Undercover Love

Chapter 9

Mercedes felt the car come to another stop. She let go of the trunk and untied the rope that was wrapped around her feet. She tried to untie her hands, but it was too difficult. She gave up and felt the bottom of the trunk. She wanted to see if she could tell whether the car was in park or still in drive. She gave up and decided it was time to run. She heard Azimo on the phone so she gently lifted the trunk. She looked at her surroundings and saw the woods. It would be hard for her to run with her hands tied up and body bleeding and sore but she had to try.

She tried to be as quiet as she could. She felt the car move to drive. It was now or never. She lifted the trunk and hopped out of the car and ran. Azimo looked back and saw her running.

"Hey what are you doing get back here."

He jumped out the car and began to chase her through the woods.

"Help...help me...someone please help me he's trying to kill me."

"Get back here…I hate running."

Mercedes ran through the woods and saw a big log on the ground. It took a minute to pick it up with her hands tied. After she grabbed it, she stood behind a tree. Azimo looked around.

"Oh come on I wasn't even gonna hurt you I only wanted to scare you."

He walked in front of the tree where Mercedes was hiding. Mercedes gripped the log tight and began to run and swing it. She stopped when she heard a big thump on the ground. She looked at Azimo on the ground and dropped the log and began to run holding her side.

"Hey that's the car."


Sam pulled over to the side and jumped out followed by Puck. They ran up to the car.

"Where are they?"

Puck looked around.

"I don't know...look the trunk is open I think he's ditching her in the woods."

Sam pulled out his gun.

"You wait here."

"No way I am coming with you I got Mercedes into this mess and I am gonna get her out of it."

They ran into the woods. Mercedes stopped running and grabbed her chest. She was finding it harder to breathe. She looked ahead and saw a faint light. She knew if she could just get to the light, she would be fine. Mercedes pushed herself to run faster. As she approached a parked car she ran up to the door and banged on the window. She saw a guy get out the car.

"Miss are you all right?"

Mercedes tried to answer but she felt her breaths were coming in shorter and shorter. She began to feel the pain in her side and felt weak. Mercedes fell to the ground and the guy hovered over her he looked and his girlfriend.

"Marley, call the cops she's hurt."

Sam looked around the woods with his phone flashlight as he called Mercedes's name. He looked over at Puck.

"I can't see a thing."

"Me neither I don't know where else to look."

They heard a rustling sound. Puck turned around.

"Did you hear that?"

"Yeah it sounded like it came from over there."

He pointed to his left. They walked over to where the sound came from. Puck tripped over Azimo. Sam ran over to him.

"Puck are you ok?"

"Yeah I tripped over something."

Puck felt around."

"It's a body...and it is still breathing."

"Is it Mercedes?"

"Umm no its way to long to be hers I think it's a guy...its Azimo."

"How do you know?"

"I can feel his muscles...he is out cold."

Sam pulled out his cuffs.

"I get it now...Mercedes got out the trunk and he followed her in here...she must have hit him…man I underestimated her."

Puck ran his hands through his Mohawk. "So then where is she?"

"I don't know but I pray that she's safe."

Sam pulled out his radio and tossed it at Puck.

"I'm gonna cuff him you radio Brittany and tell her where we are and to get here."

Sam looked at the officers as they walked out the woods.

"Did you find her?"

"No but we will keep looking sir."

"Let me know as soon as you find something."

"Yes sir we will."

Sam walked to the car and Brittany walked over to him.

"Well we caught Howell and both his men I would say today is a good day."

"A good day...Mercedes is missing...we have no idea where she is or if she is ok."

"Sam, men are walking these woods if she is in there they will find her."

One of the officers walked up to Sam.

"Sir I am sorry but my men have looked all over the woods and we cannot find her...now there is a road a little bit further out she may have made her way through there we are calling the hospitals and other places we should hear something soon."

"Thanks Rory I really appreciate what you and your men are doing out there."

"No problem sir anytime."

Mercedes opened her eyes to find a shining white light facing her. She closed her eyes to stop the burning from the light she heard a voice muffle something as she opened her eyes again she saw a white male looking back at her.

"Miss do you know where you are?"

Mercedes looked around the room she saw white walls and flashing lights.


"You are at Johnson Memorial Hospital...can you tell me your name?"

"I can't feel anything but pain."

Mercedes looked around the room again only to find her surroundings spinning out of control then she saw nothing everything around her turned black.

Sam paced back and forth while trying to figure out what to do. He and his men had been searching for almost twelve hours and have found nothing. There was no trace of Mercedes anywhere. Brittany walked over to him.

"Look you and I both know that if she hasn't been found yet she most probably made it out woods and is at some hospital...now I know you feel responsible about what happened but you did the best you could."

"Yeah well until I find Mercedes my best sucks."

He walked towards his car and sat in the driver's seat. At that moment his phone rang.


"It's Santana have you found her is she safe Brittany said you would call me but you didn't is everything all right why are they saying we have a missing body on the news tell me she's alright."

"Santana calm down I am doing all I can but you being this upset isn't gonna help right now I promise I am not giving up till I find her."

Santana grew angry at Sam's comment. "If you were doing everything you could my sister wouldn't be missing. This is your fault you brought this to us so you find her and fix this or I swear to God I will chop off your balls and feed them to you."

Brittany ran to the car.

"Sam we gotta move now I just got a call from memorial hospital they brought in a woman fitting Mercedes's description about 10 hours ago."

"Santana I promise it won't come to that. I gotta go I will call you as soon as I can ok."

He hung up the phone and looked at Brittany.

"Did they say if she was awake or anything?"

"No all they told me was that she was brought in by a couple and if it was her we would need to get there quick fast and in a hurry."

"Ok well let's go."

Mercedes looked around the room and saw a man staring back at her.

"Who are you and where am I what are you doing to me?"

"Calm down please I am Doctor Shue and all I am doing is testing your vitals."

Mercedes looked at her body covered in bandages.

"What happened to me?"

"We aren't sure we were hoping you could tell us...what is the last thing you remember?"

"I...uh...I...I don't know."

Dr. Shue looked over at the nurse then back at Mercedes.

"Well can you tell me the day? The year?"

Mercedes looked around the room. Then back at the doctor. He sighs.

"Let's think of something easy what is your name?"

"It's uh my name is I don't know...how can I not know."

She began to panic and starts shaking. Dr. Shue looked over at the nurse.

"We need the authorities here now I'm afraid she has amnesia."

"Yes doctor."

As the nurse left Dr. Shue looked at Mercedes.

"Think back is there anything you remember anything at all?"

"I can't I don't remember anything."

The nurse walked back in followed by Puck, Sam and Brittany. Puck walked over to the bed.

"Mercedes are you alright we were so worried about you."

Sam moved to the other side of the bed.

"I am so sorry about what happened you deserved to know the truth and I haven't been honest with you but I will be from now on."

He goes in to hug her but she moved away.

"Mercedes I know you are mad and you have every right to be but please don't act like you don't know me."

Mercedes threw her hands in the air to push Sam away from her. "Please stop touching me I don't know Mercedes and I don't know you."

He stood back up and looked at the doctor.

"What's going on?"

"I'm afraid she has amnesia she doesn't remember anything...not her past or the present she doesn't even know her name."

Puck walked over to the doctor.

"How could this of happened?"

"Well she has several bruises all over from head to toe and she was badly beaten when she was brought in here. I don't know how she made it…the gentleman who brought her in said she was running out the woods and ran to his car and just passed out…I don't know how she got to the car all I know is as much as a fighter as she may be it will take a lot to bring her memories back and there is a chance that she may not even remember at all."

At that point Santana ran into the room. She walked over to Mercedes and grabbed her hand.

"Mercedes are you alright we have been worried all night looking for you…I am so sorry about our fight you were right I…"

Mercedes looked at Santana and pulled her hand away. Brittany walked over to Santana.

"She doesn't remember anything."

Mercedes looked at Santana deeply. Santana sat on the bed and looked at her

"Your name is Mercedes Nicole Jones you and I are best friends have been since we were born."

She grabbed Mercedes's hand.

"We grew up together you and I have been through so much together we are sisters."

"You're my sister?"


"I think I remember you."

Sam looked at the doctor again.

"What is that about?"

"Well if there was a bond built there between them bonds are strong it's good she is starting to feel it."

"Ok so where are our parents why aren't they here?"

Santana looked at Mercedes.

"Um...both our parents died in a car crash when we were seventeen."


"They were coming back from dinner when a semi-truck swerved and hit their car."

Mercedes looked at Santana for a long time, she sighed squinting her eyes. "They were celebrating."

Santana nodded. "Yeah…your dad got a promotion."

"We were at home…watching movies and waiting up for them…we waited all night."

"You remember?"

"It just hit me."

The doctor walked out the room followed by Sam Puck and Brittany.

Sam sighed. "So how can we make her remember more?"

"Just be there for her she needs love right now everything that she is hearing now seems like it's the first time so be patient with her she may not remember right away like now it can take from moments to years."

Sam stared at her through the window.

"This is all my fault I shouldn't have involved her."

Santana walked over to the guys.

"The doctor said I could take her home in the morning if her tests come back clear...I don't think it would do her good for you guys to see her so please stay away."

Brittany walked up to her.

"Santana you can't mean that what about us."

"Us you were using us."

She walked back over to Mercedes's bedside.

Sam looked at the phone. It had three weeks since the bust and he hadn't talked to Mercedes since then. He had called once but Santana told him she still hadn't wanted him to see Cedes and honestly he couldn't blame her.

Sam wanted to be happy. She was now out of his life and he could get back to his work. The chief had given him the head detective slot he'd been aiming for and became the second youngest lead detective on the force after Brittany.

Everything was going the way he had planned, he was making progress with Howell. The drug trafficking charges didn't stick. They had no evidence, so Sam made it look like he got Howell and his men got off. Sam had also bought a plan ticket to verify his whereabouts just in case Howell had wondered. Because Karofsky didn't see who shot him there was no one who could have tied him to that night.

He was doing everything he could to forget about the last few weeks…so why was he not happy. He looked over his casebook and knew he had to start working on it. As he sat down his phone rang.


"Hey Sam it's Brittany how you doing."

"I'm good how you are."

"I'm good I was just checking on you...you haven't been the same since that night."

"No I'm fine I couldn't be happier I mean I have everything I ever wanted I am a detective."

"You miss her don't you?"

"Miss who?"

"Sam we entered the force together made the chief make us partners and we have been through hell and back together I know when you're lying and right now you are...you love her."

"You know what I don't get Brittany every time I plan something to go one way it goes the other way...I never meant to fall for her but she was so amazing I mean she made me laugh and really pushed me to be better...I didn't even get to tell her I was sorry for lying to her."

"So go tell her…I know what you mean about not planning when I met Santana I just wanted to get some action you know date around but she has changed me and I didn't even know it until I didn't have her around…I miss her just like you miss Mercedes."

"Well that would be a good idea but for one I can't go near her or Santana will put a restraining order against me or worse. And two even if I could she won't remember me and I doubt she even loves me back if she did...I am better off just moving on."

"The least you can do is go see her...I got it we will both go I gotta see Tana."

"She won't let us get in the door."

"First off I have it on good authority that they are in church right now…and second all we have to say is we are following up on the case just leave the sweet talking to me...I'll be there in like an half an hour ok."

Sam laughed. "Wait a minute Santana goes to church?"

Brittany smirked. "Yeah it shocked me too. But she said they had gone when she was younger and when she came out as Bi, they didn't shun her like she thought. They embraced her for who she was and it made her being ok with herself easier. She said it restored her fatith in a lot of ways."

Sam sighed. "Ok well if you think we can see them then ok I will be ready."

They hung up and Sam sighed he hoped this would work.

Sam and Brittany pulled into the church parking lot. Sam looked around.

"This does not feel right to me…maybe we should have waited till they got home."

"No we can't…plus you said Howell put a hit on her. It's not safe for us to go to her place. Someone could be watching the house."

"I can use that to my advantage."

"Look this is the only place they don't know about. You are safer talking to her here and you know it."

"Fine your right."

They walked into the church and the usher seated them in the back. Sam tried to spot Mercedes but the church was packed. So he sat back and waited. The Pastor stepped off the pull pit.

"So as we read in Luke 10:25-37 not everyone will just pass by a man in need. See unlike so many of us this man stopped to help someone in need. The man in need was robbed, beaten and stripped of all his clothing. And after two others passed him. Someone stopped.

A priest who lives to bring people closer to the Lord just moved to the other side. And a Levite one who should have saw the suffering on that man's face passed him as well. But this man this Samaritan man stopped and bandaged up the man's wounds.

He clothed him and took him to safety. Now he could have left him down and out like the others did but something inside of him said stop. This man needs help and you are the one to do it. Everyone has that voice in their head telling them to do go.

But we have that voice in us that say why what good will that do me. But think of this. It says to do unto others as you would have done to yourself. So when you see someone down and out someone in need. Think about what you would want someone to do for you.

Would you want someone to hand you pennies and smile as if they gave you a million dollars or would you want that person to help you up and pray for you. It is very easy. When you bless others the Lord will bless you. So next time you see someone in need don't laugh and don't pass them by. Because they might just be the key to your Blessings. Ladies."

Mercedes and Santana stood up with two other girls. Sam's heart stopped in his chest. She was so beautiful. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Sam. The music started and she turned her focus to the others. Sam smiled and whispered to Brittany.

"Did you see that? She recognized me."

"Is that a good thing or bad thing?"

"I don't know."

They began to sing.

"I am free. Praise the Lord I'm free. No longer bound. No more chains holding me. My soul is resting. Its such Blessing. Praise the Lord Halleluiah I'm free. I am free. Praise the Lord I'm free. No longer bound.

No more chains holding me. My soul is resting. Its such Blessing. Praise the Lord Halleluiah I'm free. Praise the Lord Halleluiah I'm free. I feel like going on. I feel like going on. Though trials come on every hand I feel like going on. I feel like praising his name. I feel like praising his name. Though trials come on every hand.

Though trials come on every hand. Though trials come. Though trails come. On every hand. I feel like going on."

Everyone clapped as the Pastor stood up. He motioned for everyone to stand with him and he put up his right hand. Everyone did as well. Sam looked at Brittany and they did the same.

"God the Father who made us. God the Son who saved us. And God the Holy Spirit who keeps us savable. May the Lord be with us as we leave this place but never from his presence let the church say Amen."


"Now shake your neighbors hand and say I love you just like Jesus."

"I love you just like Jesus."

"You are dismissed. Have a Blessed day."

Everyone began to leave while Sam and Brittany watched as Mercedes and Santana went around and hugged everyone. Sam smiled when he saw the little kids hover around them. He looked at Brittany.

"I had no idea they could sing?"

"Me neither."

"Should we wait for them or should we go over there?"

"Well they know we are here so we might as well go see them."

They walked over to the girls and Mercedes looked at him. Sam tried to look away but he was lost in her doe eyes. They were like golden pools of love she looked so peaceful. She stepped closer to Sam.

"What are you doing here?"

She looked at Santana.

"Did you invite them?"

"No I did not. Brittany what part of stay away don't you understand?"

"We need to talk to you its very important."

Mercedes shook her head. "No. No we are not doing this you guys have to leave our lives are finally getting back to normal. I remember things more and more and I am happy. We both are."

Sam cleared his throat. "It's very important."

Mercedes was about to say something when the Pastor walked over to them.

"Girls that was wonderful. Hi fellas I am Pastor Hooper. What brings you to church this fine Sunday?"

Sam extended his hand to the man and smiled. "We just came to see Mercedes and Santana they talked about it so much that we just had to check it out."

"That's great all souls are welcome in the house of the Lord. Well I am sorry to cut this short but I have a few things to take care of. I hope to see you guys again and ladies keep up the good work."

He walked away and Mercedes looked at Sam.

"Please just go."

"I'm sorry I can't. This is very important."

"And this can't wait?"

"No it can't. I would not be bothering you if it wasn't important."

"Fine look we will meet you outside in three minutes."


They walked outside and Mercedes looked at Santana.

"What do you think?"

"I think they came all the way over here so it must be important. Not to mention Brittany is making me have impure thoughts in the house of the Lord. We need to go."

They walked outside and Mercedes sighed seeing Brittany and Sam talking against their car in the now empty parking lot. She slowly walked to Sam and folded her arms.

"Ok talk."

"Mercedes I think no I know you are in danger."

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "Sure I am if that is what you came over here for you can stop Howell is in jail he can't hurt me."

"No he was in jail. He was released Friday when the drug charges against him were dropped and he has put a hit on you, Santana and Puck. He wants you guys gone. Now we have already secured Puck now we need to protect you girls."

Mercedes looked to Santana as she grabbed her hand, then looked over at Sam.

"You can't be serious. He doesn't even know Santana."

"He does…I'm sorry I don't want to be but I am."

Letting go of Santana's hand Mercedes bit her lip. "No! Things have been great for us he can't be."

"Look we got have guards ready to be on shift at the Marriott. We just need to get you there now."

Mercedes paced around the parking lot and shook her head.

"No you're lying."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are…you're a liar that's what you do."

Sam took Mercedes's hand in his.

"I'm not lying Brittany tell her."

"It's the truth."

"No its not you lie just like him. How can I believe anything either of you have to say? You guys just came back here to screw us over again."

Sam ran his hands over his hair as Brittany and Santana began shooting each other shy seducing looks at the mention of "screw". "Mercedes I need you to hear me out. I lied to you and I am sorry the truth is I am a detective and I was using you to get what I wanted…I know it was wrong but I needed to get this win. I needed to get Howell off the streets and with your testimony we will…you were the ticket to bringing him down…well you and Puck...but trust this I never thought I would care for you like I do I mean you made me a better person and for that I owe you."

She looked at him for a while then finally smacked him in his face. Brittany jumped at the smack and Santana smiled as Sam moved away from her.

"That's my girl!"

Mercedes glared at him angrily. "You used me. I went through all of this because of your stupid job...why should I trust you…I was beaten and abused by Howell and his guys because of you. Not for justice, for your job...I was really falling for you I really wanted to be with you I fell in love with you and you used me."

"I'm sorry ok…none of that means anything anymore I love you so much and that is why I am trying to keep you safe."

"No I am not running out of my house."

"Mercedes it's gonna be ok I am not gonna let nothing happen to you."

Brittany looked at her watch.

"Sam we need to leave."

Mercedes folded her arms. "We can take care of ourselves Sam."

"No you can't you are not safe here or at home. I am not going to let you get hurt now you can come willingly or I can drag you out of here kicking and screaming."

Mercedes rolled her eyes turning away from him. "Leave me alone."

Sam quickly moved in front of her. "No!"

"Why not."

"Cause I love you and don't want to see you hurt."

"Ugh go away."

Santana walked over to Mercedes.

"Mercedes calm down ok look maybe he is right until the trial is over you are not safe none of us are...come on lets go home and pack a few things."

Sam shook his head. "I don't think that is wise."

Santana cut her eyes at him. "We need our things?"

"Look they are watching your house. I cannot be seen there. So do this. Go home and pack some things. Leave them by the back door. Then wait. I will be on watch tonight for Howell so when I call you just get in your car and head to the hotel. Brittany will meet you there with your bags."

Mercedes bit her lip. "This is too much I can't do this."

"Mercedes this is the only way you girls will be safe."

"He's right Mercy."

Santana held her hand and Mercedes nodded knowing what they needed to do. "Fine let's go."

Sam watched as the two girls got into their car and drove away. Brittany looked over to Sam.

"Do you think we can pull this off?"

"Yeah Howell called me and told me to make it look like an accident. I will just tell him the girls came home and left then never came back."

"How can you be sure that will work?"

"He trusts me. I got him out of jail and told him what happened. I got this."

Howell slammed his fist on his desk.

"Dammit when I tell you to take care of it that is what I mean."

Sam sighed. "Look I told you someone must have tipped them off. I got on duty and waited for them to leave. I went into the house and rigged it so that as soon as they cooked…BOOM! They would be goners but they never came back."

"So no one stopped at the house?"

"No and I was there until Andre came and got me."

"Who the hell is screwing with my plans? First my shipment gets ambushed then those stupid girls keep dodging me."

Sam stood up.

"I told you Howell…there is someone who is pissing on our tuff. You need to take him out."

"Yeah well first we need to find out who he is. Why in the hell do I keep you around if you can't tell me where one stupid cop is and two lil bitches are?"

"Because despite what you are saying now you know I am the best. Now I told you before I never let you down and I am not gonna start now. Zizes the one on our payroll at the precinct she told me that they were staying at a hotel. I am going to get on the case and try to get close to one of them. Then I will know who this dude is and what their next move is."

"Do you think that will work?"

"Please the Chief just promoted me. I can have my pick at any case. And come on look at, she won't know what hit her."

"Well then get her done because I am tired of waiting. You know I am a very impatient man."

"Yeah Howell we all know that. So let me do me and I promise you will be happy with the result. The money is too good to walk away from so relax. I got this."

"You got this. Ok fine."

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