Undercover Love

Chapter 5

3 months later

Sam and Brittany stood outside the girl's apartment. They had a picnic packed and ready to go.

"Britt are you sure about this. I am not sure today is the best day to do this."

"I am sure, you said we need to move up your time line so spending all day together should do the trick."

They walked up to the door and Brittany knocked. Santana opened the door and looked as if she had been crying. Brittany steps closer to Santana.

"Tana what's wrong did something happen?"

"Huh oh no I am sorry today is just not a good day."

"What's wrong?"

She looked around outside then back at Brittany.

"Come on in."

They walk in and see Mercedes on the couch in tears. Sam walked over to her.

"Cedes what's wrong…why are you crying why are you both crying?"

Mercedes sat up and leaned against Sam. He looked down at her.

"Baby what's wrong."

"Today is just a sad day…its ok. We are ok."

Brittany looked at Santana who was leaning next to her.

"What day?"

Santana looked at Mercedes then back at Brittany.

"Our parents died eight years ago today."

Sam felt Mercedes cry harder. He held her tighter.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Mercedes moved deeper into Sam's arms. "I don't know I just didn't think you would be interested."

"Hey look at me." Sam lifted her face to his. "I am interested in anything that has to do with you."

He pulled her up off the couch.

"Ladies today we are going to celebrate…go upstairs and get dressed."

Santana rolled her eyes. "What."

Sam smiled wisely. "Well we were going to take you out anyways so now we have a real reason we are going to celebrate the life your parents now go and get dressed."

Mercedes looked at Sam.

"Celebrate their life they aren't here anymore."

"Cedes I don't believe they would want you to be upset. I would think they would want you to be happy that they did live a great life. And raised two very beautiful and smart women…I want to take you out as a thank you to them."

Santana looked at Brittany then Sam.

"We are going to be upstairs give us about a half an hour."

"Ok well we are going to ice skating so dress warm."

"We will be ready."

She pulled Mercedes up the stairs. Brittany looked at Sam.

"I forgot today was the day. Kurt suggested a picnic and skating and I just went along not realizing they would be sad." Brittany punched Sam in the arm. "You should have warned me."

Sam moved from her. "Ok first of all. Oww that hurt. And second, I tried to tell you, but you know I can never get a word in, while you and Kurt are talking."

Brittany folded her arms staring at Sam as he watched the stairs. "You are falling for her that is why you went along with my idea. You wanted to be here for her."

"I don't care about her like that or anything more than this assignment I am doing my job."

"Uh huh tell me another lie."

"And what about you."

"What about me."

"You have never planned a picnic in your life. You wanted to impress Santana cause you're falling for her."

Brittany shrugged. "What she's hot and I loves my lady kisses. But I am not the one undercover here."

Mercedes looked out the window.

"Sam is sweet."

Santana held up a pair of dangling earrings. "Yeah they both are."

"I think you were right."


Mercedes turned towards Santana. "I think they are the ones."

"You feel it too then."

Biting her lip Mercedes stood. "Yeah Tana. I think I am in love with Sam no falling involved."

"Hey are you sure you are up to going out today."

"Yeah he is right we need this to have fun in their memory together…and what more fun could we have sitting at home than being out with the men of our dreams."

"All right then let's get dressed."

Sam, Brittany, Mercedes and Santana are sitting on the bench drinking hot chocolate. Sam stood up.

"Care to join me for a skate my dear?"

"Sam I would love to but I want to finish my hot chocolate take Tana I am sure Brittany won't mind."

Santana stood up.

"We will be back."

As they skated off Brittany looked at Mercedes.

"So you seem to be falling for Sam."

"And why would you say that?" Mercedes said taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

"Because I see the way you look at him."

"Is it that obvious?"


Mercedes turned her body towards Brittany. "Can you keep a secret?"


"I think I am in love with your best friend."


"It just kinda happened but Brittany I wanted to make sure it was ok with you I wanted to see what you thought of me you know see how the best friend sees you."

"And that is why you sent Santana with him."

Mercedes nodded. "Yeah if we aren't cool nothing will ever work with Sam, and I really want it to work."

Brittany looked at her for a moment then sighed happily. "I don't think he could find better if he tried and I mean that…you are so good for him."

Mercedes beamed. "Well you are so good for Santana. She puts this guard up around everyone but you. It's like she can be herself with you. Be truly happy."

"Yeah I like her a lot."

Brittany laughed "She gets me…and I get her…if only things were different."

"What do you mean?"

"I a, meant if I met her a while ago we could have been having these good times."

Mercedes nodded taking another drink. "I hope this is the first of many conversations…I like talking to you."

"Yeah I like talking to you too and may I say that you and Sam make a great couple."

"Yeah we do… you guys too."

Brittany stood. "Hey you wanna go join our dates before they forget we exist."

"I would love too."

Santana looked over at Mercedes and Brittany as they pretended to be figure skaters and skated around them. She looked at Sam.

"You know she really likes you."

"I hope because I really like her too."

"I can tell you guys seem really happy."

"Well so do you and Brittany."

"Yeah I like her…she seems so much like me I can see us going the whole way…like I can see you and Cedes…she would kill me if she knew I told you but she is falling in love with you."

"Yeah her ex might have other plans though."

Santana rolled her eyes. "Don't worry about Puck…he only wants something from her we don't know what though."

"And how do you know he wants something from her."

"Cause when they were together he was always in trouble now she is over him he wants her back I don't buy it and neither does she."

"Watch out."

Mercedes and Brittany grab Santana and Sam. They all fell to the ground. They all laugh as they struggled to get up.

Sam looked over his file when the phone rang.


"Hey Sam its Mercedes."

"Hey how are you?"

"I am pretty good how are you."

"Kinda tired I can't believe we didn't leave your house till after 6 this morning."

"Yeah well after laser quest you were tired…and sleep half that time."

Sam smiled leaning back in his chair. "It is not my fault you have a comfortable lap."

"Uh huh well that is not why I am calling you anyways."

"Ok so what's up?"

Mercedes bit her lip. "What are we?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are we together just hanging or what?"

Sam sighed, he thought he had more time before that question. "Cedes people don't need labels we like each other and we are hanging isn't that enough."

"Yeah I guess." She said sighing.

"Ok so is that why you called?"

"No actually I'm having trouble on a problem and was hoping you could help."

"Ok go to the chat room and I will be there waiting for you."

"Ok thanks...um maybe while we are online we can talk about what we are doing tonight?"

"I would rather talk about it either over the phone or in person I just want to hear how you feel you know...does that sound dumb?"

"No not at all I completely understand...how bout you come over and help me."

"Mercedes you know if I come over we won't be studying."

"Ok fine online help then…but after you help me online your coming to see me maybe we can go out again?"

"I would like that...so I will talk to you online and see you in say an hour and a half?"

"Make it two and we got ourselves a deal?"

"Ok two it is...bye."


Sam hung up the phone then picked it up again and dialed.

"Brittany its Sam."

"Hey Sam, what are you up to I just got done talking to Santana I don't know what it is about her but she can always but a smile on my face."

"Yeah well that is because you are falling for her."

"Nope, has to be something else."

"Uh any ways need your help?"

"Sure what can I do for you?"

"I need you to log on to for me."

"More tutor work?"

"Yeah Mercedes is having problems again."

"She is too smart for that all she needs to do is have a little more confidence she gets the answers right most of the time…but I can do it."

"Thanks bye."

Santana ran to Mercedes's room.

"Girl you have to come to the door like now."

"Why...can't you see I'm studying? And shouldn't you be studying too?"

"Fine if you don't wanna see what your ex has for you."

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "What is Noah up to now I told him I don't want anything from him."

They walk into the living room and out the front door. Mercedes saw Puck standing in a carriage.

"Boy what are you doing?"

"It's all a part of your 7 days of birth."

"I was born on one day and that isn't till next week now what I want to know is why you are in front of my home and why are you here with a horse and buggy when we are not together."

Puck shoved his hands into his pockets. "I just want to show you I have changed and to please give me a second chance."

Mercedes laughed. "No!"

Puck sighed. "Well at least take a ride with me it's the least you could do."

"No, the least I could do is take you back which is never gonna happen."

Santana looked at Mercedes.

"You know he's not gonna go away right?"

"Then you go I am not gonna give him the thought that I want him back cause I don't."

Mercedes turned towards Puck.

"Look Noah I am flattered that you went all out this way just to make me feel good on my birthday but I can only accept gifts that don't have hidden meanings."

"Then take it as a peace offering."

She looked at him then at Santana.

"Fine...but only around the block...and Santana has to come too."

"Hey you don't have to ask me twice."

The girls get into the carriage and Puck instructs the driver to take off. Mercedes looked around the park.

"This is really nice."

"I hoped you would like it." Puck said as he put his arm around Mercedes. She moved away from him.

"Don't get it twisted I am not with you this is a peace offering remember now touch me again and you know what'll happen."

"Point taken."


Puck clapped his hands together. "So you going out with that Sam dude?"


"I just want to know I mean we spent many years together it's only fair we share our love life details."

Mercedes laughed. "Noah the only thing I am going to share with you is my fist in your mouth if you don't stop questioning me…I am still mad at you for hitting him what were you thinking any ways."

"He was in my face. I had to show him who was the true badass."

Santana bust out laughing. "Puck he could have broken you."

"But he didn't did he?"

Mercedes rolled her eyes as Santana shook her head. "Whatever."

Puck moved closer to Mercedes. "Cedes, why you playing you know you want me back."

"What I want is for this carriage ride to hurry up."

"Man you are hard to please."

"Noah you could never please me."

Sam looked at the carriage and couldn't believe it was Mercedes who sat next to Puck. But why did he feel so jealous he was only using Mercedes to get what he wanted. He began to take pictures. He kept thinking to himself that this woman he was forced to lie to was only a piece to him once the case was closed he didn't have to deal with her again so why these mixed emotions?

Mercedes looked at her watch.

"It's almost eight I need to get back to the house."

Puck looked up.

"I don't trust him."



Mercedes sighed. "You didn't even give him a chance before your macho man act took over ima say it again you shouldn't have hit him…and anyways I thought we talked about you being in my business whatever I have planned isn't any of your concern ok."

"Sorry for caring I am just looking out for you."

As the carriage arrives back at the house, she saw Sam sat on her porch. She jumped off and walked up to him.

"Let me grab my coat and we can be on our way."

Sam sighed folding his arms. "So this is what you do."

"What?" Mercedes cocked her eyebrow.

"You get off a date with one guy then hop on another?"


"Every time I see you...you are with him."

Mercedes crossed her arms. "If I was on a date with Puck don't you think it would have been just him and me not Santana too?"

"I need to know what is going on."

"He brought this over for my birthday."

"What today's your birthday?"

"No next weekend is."

Sam laughed. "Your excuse is he got you a ride in a carriage for your birthday next weekend."

Mercedes threw her hands in air. "It's the truth...I don't have to prove anything to you…you are not my man if I wanna date 20 guys I can and you wouldn't have a say anyways...you know I like you hell you know I am in love with you and yet you sit here like a jealous little boy…I am sick of guys like you who have to control every aspect of a girl's life…as a matter of fact I really don't feel much like being around you so you can leave."

Mercedes turned to leave but Sam grabbed her arm. "Oh so that's how it is you lead me on this push me away."

Mercedes yanked her arm away from him. "No one lead you on, we went out had a great time but you never agreed to be my boyfriend if I recall when I mentioned that we were you said and I quote "people don't need labels we like each other and we are hanging" or did I get that wrong."

"No you…"

Mercedes folded her arms across her chest. "So you admit that we aren't together?"

"Well that is a little…"

"You need to make up your mind."

Puck jumped up.

"That's right."

"Noah shut up…Sam this is a little much for me anyways I think that for right now I am gonna go and relax…so goodnight and goodbye."

She turned to leave as Sam laughed. "You are so childish."

Mercedes whipped around and Santana moved to the side. She was not about to be caught in the cross hairs. Excuse me? What the hell did you just call me?"

"He called you childish baby."

"Noah I swear if you say one more word I will castrate you! Sam you have to be the stupidest guy I have ever met. So by your definition because I don't wanna go out with you I am childish…so what because I am not trying to be tied down by a man who doesn't want what I want out of a relationship right now I am childish."

Sam moved closer to her. "If you didn't like me you could have told me I am not a little boy I can take rejection but don't go around acting like I am the one playing this game you are on this hot and cold kick one minute you really like me your falling hard and then the next I find you with another guy."

"I was not with another guy I told you what happened and if you don't believe that then too bad for you."

"Well I don't."

"Then leave me the hell alone because right now I don't want nothing to do with you…so good bye have a nice night."


"I said good bye."

Mercedes brushed past him and she walked into the house. Puck laughed.

"Better luck next time."

Sam moved closer to him. "Man if you don't get out of my face."

"Because I told Cedes I would be nice I am just gonna leave."

He smiled as the carriage pulled off. Santana looked at Sam.

"You are not doing a good job at keeping Mercedes."

Sam threw his hands in the air and then ran them threw his hair. "She is too much I mean we were just on the phone and she was talking about how she wanted to see me then she gets with her ex."

"Sam she wasn't trying to get with her ex she didn't even want to go but me being me talked her into cause I thought it would be nice…not to hook them up but after today I realized Puck doesn't want her back I can tell he just likes messing with you."

"This is not how I wanted today to go I was ready to tell her we could be exclusive…I don't know why I blew up."

Santana smirked "Jealousy."

"I don't get jealous."

"Well you just did."

Sam laughed. "No I didn't."

"Yeah you did."

Sam sat on the stairs shaking his head. "Man what is wrong with me."

"Do you really like Cedes?"

"Yeah I do I have been fighting it but today proves that I am falling for her hard…how can I make this right?"

Santana patted his back. "Give it a couple of days."

"A couple of days are you sure?"

"Yeah I am I know my sister just give it a few days then talk to her get her some roses white ones cause she loves them and put on the charm."

"Ok…how bout we take her out for her birthday I'll even invite Brittany."

"Well if you insist."

"I better go I'll give it till her birthday which is?"

"Next Saturday."

Sam stood. "Yeah next Saturday and we will go out I will make all of the reservations and everything just make me sound good to her ok."

"Yeah will do and you put in a couple good words for Brittany…she is amazing."

"Yeah she thinks the same about you too."

Santana beamed. "Are you serious?"

Sam nodded. "Yeah I am."

"Well then good cause I was wondering."

Santana smiled as they parted ways.

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