Undercover Love

Chapter 2

Mercedes walked into her apartment placing the mail on the table as she went passed it. Seeing Santana's keys were gone, Mercedes ran up the stairs to get ready for her date. She smiled seeing Santana had already laid her clothes out. A pair of black skinny jeans were on the bed, along with a white tank top and black and while letterman jacket. She had Mercedes wear a pair of black pumps and just a pair of diamond studs. Mercedes was surprised she didn't put out underwear for her.

After her shower and doing her hair Mercedes glanced at herself in the mirror. She was kind of sad Santana wasn't there to tell her she looked good. SO she took a picture and sent it to her. Letting her long wavy locks fall over her shoulders, Mercedes grabbed her purse and headed out to her car. She was meeting Sam at the Regal they were going to see "The Haunted Kingdom"."

After arriving, she stood out by the box office and checked her watch. Ten till he said he'd be there at eight sharp. She watched the couples walk into the theater and tried to duck her head when she saw her ex-boyfriend Puck and his new girl. He walked over to her.

"Hey Mercedes long time no see."


Puck smiled widely. "I love how you are the only one who calls me that. So how have you been you look great tonight?"

His girlfriend shoved him and he looked at her.

"Baby why don't you get the tickets."

"Why so you can talk to her?"

Puck looked at the girl and frowned. "What did I tell you about questioning me? Now go get the damn tickets."

He handed her the money and she walked away.

Puck wrapped his arm around her. "So are you here with someone?"

Mercedes scoffed pushing him away. "Noah I thought my business stopped being your concern when you cheated on me."

"How many times am I gonna have to hear about that."

"I'm over it but it wasn't a fair trade she could've done so much better than that."

Puck gave a wide smile. And Mercedes sighed she used to love the way his eyes lit up when he smiled. He stepped closer to her.

"Ouch that hurt me deep."

She rolled her eyes and turned towards the crowd of people gathering around her checking for Sam. Puck turned her towards him.

"You know if you ever wanted to try us again we can."

"I don't think so."

She turned back towards the crowd but he turned her back towards him.

"Look I made a mistake and I am willing to admit it so can we just please get over this. I miss you so much…you understood me in a way no one ever has or will I know you miss me too."

"You miss me? That's why I haven't heard from you in like what a year…well boo on you I don't think so."

She turned around again and he turned her towards him again.

"Mercedes you know I still love you…we used to be such great friends…you and I were inseparable."

"You would think that but then again you cheated on me so you must not have felt that way then."

She rolled her eyes turned and once more he turned her again. She looked at him.

"You turn me around one more time and I am gonna slap the taste out your mouth."

"Sorry…you have to admit us becoming a couple again is very appealing isn't it?"

"Your girlfriend is looking for you I gotta go."

She walked away and looked at her watch. Ten past eight.

"Where is he we're gonna to miss the movie."

She looked around and walked to her car. As she went to open the door, someone grabbed her. She jerks around with fists high and swung.

"Sam...You scared me."

"Wow down girl I'm sorry."

"Didn't mean to swing on you."

"It's ok I am glad I moved…I saw you leaving so I tried to catch you...sorry I'm late it has been one of those days."

She smiled.

"Well we can sit here and talk about your day or we can go into the theater and talk about it...my vote the theater."

He laughed and led her into the crowded theater.

"So I saw you talking to some guy."

She cocked an eyebrow. "Jealous all ready?"

"No just curious."

"He is a part of my past that I was glad I got rid of and don't want to relive."

"Ok I get it. You look very nice tonight."

"Thanks I have to say you clean up pretty nice yourself."

"Hey I thought you like me because I was cute."

"Well you are…but it's a different cute…see when we are at school it's a tutor cute now it's a date cute…it's very simple logic if you think about it."

They laugh and walk into the theater.

"Tana I'm back."

Santana ran into the living room with a big grin on her face.

"So how was your date with trouty mouth? The man is sexy as hell but those lips are huge."

"Be nice Satan! But my date was great…other than running into the worst thing God ever created."

"You saw Puck tonight?"

"Yeah he was talking some mess about us getting back together but of course I declined…he was with that girl Bree. Man I wanted to warn her but I know she can handle herself."

"Well forget about them tell me about your date?"

"Well first we saw that new horror movie "The Haunted Kingdom"...it was pretty good and the people in the theater were so funny people jumping and screaming."

"Did you jump?"

"A few times but the funniest thing happened…the giant lion was on the prowl and met up with the main character and his girlfriend…well the lion jumped up and while he was in midair he split into two lions so he could get them both and of course since it was in 3d it looked like they were jumping at us and man Samson jumped up and spilled the popcorn on the floor and tried to play it off like he wasn't scared…girl I laughed so hard I almost chocked…it was hilarious."

"Wow I bet he acted all macho afterwards."

"Surprisingly he didn't but I didn't really bring it up after the fact but I still can see his face…all in all he was still very sweet about me laughing."

"Ok so then what happened?

"Well then we went to in and out and we just had a great time talking and laughing…we talked about school and his job...he told me about him when he was a kid…and he himself has a best friend who happens to be a guy…I told him about you too…I had just an all-around great time."

"So when are you guys going out again?"

"Wow look at the time I gotta get some sleep."


"What? I am very tired you know I have been on my feet all day."

"You know what I am talking about don't play dumb. Why aren't you going out with him again? For the last few months that is all you talked about."

"What, he asked me out again I said yeah I would go but I'm not going out with him again."

"Why not?"

Mercedes sat on the couch took off her shoes.


"Because what? Mercedes he is in your words Sexy as hell, he is funny, and educated. From what I can tell he has a good head on his shoulder, has money and more importantly I know you like him… Cedes he jumped and didn't get embarrassed and bent out of shape…he is like every guy you've ever dreamed about and then some...girl he is the type of guy you said you would hold on to if you ever met him…ima tell you this much…if you don't jump on him and make it work someone else will."

Mercedes rolled her eyes putting her hair up in a messy bun.

"I am not going out with him again. Being out on that date with Sam was great ok I really did enjoy myself."


"Well seeing Noah, made me realize that I am not in the position to trust guys right now…I mean take a look at Puck…I trusted him gave him access to my heart and what happened my life was ruined and I knew him when we were in high school and I thought he was my dream guy and see how that worked for me I am not going to make that mistake a second time I have to protect myself at all cost."

"But you guys had a great time."

"So." Mercedes rolled her eyes as she headed up stairs. Santana followed her.

"So is all you can say?"

Mercedes walked into her bedroom and began to take off her make up. "Fine yeah we did have a great time. It may have been the best date I have ever been on…But I know what will happen…all guys are the same…after a while he'll get bored with me and end up cheating on me or just dumping me…it is bound to happen…So let's just drop it and get on with our lives…I know I like him and I can see myself falling hard for him but I can't risk that anymore he will just have to be the one I pushed away because fear held me back."

Santana sighed sitting on Mercedes bed.

"You need to stop thinking every guy is out to hurt you...yes Puck broke your heart and yes you have had a hard time giving it out again but maybe just maybe Sam could be the one you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with…the one you are destined to marry and have a future with you know big house lots of little kids for aunt Tana to spoil."

"And maybe he's not…maybe I am not the marring type and maybe I am not the having kids and a big house type either. Tana I know you mean well but listen to me I am not trying to be hurt anymore and the only way I know how not to be hurt is not to be in a situation to be hurt…and as much as I like Sam and I really do I could not take it if he hurt me…at first I thought he would be a cool person to hang with but now I really like him if he did what Noah did I wouldn't know what to do."

"Girl you are gonna be alone thinking like that."

"Maybe that is what I want maybe I need to be alone so I will never be hurt."

Mercedes looked at Santana and saw her wearing a short black revealing dress.

"Wait a minute why are you so dressed up?"

She smiled.

"Well you remember Matt? Well he is taking me out."

"At one in the morning?"

"Well the party started about an hour ago and we have to make an entrance."

"Uh huh sure I am going to bed you go party your brains out ok."

"Why don't you come with us?"

"I'm tired I told you I have been on my feet all day…and plus I don't ever go out with you and him cause you know I think you can do so much better than him…he is the biggest pig I have ever met."

"I know you don't like him…but he goes to the best parties and well he's a great kisser…and a girl needs a little fun in this place…well I need a little fun in my life."

Mercedes sighed walking into the bathroom. "Yeah and the fact that he is a party legend and kisses well makes up for no personality and no common sense…plus him not thinking before he speaks?"

"Hey… he has common sense…and he is very sensitive I mean he cried while we were watching lion king."

"He asked me if I would ever make out with a hot dog."

"We were watching mean girls he was curious."

"Ok say I give him that tell me did he think it was a good idea to ask me if I would ever consider making out with his hot dog."

"He was joking around."

"No he wasn't he was dead serious."

"Ok so he's not the most charming man in the world very few guys are."

Mercedes walked out the bathroom and over to Santana. "Tana you are beautiful and smart and can have anybody you want but you insist on being with these lame dudes who are very disrespectful. Even in high school you did that same thing. I mean look at you. 5'8 model figure long hair."

"Are you trying to get to a point?"

"Yeah I need to know why? Why not date that Quinn girl you know she was interested."

"First of all Quinn is only curious she wants a good time and I don't want to be that for her. Second I don't date girls Cedes. I tried it and you saw what happened."

"Yeah I saw that you and Dani were getting close and you walked away and started dating Azimo. Now you are onto Matt. I think that you are dating guys you never would seriously want to be with."


"You heard me. If that is not right then you tell me why do you go for these losers?"

Santana folded her arms. "Why are you giving up on Sam?"

"Tana I am serious."

"So am I."

"I have been hurt before what is your excuse?"

"Mercedes I am not like you I can't just stick with one person I have to test the field check out the merchandise you know be 25 not an old maid serving one at a time…men date many women at once all the time so why should it matter that I want to explore my options I like having choices."

"Well all I know is it will be a lot less confusing for you and the rest of us…if you just dated one at a time instead of three or four a week...I am starting to feel sorry for them all I mean guys and girls are asking you out all the time and you turning the good ones down for losers like Matt."

"Well Matt is you know just a steady…I see him more than the others and he knows that and I will continue to see him until I get bored…which may be sooner than expected cause he is a jerk."

"One word…two syllables…better…that is all I am saying you better finish getting ready I'm sure he'll be honking in a minute…we are in cave times you know where the guy honks instead of knocking on the door like a decent man…I am surprised he just doesn't make you meet him there."

"Well what can I say he's a guy we all know that no guy walked to the door to pick you up?"

"Sam does."

"Hmmm Sam the guy you don't want to date."

"Yeah whatever."

Santana stood. "I am gonna go before you kill my mood."

"I'm just saying someone better is out there you just need to start looking for them."

"And I am saying it's about time you let go and let God as you say, if you really like Sam then stop acting like he is Puck."

"I'll think about it."

As Mercedes is asleep, she is awakened by a hand caressing her chest. She opened her eyes and saw Puck with a smile on his face.

"Well it's about time you woke up."

She sat up in her bed.

"Noah? What are you doing here?"

"That doesn't matter what does is that we need to talk I love you Cedes and I know you love me we will be together you can either take it peacefully or I will make you."

He tried to grab her but she picked up a desk lamp and slammed it into his head. She grabbed her phone and ran out the room. As she is running, she ran right into another man smiling at her.

"And just where do you think you are going."

"Let me go now…help someone help."

She struggled to get free but he is holding her to tight. She eyed a bat against the wall and kicked him between his legs. She picked up the bat and started to swing. She as she swung the bat she saw the body fall to the floor and she ran. As the light burned through the window Mercedes jumped up and rubbed her eyes.

"It was just another horrible dream."

She looked at her clock.

"Ten till nine...Great I'm gonna be late again."

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