just plunge in, he gently guided himself in her until he broke the seal. As he filled her up he waited for he to adjust to him and for the pain to cease. She began to rock and he knew it was time.

Slowly moving within her he kissed her lips hungrily. Their speed increased as she began to cry out in pleasure. His name left her lips as she gripped his back. Begging him to go hard, fast and deeper. Giving her what she wanted Sam pulled

Her legs

Over his shoulder watching her face as he is her spot over and over again. Feeling himself close toppling over the edge, Sam reached between them and flicked her clit willing her to come. She answered with a scream and a note that Sam couldn't help but fine beautiful as she came hard on top of him. Coating him with her juices, Sam could no longer hold off and he went over the edge with her name on his lips.

A couple hours later they were laying under the covers as she laid on him. He wrapped his arms around her as he felt her drift off to sleep. Every time he thought he was over her she pulled him back in. As glad as he was that she was ok he knew that he lost his cool with Jerome. Instead of leaving him there as he had wanted he called it in and had him picked up. He glanced down at Mercedes and wondered why it felt so right her being in his arms. Maybe there was a chance for them. Maybe they both could have that happy ending they both so wanted. Sam didn't remember what time he fell asleep he just knew it was many hours later.

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