Undercover Love

Chapter 12

Sam looked up from his desk, as there was a knock on his door.

"Come in."

Mercedes walked into the office and Sam looked up and placed the phone onto the receiver.

"Mercedes what are you doing here?"

"I uh wanted to thank you."


"For what you did for me a couple weeks ago…I tried calling you a couple times but you never answered."

"I did it because it was my job I can't let you get attacked I took an oath to serve and protect."

"Oh, so that was all it was."

Sam laughed slightly. "Yeah what did you think?"

Mercedes moved closer to him. "I thought maybe we could talk about us you know make it work."

"Well I guess you thought wrong."


Sam stood up from his desk and walked over to her. He leaned against his desk and folded hi arms.

"Mercedes there is a reason I haven't talked to you in a while…I don't want to see you anymore. I thought you would understand by me not answering but appaantly you are not that bright."

Tears welled in Mercedes eyes as she backed away from him. Anger bubbled over in her heart. "What? I thought you loved …I thought we could work things out…I went to the doctors and…"

"Listen to me I don't want to work anything out with you."

"Sam. But I have to…we…I...I gave you a part of me that I can't get back."

"Yeah a part of you that if I wasn't there he would have taken! You would of let him do to you."

"What I would have let him do to me…I wasn't going to let him do anything."

"I warned you what would happen if you continued to talk to Jerome and you ignored me. Talking bout you saving it for marriage well you gave it up to me easily and in my book that makes you a hoe."

"What did you just call me?"

"I know you heard me… that night I was just trying to make you feel better but all I did was make myself sick."

Mercedes shook her head. "Why are you saying this?"

"Because you don't seem to get the hint I don't want you and I think you should leave."

"Sam you can't mean all this…why are you hurting me."

"Look at you…where is the Mercedes I met…you're needy and stupid and I am done with you. Now get out."

"Yeah well where is the guy I met…you were so sweet and caring but I guess he is as fake as your identify…I am sorry I even came here."

"Yeah so am I."

She gave him a look that pierced him to his soul then walked away. He saw her bump into Brittany and ran out the door. He fought the urge to go after her. He didn't want to end things with her but he had to Mercedes meant trouble for him. Maybe he could have been nicer but being nice wouldn't get the point across. Having her in is life meant a weakness that he just couldn't afford or risk anyone finding out about. No matter how much he loved her he had to let her go.

Brittany looked at him and Sam grabbed his paper.

"How long have you been out there?"

"Long enough to hear how you treated her…what is wrong with you…that girl has been beaten, kidnapped, drowned and almost raped and to top it off you sleep with her then dump her."

"You wouldn't understand ok."

"She deserves so much better than that…she deserves better than you."

Brittany walked out the door and Sam couldn't have felt worse if he tried.

Mercedes pulled up to the house in Artie's car. Sam sat in his parked car across the street. He had been waiting for her all day. Mercedes got out the car and walked up the stairs with Artie. He handed her, her bag.

"Here you go…I had fun."

"I did too I am glad you talked me into going."

"Well maybe we can go out again

"Yeah maybe."

He kissed her cheek then walked back to his car. Mercedes walked into the house and ran to the bathroom. Sam got out the car and grabbed the white lilies he bought for her and placed them on her front porch. He walked back to his car and drove away.

Mercedes pulled her head out of the toilet sighing heavily. She washed her face before going to her desk with tears in her eyes. She looked at a picture of her and Sam. Mercedes wiped her tears away and threw the frame in the trash.

Sam sat at his desk and opened it to see a picture of him and Mercedes. He looked at it then picked up the phone. He went to dial but stopped and placed the phone back on the receiver still staring at the picture.

Mercedes sat on her bed typing when Santana walked in with white lilies.

"Hey girl these were on the front porch for you. They are from Sam."

Mercedes grabbed them from her and threw them in the trash.

"Mercy why would you do that?"

Mercedes had to tell her what happened but she didn't even know where to begin. Santana sat down.

"Girl what's wrong when you last week I thought you were going to work things out with Sam. Then you said it wasn't gonna work and now you're throwing away his flowers what happened?"

"I was going to work things out."

"So what happened?"

"Tana a lot happened the night at the club that has changed everything between him and me."

"Like what you didn't have sex with him did you?"

Mercedes bit her lip looking down to her computer. "I kind of did…"


"Tana…that guy I was dancing with took me behind the club and he attacked me. It scared the hell out of me. It made me realize that I spent all my life waiting for the right guy to be with and my first time could have been behind some club with a guy I didn't even know. I was drugged and scared and I just wanted control over who I lost my virginity too. So I slept with Sam. He in turn dumped me."

"What no Sam wouldn't do that he's not that cruel."

"Well he did…he dumped me and that isn't even the worse part of it all."

She got out the bed and went to the bathroom she returned with a pregnancy stick.

"That's not what I think it is…is it?"

"Tana I'm pregnant."

"No come on its only been a few weeks you can't be sure."

"Yes I can I took three tests."

Santana stood off the bed shaking her head. "Well they can be wrong you know…maybe you should see a doctor."

"I went to the doctor before I went to see Sam."

"You gotta tell him."

"Don't you think I tried…he doesn't want to hear anything from me."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know…but I have to keep it…I can't…I can't kill it."

"Well he needs to be a part of that child's life so you need to tell him. And after you do Auntie Tana is gonna pay that big lipped bastard, Lisa Rena wannabe, trouty mouthed son of a bitch a visit!"

"Wait…what child?"

They looked up and saw Brittany standing at the door.

"I was getting lonely downstairs and so what baby?"

"Brittany its nothing can you give us a few more minutes?"

"Sure…Umm Mercedes I came here also to apologize on behalf of Sam…he's not thinking strait…he's been on stressed with his case load, but that is not excuse he should have never talked to you like that and those things he said were mean."

"Brittany I'm touched that you want to apologize but you didn't do anything wrong. I am gonna keep doing me cause that is all I know, how I am and that is what I am good at…and you don't have to wait for Santana to swear you to secrecy I am pregnant and it is by your best friend…I went there to tell him but as you heard he isn't feeling me at all. I don't know what's gonna happen but I know that I am not gonna ask him for a thing."


"No he had his chance to be in my life but he didn't want it…so my child and I will be just fine."

"Well I am here for you ok…no matter what."

"Thank you Brittany…that means a lot."

Mercedes walked over and hugged Brittany then walked to her desk and began to write on her laptop. Santana pulled Brittany out the room and left Mercedes to herself.

Sam sat in Howell's office reading over a file. Howell placed his fingers to the temple of his head.

"It seems like every time I try to get rid of them somehow they are saved...I'd like to kill that Evans character whoever the hell he is...is there any trace of Puck?"

Sam looked at Howell.

"Huh uh no but Mercedes will lead us to him all we have to do is put out the bait…she doesn't seem to be that bright when it comes to listening."

"No but she does seem to have nine lives…she is just like her father and if she is not careful she will end up like him."

Andrew knocked on Howell's door.

"Come in."

"Howell I got the word back from my man in the force."

"Ok and?"

"My snitch in the force has told me that Puck is not the only one talking to the cops."

"I am going to be honest with you Andrew if I was worried about ever trader I would be busier than I am now…as long as no one close to me is talking to the cops I could care less they don't know anything about anything."

Andrew placed the papers on the table and Howell looked over them.

"What are these?"

"Pictures of Mercedes that you wanted. I think someone in the photo might be of interest to you."

Sam looked over at Howell.


"Yeah I had her followed a few weeks back I wanted to get into her head. Would you care to explain this photo? Sam. This is you with Mercedes."

"May I?"

"Sure keep them we got doubles."

Howell laughed as he handed them to Sam.

"This was taken at the Marriott. Before the boat incident. I told you I was gonna find out what I could."

"You are kissing her."

"How do you think I found out they would be at the park."

Howell smiled at him. "Really so did you hit that?"

"No I was close though. Her girl came home. Hey I invited her to join but they got offended so I bounced."

"Only you could get away with that mess. Well what do you think about the rest of these photos."

Sam over looked the rest of the pictures. He was lucky he was so careful and had that story or his cover would have been blown. Sam saw in the pictures Mercedes sat in the park reading. He saw another of her walking to her class with Santana. As he looked through the pictures and saw pictures of her at the library with the kids, some of her with a guy walking and of her at her apartment, he saw one of a girl he didn't know.

"Who is this?"


Howell took the pictures and saw the girl.

"That is Unique, Mercedes's younger sister."

"She has a younger sister?"

"Yeah…Andrew this is good work."

"Of course."

"Now Sam this is what I want from you…I want Mercedes."

"I want her too."


Sam laughed it off. "Sorry man male hormones."

"Well well well we like her huh."

Sam grabbed the picture.

"I like what she got."

"Yeah I have to say I wouldn't mind exploring what she got…I bet she's never had a man…probably saving herself for marriage I could make her day you know what I'm saying."

Sam had the sudden urge to punch Howell in the mouth but he hid his feelings he couldn't show he was upset.

"What you didn't here Lamont tried to get to her first."

"What…how did he pull that off. "

"The same way he always does…heard he paid for it though…that Smith cat is sweet for her he tore Lamont up. I tried to get him off but they weren't going for that."

"So that's why he's in jail…man I thought it was another girl no one told me it was Mercedes."

"Yeah well I was at the club with him that night…I tried to warn him she was trouble."

"Yeah well I heard he didn't even get to start before his dumbass was beat."

As they laughed Howell cleared his throat.

"He's a fool anyways I only kept him cause he's so damn attractive and the ladies love that blue eyed bastard. Anyways bring her here have fun with her then we can use her for our pleasure."

Sam looked over to him and stood. "What?"

"You said you knew how to get her here so do it I want her here within the hour."

Sam walked out the door. A sister. Mercedes had never said anything about a sister. Howell wanted her so he knew what he had to do. He had to get her.

Mercedes walked around the kitchen cleaning when the phone rang.



"Who's this?"

"It's Puck I need your help...I need you to pick me up."

Mercedes moved the phone to the other side of her face. "Why?"

"I saw Azimo following me I think they found out where I was I got away but I don't know how long I can hide."

"Why do you sound like that?"

"If I don't whisper and someone hears me I'm dead."

"Fine where are you?"

"I'm at high point market."

"That abandoned store on Carlton Ave?"


"Fine I'll be there."

She hung up and called Santana.


"Hey Mercedes I'm on my way home you want anything?"

"Uh no I gotta go to High Point to pick up Noah I'll be back later ok?"

"I can come with you if you wanna wait."

"How soon can you be here?"

Probably not for an hour."

Mercedes sighed. "That's ok I just wanna go and be back I don't feel so good ok."

"Ok be careful...bye."


Santana walked into the house and she heard the phone ring.


"Hey Santana where's Mercedes?"

"Um she's on her way to get you."

"To get me no she's not."

"Puck she just called me said you called and needed her to pick you up."

"I'm in Detroit she's not getting me."

"Then who is she...I gotta go."

She hung up the phone and called Mercedes's cell. After three try's she called Sam.


"Sam I need your help."

"What do you want I'm kinda busy?"

"It's about Mercedes I think she's in trouble."

"Good for her."

"I'm serious."

"So am I."

He hung up on her and called Brittany.


"Brittany it's going down tonight."

"What is?"

"Santana is about to call you…I called Mercedes and pretended to be Puck so I can get her here…I am gonna get all I can from Howell tonight cause we have no other choice."

"Ok what can I do?"

"Get caught."

"Wait wont that put the girls in danger?"

"Not really if you talk Santana out of coming but if she's like Cedes then you'll be taking her with you…now if you do and you two get caught they are not smart enough to take away guns they can't see…what you are going to do is snoop around and stake the place I can almost guarantee that you will be caught so I would go ahead and warn Santana."

"Do you think it's wise to put Mercedes in trouble in her situation?"

"What situation? Look I don't have time to get into it just get it together ok."

"Ok I got it, you got the chief in on it to right?"

"Yeah they are going to be outside waiting but I need someone on the inside with me."

"Ok I got it."

"If you can't stop her from coming, then you need to give Santana a gun she and Mercedes have used one and we are gonna need all the help we can his guys are stupid but not dumb you know."

"Yeah ok."

Brittany's line beeped.

"That is Santana we will see you there."

"Brittany tell her whatever you feel you need to she can't go in there not knowing anything."

"Ok got ya…make sure you protect Mercedes ok…she needs you more than you know."

"Yeah ok whatever."


"You gotta help me Mercedes said she was picking up Puck ay High Point Market but Puck is in Detroit I think she's in trouble I called Sam but he wouldn't help."

"He's on a case right now I'll check it out with you and if we need back up I'll call him."

"Ok I'm here hurry."

Santana ran to the door and swung it open.

"Brittany come on we gotta go."

"No I need for you to sit down for a second…I gotta explain something to you."

"No we can talk in the car God only knows who that was."

"Santana it was Sam."


She sat on the couch and looked at Brittany as she sat next to her.

"Tana, Sam called Mercy and pretended to be Puck so she would go to Howell's warehouse."


"Look we don't have a lot of time so I will make this quick…Look you know Sam's alias Sam Smith he works undercover for Howell investigating a lot of different leads that have to do with you and Mercy I can't say what right now…Howell is a very dangerous guy and if we go looking for Mercedes you may get hurt I think you should stay here and let us do our job."

Santana stood up. "No."


"I didn't stutter I said no I am going to help my sister I don't care if I get hurt family has families back point blank…she needs me and so does that baby."

"It could be dangerous."

"What if you were in my shoes how would you feel if you had a chance to save your best friend and someone wouldn't let you?"

Brittany stood and pulled Santana to her. "I am just worried what if something happens to you?"

"Then it would be because I put myself in the situation."

Brittany pulled out her gun and handed it to her.

"You are going to need it…keep it hidden they will take it if they see it."


She took it and the ankle holster he gave her.

"Now I am glad I wore these flare jeans."

"Are you sure you know how to use it."

"I may be a little rusty but I remember."

"Now no matter what happens I got your back ok."

"I know and don't worry ok we got each other's back and I guess I can trust Sam to have Mercedes's back…we can do this."

"I am just worried what if something goes wrong. What if you get hurt?"

"I won't."

"What if you do?"

"Then we pray."

Santana looked at Brittany then pulled her into a kiss.

"Let's go."

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