Ripples in the Dark

In a remote part of the desert lay a caravan made up of criminals from all walks of life who all had one thing in common: they did not have a permanent home, either from being excelled or from their home being destroyed. While they feared their leader and his right-hand man, they knew that the caravan was better than nothing and, as long as the two men were happy, everyone was safe from their fury. But, as of late, their leader had been in a foul mood because an outsider had been stealing their loot. One night, the stillness of the night was interrupted by a yell of anger and frustration. Looking up from sharpening his dagger, a tall Khment native with wild blond hair and an Eye of Wdjat burned into his forehead (signaling that he was a first-class criminal) rolled his crazed eyes and stood up, growling with a deep voice, "Now what?"

Following the sounds of growling, he soon came upon what was left of their loot that they stole earlier that day: one bag instead of six. Hearing a frustrated growl, he looked to his right to find a slightly smaller male with wild white hair, a red coat that opened to show his shendyt and muscular chest, and a huge scar under his right eye (one going down his cheek and two small ones going across). Smirking at his leader's pain, he asked, "Lose the bags, did you, Bakura?"

Bakura glared at his comrade. "Shut up, Malik! This is the fifth time in half a moon! I'm sick of that bastard!"

Malik's ear perked up at that statement. "Him again?"

Grumbling to himself, the white-haired man helped up a black feather, the calling card of the thief known as Raven who had made himself famous among thieves by stealing stolen loot. "When I get my hands on that bastard, I'll snap his neck!"

Malik shuddered with disgust. "Too easy. You should have him drawn in quarters." With a look of disturbing pleasure, he added, "That'll make it slow…with a lot of blood…and screaming."

Bakura looked at his comrade with a numb face, used to Malik's disturbed mind. "Yeah. Well, we need to stop him. He needs to learn that he should never steal from us."

Malik raised his eyebrow at Bakura. "Us? Don't get it mixed up: he steals from you."

Bakura growled and was about to argue when an arrow cut between them and landed at their feet. Malik reached for it but Bakura stopped him, wanting to figure out if the arrow was coated with poison first. After seeing that the arrow did nothing but a note, the albino nodded and Malik took the note to read. He then laughed and tossed it to Bakura. "Looks like you'll get your wish."

Getting the note, he read "You still owe me a bag of treasure so bring it to the nearest oasis" above a crude picture of a raven. Knowing that there was an oasis a mile away, Bakura gripped the paper and growled. "Finally, I'll get my hands on the bastard!" Malik opened his mouth to offer to join him but Bakura helped up his hand. "This is my battle."

Malik scowled. "At least bring me back some trophies."

Bakura scowled but agreed, remembering that they had an agreement that Bakura got treasure and Malik got body parts, which he referred to as trophies. "Fine."


Minutes later, Bakura was at the oasis, tending to his fire and eating a burnt lizard. He had a bag of rocks next to him, posing as the last bag of loot. Looking out at the desert, he was on the lookout for Raven, unaware that Raven was crawling down the tree. His body was clothed from head to toe in black attire; only his eyes and dark red, chin-length hair remained uncovered. Just as he was reaching for the bag, Bakura noticed him in the reflection of the pond; he immediately stood up, grabbed Raven's wrist, and threw him down on the ground. "Got you now, you bastard!"

Remaining silent, Raven refused to give up: jumping to his feet, he immediately turned around and kicked Bakura in the jaw before he could react. The albino stumbled but did not fall; instead, he regained his footing and got down low enough to kick Raven's feet out from under him. Back on the ground, Raven got out his dagger and stood up swinging. Getting out his own dagger, Bakura swung back. Both daggers clashed against each other but neither cut skin, especially since Raven was jumping over Bakura and dodging to the sides. This infuriated Bakura, who decided to play dirty. When Raven swung his dagger towards his face, Bakura ducked low enough to grab a handful of sand and throw it at Raven's face, prompting a pained FEMALE cry to come out of Raven. Hearing that, Bakura froze a split second. Having enough and needing to know, he threw his dagger, pinning Raven's hood to the tree. The smaller thief tried to break free but Bakura allowed no time for that. Getting inches away, he roughly removed the mask and said upon sight, "You gotta be fucking kidding…"

Though disfigured with a scar above the right eyebrow and two scars under the right eye in the shape of an arrow, the face was feminine. To make sure, the albino gripped the smaller thief's chest, making said thief yelp. Now there was no denying: Raven was a woman. Bakura could now feel his pride shatter to pieces. "You mean to tell me that, all this time, I've been humiliated by a bitch?"

Hissing at the insult and angered by him grabbing her, Raven kneed him hard in the groin. With Bakura keeled over in pain, she dug the dagger out of the tree and kicked him down on the ground before pinning him and holding the dagger to his throat. "I oughta cut your throat right here and now!"

Before she could react, Bakura quickly rolled over until he was on top and pressing the dagger against her throat. "Next time, don't hesitate."

As if taking his advice, Raven headbutted Bakura and kicked him off, grabbing the dagger in the process. Standing up, she looked down at Bakura, who was in pain. Grinning with sick delight, she pressed her food into his groin and relished in the sounds of pain she was hearing. "You know…for being the so-called King of Thieves, you're pretty weak."

With all the pain he was feeling from her foot in his groin, he could only glare up at her. Chuckling and grinding her foot in a little more, she noticed a gold disc pendant with Hieratic engravings around the edges and a red ruby in the middle. It was the first thing he ever stole when he was young and Raven had had her eye on it for a while. "Well…since I have taken everything else that is yours…"

Bakura glared up at her until he saw her reaching for the pendant. His adrenaline pumping, he quickly stood up and pinned Raven face first to the tree, keeping her arms locked behind her. "Don't…touch…"

As the moon came out, Raven started to scream and tried to break free from him keeping her, almost acting like he was about to rape her. While he kept her still enough to not hurt either of them, he got a good look at her. Her skin was tan but lighter than his. Her short burgundy hair could make someone seeing the back of her head think she was a man. Her eyes were green but they did not stand out as much as her facial scar did. After a few minutes of struggling, Raven settled down, making Bakura chuckle. "Finally giving up, bitch?"

Yima did not answer. Full of himself in his victory, Bakura did not hear two horses approach from behind until one of the riders clubbed in the back of the head, not enough to knock him out but hard enough to make him back up, thus releasing Raven. He looked up to see Raven get on a horse behind a muscular female dressed in a leather skirted leotard-like outfit with a cloak while two smaller brunette women who both wore short shirts, knee-length skirts, and cloak on the other horse grabbed the bag. Though their faces were covered, it was obvious that they were women; they did not hide their gender like Raven, who smirked at Bakura. "Thanks for the treasure, old man."

As the women took off into the night, Bakura could not believe what happened: he, a man who prided himself as the king of thieves, was manhandled by women. His humiliation was great, though he got small satisfaction knowing that the bag was a decoy. Growling to himself, he got on his horse and headed to his camp, hissing, "Next time, Raven…I will bathe in your blood…"


At a small camp, a petite Hebrew brunette sat by a fire, waiting anxiously. The more she waited, the deeper into her fantasy world she got and that was one of the times when she was the most dangerous. Tilting her head to the side, she started to play with her long hair and got a look of insanity in her eyes as she started to imagine herself exacting bloody revenge on the men who kidnapped her years ago. She could see all the blood and pain she would cause them and she shuddered with delight at imagining herself covered in their blood. But, before she could indulge deeper into her fantasy, the sound of approaching horses snapped her back to reality. Brightening up, she stood up as the horses stopped before the fire and the riders got off. Seeing Raven, the tiny Hebrew squealed and tackle-hugged her. "Yima! You're back!"

Yima chuckled and patted the smaller female's head. "Niva, I told you not to do that."

Even before Yima could finish her sentence, Niva pulled back to reveal a plain expression with big, innocent eyes. The blond rolled her eyes and was about to make a snide remark when Yima, sensing what her stronger comrade was about to do, snapped, "Just show her the bag, Eris."

Knowing better than to go against her leader, Eris nodded and easily swung the bag from the twins' horse to Niva's feet. "Sniff away."

Niva giggled, happy to use her ability to sniff out the difference between real and fake gold. But, when she sniffed the bag, her face immediately fell. "This isn't gold."

The two other riders revealed their faces, revealing that they were twin Syrians. They asked at the same time, "Fake?"

Eris chuckled and revealed her Greek face. "This is the third time that loser got fake gold. Sabeen, Lilith, pay up."

The twins whined, not wanting to admit that they lost the bet to the blond. Suspicious, Yima stuck her head in the bag and screamed in fury. Niva hid behind Eris, who was brave enough to ask, "What is it?"

Yima stood up and stabbed the bag, spilling the rocks. "That bastard tricked us!"

Yima's followers could not believe it as Yima screamed in fury before twirling the tip of her dagger against her temple. "That bastard is dead next time I steal from him!"

Thinking her master needed comforting, Niva started to go to Yima but Sabeen stopped her with, "What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

Hearing her say that, Eris and Lilith quickly backed away, remembering the number one rule with Niva: never say the word "crazy" around her. The petite girl looked at Sabeen with a look that was numb, angry, and insane all at once. "What did you call me?"

Sabeen braced herself for the oncoming catfight that Niva would give her but, to her relief, it never came: Yima grabbed Niva's hair and yanked her hair back hard enough so that the smaller was looking up at her leader, who said sternly, "Behave."

Niva smiled and giggled in a giddy way. "Okay."

Sabeen sighed in relief and then smacked her sister's arm. "I thought you have my back!"

Lilith gave Sabeen a look. "Against her after she hears the forbidden word? Uh-uh."

Before Sabeen could argue back (even though she agreed with her twin), Yima stood up and headed to her tent, taking off her cloak along the way. "Ladies, I am heading to bed but I need a little…stress relief first."

Upon hearing that, the twins went to their tent. Being straight, they could not take part in Yima's "stress relief sessions" and Yima respected that, knowing how bad it was to be forced into something like that. Eris and Niva, however, looked up with positivity; they could and liked participating since Eris was a lesbian and Niva, though straight, was that devoted to her master. Without hesitating, they followed her into her tent and began.


The next afternoon, Bakura was sharpening his dagger, still fuming about what he discovered about Raven last night. When Malik heard, he immediately laughed, which prompted a fist fight between the two men. Grumbling to himself, the albino did not hear his right-hand man approach from behind until the taller man said, "Found a tomb that's loaded."

Bakura continued to sharpen his dagger but he did say, "Go on."

Malik got in front of the other and sat down. "From what we could translate, the tomb is that of a nobleman's daughter. She was apparently spoiled and, therefore, her tomb is loaded."

Bakura smirked, liking the sound of that. "Sound plentiful." Looking at his dagger, his mind reminded him that Raven would more than likely try to steal his loot. His smirk widening to a sick grin, he murmured to himself, "I hope you do show up, bitch…so I can cut your life off…one piece at a time."


When the moon started to rise, Bakura, Malik, and six henchmen found the tomb. The albino looked at the entrance and smirked. "You were right, Malik. I must admit, I had my doubts."

Malik glared at the albino. "Once. I mistranslated once."

Bakura glared back. "Yeah and, thanks to your mistranslation, we lost ten pathetics."

Glancing at their followers or pathetics, Malik gave a half shrug and looked back at the tomb. "No doubt there'll be traps inside."

Bakura nodded. "No doubt." After confirming that there were no guards, he led the group inside, unaware that Yima and her crew were watching them from another dune.

Once inside, the band of thieves made their way down the corridor with their torches. After a while, however, Bakura stopped, making Malik walk into him with a growl. "Why are we stopping?"

Bakura backhanded Malik's mouth before lowering his torch close enough to the floor, revealing what appeared to be out of place tiles all around the walkway. "Do not step on the tiles."

Not looking down at the flood, one of the pathetics asked, "What are you talking about?"

Growling, Malik grabbed the man's hair and jammed him an inch away from the tile. "Now do you see?" Once he let the pathetic go, Malik took his torch and pressed it into the tile. The tile lowered and a couple of blades snapped together, cutting off the bottom: it was clear that it was supposed to cut off a foot. Unimpressed, Malik shook his head. "No refinement."

Bakura looked at Malik with mock shock. "Really? I would think you would enjoy this trap."

Malik glared at his leader. "A trap that doesn't let the trap setter enjoy the pain of the captured? Where's the fun in that?"

Rolling his eyes, Bakura continued to lead the way. Eventually, they made it to the main room where they found the room littered with treasure from gold to silver to precious jewels. Malik grinned with delight. "Looks like we hit the jackpot, Bakura."

Bakura smirked. "Damn straight…this is the best loot I've ever seen."

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded: "Thank you for leading the way, gentlemen; we will take it from here."

Growling, Bakura turned around and saw Yima and her female comrades. Seeing them, Malik raised his eyebrow. "Who're the bitches?"

The women were unfazed by the insult. Bakura sneered, "Raven, this loot is mine!"

Yima chuckled darkly. "And I steal what you find; ergo, it's my loot."

Bakura's glare darkened but it turned into a smirk when Yima came up with an idea: "Why don't we settle it the proper way, 'Kura? You and your men…against me and my bitches."

Niva hid behind Yima; being the smallest, she was not much of a fighter. Eris and the twins, however, got into fighting stances, ready to fight. Bakura chuckled darkly. "You must have a death wish."

Yima laughed as she took off her cloak, revealing the same outfit from last night. "I'm not the one who's about to die."

With a nod from Bakura and a smirk from Yima, the two groups collided in an attack. At first, the pathetics thought that they would win because they outnumbered the women. But they quickly learned that they were wrong: the twins used acrobatic moves to knock down and snap a few necks that Malik used as human shields while Eris showed off her strength by picking up one of the men on her shoulders and using him to knock down other pathetics before throwing him into the wall. One pathetic decided to focus on Niva since she was the smallest and appeared to be the weakest. But he made the big mistake of touching her hair like her last kidnappers did. When she felt this, Niva snapped and viciously attacked the man, wildly clawing and screaming in her insane fury. At the same time, Bakura and Yima were staring each other down, dagger in hand. Yima spoke up, "I hope this will be fun…because last time I was bored…"

Bakura growled and ran to attack her with his dagger. But she still managed to block his dagger with hers, acting like she was bored. "Any time you want to hit me, go ahead, Bakura."

Bakura smirked, deciding to take the invitation. Using his dagger, he tried to attack, only to have Yima deflect the dagger. But that was exactly what Bakura wanted her to do as he used his other fist to punch her scarred cheek. At first stunned that Bakura even got a hit on her, Yima glared at Bakura and went to attack the albino when they heard a click. They looked up to see that Malik, having stumbled backwards thanks to the twins’ drop-kicking him, stepped on a tile that was a trigger for a trap. He waited for his foot to be cut off but instead rumbling was heard in the tomb. Bakura yelled, "Malik, what did you do?!"

Malik did not know but it became clear: rocks and boulders started to fall from the ceiling. The trigger that Malik had stepped on cut a rope that was hidden under the floor, which turned out to be holding nets of boulders that lined the ceiling above the entrance. As the boulders started to fall, the pathetics ran to get out in time as Bakura glared at Malik. "Nice going, jackass."

Malik growled and took off, pushing Yima's followers out of the way to save himself. After getting a kick in at Bakura's ribs, Yima turned to her girls. "Get out of here! Go!"

The twins obeyed and managed to make it out without being squashed. Eris tried to follow but noticed that Niva was frozen, not wanting to leave her master. Rolling her eyes, she went back and picked up the petite Hebrew, putting her over her shoulder before taking off. Niva reached for Yima, screaming for her, as Yima got in a few more kicks in: she planned on getting Bakura hurt enough to get him trapped in the tomb. But she had to stop when Eris called out from the other side of the rock pile, "Yima, let's go! You're going to get stuck!"

Yima looked and saw that the entrance was almost completely covered. Not paying attention to the surroundings, she took off to try and get out. She almost made it when Bakura pulled her back just in time as more rocks fell where Yima would have been crushed. Once the rocks finished falling, the two thieves were trapped. Screaming in fury, Yima turned around and slapped Bakura across the face. "Why did you pull me back?!"

Bakura glared at her. He was now regretting saving her life. "What, you wanted to get killed by those rocks?!"

Yima hissed, "You stopped me from escaping, you fool!"

"You were too busy kicking the hell out of me! Had you just ran out with your bitches, you wouldn't have risked being squashed!"

"I had everything under control! Now, thanks to you, we're trapped here!"

The two thieves glared at each other, their hatred for each other growing by the second. They hated that they were stuck and stuck together. After a minute of glaring, Bakura gave a huff and pushed Yima out of the way, making her yell, "Don't touch me!"

Bakura ignored her and looked at the pile of rocks. It would take a while but he believed that he could make an opening. As he started his work, he ignored Yima's screams at him. He knew that she was furious but he let her vent, believing that they would go their separate ways once they reunited with their followers. But Bakura could not ignore a particular question: "Was that there earlier?"

Bakura looked back at her and then looked at what Yima was pointing out: one of the oil lamps was tipped over, supposedly while the rocks and boulders were falling, and the fiery oil drained down a groove in the stone and exited a small hole that appeared to lead outside. Bakura paled, realizing that it was an alarm system, and started to work faster. Yima growled and pulled Bakura's hair back so he could look at her. "I asked you a question! Now I demand an answer!"

Bakura removed her hand from his hair and was about to yell back when a hidden ceiling compartment directly above them opened and beautiful flowers started to fall on them. The albino looked up in confusion. "What the hell is this?

Yima knew and covered her mouth and nose with her cloak. "Poppies! Don't breathe in their scent!"

Bakura gave her a confused look until he realized that he was feeling woozy so he covered his mouth and nose with his coat. "We need to get out of here!

Yima was already starting to remove the smaller rocks. "Well then, help me out, idiot!"

Bakura glared at her before continuing his work. What annoyed the thieves the most was that the compartment that held the poppies let in moonlight, thus leading to the outside, but there was no way to get to it because of how high it was. When there was a small opening at the top of the rock pile, Yima dropped what she was doing and started to climb the pile to escape. Seeing this, Bakura grabbed her foot and pulled her down, earning a yelp from the female thief. The albino hissed, "There's no way in hell you're getting out!"

Anger clouded her better judgment, Yima removed her filter and spat in Bakura's face. "Let go of me, you bastard!"

Growling, Bakura wiped away the spit and started to head for the opening. Yima refused to be trapped in the tomb so she followed and started to fight him just before the opening, removing his filter in the process. But they did not realized that the scent of the poppies filled the air. Because of them fighting and not using their clothing filters, they started to feel lightheaded and their attacks became slower. Finally, they were knocked out from the poppies but not before both reaching for the opening, exposing their hands to those who were outside…


Sometime later, Yima woke up. She grabbed her head groaning in pain. "Damn…those poppies were lethal…" Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes and, assuming she was with her followers, asked, "Did we get anything from that bastard?"

To her disgust, she heard Bakura's voice respond from the corner. "No, we got captured."

Yima stood up, ready to attack, when her eyes adjusted and she could see that they were in a prison cell. The female stormed up to the male and tried to backhand him but the albino caught her hand and used her arm to pin her stomach first to the wall. Bakura growled, "This is your fault that we're captured. If you hadn't hesitated to try and keep me in the tomb…"

Bakura was talking in an angered but quiet voice because he had seen how the guards looked at Yima while she was still knocked out from the poppy smell. In fact, the guards attempted to take her many times but Bakura made sure that the guards did not touch her; while he could not stand Yima, he knew that no woman deserved something like that. In the dark about the guards, Yima screamed, "My fault?! It was your flunky that activated the trap!"

Bakura growled and let her go. "Don't even think of comparing me to my follower! Just because he activated the trap doesn't mean I told him to!"

Yima turned and hissed, "Well, he's your follower! You're responsible for what he does!"

The albino wanted to yell back but a young guard with an odd but fierce look and short brown hair came by the cell and yelled at them to be silent. Yima instantly went to the cell bars and screamed, "Make us, bitch!"

The guard gave a leery look, which made Yima's spine tingle; she knew that look very well. But her fury returned and she spat in his face. That was a huge mistake: as soon as she turned around to go back to Bakura, the guard reached through the bars and got her in a chokehold. Believing that she got herself into this mess, Bakura hung back and watched with cold eyes. Yima struggled to get free until the guard pulled out a dagger and pressed it to her throat. "It's about time you woke up…" Turning his head, he called out, "Guys! She's awake!"

Seconds later, two more guards came into view and looked at Yima with hungry eyes. They appeared to be around the same age as the guard that held Yima still but they each had their own look. The guard that appeared to be the smallest had long hair but his stood out: the left side was his natural black which matched his short beard but the right side was dyed yellow from sulfur. The other guard with long black hair and a goatee was clearly the powerhouse of the three, taller with muscles and a tribal tattoo on his right shoulder. The guard holding Yima turned to the duel-colored-hair guard. "You got the keys, Set?"

Set smirked and held up a key. "Right here, Am-heh."

For a second, Bakura wondered why the guards were named after evil gods. But his attention changed when Am-heh stated, "Rem, pin him…we're going to have some fun with this one."

Yima and Bakura knew what kind of fun he was talking about. The albino started to go to Yima to get Am-heh off of her when Set opened the door and the powerhouse guard Rem rushed in and pinned Bakura to the wall. Set quickly moved in and picked up Yima by her legs; once her legs were fully on his shoulders, Am-heh entered and picked up her upper body. All the while, Yima was struggling and screaming bloody murder. Rem looked behind him with a smirk. "You guys go ahead. I'll be right there."

Set and Am-heh nodded and left with a screaming and thrashing Yima. After a few seconds, Rem punched Bakura in the gut and smirked as the albino hunched over in pain. "A word of advice: behave or we'll come after you. We take whatever we want when we want."

As he turned to join his comrades, Bakura pulled out his hidden dagger and stood up, stabbing Rem in the back, killing him. Smirking to himself, Bakura took back his blade and licked the blood before sarcastically stating, "A word of advice: never turn your back on a prisoner."

Just then, there was a very loud scream that did not sound human coming from the same direction of where Set and Am-heh carried Yima off to. His head snapping up, Bakura wondered what it was when, to his surprise, he felt a touch of fear where he heard the sickening sound of Set and Am-heh being attacked. Grabbing the key Set left, he ran towards the screams and froze at the sight before him: Set and Am-heh lay in front of Yima, dead from huge cuts across their chests from a bladed weapon. Yima was on her knees, her outfit ripped where she now had shorts and a short shirt, revealing a huge scar on her side, and with her head down. But what was the most frightening was there was something humanoid coming out of Yima's back. The stomach attached to Yima's back, it was very pale with black hair and red eyes with a black line under the left eye and it held a black scythe. Seeing Bakura, the creature smirked evilly and held up its finger to its lips before disappearing. When the humanoid creature was gone, Yima collapsed, unconscious. Bakura went forward and turned her over. Confirming that she was alive, he then looked down at her. He hated to admit but she was very attractive. Still, he muttered, "But stings like a viper…"

Standing up, Bakura started to leave since he knew that this was his chance to leave but he stopped when he noticed that there were four swords against the wall. It was clear that there was another guard in the group that was not there for some reason. Looking back at Yima, Bakura realized that, when the last guard came back, he would kill Yima in retaliation. Even if the idea was appealing, his pride refused to let someone else kill Yima. Growling to himself, he put Yima on his shoulders before finding a stable and taking off with a couple of horses and supplies.


Hours later, Yima woke up, groaning in pain. She snapped to attack mode when she heard Bakura said, "Welcome back."

To her surprise, she was propped up against a few blankets in front of a fire with Bakura on the other side of the fire. Next to Bakura were two sticks holding burnt lizards and onions. She demanded to know what was going on and Bakura stated with a glare, "Show me a little gratitude or you won't get dinner."

Yima hissed at him but she still held out her hand for her dinner. Bakura chuckled and shook his head. "Say thank you for saving your life."

Annoyed, Yima stood up and walked to him, snatching a lizard and a few onions for herself. Bakura growled, "How about a little gratitude?! I could have left you behind to be killed!"

Yima glared at him. She then muttered a sarcastic and half-hearted "Thank you" before going back to her original position. The albino sneered at her. "Why did I even try?"

Yima did not answer. She knew that she owed him for saving her life because it would have been easy to leave her behind. But her pride refused to let her thank him so she ate her food in silence. Bakura took a bite of his lizard and then noticed how she ate. Unlike other women who always ate their food politely, Yima ate like a man, ripping the lizard apart with her teeth, clawing the onion apart, and licking her fingers clean. To his surprise, Bakura found this erotic and continued to stare at her. The scarred girl did not realize that she was being stared at until she looked up from her picked-clean lizard and saw his stare. Glaring, she threw the stick at his face. "Stop staring, you pervert!"

Ducking away from the stick, Bakura growled, "Keep this up and I'll kill you!"

Yima held open her arms with a mocking look on her face. "Go ahead! You'd be doing me a favor!"

Finishing his lizard, Bakura tossed away the bones and gave Yima a hard look. "As much as I want to do that, I can't."

Yima laughed. "Too scared to kill a bitch like me?"

Bakura got up and went up to her to slap her. The female glared up at him and was about to attack him when the albino pointed out, "The moment Ra wakes up, we'll be at the mercy of the desert."

Yima's eyes widened at that fact, for she knew that Bakura was right: if they wanted to survive the desert, they need to work together. Finishing her onions, she sulked against her blankets. Bakura took out his dagger and started to sharpen it. "Get some sleep. I'll wake you in a few hours to stand guard."

Yima kicked sand in his direction. "Shut up! You have no right to order me around!"

Getting a pebble, Bakura threw it at Yima, hitting her forehead. "Shut your mouth or I'll leave you behind to die in the desert!"

Yima hissed but stayed fairly quiet afterwards. Nodding, Bakura went back to his dagger. "With any luck, Ra will be kind to us."

Wrapping herself up in a blanket, Yima laughed. "Putting your faith in something that doesn't exist? You're even more pathetic than I thought."

The albino raised his eyebrow at that. "What does that mean?"

Yima gave Bakura a look. "What do you think? Wake up, you reject; neither your gods nor my god exists…they're nothing more than tricks and illusions to scare people into doing anything." As he laid down, she muttered to himself, "No one will save you…not ever. When evil storms into your life…no one will save you."

As she dozed off, Bakura found himself wondering what Yima meant by that. Even after everything that happened to him with Kul Elna, he still kept his faith in the gods because, while he watched his fellow villagers being dumped in the melted gold, he felt an evil presence that he could only describe as godly. Not only that but he had extraordinary luck with tomb robbing, luck that could have only come from being watched over by something. Shaking his head, the albino looked at Yima and was surprised. She looked at peace in her sleep, as if she was a regular girl. The fire made her face glow, showing off her lightly tanned skin and scars on her face and side. There was no denying that she was beautiful, scars and all, because of that, Bakura shook his head as he thought of her vicious nature. "What a waste…"


The next day, they started out on their return journey. It was very rough for a few reasons: the journey back to the tomb alone took two days, it was unbearably hot, and the two thieves constantly bickered. Bakura wanted to kill her to end his misery but he knew that two had a better chance of surviving the desert than one. What annoyed Bakura the most was that Yima seemed to know that and took great pleasure in needling the albino whenever she could. He did his best to not give into his killer instinct but, when they set up camp at the tomb, he had enough. He stormed up to Yima and roughly spun her around to make her look at him. "That is it! I have had it with you!"

Yima smirked darkly. "Nothing you can do. Don't forget, we need each other to survive."

Bakura smirked back. "Not anymore."

Yima was about to argue back when she figured out what he meant: their camps were only a half a day journey and one person could survive that journey. Not wanting to be left behind, she attempted to knee him in the groin but Bakura was ready: knocking her knee away, he spun her around and tightly wrapped his arms around her. "Nice try, bitch."

Yima started to struggle when something unexpected happened: she felt a craving, thanks to his right arm being across her breasts. What was worse was that Eris and Niva were not there to calm the craves. She struggled but half-heartedly because her movements made her body rub more against his arms, intensifying the craves. "Let go…of me…"

Bakura noticed and grinned. "Oh ho…this turns you on, huh?" Yima shook her head but her body was saying yes. Because of this, Bakura could not resist…


Minutes later, Bakura was tending to a fire to warm their sweat-kissed bodies. Looking back, he asked Yima, "Warm enough?"

Laying on her side, Yima nodded. They then remained silent, not sure what to say about what just happened. If someone had told them that they would eventually do it, they would have laughed. But now, not only did they do it, they actually enjoyed it. Yima was especially surprised because, after her hell of a life, she thought that her body would never react positively to a man but her body enjoyed Bakura and the hardcore pleasure that made her followers seem unskilled. Bakura himself enjoyed it, especially since she was on her stomach and they were mostly clothed for the session. As he went to get some onions, Yima stated, "You're quite skilled."

Bakura looked up and nodded. He was still confused so he decided to change the subject. "Where did your scars come from?"

Yima looked up at him. She knew what he was doing and secretly appreciated it. "You first."

Bakura killed a couple of lizards and started to roast them as he stated that he gave himself the scar to remind himself of the promise he made to kill the Pharaoh for what happened to his village Kul Elna. When Yima heard that his village was slaughtered, she sat up and opened up a little to him with the fact that they were similar: her clan, including her parents and little sister, was slaughtered by bandits and she was taken where she suffered every form of pain from her capturers. Her facial scar was a permanent mark they gave her and the scar on her side came from when the bandits tried to kill her when they grew bored with her. But she noted, "After I got the scar, I blacked out…and, when I woke up, there were bodies everywhere…"

Bakura guessed that it was because of the creature he saw coming out of her back. Yima then asked, "Where does this leave us? We know each other's pasts, had a great screw…now what?"

Bakura did not know how to answer: most of him wanted her to leave him away but there was a small part of him that saw the benefits of her joining him, both from a thieving and pleasurable perspective. Unable to reply, he said, "Get some sleep. We'll be back with our people tomorrow."

Yima nodded and laid down, giving Bakura first watch. She was feeling the same way as Bakura: she knew that love did not exist so she could only see Bakura as a good comrade. But would her followers feel the same way?


The next day, they came back to their followers, who banded together to find their followers. Niva was especially happy to see Yima, who tackled her to the ground in tears. Bakura looked down at Niva. "You like little girls, bitch?"

Yima glared up at Bakura, feeling like maybe teaming with Bakura was not a good idea since they did nothing but bicker all the time. Malik crossed his arms and growled, "Good, you're back. Now we can get these bitches out of our sight."

Yima's followers glared at him. Eris then smirked and stated, "Fine, we'll go but you can keep the whiny one as a prize."

Malik grabbed Eris' arm with an angered look. "Don't even kid about that, wench. We don't work with bitches, especially that one."

Yima stood up and pulled Eris back to slap her. "Don't you even think of giving away Niva!"

To her surprise, Niva giggled and Eris gave Yima a calm look. "Not her…"

Just then, there was the sound of yelling coming from the camp. Bakura asked his right-hand man, "Who the hell did you pick up?"

Malik smirked and led the way for the group. "We didn't pick her up. A passing caravan dumped her on us. We would have killed her but she says that she knows of a great treasure."

Bakura and Yima's heads perked up. After the failed pillaging for the tomb, they wanted to find a treasure to make them feel better. They soon came up to the girl, who hog-tied and hanging from a horse. What everyone did not know was that the girl was Roxanna. Seeing them, she screamed, "Let me go! Do you have any idea who I am?! I am a princess of Greece!"

Yima looked back at Eris. "Isn't that your home, Eris?"

Eris nodded but stayed quiet because she did not recognize Roxanna as royalty. Lilith said in a teasing tone, "How can she be a princess? She doesn't even have any jewelry on her…"

Sabeen added, "Nor is she that pretty."

Roxanna growled and continued to struggle to get free. Not believing that she was a princess, Bakura started to leave and said, "Men, have a little fun with her.

The nearby followers looked at Roxanna with leery eyes. Panicking, Roxanna yelled at Bakura, "Help me and I'll let you have the Pharaoh's treasure!"

His attention grabbed, Bakura turned around and cut the rope that dangled her from the horse. Yima scoffed and looked away in disgust. "I can't believe you think she's telling the truth."

Before Bakura could argue back, Roxanna blurted out, "Believe me! I'll let you have his treasure if you help me kill him and that man-stealing wench Tima!"

Gasps were heard from Yima's followers as Yima's eyes widened to a crazed look and her head slowly turned to the Greek. "What…did you just say?" Before Roxanna could respond, Yima raced to Roxanna and grabbed her neck. "She's alive?! Tima is alive?! Tell me now, bitch!"

Roxanna squeaked, in fear for her life. Yima's girls backed away, afraid as well for they had never seen their leader act like this. Bakura and Malik, however, raised their eyebrow. Growing impatient, the scarred Hebrew screamed, "Answer me! You're telling me that Tima is alive?!

Wincing in fear, Roxanna still nodded. "Yes…she stole the Pharaoh from me. Can you…?"

Dropping Roxanna but still furious, Yima hissed, "…kill her? Consider it done."

Roxanna scooted away from Yima as much as she could. Hating being left in the dark, Bakura demanded, "Okay, will someone tell me what the hell is going on here?"

Yima grit her teeth, not looking at Bakura. "Remember I told you I lost my sister in the raid?"

Malik was confused about what she meant by a raid but he and Bakura figured out why Yima was so upset: Tima was that sister. Bakura smirked in amusement as Malik, without thinking, asked, "You mean this bitch is related to the Queen of Khment?"

That caused Yima to snap, having had all the pieces put together: not only was Tima alive, she was the Queen of Khment and living a better life as compared to Yima, who lived through hell. Throwing her dagger at Malik (who managed to duck), the Hebrew turned around and started to strangle Roxanna. Her girls tried to pull her off Roxanna but the Hebrew was bent on killing the Greek until Bakura pushed the women away and put his dagger to Yima's throat. "You kill her, we'll have no way of finding the palace so you can kill your sister and I can get the gold."

Yima hissed but she knew that he was right so she let Roxanna go and stood up. Roxanna smiled her thanks to Bakura but the smile quickly faded when Bakura cut her feet binding and made her stand up. As he tied her wrist bindings to the horse, he stated, "Lead the way, bitch."

Roxanna was afraid of Bakura but believed that he was not as bad as Yima, especially with him agreeing to help get revenge of the royal couple. As Malik went to tell the pathetics to pack up for a long journey, Bakura looked at Yima. "Looks like you and I will be teaming up again."

Not looking at him, Yima nodded. "Yes…just as long as I can kill my bitch of a sister."

Bakura smirked. This was perfect: they would both get the treasure of the Pharaoh and get revenge on each member of the royal couple. Looking out at the horizon, the albino thought to himself, 'Just you wait, Pharaoh…'
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