Undercover Love

Chapter 13

Mercedes looked around the store she walked to the door and peeks in.

"Hello! Noah...are you in there...you know I'm not coming in so you got three seconds to show yourself before I leave."

After a few seconds she turned to go when she bumped into Sam.

"Sam you scared me what are you doing here?"

"Shut up and come with me."


"I said shut up and come with me."

"Ok um ima go."

Mercedes tried to run but he grabbed her by her neck and hit her over the head with his gun. Sam pulled her into the room. He taped her mouth shut and tied her hands up. Howell walked into the room.

"Is this necessary?"

"Howell you of all people should know how crazy this girl is."

Sam knew it really wasn't but he couldn't risk her talking before he could talk to her. Howell walked over to her are caresses her shoulder.

"Don't you mean woman."

Sam balled his hands into fists as Mercedes opened her eyes and try's to scream.

"Awe what's wrong sweet heart…remember me? What cat got your tongue?"

He went to kiss her forehead but she moved her head to the other side. Howell grabbed her and she glanced at Sam with pleading eyes. Sam stood firm fist ready to throttle Howell he hated seeing Mercedes being forced to do this but he had to remain cool. He just laughed.

"Hey Howell save some for me."

Howell threw her to the floor.

"She's all yours."

Mercedes moved her feet and tripped Howell. He stood up and laughed.

"You little bitch."

He kicked her in the stomach and she muffled a scream.

"You need to learn how to respect…your… elders."

With each word he kicked her again and she curled into a little ball. Howell walked to the door.

"When you are finished with her bring her to me I want to have a chat with her before we decided what use we can have for her…oh and we do have a surprise for our little guest to…enjoy."

"I will."

Sam looked at Mercedes.

"Get up."

She looked at him.

"I said get up…now."

She tried to stand up but fell back down.

"I said get the hell up."

He pulled her up and she stood there with tears forming in her eyes. Sam could see in her eyes she was frightened. He pulled the tape from the mouth and she winced. He untied her. He hated what he was about to do but he knew Howell would be outside that door waiting for her to scream once he got his feel of girls screaming he left. Sam looked at Mercedes.

"Get up against the wall."

"I can't."

"I said get up against the wall."

"And I said I can't."

"Don't make me tell you again…your little spur of disrespect ends here."

"Why are you doing this as if dumping me-?"

Before she could finish Sam pushed her up against the wall and covered her mouth with his. As he forced a kiss onto her lips he felt the rush of her kisses all over again. He went from her mouth to her ear and stopped.

"If you don't want to really be attacked I suggest you scream as loud as you can."

She didn't even have time to think as she began to scream. Sam knew that Howell would come barging in just to get a glimpse of a woman being abused. He always did. Azimo told him how Howell got off on that kinda stuff. Sam ripped Mercedes's shirt and saw the bruises forming on her stomach.

As if he read Sam's mind he barged through the door right as Sam tossed her onto the bed. He was trying to pull off her clothes and she was trying to push him off of her. Howell smiled.

"Sorry to disturb you I just wanted to…never mind I will just come back later."

He walked out of the room. Howell laughed knowing that Mercedes didn't stand a chance begging with Sam. He had seen this dude in action and he knew he could trust him. Sam was like the son he never had, and he respected him for it.

Santana and Brittany peeked through the window.

"I can't see a thing."

"We need to get in there I told the chief I would keep her posted."

Azimo and Karofsky walk up behind them.

"How bout we give you the grand tour."

Brittany took Santana's hand. "That's ok we were just leaving."

"I don't think so."

Azimo pulled Santana to him as Karofsky grabbed Brittany. They led them into the building and they saw Howell sat at his desk.

"We caught them snooping around."

"You guys just don't learn your like little rodents you see your friend got caught in the mouse trap but maybe you can get the cheese huh people like you are my bread and butter take them to the warehouse I'll be there shortly oh and tell Sam once he's done with our guest to bring there too."

"No problem boss."

Brittany looked at Santana.

"Listen to me whatever happens just remain calm ok."


As Mercedes struggled to get free as someone knocks on the door and Sam pushed himself against Mercedes and started to kiss her harder. Mercedes screamed.

"Get off of me stop it let me go…you're hurting me."

Andre peeks his head in.


"Can't you see I'm busy?"

"Sorry Howell wants you to bring her into the warehouse when you're done her little friends decided to crash."

"No problem now if you don't mind."

Andre shut the door and Sam moved from on top of her. Mercedes and Sam are stared at each other he was still in front of her. She had tears in her eyes.

"Did I hurt you?"

She wiped her eyes. "I'll live."

She pulled the strands of her torn shirt together and held it. Sam looked at her face.

"I didn't mean to hit you that hard…that should be the last interruption."

"Tell me what's going on."

"You tell me first how you couldn't tell me that you had a sister."


He tossed the picture to Mercedes.

"Your sister Unique.

"Why do you have her picture?"

"Because Howell is watching her…why didn't you tell me I could have protected her from this now I am pretty sure the surprise he has is her."

"How she's in DC."

"No I am almost positive he has her why didn't you tell me."

Mercedes grabbed her side.

"Because we haven't seen each other in years…my grandmother doesn't want her to have anything to do with me…I didn't tell you about her because as of the night my parents died my grandmother told me we were no longer family. Unique had it good and if my grandmother knew we were talking she would disown her too."

"What happened?"

"I choose to stay with Santana my grandmother expected me to come to DC and I wasn't going to. I told her I wanted Unique to stay with me but at the time she was 9 they wouldn't let her stay with me."

"So you haven't seen her in 8 years."

He looked at her wince and hold her side as she talked.

"No I had hoped she would come see me once she turned 18 but she couldn't how could he know about her."

"Because he knows everything. Maybe I should check and see if you have any broken ribs."

"It's not my ribs I am worried about…this is all my fault if I wouldn't have gotten smart with him he would have left her alone."

"No there is more to this than you think. Now what do you mean it's not your ribs your worried about…you seem to be in pain."

"Forget it ok…now tell me what is going on who are you really?"

"I'm really Sam Evans I told you Sam Smith is my alias."

"The best you could do was Smith?"

"At the force everyone knew me as Evans so for less confusion I just went by Sam Smith.

Mercedes nodded. "So why is Sam Smith working for Howell?"

"I'm not sure I'm the one to tell you."

"Look I have a right to know what is going on."

"You said you knew about my sister right?"

"Just that you had a sister and she was targeted by Howell I saw your file when you were in the shower."

"Well there is more to that story...you actually knew my sister."

"How I didn't even know you."

"My sister's name is Holly Holiday."

Mercedes thought for a moment then it hit her. "My dad's partner?"

"Yeah see a little over ten years ago they were working on a case which caused your father to go under cover."

"The Harris case I remember."

"You were a sneaky little girl weren't you?"

"My dad always told me everything."

She walked toward the chair still holding her stomach. Sam pulled off his shirt and handed it to her. She smiled as she saw his chest through his undershirt.

"Sorry bout ripping your shirt…here."

"Thanks…so what does my dad and your sister have to do with you?"

"Well did you know the Harris case was Howell?"

"No…ok wait so my dad went undercover to get Howell?"

"Exactly my sister was his undercover girl Howell trusted them like family I guess until one of the guys Howell dealt with saw your dad arrest his brother...he told Howell everything."

"Was my dad murdered?"

Sam nodded. "Howell set up that accident, my sister got tipped off so when her house caught fire she was already long gone they had to make Howell think she died too."

Mercedes stood up and walked around the room.

"Why wasn't I told this why were we told it was an accident? That our parents died because a truck hit them why did they cover it up."

"I don't know…what I do know is I almost had him until Puck brought you in the mix again. I had always watched you and Santana to make sure you were ok Holly made me promise the one time she called. I never knew you had a little sister or I would have been watching her too. Holly loved you guys she said you were like her family too."

"She was always at our house all the time, she became a big sister to us."

"Yeah she loved it…Holly was my world she always had my back I wanted to be just like her."

"Ok but still Howell murdered my parents why are we in it."

"Well like I said Puck was one of Howell's men for a while before you two even met but your dad helped him he got Puck out...I'm guessing Howell found him again and Puck needed the money that's when you came into the picture...up until I saw you at the Rec I didn't know why Puck wanted you again."

"So why'd you start tutoring me?"

"I needed a way in. I knew if I could just see why Puck wanted you again I could help you."

"But you started tutoring me months before Puck and I spoke again."

"Yeah that was for me. See your name came up several times in the investigation. Things I am not at liberty to discuss but I needed to be in there before Puck so it wouldn't look suspicious."

"Did you find out what Puck wanted me for?"

"The black ruby he gave you had over 3 million dollars in it."

"What it was just a necklace?"

"Black rubies are very expensive Puck knew he could trust you never to lose it just like your father knew he could trust you with that locket you wear on your ankle. It's a key."

She looked at the locket.

"How did you know that? No one knew it was a key."

"Because it was the missing link to all of this...before your dad died Howell had him hide millions in a safe only your dad, Howell, and my sister knew where it was but your dad had the key…there were two parts the locket the charm together make the two locks needed to open the safe…I always thought Santana had the charm until I saw the picture of Unique that chain she is wearing is the other key."

"They were just gifts my dad even gave Santana a bracelet. It's a key as well."


Mercedes stood. "I told my dad about the dream I had that he was going to be in danger. He told me not to worry. But he also said that if anything happened to him we would be taken care of. He said that the lockets were a key to a safe. Santana's key opens a box in the safe that would put away a really bad guy. He said when the time was right he would get it from me and all my bad dreams would be over. But a few days later he was gone."

"Papers? Holly never told me about papers."

"My dad didn't tell her. He told me. And he told me where the safe was. But I never went to it because I didn't see the point."

"You know where it is?"

"Yes. I told you my dad told me everything. We had no secrets."

"Wow…Howell doesn't know that you know where it is but he did know your dad had it made the copies into the form of a locket and a charm…from what Holly told me once Howell found out he had the phony keys Howell beat your dad…he made him tell where the keys were."

"But if he told him why do we still have them."

"Your dad was a very smart man…he bought keys that were almost identical to yours he knew Howell would want him to give it up."

"Ok so then I guess he must have found out that my dad switched the keys then."

"Back then I guess Howell had a soft spot he let your dad go after he got the key back even though your dad was a cop Howell just knew he wouldn't lie to him about that cause your dad didn't press charges against him with all the things he knew."

Mercedes sat back on the bed shaking her head. "Ok this is a little too much to take in right now you are telling me Howell is using me to get to Puck and my sister to get to me…why didn't my dad and Holly turn Howell in."

"They couldn't even though they had things piled high against Howell they were in the safe with the money…the plan was to lay low a while then turn Howell in."

"So why did he kill him."

"Once again at that time they had a true spy in the force and he told Howell that your dad wasn't trying to let him off and that he had planned on testifying against him and that is when the hit went out on your dad."

"What I don't get from all this is why is Howell not in jail if he did murder four people."

"They could never prove it was him...Mercedes I met your dad once...I was new in the force you must have been like 14 cause I was 19 he was so proud to be a officer but if you asked him he was more proud of you...all he talked about was his daughters I was always assuming Santana was the other one I never knew he was talking about your actual sister."

"Well he was talking about Santana as well we always said we had two dads and to moms now because of Howell we have none."

"Your father was a great man and I will get Howell."

Sam looked at his watch.

"Ok this is what we are going to do...you are gonna take this gun I have another one…when we go into the warehouse hold the gun to my head I know your father taught you how to use this."

He handed her the gun as she handed him his shirt, as she cocked the gun.

"Yeah I know what I am doing."

"Ok act like you took it from me be real pissed and extra bossy that really shouldn't be too hard for you now remember if you see your sister don't flip out most likely he is gonna have a gun to her head."


"He won't shoot her he will just act like it…look Mercedes no matter what happens get you Brittany Santana and Unique out of here ok."

"What about you?"

"Forget about me I am wired right now so I am aiming to get a confession out of Howell that is the only way we can get him."

"You can't just tell me to forget about you…"

"Listen to me. You get everyone out of here. Don't worry about me ok I know what I am doing."

"Ok I get it…I'm ready I know what I have to do."

"Mercedes you got a lot of things from your dad I can tell but please don't be foolish like he was my sister would tell me how he would get this look right before he changed things up let me be the professional and handle Howell you just worry about your sisters and Brittany."


She pulled him into a kiss before she pushed him out the door.

"It's show time."

"Remember you don't know your sister is here so just play is cool ok.


"Are you gonna be fine walking?"

"Yeah…I'm fine now."

They walked to the warehouse door.

"He said they were here show me now I will shoot you."

They walk into the room. Sam scanned the room and saw Santana and Brittany in the corner with Andrew and Azimo guarding them and Karofsky facing Howell. Howell looked up.

"Well what do we have here?"

"Sorry Howell I turned my head for one sec-"

"Shut up."

She pushed him.

"Let Santana and detective Smith go or I swear I'll shoot him."

Santana looked at Mercedes and Mercedes nodded for her to go along. Brittany also got the hint. Howell smiled.

"So that is the famous Detective Smith the one who always screws up my plans well good to know, I am a little embarrassed a girl has been screwing up my plans. but sweet heart if I was you I would put down the gun."

"No I think I'll keep it up."

"You don't want to end up like your father do you? Or better yet."

He motioned for Andrew to bring out Unique.

"You don't want Unique to end up like him."

Sam looked at her and saw the look in her eyes. He saw her hand flinch as she glanced at her baby sister looking scared with hands tied together. Mercedes moved the gun from him and pointed it at Howell. Sam pulled out his gun.

"I always keep a spare now drop it."

By this time Karofsky, Azimo and Andrew have all drawn their guns. Brittany stood and slowly pulled out her gun. Mercedes saw her so she began to talk.

"Let my sister go."


"I will shoot you I am a perfect shot just like my dad."

Sam shook his head. "Put down the gun Mercedes."

Mercedes ignored him and continued to talk. "Don't be afraid Unique Howell doesn't have to balls to hurt you do you Howell...did you kill all four of them or have one of your little busy bodies do it for you."

Unique had new sprung tears in her eyes and Santana stood up.


Mercedes clicked the gun back.

"Yeah this lowlife loser over here murdered our parents."

Howell folded his arms. "So what if I did."

"So what if you did you took the life of my mother Katrina Jones...Santana's mother Sophia Lopez and her father Aubrey Lopez and my father who I loved more than you will ever know Percy Jones they were great parents and you took them from us."

"Oh stop crying I only wanted your father and his stupid whore of a partner...who by the way I think he was having an affair with…your mother and the others were just the luck of the draw."

Mercedes moved closer to him. "Don't you ever say anything bad about my father he loved us and my mother."

"I bet he did well it's too late now why cry over spilled milk now you have one more chance to put the gun down or I will hurt this pretty little creature over here."

"Drop it."

Brittany pulled out the gun and pointed it towards Azimo. Howell laughed.

"Looks like we have a standoff but it's let's see one two three four five of us against two of you with guns…so I would really drop the guns and back up if I were you."

Mercedes shook her head. "Kill me I don't care as long as you pay for what you did."

"The beauty of being me is I can kill who ever I want and I will never get caught ever."

Mercedes placed her finger on the trigger and got Unique's attention. Mercedes moved her eyes to the left signaling Unique to move to the left. Sam stared at Mercedes.

"Mercedes don't you dare."

"You took away my parents you ruined my life tried to kill me twice tried to hurt my sisters spoke badly about my father and his partner who I thought was a wonderful woman and kicked my baby and you still don't care about anything?"

"Hmmm you make some very valid points…do I care…nope can't say that I do."

She looked at Brittany and nodded. Sam held his gun to her head.

"Don't do it."

Mercedes pulled the trigger back and sent a bullet flying towards Howell. As the bullet hit Howell in the side Unique dove to the floor. Howell fired his bullet towards Brittany but it hit Andrew in the chest. Brittany fired her gun towards Azimo who fell to the ground and Karofsky faced his gun towards Mercedes and fired.

Sam jumped in front of Mercedes and sent a bullet flying towards Karofsky and hit him in the arm. All of a sudden the warehouse was surrounded by police officers.

"Everyone freeze."

Mercedes looked at Sam. Lying on the ground.

"You saved my life again."

"Mercedes I think I was hit."

Mercedes looked at his shirt filling with blood she immediately put pressure on it...

"Someone get over here he was shot."

As the paramedics walked over to them Mercedes looked at Sam.

"You are gonna be alright I know it don't die on me please."

Sam laughed "I told you not to do that."

"I couldn't let you face him alone."

"You did well we got the confession how did you know to use the names?"

"My dad taught me well."

Sam glanced at Santana and Unique. "I think there is someone you want to talk to I am going to be fine."

As they wheeled him away Mercedes looked up to an officer leading Unique away from Howell as he untied her hands. Mercedes walked towards her and grabbed her into a hug. She pulled away and let a few unshed tears fall from her face.

"Unique are you ok?"

"Yeah are you?"

"Yeah…I missed you lil one."

"I missed you too Mercy."

"I'm sorry you were brought into this."

Unique wiped her eyes and hugged her. "I'm glad I finally know the truth."

Mercedes layer her head on Unique's shoulder. "So are you going back to your grandmothers?"

"No I thought I was moving here."

"You're moving here? Why?"

"This is home to me."

"Well stay with us."

Santana and Brittany walked over to her.

"Unique look at you…you're all grown up."


She hugged her. Mercedes grabbed her side and held on to Unique.


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm just in a little pain…I am so happy to see you 8 years has been too long you know."

"Yeah I tried to come see you so many times."

"Me too but the old hag wouldn't have it."

Santana smiled. "I can't believe you shot him. Who knew you had it in you."

"I had to…I couldn't let him hurt you guys."

Unique moved closer. "And so what is this about a baby?"

"Um that yeah, I am pregnant."

Unique squealed. "Oh Child is this really happening? I'm gonna be an auntie?"

As the girls are talking Brittany walked over to the Ambulance.

"How do you feel?"

Sam looked up.

"Well I have a bullet in my chest but it could be worse."


"It could have been Mercedes."

"I knew you still cared for her…she has some guts on her don't she."

"Yeah but from what I saw Santana does too."

"Yeah she's great."

"So am I the only one who heard the word baby?"

"No but you're gonna have to talk to Mercedes bout that one."

Sam smiled as the paramedics move Brittany aside.

"We need to get him to the hospital now…are you coming or not ma'am."

"No I am gonna drive which hospital are you taking him to."


"Ok we will be there."

She walked over to the girls.

"They are taking him to General so let's go."

"Ok Brittany this is my little sister Unique…Brittany and Santana are in love."

Unique smiled widely. "I can see that, do you have any brothers."

"Only one but he may be taken by your sister." Brittany said smiling.

Unique gasped. "Mercy that guy the one who was shot?"

"His name is Sam and no we are not together."

"For the time being but just like Brittany and myself you will be together."

"I guess we will see owww…"

Mercedes bent over for a second.

"Mercy you ok?"

"Yeah I am fine where is your stuff Unique?"

"Still in DC I was just looking today."

"Well we can send for it I let her ruin 8 years we are family and we have to stick together."

"True and hey you did get me great presents every year for my birthday."

"How did they get you up here any ways?"

"I flew I was looking online at some colleges up here and I wanted to come check them out. I called the house but no one answered so I was on my way back to the hotel when someone grabbed me and I ended up here."

"They didn't hurt you did they."


Brittany took Santana's hand.

"I hate to break this up but my boy is in the hospital."

Mercedes nodded. "Yeah let's go but can we drop my car off at home first please because I have to change."

"Yeah what happened to your shirt?"

"You don't even want to know…oww."

Mercedes doubled over.

Santana went to her side. "Mercy, Cedes you ok."

"It hurts…oww."

She fell to the ground holding her stomach.

"We need some help over here…now."

A paramedic ran over.

"What's going on?"

Brittany stepped up.

"25 year old female about 10 weeks pregnant."

"She's bleeding between her legs…we need a gurney over here now."

Santana and Unique stepped up.

"What's going on…what's happening?"

"She's losing the baby…we gotta get her to the hospital now."

Mercedes gripped her stomach. "No not my baby."

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