Undercover Love


Mercedes smiled as Puck walked her down the aisle. It had been six months since Howell had been locked away and her life was getting back to normal. Howell didn't go to trial for the drugs they had too much on him or for the murder of Santana and Mercedes's parents.

They were both relieved they didn't have to go to trial. Howell went away for 7 life sentences there were other bodies that came up once Brad and Munch got talking about a deal. They wanted to give Howell the chair but Mercedes and Santana fought against it they wanted him to live with the guilt not get the easy way out.

Mercedes smiled as she saw Holly in the front row with her husband Will who was holding her three-month-old daughter Jennifer and her son Brian. Holly was so happy to see the girls again and when she found out that Mercedes and Sam were to be married she burst into tears.

Mercedes thought about her own sister standing in the front smiling. Mercedes was happy for the first time in a long time. Unique came back right on time to because in the safe there had been over 5 Million dollars. The report stated there was only 10,000 dollars missing so the chief told Mercedes and Santana the rest was theirs to keep. They didn't have a problem at all deciding what to do with the money. They donated some to charity and helped Puck get on his feet they had enough to pay off all the debts and bills they were left with they still had millions of dollars collecting interest in the bank. Mercedes laughed as she got to the Minister and saw Brittany and Santana making faces at each other. She was so happy that they both found there happily ever after too.

Santana and Brittany were going to get married in March three months after her December wedding. She felt a little pain remembering that her parents wouldn't be there to see this, but Sam reminded her that they were there in spirit. As she was getting closer to the front of the church she couldn't help but thank the Lord for her happiness. Puck Nudged her.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look today?"

"Yes and thank you for doing this."

"I'm honored you asked me to…and I am thankful you are in my life."

"You are not supposed to make the bride cry on her big day."

"Cedes I love you and Santana the way you both helped me out the way you stood by me, I owe you my life."

Mercedes smiled through her tears. "You are family no matter how dirty your past was the future already has a clean slate."

He glanced at his newfound girlfriend who sat in the audience. Mercedes smiled.

"She's a catch Noah."

"Yeah that she is and she's ok with my past too."

"I guess we all are finding our happiness huh."

Finally they made it to the front of the church and she smiled looking at Sam. As he took her hand she sighed her life was finally coming together for the good. As Sam lifted her vale she smiled.

"You look so handsome."

"And you look perfect."

"So you ready to get your ball and chain."

"Since the day we met."

She felt tears start flowing from her eyes.

"Cedes what's wrong."

"Just missing my parents I wish they were here to see this."

"Cedes I have a surprise for you I wanted to wait but I can tell you won't have it any other way."

He looked at Brittany and nodded. Brittany pulled Santana to the front with Mercedes and pulled Unique to follow.

Mercedes glanced at Sam. "What's going on?"

"Cedes before you marry me I want to give you your gift…it just so happens that my gift is Brittany's gift too."

Mercedes and Santana looked at each other.

"I found out from a little birdie that when you were younger your mothers would sing you this song. It was the song that was sung at both your parents wedding."

"So we have asked our very special guests to sing it for you."

Santana looked at Mercedes.

"Did you tell them?"

"No I thought you did."

"How could they have known?"

They turn toward Unique.

"Don't look at me."

They all glanced at the door as they hear someone sing.

"One look in your eyes and there I see what happiness really means to me. The love that we share makes life so sweet together we'll always be. More than I dare to dream and oh I need you."

"When I look in your eyes there I see just what you truly mean to me I need you more and more each day…together in perfect harmony this brand of love felt so right and I need you."

Mercedes couldn't believe her eyes because she was in shock. She felt like she was looking at a ghost. As they walked forward Mercedes burst into tears she couldn't hold back she thought this day would never happen. Sam walked beside her. He knew she would be shocked he was shocked when he found out. As the singers walked closer the girls must have thought the same thing because they all ran down to meet the singing women.


"Mercy my baby look at you…and Unique, oh you guys."

By this time Sophia and Katrina were crying just like their daughters.

Santana stood in disbelief. "But they said…8 years…you're not dead."

"Baby you look so beautiful…you both do."

"Mom I have missed you so much."

Santana grabbed Mercedes's hand. Mercedes looked at Santana then towards the entrance and Santana's father standing in the doorway. He had tears in his eyes and Santana couldn't help but run to him. Mercedes sprang new tears, as she saw Santana run towards her dad, with her mom trailing behind her. She was so happy but felt disappointed that her father wasn't there. As her mother held Unique close she saw Mercedes's searching tear filled eyes.

"Mercedes...sweetie I know who you are looking for."

"He's not here is he?"

She hugged her mom and Unique as she heard a voice a little over a whisper call her name.


She turned and saw her dad standing right in front her. She couldn't move.

"You are a beautiful bride."


She hugged him and felt her whole world complete. Unique was right behind her and he held his two daughters. By this time Santana and her parents had moved to Mercedes and hers and family and friends had gathered in a circle around them. Sam and Brittany stayed on the pulpit looking down. Sam tapped Brittany's shoulder.

"Look at them I don't think I've seen her this happy."

"We made their day…you think everyone forgot this was a wedding?"

"We'll give them 5 more minutes and then we will remind them."

Mercedes looked up at the pulpit and saw Sam smiling at her. She squeezed her parent's hands and nodded for him and Brittany to join them. They made their way through the crowd and stood next to the girls. Mercedes grabbed Sam and pulled him into a hug.

"You are an amazing man I love you so much for this."

"Love me enough to marry me."

"I'm here aren't I?"

She looked at her dad.

"Daddy would you walk me back down."

"I would love to."

As everyone sat down, Mercedes and Percy walked back out the room. She looked at him still not believing he was really there.

"I am so proud of the way you guys handled yourselves these last years it was so hard leaving you guys."

"Why did you?"

"If we took you Howell would have known we were alive…Sam told me how they put Howell away…I see you still got a little me in ya."

"Well from what everyone told me I have a lot more than a little."

"He is a fine man Mercedes."

"I know daddy…he reminds me of you."

"Well we better get you down there…we have held him up long enough…you really are beautiful sunshine."

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too sweet heart."

As they get to the front more tears sprang into Mercedes's eyes as she thought about what Sam did for her. As her father gave her to Sam. Mercedes finally knew this was where she was supposed to be. Her father stuck his hand out to Sam and shook it.

"You are a great man and my daughter is so lucky to have found you."

"No sir I am the lucky one…your daughter taught me about love and I am in debt to her for as long as I live for that."

She smiled as he joined her mother and Unique. Mercedes wiped the new tears from her face as she took Sam's hand for the second time.

"Thank you so much for that you have no idea what the meant to Santana, Unique and I."

"I think I do…you all deserve the best."

"How did you find out?"

"They wouldn't let us charge Howell with murder and we found out your parents weren't killed it was staged."

"And you got them here."

"No you did by putting Howell away."

"Sam I love you so much."

"I love you too."

She looked around the church then back at Sam.

"So any other interruptions Mr. Evans?"

"Just one."

He leans in and kissed her. The minister stepped up.

"Hey that is little ways from now…shall we get started."

As the minister said his greeting and Mercedes and Sam said their vows.

"Mercedes when you suggested we do our own vows I knew exactly what I wanted to say…and here it is. When I met you it was under the impression I would close the case and move on. But the moment I met you I knew I would never be the same. You opened my eyes and my heart. You are everything I have wanted in a wife. You are beautiful your smart caring kind and you can kick some serious butt. You're it for me and I am blessed to have you in my life."

Mercedes smiled wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Ok well I guess it's my turn. Um I have my vows in my hands but I don't think I need it. When I met you…you turned my life upside down."

Sam wiped the tears from her eyes.

"We fought being together. We fought each other and I know if we made it through all this then we can make it through anything. I was going to talk about everything that I was feeling up to now but I can't. I can't see past what you and Brittany did for us. Giving us our family back, and creating a family for each of us. But you guys also allowed Tana and I to hold on to each other. That may not seem like much but it is. You saved my life in more than one way and I know that we are the Blessed ones. I love you so much and I need you in my life. Thank you for being with me thank you for just being you."

Mercedes wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled knowing her life would be wonderful from now on, she had her parents and Santana's and they both had someone who loved them enough to risk everything for them. Mercedes saw a tear form in Sam's eye as he went to seal their bond for life. They were now man and wife and she was overjoyed. As they walked through the crowd Sam looked over at her.

"Mercedes today is the happiest day of my life."

"Mine too for today you are forever mine and I am forever yours."

The End

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