Undercover Love

Chapter 3

As Mercedes ran around the field with the children in her group, Sam walked over to her and smiled as he watched her play with them. She looked up and saw Sam and walked towards him. He smiled, as she got closer.

"Hey Mercedes."

"Hey Sam how are you doing?"

"I'm fine...you never called me back."

"I know and I am so sorry I was just so over worked with school and of course as you see work."

"I understand."

He looked at her neck and saw a beautiful black ruby on a silver chain.

"That's a beautiful necklace…you're not afraid of losing it running around here?"

She looked down and grabbed it.

"No I've had it for two years…it was from Noah my ex...Since the day he gave it to me I've never taken it off and he said I could keep it."

"Where did he get it?"

"It was past down to him from his great grandmother I think?"


He looked her up and down and saw a heart key on her ankle.

"Another gift from an ex."

She looked at her ankle.

"Nope from my dad he gave it to me before he…it was a gift."

"Before he what?"

"Forget it so you look like you want to ask me something."

"Oh yeah...well I had a great time the other night with you and I wanted to know if you wanted to go out again. I was thinking we could go to Dave and Busters or something?"

Mercedes looked at him for a moment and then nodded.

"Sure, so when are we going?"

"Can I pick you up at 7?"

"Um sure I'll be ready."

"Great...I will see you tonight at 7."


Sam kissed her hand then smiled as he walked away waving to the little kids and Mercedes ran over to them. As much as she didn't like it Sam was getting to her, she really liked him.

"Maybe Santana is right maybe its time to let go."

Santana laughed as she sat down next to Mercedes and placed bobby pins in Mercedes's hair.

"You are something else I thought you didn't want to go out with him anymore…I thought he was too much like the good guy you weren't interested."

"He smiled at me, I cannot be held responsible for what I when he does that."

"Well I am glad you are dating again now I Don't feel so bad going out."

"When have you ever felt bad about going out?"

"That is beside the point…now go get ready."

"Yeah ok whatever how do you know I am doing the right thing I mean what makes you think that Sam is right for me?"

"Mercedes...believe me if I thought for one second you dating Sam was bad I would tell you but I don't…I really think this is a good thing and I know you like him so please just give him a chance…you never know he may surprise you and be just what you are looking for."

"I am giving him a chance but…"

"But what?"

"But…it's just if I fall for him and he plays me I don't know how I am gonna handle it…I told you the other day this is hard for me I really do like him."

"Still thinking about Puck?"

"No…yes…he was my best friend and he broke my heart…we were so close. I thought I could trust him then to find out what he did… how do I know that Sam won't do the same thing?"

"Sam seems different."

"Is there really a difference with guys I mean don't they all hurt you in different degrees of hurt?"

"Come on talk to me. What is going on here?"


"There's something bothering you I know it."

"And how do you know."

"Because I know you. You're my sister. You remember when my mom told us that even though I was born first that whole two months I was here I wasn't happy."

"Yeah she said its cause you missed your sister."

"And I did. Ever since you were born we have never been apart."

"We have been through a lot."

"Yeah and that is why I know something is wrong."

"I'm just scared."

"It's ok to be scared but don't let that or anyone else control you don't let it or them stop you from being happy."

Mercedes looked away from Santana and to the ground. "Not even my dad."


"San tomorrow..."

Santana pulled her closer. "I know…I knew you were still upset but I didn't know you were feeling like this."

"San tomorrow will be 8 years…eight years without our parents."

"Mercedes you cannot be mad at your dad…he could not control what happened no more than we could."

"I know…but I am he promised me he would never leave me…they all did."

"Mercedes we have both suffered from this…we lost people very important to us…you know our moms would not want us mad at dad ok and neither would dad for that matter…and they would want you happy…we both deserve to be happy."

"I'm sorry San I don't want to upset you…it's just I have been thinking about them more and more…I miss them so much."

"I do too…but you can't let what happened to them scare you into thinking everyone you love will hurt you or leave."

"Why not everyone has."

"I haven't…and you haven't for me we are each other's rock and if we don't look out for each other no one will."

"I know that."

"Then start acting like it…you remember that promise we made when my aunt and your grandmother wanted to split us up?"

"Yeah that we would never let anyone or thing come between us."

"Yeah and that includes your feelings."

"Thanks San."

"Mercedes no big we are sisters for life I got you and you got me."

"Yeah I love you San."

"Love you to Mercedes."

They hugged each other.

"Your hair is finished…you think you ready for your date?"

"Yeah I think I am. Well as ready as I can be."

"I am so proud of you."

"For what?"

"For taking another shot at love."

"This is just a date no one said a thing about love."

"Yeah well you never know."

Sam Evans and his partner Brittany Peirce looked at the red Monty Carlo. Puck was a hard tail to follow but they had orders. Do whatever it took to get what they needed. Sam looked down at his watch. Twenty after five. He needed to get moving.

As he spotted Puck walking out of Steels (a warehouse) he took his camera and focused on the suitcase that he had in his hand. After the pictures were taken he followed Puck to Mercedes's apartment.

"Ok Brittany you can drop me off at Mercedes's house…once we make sure everything is fine you can take the car back."

"Uh huh, so when am I gonna meet this girl?"


"Ever since high school you have always got the girl but you have never really cared…I look at you and see the way you talk about her. You like her."

"Britt I have a girlfriend who I am in love with. This is a case, she is a mark."

"Hmmm why don't I believe you?"

"I don't know."

"I am just saying, I have studied her and know what kinda man she wants and knowing you...well you might just fall in love with her."

"Oh whatever Britt, look we went out and had a great time I like her I do but not as anything but a friend."

Brittany smirked. "And how do you know you won't fall for her."

"Cause I won't."

"The ones in denial are always the first to fall."

"Whatever just pull up right here and let me out."

Brittany smiled seeing Mercedes and Santana walk into their house.

"So that is her best friend? Santana?"

"Yeah, I met her once, she is a spitfire I will tell you that."

"Invite me on your date."

Sam looked at her furrowing his brow. "What?"

"Come on, I just want to meet her. See if she plays for my team or not?"

"And how will I explain you?"

"Tell them I am your sister I don't care, she is hot and I have a way of turning straight girls gay anyways."

"Brittany this is a job. I don't need any more issues ok?"

Mercedes glanced into the mirror once more and then walked down the stairs. As she walked to get her purse the doorbell rang.

"San I got it."

As she opened the door, her face went from a smile to a frown.

"Noah what are you doing here?"

"I came to see how you were…baby you look fine new dress."

He moved towards her. And she moved away from him.

"First off don't touch me...ever…you need to get out of my apartment."

"You don't mean that I know you still love me."

He went to kiss her, but she shoved his face away from hers. He grabbed her arms as Sam walked up to the door.

"Is there a problem here? Mercedes is this guy bothering you?"

Puck looked at Sam then to Mercedes. Mercedes pushed him towards the door.

"No he was just leaving."

Puck moved from the door and stared at Sam.

"Where do I know you from?"

"You tell me."

Mercedes grabbed her purse.

"Noah I said I wanted you to leave and I meant now not later."

"Baby you are a feisty one." Puck looked at Sam. "Do you know how feisty she is man? She is a wild one."

Mercedes rolled her eyes.

"I am not your baby now please just leave me alone."

"Look I believe she asked you to leave now be a gentleman and do it."

Puck laughed.

"Man who are you the polite police get out of my face…so Mercedes going out with him is pay back? Since when do you go for the pretty boys? I thought you were into the badasses."

Sam stepped closer to Puck. Mercedes stepped between them.

"Noah we are not together and we haven't been for a while what is wrong with you? Are you drunk or high or something?"

Sam moved pass Mercedes.

"Do you need me to show you that way out?"

"You ain't gonna show me nothing now back the hell up."

"She said leave."

"And I said get out my face."

Puck shoved Sam. Sam stepped closer and punched Puck in the mouth. Puck grabbed Sam and slammed him to the wall. Sam began to punch Puck. Mercedes tried to break it up but they had already begun to fight around the apartment.

"Stop it I mean it stop."

Santana ran down the stairs to see what was going on.

"Mercedes what is happening?"

"San call the police."

As Santana walked to the phone Brittany ran into the house.

"Whoa what is going on here break it up you two…Sam over there and you over on that side…now or would you both like to take a ride downtown."

Brittany walked between them and Santana and Mercedes looked at each other than Brittany. Santana gave her, her award-winning smile.

"And you are?"

"Sorry I'm Brittany Pierce…detective for the police department…I was sitting in the car waiting for Sam and saw your door wide open and one of you screaming so I came running."

Santana beamed. "And are we glad."

Mercedes looked at Santana. Puck looked at both Sam and Brittany. Brittany looked back at Puck with her hand on her gun.

"You wanna take this downtown."

"Naw I'm good should've known he'd have a cop for a friend…but no matter who your friends are this isn't finished by a long shot…Ima catch you later…I'm out."

Puck walked towards the door and left.

Sam moved closer to Mercedes. "Is everyone else ok?"

Mercedes looked at him.

"Sam what were you thinking hitting him like that."

"I was thinking I was gonna defend myself."

"By acting like an idiot."

"I'm an idiot cause I was defending myself."

Mercedes shook her head walking around the apartment. "You shouldn't have hit him you are older you should have been the bigger man you could see he was drunk or something."

"I thought I was being the bigger man when I didn't let him treat you like that. Drunk or not I'm not letting anyone disrespect me."

"I could handle him."

"Well maybe I should leave and let you handle him then."

"Why are you being like this all I am saying is you didn't have to hit him."

"Mercedes he shoved me."

"But he's harmless."

"Harmless doesn't matter when you putting your hands on me."

Santana walked between them.

"Guys go to your corners."

"What is your problem Sam someone says one thing to you and you trip."

"You want me to be some fool off the street who lets guys put their hands on me."

"Well I would think being a teacher you would know how to turn the other cheek."

"So because I am a teacher I'm weak?"

"I wasn't saying that all I was saying was that you shouldn't have got in his face."

"So you want me to just stand there and let him disrespect us both."

Mercedes crossed her arms. "No."

"Then what did you want me to do?"

"I don't like violence ok. If you throw a stone at your enemy he will just find a bigger stone to throw at you when you're not looking."

"Look we need to calm down…I am sorry I hit him but he pushed me."

"I know and you had every right to hit him but you could have just let me handle it."

"Next time I will."

"Ok then I am sorry too."

Santana walked over to Brittany.

"So Brittany how long have you been on the force?"

"A few years…this is a nice place you got Ms.?"

"Santana…you can call me San everyone does."

Mercedes looked over at Santana."

"San I think I need your help in the kitchen."

"You think?"


"Unt fine…I will be right back."

As they walked into the kitchen, Brittany looked at Sam.

"You let him hit you."

"I had to how would it look me beating him down with things I learned in the force…and look at you running in here like the hero of the day."

"I couldn't have planned it better myself…Santana was all over me…I still got it."

"Ok so how are you gonna explain how you know me?"

"We will just tell the truth we grew up together."

"Ok and you went into the force I went a different route."

Santana peeks through the kitchen door.

"Mercedes you do not pull a woman out of a room with a fine woman like that who was sending all kinds of vibes my way. I mean did you see her it's like the best Christmas present in the world."

"Christmas is two months away."

"And I know what I want Brittany Pierce gift wrapped tied in a bow steaming and all mine."

"Down girl…even though I have to admit seeing Sam fight over me makes me like him more."

"So how bout you guys skip that play and we stay in and watch movies."

"What about you date with Kevin."

"Ok did you see Brittany…oh the things I would do to that girl."

"Ok yeah I think you need to calm yourself down before you scare her off."

"Girl did you see her Body."

"Don't make me get the hose…I'm not playing I'll get it and hose you down see if she likes you while you are all wet and soggy."

"I should spill something on her shirt by accident make her take off that shirt I bet she looks good wet."

"Santana listen to yourself you talking like a horny teenager."

"Girl just one look at that girl has got me feeling like a horny teenager."

The girl's walked back into the room. Mercedes hands Sam the ice.

"Here I got you some ice for your hand."

"Thanks…well it looks like with my hand we won't be able to play that many games."

"Santana suggested we all stay and watch a movie or something."

Sam smiled shaking his head. "Yeah I think we can do that."

Mercedes nodded. "Ok well Sam you can help me get the snacks. And if you don't mind Brittany you and Santana can go grab movie run and we can make the snacks."

"Fine with me."

"San would you and Brittany mind going and getting the pizza or something?

Santana grabbed Brittany's hand. "No problem we will be back."

"Hey don't stay out all night we want to watch the movies sometime tonight."

"Whatever Brittany you ready."

"Yes ma'am."

Santana smiles widely as they leave and Mercedes looks towards Sam. "Shall we?"

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