Undercover Love

Chapter 8

Puck looked at Howell in disgust.

"You have the money now please be kind enough to leave my office."

"Puck you upset me I thought we had a deal you gave me the Ruby but where is my shipment information?"

Puck grabbed the suitcase.

"Here...now I don't owe you anything else until you hold up your end of the bargain."

"Thank you Puck it has been a pleasure doing business with you I hope one day after all our debts are paid we can be friends again."

"Don't count on it. We never were friends."

"Oh come on we used to be good friends."

"Getting me mixed up in this mess doesn't make us friends...there is the door."

"Ouch that hurt...Azimo...Karofsky lets move out…we will meet you at the dock in three hours don't be late."

They walked out the building. Howell looked at his guys.

"Keep an eye on him I don't want him going anywhere."

"Yes sir...but you don't think he is stupid enough to leave or talk to the cops?"

"No but a lot can happen in an hour and he has three…so I want to let him know if he spills his guts he's gone."

"But boss isn't he gone anyways?"

"Yeah but he doesn't know that."

Howell walked away and got into his car. Sam looked at him.

"Are we good Howell?"

"Yeah Sam we're good what time does your flight leave again?"

"In about two hours. I just stopped by to make sure everything went well and see if you needed anything."

Howell looked at him. "Well I do need you to find out everything you can about Puck's little girlfriend."

Howell pulls out a photo of Mercedes.


"Yeah I guess if you like em curvy…her name is Mercedes Jones."

"Why does that name sound familiar?"

"You may remember her father Brain Jones. We were cool or so I thought. He was a cop."

"Oh so this is personal."

"Not really…all I want her for is leverage because if he got stupid and went to the cops we are going to need it."

"It seems like you know everything about her."

"I want to know her schedule and things like that. I need to make sure Puck realizes we are not playing with him…I know he's talking to the cops and I don't like that so I want more information and I want it before the drop. I know you are leaving but you are also good at what you do, so I am counting on you to get me anything you can think of that would be use to me."

"Ok I got you and don't worry you will have all you need before I leave."

"I can always count on you."

"Yeah you can."

"Cause you know if you screw up."

"Howell have I ever screwed up."

"No and let's keep it that way."

The car drives off.

Mercedes was asleep on her bed when she felt a hand caress her hand. She opened her eyes and saw Puck on the side of her bed. She sat up pulling the covers closer to her.

"Noah? What are you doing here?"

He moved from her side.

"Please don't be startled I just wanted to see you before I left."

"What do you mean before you left? What's going on here and how did you get into my apartment?"

"Calm down ok...I never gave you back your key."

Mercedes looked around the room and jumped up. She knew it was a dream but she couldn't wake herself up. She began to hit herself on her head. Puck looked at her.

"Umm what are you doing?"

"This is a dream I know it is you didn't just break into my room."

"This is not a dream Mercedes something is about to go down and I need to leave...now."

"Please don't tell me that Sam was right."

"Sam your new boyfriend Sam? What does he have to do with this?"

"Tell me what it going on ok."

At that moment, they hear someone bust down the doors. Mercedes turned towards Puck.

"What was that?"

"I don't know...but I am going to find out."

As Puck walked out of the door Mercedes heard a crash. She ran out the room right into the chest of a big man.

"Whoa where are you going?"

He picked her up.

"Put me down."

He held her tight as she struggled to get free.

"Oh I love a fighter…come on I know you can do better than that what about all those self-defense lessons you took…come on lets have some fun."

"If you are looking for fun then you will enjoy this."

She moved her legs up and kicked him in the head. As he dropped her, she saw the bat. She picked up the bat and began to swing it at the guy. As she swung another guy grabbed her and threw the bat to the ground. He looked at the guy on the ground.

"Karofsky get up...Puck left but I think we got something better."

"Let me go or so help me."

"So help you what? You can't do a thing now I got your hands and he got your legs now shut up."

They tied her hands and legs together then gagged her mouth. They pulled her out the door kicking and squirming.

Sam looked at the pictures he knew there was something he was missing but he couldn't put his finger on what it was. He knew that Howell had sent Karofsky to watch Mercedes so all he had to do was tell Karofsky, that Howell had relieved him so he could get inside and talk to her. As he arrived at her apartment, he saw the place covered with police. He saw Brittany and walked over to her.

"Brittany what happened?"

"We have a problem Howell's guys were here. I guess they followed Puck here."

"Is Mercedes ok?"

"That's the problem we can't find her."

"What? What do you mean you can't find her?"

"There looked to be a struggle and we think they have her…Santana is a mess and I can't even comfort her…she won't talk to me but she is worried…she said she came home and noticed the door open…when she walked in she saw that the house was a mess and blood on the ground."

"I'll go in and talk to her."

Sam walked into the house and saw Santana on the couch.

"Sam...Sam you gotta find her I don't know what happened I left at 10 and got back at 11 and she was gone."

"I'm gonna have Brittany stay here with you just in case something happens."

"No I don't want her here."

"Look I know you both hate us right now but you need to have someone here."

"Fine leave any one you want but her…I'm only letting you help because they said you know who did it."

"Ok I will have Walters stay with you and Santana don't worry I will find her I won't rest till I do."

"Yeah you better find her or I swear I will-"

Sam held up his hands. "I know. I will find her."

He walked up the stairs, looked into the hall, and saw the bat on the floor. He looked at the floor and saw the stain of blood.

"Mike can you get that sample right there it might be a match."

As Sam turned around, he was face to face with Puck.

"What are you doing here?"


"I know where they have her."


"Did you hear me I know where they took her...It was supposed to be so simple but it wasn't."

Sam pulled him into Mercedes's room. He wanted to know how much Puck thought he really knew but he couldn't risk his cover being blown.

"Tell me what happened."

"Look I've been in some stuff with this guy named Howell. I owed him some money so I took back the ruby."

"You put a couple million dollars into that ruby didn't you?"

"It was the perfect cover I knew if Mercedes had it...it would be safe."

Sam tried to remain calm he wanted to yell at him to get to the point he knew all this stuff already but he couldn't let Puck know so he had to go by the book. Sam stared at him.

"But you paid him so why does he have Mercedes?"

"Because it wasn't enough money and we still have business to take care of. I broke up with Mercedes to stop her from being a target for Howell...but getting closer to her so I could get the ruby caused Howell to wonder...I think he knows I am working with the cops."

Sam ran his hands over his hair. "What? Who are you working with?"

"The FBI they promised me a fresh start if I helped bring them Howell."

"But why would they have me follow you if the FBI were taking care of you?"

"Because we knew if something went wrong you could protect him or arrest him whichever came first."

Sam turned to face Chief Sylvester.

"But you had me treat him like a suspect."

"That's because until he went through with the plan he was a suspect."

Puck looked at Sam.

"If you want to see her alive again we gotta move fast Howell is very impatient."

Coach Sylvester folded her arms.

"I agree Sam you and Brittany get over to the docks...Puck said that is where the next drop is."

As Sam and Brittany sit in position his mind drifted to Mercedes wondering if she was ok, and what they were doing to her. Brittany spotted Karofsky.

"Hey there's Karofsky...but what is that in his hands?"

Sam took out his binoculars.

"It looked like a bag."

He grabbed his radio.

"This is 95 in position...we have spotted one of Howell's men he is carrying a big black bag...come in 90."

"Over 95 this is 90 and we have a central view."

"What's your position?"

"Ten yards northeast of you and waiting command."

"95 to 87 please respond."

"87 in place awaiting your command."

"Roger that."

Brittany looked at Sam.

"Well it looks like we aren't going anywhere any time soon."

"Yep looks like it…the way Howell told me the drop should take about an hour…they have to sort and process all the paper work so just in case the shipment got stopped it has legitimate papers."

"So why aren't you inside?"

"I told Howell I was going to Maryland for training."

"And he took it."

"What can he do as far as he knows I am the best at finding information seeing who's with who that kinda information…and I need to continue to do my part as a detective as well."

His words dragged off and Brittany looked at him.

"What's wrong?"

"It's my fault she's here."

"What do you mean?"

"I told Howell everything he needed to know about her."


"I had too but I thought I could get to her before they did."

"Ok…so tell me the truth, are you here because you wanna do your job and you got her into this or is it because you are in love with her."

Sam took out his binoculars and sighed heavily looking around. "I don't love Mercedes…just like I know that you don't love Santana."

"There is nothing wrong with falling in love with a beautiful woman who makes you feel really good about yourself."

"I am an officer doing his job that's all...now I am trying to concentrate."

"Look you can tell me we go way back…I have no problem telling you that I really liked hanging out with Santana she is amazing and I haven't even known her as long as you have known Mercedes so I know you love her."

Sam sighed heavily. "Since we do go way back you should know me well enough to know I don't love her."

"Yeah I'll believe that when pigs fly."

"Can we please concentrate on our job?"

"I am gonna tell you this I am gonna make up with Santana first chance I get."

"Good for you."

Mercedes looked around the building. She tried to move but felt a sharp pain in her arms. She looked down and saw that she was tied up. Howell walked into the room.

"Oh so our guest of honor is awake."

Mercedes glanced at the older man who was smiling at her. She glanced at him and noticed that he was a very attractive man. In an Uncle Jesse kinda way. She frowned looking at him. "Who the hell are you?"

Howell smirked. "Calm down sweetie I don't think I like your tone."

"I don't think I care."

She mocked his tone. He looked at Azimo and nodded. Azimo opened the door and Mercedes saw Puck.

"Mercedes I'm sorry."

Howell looked at Puck.

"Where is my stuff?"

"Let Mercedes go first."

"Now is not the time to grow a pair Puck where is my shipment?"

Puck folded his arms. "I said let Mercedes go first."

"Oh we want to take charge do we...well you want me to let her go well ok I'll remove her from chair."

Howell walked over to Mercedes, grabbed her from the chair, and tossed her to the floor.

"Karofsky do it."

Puck looked at Howell.

"Do what?"

Karofsky walked over to Mercedes and bent down. He grabbed her and took her over to the wall. He placed her on to a hook.

"Put me down now."

Puck moved closer to them. "Let her go Howell."

Howell looked at Puck.

"Oh the fun is about to begin."

Karofsky began to slap Mercedes. Puck ran over to them but Azimo grabbed him and tossed him over the table. Puck jumped back up and tried again as Azimo held him back.

"Leave her alone."

Karofsky grabbed a board from the ground.

"So Mercedes you like hitting people with bats...well here have a taste of your own medicine."

He swung the board and hit Mercedes on her side. Mercedes let out a gruesome scream as Karofsky continued to hit her.

"95 please respond."

Sam picked up his radio.

"This is 95."

"Sir we have tapped into the alarm systems...and have the video equipment up and running."


"Also we have planted listening devices in place they are ready for you to listen."

"Thanks Chad. Tell everyone to hold their position no one moves unless I give the ok."

"Yes sir."

Brittany opened her laptop and typed in the password. As she turned up the volume, they heard a loud scream. Sam turned towards the laptop and saw the picture on the screen. Brittany looked towards Sam as they watch in horror Karofsky beat Mercedes. Sam grabbed his gun.

"I'm going in."

"You can't go in we don't have enough on Howell you're gonna ruin your cover."

"So you want me to sit here and listen to an innocent woman being beaten."

"I don't like it trust me I would love to bust in there but even though you are in charge here you have orders too."

"I know but they are gonna kill her I gotta get in there."

Brittany shook her head. "He won't kill her Howell isn't stupid.

Sam grabbed the handle to the door.

"Wait...look Howell is calling him off...just give it a few more minutes ok we need more evidence."

Sam looked back at the screen as the server went back to the gruesome sight of Mercedes's bloody body. He had to follow his orders but how could he allow her to be in pain like this. But he knew if he barged in there and broke his cover Howell might just kill her.

"Karofsky I think you made your point."

Karofsky backed away from her. Puck looked at Howell.

"Can you let her down please?"

"No leave her up there."

Karofsky looked at Howell.

"Sure thing boss."

Puck looked at Azimo then to Howell.

"Look I have your stuff just please leave her alone...she has no idea what's going on please."

Howell smiled walking closer to him. "I'll make you a deal...work for me full time and maybe we can let her go."

"Is that all I have to do yes...yes I'll work for you now let her go."

"Azimo...Karofsky bring her here."

Karofsky lowered her to the ground and they dragged Mercedes to Howell. He looked at Mercedes and slapped her.

"Hey...you said you would let her go."

Puck ran over to Howell but Karofsky stops him.

"And I will as soon I know she won't tell anyone what she saw here."

"She won't believe me she will take it to the grave...Howell she can't even walk come on."

Howell looked at Puck.

"Karofsky lift her face so I can see her."

Karofsky lifted her face to Howell's.

"Now tell me sweet heart you won't go to the cops with anything you may have saw or heard now will you?"

Mercedes looked at Howell then spit on him.

"When you get caught and I know you will I hope you end up in jail like you belong?"

"Woohoo a pistol this one…little girl do you know what you are doing…didn't your father ever tell you…you mess with fire you get burned?"

"Didn't your mother ever tell you to use mouth wash?"

Howell smiled widely. It had been a long time since he met someone with her spirit. He couldn't deny it turned him on a little. "Wow…you are a feisty one…hmm how do you feel about older men."

Mercedes smiled sweetly. "How do you feel about Lorena Bobbitt?"

Howell looked at her and then back at Puck. Sam pulled out his gun.

"All right Brittany we need to get in position."

"She is gonna get herself killed."

"Naw Howell likes her…the smarter she gets with him the more he likes it…we have about 10 minutes before he gets bored of her unless she upsets him…which she will cause she knows how to get to people…unfortunately that is one of her gifts."

"Ok I will radio everyone to get in positions."

Howell looked at Mercedes.

"You are exactly what this business needs I bet you could make me millions of dollars…how bout you work for me and I forget this whole mess."

"I don't think so."

"You are missing out on a great deal."

Mercedes stood tall despite the pain she was feeling. "You know I don't get why people are afraid of you…you don't do anything yourself always got your loser buddies over her working for you…you are smart though I will give you that…if you don't touch anything you can't get blamed but you are completely un intimidating."

"Little girl I am the most powerful man in this state."

"I don't know why…my dad always told me having money doesn't mean you have power."

"Your dad was a poor man he was a loser that's why he said that."

She tried to move closer to him but struggled.

"My father was not a loser you are the loser."

"I am a loser I could kill you and no one would ever know it was a murder."

Mercedes smirked. "But you wouldn't do it would you…you are nothing but a coward who hides behind his own men."

He slapped her and she fell backwards.

"How is that for a coward huh…try me now bitch…don't you know I can break you and not think twice."

"Yeah your real man now hitting a woman Woohoo yea."

He walked towards her but stopped and sat back in his chair.

"Never mind I am bored Azimo dump her."

Puck moved over to Mercedes and helped her. "What dump her...dump her where? Howell you said you would let her go."

"I said that yea so what I changed my mind…if she wouldn't have insulted me maybe I would let her go but she knows too much and I just don't like her so Azimo do what you need to do and be done with it."

Azimo grabbed her away from Puck and she screamed. "If you don't put me down I am gonna-"

"My dear these ideal threats are funny but tiring Azimo man handle her come on."

"Now to finish our drop...bring me my stuff."

Puck pulled himself away from Karofsky and walked over to the door.

"It's in my trunk."

Howell looked at Karofsky.

"Follow him once you have the stuff you know what to do."

Karofsky nodded and followed Puck out the door. Sam looked at the screen.

"Where is he taking her?"

"I don't know but Puck is getting the shipment."

Sam picked up his radio.

"This is 95 I want everyone in position we are moving in now."

The officers take their placed and barge into the warehouse on the dock.

"Brittany you have to make sure they get Howell…I may not be able to blow my cover with Howell but Azimo will believe anything."

"Where are you going?"

"I gotta save her."

"Go then I got everything here under control…take your radio in case you need back up ok."

"Yeah you just get Howell and I will make sure Puck and Mercedes are ok."

"Ok call me as soon as you find her."

Sam ran off the dock. Puck looked at Karofsky.

"Here now get away from me."

"Is that all of it?"

"Yeah now leave me alone."

Karofsky pulled out his gun.

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

Puck held up his hands backing away. "What are you doing?"

"I have orders to take you out."

Karofsky pointed his gun towards Puck.

"Are you sure those were your orders and it wasn't to let me go free and go about your way."

"No I am pretty sure it was to kill you take the money and dump the body before anyone notices."

Karofsky took a step back and Puck heard the gun roar and started patting himself down till he saw Karofsky fall to the ground. Puck looked up and saw Sam standing in front of him.

"Puck are you all right?"

"Yes thanks man. Did you kill him?"

"Should graze but he hit his head on the dock so he should be out cold. Now where did Azimo take Mercedes?"

"I don't know he took her to his car and they wouldn't tell me where."

"We gotta go find her now."

They walked away from Puck's car and towards Sam's.

"What does his car look like?"

"It's a red contour."

"Ok come on we gotta get to her before it's too late if anything happens to her I don't know what I would do."

"We are gonna find her Sam."

"Yeah well if you wouldn't have gotten her into this mess we wouldn't have to find her now would we."

Mercedes felt her way around the inside of the trunk. She felt a needle type nail. She began pushing on the trunk as hard she could.

"Let me out of here."

"Shut up."

"Let me out now."

She started pounding hard.

"If you don't shut up."

Azimo pulled the car over. He walked over to the trunk and opened it. Mercedes looked up at the hood and tried to jump out. Azimo loosened her grip on the top of the trunk and pushed her back down.

"I told you to shut up."

He slapped her and she fell back into the trunk. He slammed the trunk shut and walked back over to the driver's seat…he didn't see her put her feet up to stop the trunk from closing. As he started the car again she held down the trunk so it wouldn't fly up.

Sam looked out the window trying to spot the car.

"Where do you think they would take her?"

"Look I don't know Howell told Azimo to get rid of her."

"I'm gonna call Brittany and see if she got anything from Karofsky or Howell."

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