Undercover Love

Chapter 6

Sam looked at the pictures he took. He had to figure out why Mercedes is so important to Puck. And further more why she was so important to him. He listened to what Santana had to say but Puck had to want her back.

One minute he's out partying with girls all over him then the next buying Mercedes stuff. Sam was missing something and he knew the only person who could help was Mercedes. Sam paid for the dozen white roses and walked to his car. Santana said give her time and he did…he called her last night and they talked for a while. As he was driving over to Mercedes's he began to smile…he had no idea why he was liked her so much when he told himself was that she was a case.

He knew she was getting to him and as much as he wanted to avoid falling for her it was too hard. She was everything he had ever wanted in a woman. She was smart and beautiful and she made him happy. Like truly happy. She was someone he could really see a future with and that scared him. He even agreed to go to church with her. And as much as he hated to admit it Mercedes was playing a major role in his life and he wasn't sure if it was a good role or a bad one.

He walked up her stairs and knocked on her door. As he was standing outside, he heard a faint scream. He went around the back and it became louder. It was Mercedes's voice and she sounded like she was in trouble. He pushed against the door until it opened and ran to the room where he heard Mercedes scream.

As he opened the door with his gun out ready to shoot he saw no one in the room but heard her scream again. At that point, he realized she was dreaming. He shoved the gun back into his ankle holster and walked over to her bed. He gently shook her and her eyes rushed open. She looked around the room then back at Sam.

"Sam what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you but when I heard you screaming I thought you might be in trouble...so I pushed against the door and ran up here as fast as I could."

"You could hear me out side?"

"Yeah what's going on?"

Mercedes rubbed her head sighing. "It's these dreams; they are getting worse and more frequent."

"What dreams?"

Mercedes bit her lower lip.

"I used to have dreams all the time about my dad and a man...my dad was in a ware house and he was surrounding by these guys. They were making a deal or something I am not sure really. He left and the guy told his friend to kill my dad. I woke up screaming and my dad said he was ok. And everything was going to be fine. Then he left with my mom and Santana's parents and next thing I know people coming and telling us they were dead. That was a couple months before they died."

Sam exhaled running his hands through his hair. "Wow that is kinda freaky."

"Well now I am having the same kind of dream. Someone is breaking into my house and attacking me. Santana says I should tell someone in authority but how dumb will that sound. I told my dad and he thought I was crazy."

"I think she's right if you are not sleeping because you are afraid of the dream. Then you need to talk to a professional. Maybe it's something in your life that is triggering your thoughts."

"But I dunno what it could be I mean my life is pretty dull."

"But if you had to think of a situation in where your life was similar to the dream could you?"

Mercedes laid back against the head bored. "Umm...well...back when Noah and I broke up we were victims of a drive by. We were at his house and people just started shooting at us...Noah told me it was a mistake but I dunno they were focused on his house."

"When was this?"

"Years ago after that I was like forget it...people have come up to me and threatened me and made me feel horrible I even got jumped once but ever since we broke up things have been calm except..."

"What except what?"

"I can't believe I'm telling you this but I got this envelope in the mail and it was addressed to me I opened it had this letter."

She got up and grabbed the letter. Sam looked at the letter then reads.

"Tick tock your time is nearly up...who is it from?"

"I don't know at first I thought it was a joke but I got a phone call last night and they said the same thing."

Sam moved closer to her and took her hand in his. "Maybe you should tell someone in authority about this."

"I was thinking about that and I think I have an idea of who to talk to."

Sam looked into her eyes.

"Really who?"

"Well remember in the chat room you told me about Brittany's partner you knew...I think you said his name was Evan or Evans something like that."

Sam looked around the room rubbing his neck.

"Uh yeah him well he might be a good person to go to but you might want to talk to someone else like Brittany I mean you do know her and she really is good at what she does."

"Well you said he was the best cop you knew."

"Maybe...look how bout I take the letter and show him then I can ask him what you should do and if need be you can talk to him face to face."

Mercedes nodded. "Ok I guess that's fine."

Santana ran into the room.

"Mercedes...Mercedes are you all right?"

Mercedes jumped up.

"Sweetie I'm fine why."

"Ohmigosh I was so scared I mean I came home and the door was wide open I thought something had happened to you."

Sam laughed.

"That was my fault I heard Mercedes scream and I ran into the house trying to see what was wrong."

Sam stood up.

"But I will go fix it."

He walked out the door and down the steps. Santana looked at Mercedes.

"Those dreams are getting to be too much now people can hear you outside."

Mercedes put her hand up. "Look I know and I am trying to control them but I can't and the scary thing is last time I had dreams like this they came true...I am seriously afraid of what is gonna happen to me."

Santana hugged Mercedes tightly. "Mercedes you are my best friend and I am behind you one hundred percent ok."

"I know I just have a strong feeling that something isn't right and something bad is going to happen in the near future."

"Well I am here no matter what."


Sam walked into the room.

"Ok the door is fixed and I forgot to give you these as an apology for the other day."

He hands her the roses.

"Please forgive me?"

She looked at the roses then to Sam.

"Well Sam...when you give me such wonderful roses and a sincere apology like that how can I resist."

He smiled and leans in for a kiss.

Santana smiled.

"Wanky! If you guys are going to make up I will leave now."

Mercedes laughed as Santana walked out the room.

She stared at Sam. She knew he would kiss her again and she couldn't wait. As he moved closer to her she closed her eyes and felt love surge through her as his lips touched hers. She melted into his arms as his tongue fought hers for attention. She shuddered as she felt the power of his kiss. He stepped back and smiled Mercedes glanced up at him. She was speechless. Sam looked at his watch then back at her.

"Well I should probably let you get changed we meaning Santana, Brittany, and I are taking you out for your birthday…I'm gonna run out for a minute but I will be back."

"What…you're leaving?"

"Yeah…I have something to take care of but just get dressed and I will be back...oh yeah wear something that says...I am going out with a sexy tall amazing man."

She laughed.

"Sweetie I've sexy and tall men before, you are nothing new."

Sam smirked. "Uh huh go get ready."

He walked out the room and she smiled. She sat up on the bed as the phone rang.


"Mercedes hi its Brittany is Ev- I mean Sam there?"

"Uh no you just missed him you can try his cell."

"I did and of course he isn't picking up."

"Oh ok well if you will excuse me I have to get ready…shouldn't you be getting ready too or are you not coming."

"I'm coming Santana already got on me about not picking her up yesterday…if she wasn't so cute I would not even bother."

"Are you serious?"

Brittany laughed. "No…I do like her a lot but don't tell her that."

"I won't as long as you don't tell Sam that I really like him."

"Anybody who has eyes can see that you two have fallen for each other."

"I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing."

"Santana told me what actually happened with your parents."

"I figured she would it was bound to happen I mean after you guys took us ice skating I knew you would ask."

"You know she believes that Sam and I may be the ones you guys are going to marry."

"She told you that?"

"Granted she was half sleep and most likely will deny it."

"I think I love him Britt but is that enough?"

"I dunno can you see yourself married to him."

"Well yeah I mean I could see how that would happen."

"And can you see you and him having a family."

"Of course… but is love this simple."

"Trust me it's not simple."

"What do you mean?"

Brittany cleared her throat. "I mean love is never simple…look I think you and Santana are great and all I can say is if you do love him then no matter what happens trust that love."

"Ok and the way you are talking something bad is about to happen."

"I am not saying all that all I am saying is that love has ups and downs and to be honest you and he just met."

"I met him last year."

"But you just started dating a couple months ago."


"Well then just trust it ok, I better go and let you get ready."

"Yeah ok."

"All right seeya."



"Thank you."

"No problem."

"Oh and Brittany."


"I am glad that you have taken a liking to Santana I think you are going to be good for her and who knows maybe she will be good for you too."

"I don't know but what I do know is that if I don't get off this phone Santana is going to cuss me out and as hot as it is I don't want to have it ruin your birthday, so I will see you tonight I will be there around 7 ok."

"See ya then."

She put the phone on the hook and ran into the bathroom she had better get ready too.

Mercedes ran into the room as the phone rang.


"Happy Birthday big sis. How are you doing today?"

"Unique! Thank you. How are you baby?"

"I'm good. How are you doing? I called last week but Tana said you were out. So who is he?"


"The guy keeping my sister out all night?"

"His name is Sam and he is super cute."

"That is really good. You need to come up here I miss you."

"I want to but you know your grandmother never forgave me for staying here."

"She's just mean you know that."

"Yeah…I know you were hurt too though."

"I wasn't hurt I wanted to stay too but you know who wouldn't hear of it. But we talk all the time and send pictures so I still get to see my sister."

"Unique you know I didn't want to leave you don't you?"

"Yes I was only 9 when it happened. I knew I couldn't stay with you."

"You were only supposed to stay with her till I was 18 but which was only a few months away."

"But she fought it I know. Well I am about to be 18 soon so I can make up my own mind."

"Yes you will I am so proud of you."

"Yeah I'm proud of you too. Going back to school after all these years."

"Yeah well I have two more to go."

"You're doing it though. So what are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know. I am going out with Tana, Britt and Sam they won't tell me where though."

"That is good. Well I should let you go I know you want to get ready."

"I am getting ready as we speak. I'm so nervous. I am gonna tell Sam I am in love with him tonight."


"Yeah I am in love with him."

"Wow he must be something special to get you to say you love him."

'He is. So what about your love life."

"Well there is someone but I don't wanna jinx it."

"Ok I get it. So call me later?"

"Yeah I will. Promise. Enjoy your day."

"Ok I will. Love you baby."

"Love you too."

She hung up the phone and looked in the mirror. She took the rollers out and finished getting ready.

Puck looked at the huge goons standing at his desk.

"I told you guys this situation will be fixed just give me a little more time."

"Howell thinks you're stalling…she hates that...if you are playing us we'll find out."

Puck sighed running his hands through his Mohawk. Mercedes always hated it but he thought it made him look tougher. "Look I'm gonna come through I just need a few more hours."

"Three hours is all Howell guarantees once the time is up we will take matters into our own hands."

Puck nodded. "Ok three hours that is all I need."

They turn around and walk out of the office and to a car. As they knocked on the window, Sam rolled it down and stared at them.

"How'd it go?"

The bigger of the two folded his arms. "We told him he had three hours and he knows Howell isn't one to be messed with."

"I'll tell Howell you stay on him if he sneezes I wanna know about."

They nodded as Sam drove off.

Puck looked at the door. He needed to get to Mercedes and he needed to do it fast. Puck jerked as someone knocked on his door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Rory sir."

"Come in."

Rory walked into the room and took a seat.

"The shipment is ready and the drop point has been made."

Puck stood grabbing his coat. "Good...good this may be the biggest drop we have ever attempted to do I am trusting you to make it go as smoothly as possible."

"You can count on me I have been your right hand man for a while now and have I ever let you down?"

"No that is why I am confident that you will not let me down...now go on and get out of here it goes down in three."

Sam walked into Howell's Office. He smiled closing the folder her was reading.

"Sam I take it everything went well."

"Perfect sir tonight's shipment should go smoothly."

"Good and Karofsky and Azimo?"

"Are with Puck so to speak...they are reassuring everything is going according to plan?"

"Ok well I know you have that training in Maryland tomorrow so your services are no longer needed. As long as everything is set we should be good without you."

"Everything is set on our end. I should be back in three days."

Howell smiled widely. "You know I deal with Detectives for this reason. You all know what to do and how to do it."

Sam smirked. "Well you do pay me to be on my game. Speaking of which. Jake was released today. I pulled some strings to make that assault charge just disappear."

Howell stood from his desk and nodded. "Good man. You have been with me for two years and I swear if it wasn't for you half my guys would have been locked up."

"Just doing my part. Well I have to make an appearance at the Precinct. Chief Sylvester needs to see me. Then I head to the airport. I will have my cell on me if you need me. Other than that will see you when I get back."

Howell nodded. "Ok…I'll see you later."

"Sure thing."

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