Injustice 3: Rise of the Supervillians


War is on the horizon as Superman prepare his army for the invasion against the Green Laterans Corp. With very little hope remaining and Batman under mind control, it falls to Supergirl and a mysterious man to untie what remind of the fallen Insurgency to stop and defeat Brainiac Superman and his regimes and to restore peace and order to the world. However, with old and new wounds clashing, will it be enough? Or is Brainiac Superman truly unstoppable?

Action / Adventure
Age Rating:

Prologue: 3 Months Later

With the fall of Batman at the hand of Superman, the world once again is at Superman’s mercy. Imprisoning his own cousin, Kara, and releasing all his 'regimes', he, along with Wonder Woman and Black Adam quickly take over. Though what remains of the Insurgent, now with the Flash and Green Lantern, try desperately to stand their ground, they soon realize they are no match for Brainiac Superman and Brainiac Batman. With no other option, they are forced to go into hiding.

Now, at the peak of power, and with multiple armies at his command, Superman is only weeks away from launching a massive invasion on the unsuspecting Green Lantern Corp. All the while, Kara watches helplessly from her cell on Stryker’s Island.

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