An Unexpected Hatred

That morning, as the villagers made their way to the palace, there was a group of seven that snuck into the kingdom and were now hiding in an alley, trying to figure out a way to sneak into the palace without being found out. Everyone in the group was wearing long cloaks and hoods over their heads to not let people notice them right away. However, they were still running some risks since three of them had facial scars. Looking around, Yima heard some chatter and noted, "Sounds like the Pharaoh is going to make an announcement."

Niva poked her head out an

d innocently asked, "Wonder what it is."

Malik glared down at the small Hebrew. During their long journey to the kingdom, he found her to be insufferable with her daydreaming, blind devotion to Yima, and insane fits when she did not like something; she was even more annoying than Roxanna, whom they left behind because she would have caused a scene and, thus, get them caught. Feeling his glare on her, she peeked up at the insane man, who sneered sarcastically, "Gee, stupid, I don't know! He hasn't made it yet!"

Lilith and Sabeen grinned with delight. Ever since the two groups banded together, they appeared to have taken a liking to Malik. Niva hid behind Yima, who glared at Malik. "Watch your mouth or I'll cut you in a way that will make you a woman."

Malik glared back to Yima, trying to ignore his fear slowly raising up in his body. He would never openly admit it but he was afraid of Yima because, when she argued with him or sometimes for no reason, she attacked him with a dagger and almost succeeded a few times. While he enjoyed attacking others, he did not like being on the receiving end. Rolling his eyes, Bakura pushed them apart and looked out at the crowd. "It's best we split up; that way, we'll blend in better."

Ripping his hand off her face, Yima sneered, "Took you long enough to come up with an obvious plan."

Bakura glared at Yima, who hissed. Their followers rolled their eyes, now used to seeing how much they bickered. Once the two settled down, the seven started to disband into the crowd. With the exception of the twins and Niva latching onto Yima's arm, they went one by one. Bakura and Yima did not have to worry about their scars since they were the results of hard lives; Malik tied a rag around his forehead to cover his scar since the sight would lead to him being captured and killed for returning. Yima looked down at Niva, who gave her an innocent look. "What do you think this announcement is?"

Yima shrugged. She then whispered, "I really don't care…I just need a visual confirmation that my bitch of a little sister is alive."

Niva nodded eagerly, seeing how much Yima hated her sister. Once they were inside, they were scattered around but wondered with the villagers about what the news was. Moments later, the Pharaoh and Queen came into view and all the villagers cheered for them. Bakura and Yima's followers applauded, acting like they belonged; Bakura and Yima could not do that. Bakura growled at Atem, feeling the urge to kill him to get revenge for Kul Elna, while Yima growled at Tima, looking healthy and happy and who obviously led a better life than her older sister. But her hatred grew by what Atem said: "Citizens, I bring you joyous news! Today is a time for celebration for the gods have blessed us with joyous tidings…for on this day, my beloved and your Queen is with child! The Kingdom of Khment has an heir to the throne!"

The villagers cheered for joy at the news. Again, Malik and the four girls continued the charade. Bakura had a blank face on, not caring about babies so this announcement was useless to him. Yima, however, felt her eyes widen in shock and then narrow with great hatred: not only was her little sister alive and Queen but she was pregnant! Niva looked up at Yima and saw the look on her face. She remembered, long ago, Yima admitted that she was barren, something she learned after never getting pregnant from all the assaults she endured. When Atem and Tima went back into the palace, the villagers started to disperse. Yima, however, started to head to the palace, pushing people left and right. Seeing this, Bakura went after her but the villagers made it difficult to get to her in time. To his relief, he saw that the twins were closing in on her. Catching eyes with Sabeen, Bakura pointed to Yima and ordered them, "Stop her!"

Sabeen nodded and she and Lilith closed in on Yima, hooking their arms on Yima's arms and dragging her out of the courtyard. Bakura sighed in relief and then rolled his eyes when he saw and heard Yima struggle to break free. As Eris and Niva picked up her legs to get her out faster, Malik joined Bakura's side and watched with a raised eyebrow. "What the hell is her problem?"

Bakura shrugged and then froze when he heard a guard behind him say, "That's what I want to know as well."

Malik did not turn around, not wanting to risk the chance of being recognized, so Bakura turned around and explained, "She's not right in the head."

Malik snickered, agreeing with that explanation. The guard accepted the answer, especially since the four women were able to get Yima out of the courtyard. As the two men went to join them, Yima yelled, "You're going to get yours, you bitch!"

Niva squeezed Yima's leg. "Yima, please! You'll get us caught! Then you'll never get your revenge!"

Yima looked down at Niva. Her face then twisted to a dark smirk as an idea started to develop.


When Yima yelled, Tima felt a chill go down her spine, making her look behind her and catching Atem's attention. "Tima? You okay?"

Tima nodded. "Yeah…I just thought I heard something."

Atem looked behind them, having not heard a thing. "Really? What?

After hearing silence, Tima shook her head. "It's probably nothing. Maybe I'm hearing things."

Still, Tima looked a little worried since she was convinced that she heard someone yell from a distance. What added to her worries was that the voice seemed to be both ominous and familiar. Wanting to make her feel better, Atem pulled her against a pillar and wrapped his arms around her. "Have no worries, my love. I am here and I shall protect you." When Tima smiled and touched his chest, he added, "For now…let's focus on the good things."

With that, he reached down and touched her stomach. Tima smiled and touched his hand. "Atem…"

Kissing her cheek, he lovingly said, "This is a great day, Tima…you have blessed me with this gift. Nothing can bring me down today."

Tima smiled in agreement.


That night, Tima was outside in the garden, enjoying the night air on the bench. Atem was called to a very last minute meeting so she was waiting for him to finish and join her. Taking a deep breath, she sighed softly and touched her stomach. She still could not believe it: she was going to have Atem's child. Peeking up at the sky, her smile widened at all the stars and full moon. She then closed her eyes and lifted her hands towards the sky. "Lord…thank you for this wonderful blessing you have granted me and Atem. I pray that you send your angels to see to it that I have a successful pregnancy."

When her prayer ended, she felt a small breeze blow through her hair, as if her God was telling her that He heard her prayer and would answer. Chuckling lightly, she opened her eyes and looked towards the entrance to the palace. Expecting to see Atem, she got an unexpected surprise: there was a girl there that looked to be a Hebrew as well. Blinking with surprise, Tima smiled softly. "Hello there."

The girl jumped and bit down on the tip of her little finger to calm herself. "Um…hi…"

Tima smiled and stood up. "Who might you be?"

She looked at Tima, keeping her finger between her teeth. "N-Niva."

Tima giggled at Niva's innocence and went up to Niva. "Such a cute name. Are you new here?"

Niva gave Tima her most innocent look. "New? Oh, yes, I'm new! I just wanted to meet you!"

Tima giggled again, finding Niva to be cute with how she talked. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Niva. I'm sure we'll get to know each other very well."

That's when Niva grinned a crazed smile at Tima, making Tima nervous. That look was nerve-racking, especially with her finger still between her teeth. The Queen was about to speak when she heard another voice hidden in the shadows: "We already know you very well…Tima."

Tima froze at the sound of the voice; the voice sounded very familiar but it had been so long. Besides, the owner of the voice was supposed to be dead. She then woke up and jumped back just in time to miss a dagger that would have stabbed her temple. "Who's there?!"

Niva giggled with crazed delight as the voice spoke again. "Forgot me already? I'm hurt."

Tima paled; now there was no denying whose voice that was. Her suspicions were confirmed when Yima stepped into view from behind the wall next to Niva, who giggled again in her insanity. Tima almost fainted at the sight of her long-suspected-to-be-dead older sister. "Yima…you're alive."

Yima held up her dagger and twisted the blade tip against her temple, all the while glaring at her younger sister. "Oh, I'm alive, all right…alive and furious!"

Tima started to shake with fear. It was very clear that there was something very different about Yima and it was not just her scars. There was something dangerous and evil about Yima. Shaking her head in disbelief, Tima asked, "Yima…what happened to you?"

Yima smirked darkly. "Oh, you can tell the difference? You're not as dumb as I thought you were." Niva giggled again, making Yima smile a crazed smile and shake her head in mock disbelief. "Look at you…Mom's favorite…left for dead, like me…and look where you are now." When Tima opened her mouth to speak, Yima swiped the dagger in her sister's direction. "You keep your mouth shut! I don't want to hear your voice!"

Tima started to shake in fear. This was not the Yima she knew when she was little: this Yima appeared to be pure evil. Refusing to believe what was in front of her, Tima pleaded, "Yima, please…we're sisters…"

Yima snapped, "Don't give me that sister crap!" Gripping her dagger, she started to slowly walk towards the backing up Queen, her eyes dangerously narrow. "Do you realize how much I suffered after that raid? How traumatized I was by the sight of ours parents' and your body? How much I've had to claw, bite, and fight to get a somewhat normal life? And now I find you…living the high life, Queen of Khment…and not even caring about your own flesh and blood!"

Tima continued to back up, afraid for hers' and her baby's life with her sister as crazed as she was. But the back of her mind noted that Yima seemed to believe that Tima did not care about her older sister. That was far from the truth: not a day had gone by since the raid that the young Hebrew did not think about her sister. Shaking her head, Tima held out her hand to try to stop Yima. "Yima, it's not like that…please let me explain…"

Yima growled and lifted her dagger to her eye level. Out of pure instinct, Tima covered her stomach with her other hand. Seeing this, Yima's anger grew and her eyes showed her fury. "What are you doing? Trying to rub it in that you're pregnant?!"

Tima shook her head, ignoring the tears falling from her eyes. "No! Yima, please! Don't do this!"

Yima spat out, "Shut up! Why should you get the good life?! What makes you so special that God would provide for you and give me a life of pain?!

Just as Yima was about to tackle Tima, a guard arrived at the gardens. A new guard with unusually platinum blond hair, purple eyes, and scars all over his body, he was sent by Atem to pick up Tima since the Pharaoh was too mentally tired to join her. Seeing Yima, he quickly got between the two women with his sword drawn. "You! How dare you threaten the Queen!"

Unaware that Niva was suddenly pulled out of sight, Yima grinned with sick delight. "So…looks like the bitch has her own little protector. Does the Pharaoh know…about how close you are?"

The guard just blinked at the accusations, knowing that this vile woman was saying that to try and get a rise out of him. Tima hid behind the guard, knowing that he was there to protect her, but her movements added another straw to Yima's back. She was about to attack him when her hand holding the dagger was stopped by a whip. Looking back, she noticed that it was Malik, holding the whip in one hand and Niva in a chokehold in the other. "You are a naughty girl, Yima…sneaking off like that. Because of you, I had to sneak in here to bring you back."

Yima screamed in fury at him, furious that he stopped her from getting revenge. Looking up, Malik smirked at the guard. That was when Tima noticed that the guard had started trembling as soon as Malik showed up. Starting to pull Yima back towards him, causing her to drop her dagger, Malik amused, "So…this is where you ended up…little Marik."

The guard Marik tightened his tight on his sword and gave a loud whistle. Malik raised his eyebrow, thinking that the whistle was unnecessary, until he heard a group of guards heading over to them. Rolling his eyes, he raced forward and knocked Yima unconscious with a blow to the back of her head with his elbow. With her now unconscious in his free arm, Malik looked at the guard and Queen with a sick grin. "Well…as much as I love these little reunions, I must leave you now. See you around…little brother."

Tima paled, realizing that these two men were related. Growling, Marik tried to attack Malik but he backed away and disappeared in the darkness, laughing the whole way. As soon as he was gone, the rest of the guards arrived. Seeing them, Marik ordered, "A woman and my brother just threatened the Queen! Search the palace; make sure that they don't escape!"

The guards immediately went to work on securing the palace, especially since they knew that Marik's brother Malik was extremely dangerous. One guard hesitated, wanting to stay with the Queen, but Marik shook his head. "I will deliver her to the Pharaoh. Go help the others."

Nodding, the guard left. Turning around, Marik sheathed his sword and bowed to the Queen. "My Queen. You are safe."

Tima was too busy shaking to notice. Her sister was alive and out to kill her. Noticing her fear, Marik stood up and touched her shoulder, causing her to wake up. "I will bring you to the Pharaoh. You will be safe there."

Unable to speak at the moment, she just nodded and followed Marik to the bedroom, trying to unsuccessfully calm herself down. Once they were there, Marik knocked on the door. "My Pharaoh, I brought the queen."

Atem's voice rang out from the room. "Bring her in."

Nodding in obedience, Marik opened the door and brought Tima in. Looking up from the bed, Atem and Tarra noticed how shook up Tima was and immediately went to her. "Tima, what happened?"

Marik got down on one knee in respect for the Pharaoh. "My Pharaoh, she was attacked by an unknown woman and my brother."

At the mention of the unknown woman, Tima started to cry, remembering how her sister was. Tarra nuzzled her head and Atem hugged her close to try and comfort her, grateful that Marik was able to get her in time and get her away safely. While he did not know who the woman was, he knew Malik: he personally saw to it that Malik was banished with the mark on his forehead after seeing Marik and his sister inches from death after Malik tortured them simply for pleasure. Rubbing Tima's back, he nodded to Marik. "Thank you, Marik. That will be all."

Marik bowed his head in respectful obedience and left. Closing the door, he tightened his fist, hating that his brother Malik had returned and was supposedly working with the woman who threatened the Queen, the man whose torture gave him all his scars. "I swear to Ra…I will protect the Pharaoh and Queen…and kill you, Malik."


Inside the bedroom, Atem had picked up Tima and carried her to the bed, where she finally stopped crying. Seeing that she calmed down, he sat next to her and touched her back. "What happened?"

Tima sniffled and looked down at the dagger in her hands. "My sister…"

Atem got a little confused. Was Tima talking about her dead sister? Confused as well, Tarra asked, Say again?

Tima closed her eyes, letting more tears fall. "The unknown woman…that was my sister…"

Atem's eyes widened in shock. Her sister was alive and, worse yet, trying to kill Tima? He wanted to know more but he could see that Tima was too upset to talk so he hugged her close, letting her cry in his chest. With her hormones going crazy with the pregnancy and her sister threatening her, he fully understood why she was crying so bitterly and knew that she needed all the comfort she could get. Tarra wanted to help as well but Atem silently asked her to warn the other phoenixes. Once Tarra left and Tima settled down again, he took her hands into his and said gently, "Tima…tell me what happened…"

Tima sniffled and wiped her eyes with her arms. "I…don't know how…but she's alive…she must have been taken instead of killed; she did mention that she suffered a great deal." She started to tremble when she added, "She's evil now…"

Atem wrapped his arm around her. "It's all right…I'm here…"

Gripping his shirt, she admitted, "What's worse…" she looked up with tears in her eyes, "…when she looked at me…she looked like…like she hated me…my own sister…the one I used to look up to when I was little…she had a look of pure hatred on her face…how could she hate me? She believes that I never cared about her…how could she think that?"

Atem shook his head. "I don't know. But know this: nothing will happen to you, I promise you." He was relieved to see that she was starting to smile but got worried when her look soured. "Tima? Is there something else?"

Tima touched her stomach. "She seemed furious…that I was pregnant." Lowering her head, she whispered, "Maybe that is why she hates me…maybe she's jealous…or can't have children of her own…maybe if I…

Atem cupped her chin and made her look at him. Seeing the sadness in her eyes, he hugged her close. "Do not say such things." Pulling back to look at her, he continued, "You have been blessed with a precious gift…the gift of life. I am not sure what is going on with your sister and I will not assume anything. But, you must know, you cannot let this get to you for you are a wonderful person." Seeing her about to protest, he kissed her deeply. "No more sadness. This is a blessing and don't think of it as anything else. All right?"

Tima smiled and leaned into him, touching his chest. "Thank you."

Atem smiled and laid back with her. "Anything for you. And I meant what I said: nothing will happen to you, for I will protect you with my life."

Tima smiled and snuggled with him. "I love you, Atem."

Atem kissed her head. "And I love you, Tima…I can't imagine life without you."

Tima looked up at him with a smile and kissed him deeply, only to have the kiss interrupted by a knock at the door. Telling Tima to stay in bed and rest, Atem went to the door and opened it, revealing Marik and Jouno with Earthzina. Atem exited to talk to them in private, knowing that the master bedroom was too high for Yima or Malik to get into. "Well?"

Marik just shook his head as Jouno said, "Pharaoh, we checked all over the palace. We don't even know how they got in, let alone how they escaped."

Marik pointed out, "We do have guards all over the palace at every entrance, known and secret."

Earthzina added, Tarra and I informed the other phoenixes and they will search the village tomorrow to see if they are there.

Atem nodded. While he was disappointed that Yima and Malik got away, he did appreciate what everyone was doing. Turning to Marik, the Pharaoh told him, "I want you to be the head of the search since you know your brother and you are the only one besides my beloved who saw Yima's face."

Marik bowed his head in obedience and Atem retired for the night. Jouno looked at Marik. "Out of curiosity, what was the woman like?"

Marik just said, "Almost as frightening as my brother…"


At that moment, Malik and Eris (who went along to help control Niva) arrived back at the base camp not too far from Kul Elna. Bakura looked up and noticed Yima was slumped across Malik's horse. Rolling his eyes, he asked his right-hand man, "You didn't kill her, did you?"

The twins looked up in worry: while they liked Malik, they were dedicated first to Yima. After noticing that Roxanna was not there (more than likely sleeping), Malik gave Bakura a sarcastic insulted look. "Bakura, what do you think?"

Bakura glared at Malik, not appreciating the sarcasm right now. "The last time you knocked someone out, you broke their neck. Now tell me the truth: did you kill her?"

Malik shook his head and let Yima's body slide off his horse. He hoped that he could watch her land hard on the ground but Niva, Sabeen, and Lilith managed to catch their leader before she did. Getting off his horse, Malik growled, "Damn it, bitches; you're spoiling my fun."

Eris got off her horse and held her dagger to Malik's chin. "You harm our leader again, I'll cut off what makes you a man and feed them to you."

Bakura's eyebrow twitched at the image but Malik had a completely opposite reaction: he smirked and licked the dagger before asking, "Is that supposed to frighten me or turn me on?"

Eris immediately backed up, learning for the first time just how psychotic Malik really was. Niva whimpered and hid behind Eris as well but Sabeen and Lilith looked up at Malik, surprised with themselves that they found what Malik said alluring. Having enough, Bakura picked up Yima over his shoulders and stated, "I'm going to bed."

Malik agreed and headed for his tent, soon realizing that the twins were following her. Unable to resist the temptation nor wanting to, he invited them in for the night. Still shaken by what Malik said, Eris went to her tent, leaving Niva behind. The albino started to head to his tent but heard Niva following. Waiting until they got into the tent to put her in a false sense of security, he turned around and pushed her out with a hand over her face. "Keep watch, you rat."

He suddenly gave a painful yelp and pulled his hand back, revealing Niva with her teeth firmly on his hand. He tried to shake her loose but her bite only tightened. Growling in frustration, he was about to hit her when he heard Yima's voice bark, "Niva! Sit!"

Niva immediately let go of his hand and sat down in front of him. Bakura looked and saw that Yima was conscious and glaring at the albino. "Will you put me down?"

Bakura shrugged and dropped her. "If you insist."

Niva wanted to attack but Yima pointed to the tent entrance so the smaller Hebrew left and sat outside the tent. Bakura looked down at her. "You need to keep your rat in check! The bitch bites hard!"

Yima immediately stood up and punched Bakura in the cheek. Groaning in pain, he yelled at Yima, "What the hell was that for?!"

Yima hissed, "That's for sending your bitch to stop me! I had that bitch of a sister in my grasp and he stopped me!"

"Well, it's your own fault for charging in like that! You would have gotten caught!"

"As long as the bitch dies, I don't care!"

"You're not the only one who demands revenge! If you get killed or caught, both of us lose! I will not have your stupid ass sabotage everything!"

Yima gripped her hair and started to scream, alerting everyone in the camp. "You don't know shit!! You've said all this time that we're the same but we're not! You don't know what it's like: to see another member of your family as the favorite, to think you've lost everything! Then, suddenly, you see that same bitch, happy, Queen, and about to have a kid when all you've been through and known is misery!" She turned to him, having a crazed look in her eyes. "Tell me! Is that fair?! Is it?! You don't--!"

Out of nowhere, the yells were interrupted by a loud SLAP! Yima's head was turned, her eyes wide by the sudden slap. Peeking at Bakura, she noticed that he kept his hand raised and his bangs were overshadowing his eyes. She was about to yell at him for slapping her when he started to talk, letting everything out. "Tell me…is it fair to watch your whole village slaughtered? To see your Mother's bloody body and see your Father get sacrificed? To learn that your village was targeted by the Pharaoh to make mystical items? To see the Pharaoh and his son not having a care in the world, not caring about the pain and torture they put you through?" He looked up to reveal a glare with dark eyes. "Is that fair?!"

Yima said nothing, being reminded about Bakura's past. She then sighed and turned away. "You can kill the Pharaoh but I get to kill the bitch."

Bakura nodded. "Fair enough. But we move when I say we do."

Yima glared at Bakura but, deep down, she did understand, especially since she suspected that security had gotten tighter since her attack.


The group did not approach the kingdom again for a while, making Yima and Roxana restless. Bakura got the brunt end of their screams and restlessness but he knew that they needed to wait to put the kingdom in a false sense of security; if they attacked right away, they would be spotted by the guards. Letting the women have fun torturing Roxanna, the albino tried to distract Yima with fights with Malik, to the criminal's disgust, and plenty of stress relieving sessions, which did more to distract her but, as soon as the pleasure left, she was back to complaining. Finally, Bakura had enough and declared that they would sneak into the kingdom and at least scope out the palace to find a weak spot.

That morning, the group of seven, each wearing their cloaks, made their way into the kingdom by sneaking into a cart of barley and staying in the shadows; once again, they left Roxanna behind to avoid her making a scene. Not wanting to attract too much attention, Yima and Bakura left their followers behind and made their way to the palace. Once they made it, however, Bakura started to have doubts. "I don't know…the guards are still pretty alert."

Yima was still very restless and wanted to kill Tima as soon as possible so she nudged Bakura forward. "So go distract them so I can sneak in."

Bakura growled quietly at her, not wanting to draw attention to them. "Me? I have a bigger stake in this than you! You should go distract them!"

Yima glared at him but knew also to keep quiet. "No! They already know what I look like and will arrest me on the spot!"

Bakura growled, "Good! Then I would be rid of you for good!"

Yima was about to scream at him when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Looking, she grinned and pointed to the entrance. Bakura looked up and smirked darkly: Tima and Atem with Tarra on his shoulder stepped out. Yima was about to pounce when Bakura held her back as Marik and another guard came out behind them. Tima was dressed as a peasant, in a long-sleeved brown dress and light brown sash around her neck. Atem was rubbing her shoulder, nervous. "Are you sure about this? Your sister is still out there."

Tima smiled and touched his hand. "Atem, it will be all right; I'm just going to get some fabric."

Atem sighed with a small smile. "You know that I offered to have one of the servants buy the fabric for you."

Tima nodded and kissed his nose. "I know, my love, but this is going to be our child's blanket. I want to make it with my own hands." She then chuckled. "Tarra, people will know who I am if they see you. Besides, my guards will keep me safe."

Marik and the other guard nodded. Marik spoke up, "We will protect our Queen, my Pharaoh: you have our word."

Atem looked at the guards and nodded: he knew that they spoke the truth but he was still a little worried. Seeing this, Tima reached out and took his hand. "I will be fine, Atem. You have to trust me."

Atem looked at her before nodding. "All right, Tima. I trust you. Just be back before high noon."

Tima smiled and nodded before kissing Atem deeply. Breaking the kiss, he pulled the light brown sash over her head, revealing that it was actually a hood. It was not much of a disguise because her face was still seen but it was better than nothing. He then nodded to the guards and the three of them left, each posted around the Queen. Atem watched them off, praying to his gods that everything would be all right. When he went back into the palace, Bakura and Yima followed the three, stopping when they ran into their followers in an alley by the marketplace. Eris asked, "So how are we getting in?"

Bakura stated, "We're not." Pointing to Tima's back, he added, "She's outside."

Malik looked up and licked his lips in his insanity. His urges taking over for a split second, he wanted to go out and grabbed her right then and there but Yima stopped him by pressing her new dagger against his chest. "Don't even think about it…she's mine."

She started to step out when Bakura grabbed her by the hair. Hissing in pain, she was about to scream at him when he covered her mouth and pointed out Marik and the other guard. "Have you forgotten about them, bitch?"

Yima ripped his hand off her face and demanded, "Well then, what the hell are we doing here?!"

Bakura hissed, "We kidnap her, that will lure the Pharaoh out of the palace. That way, we can kill two birds with one stone."

Yima could accept that but she still growled, "Then what are we doing here waiting? Let's just kill the guards and get this over with!"

Frustrated with her need to have sudden revenge, Bakura wanted to yell back at her but Malik smirked and interjected, "We'll wait a few minutes and then we'll be able to grab her."

Lilith looked up at him and asked, "How so?

Malik pointed to the marketplace. Looking, Bakura and the women soon saw what Malik meant: the marketplace was starting to get crowded with stands opening and the villagers buying what they needed. Niva smiled brightly. "Wow! You're so observant!"

Malik sneered and flicked her head. "I used to live here, you bitch."

Yima glared at Malik before looking back and seeing Tima. "So how are we going to get her away from the guards?"

Malik looked at the women. "That's where you bitches come in…"

The twins nodded eagerly while Eris and Niva glared at him. But they still listened.


As the villagers started to fill the marketplace, Tima was getting a little nervous. But she was grateful that the guards were nearby, especially with one of the guards being Marik. The other guard noticed her nervousness and told her bravely, "Do not worry, your highness: we are here to protect you."

Tima smiled and nodded, pulling the hood further down her forehead. "Thank you. Once I get the fabrics, I'll be ready to leave."

Marik nodded. "Very well, your highness. But I suggest we make haste when you are done."

Tima nodded again and continued to walk and looked at the stands to try and find one that sold fabrics. The guards tried to stay close to her but it was difficult with all the villagers, especially with a few wondering why a seemingly normal peasant needed guards. Minutes later, Tima noticed the fabric salesman and started to head to him. That was what everyone was waiting for: when the two guards tried to catch up to them, the Syrian twins pulled them into an alley and choked them out with chokeholds, remembering that Bakura told them not to kill the men. Unaware that her guards were gone, Tima approached the fabric salesman but, before she could talk to him, Eris stepped in front of her. "Miss, are you searching for fabrics?"

Tima looked up at this blond and nodded. "Yes."

The fabric salesman could not believe that this unknown face cut in on a potential sale and tried to get Tima's attention. "Excuse me, miss. Don't listen to this woman: I have the best fabric you can buy to make a dress."

Remembering that Tima was pregnant, Eris smiled at her. "That may be but I can give you fabrics for more sewing projects: something for your husband, perhaps…or maybe for a baby."

Hearing that, Tima touched her stomach. "Even for a baby blanket?"

The fabric salesman heard this and tried to get Tima's attention. "Ma'am, I have every color imaginable for your child."

Eris glared at the man and then looked back at Tima. "Come now, we know that a woman knows more about babies and what they need to keep warm. Isn't that right…" she leaned in and whispered with a dark smirk, "…your highness?"

Tima's eyes widened and took a step back: this woman knew who she was. She turned to look for her guards and saw that they were gone. She looked back at Eris, who continued to have her dark smirk. "Going somewhere?"

Now scared out of her mind, Tima turned and started to run away. It was difficult with the crowd but she was determined to get away. All of a sudden, she was pulled into an alley. Yelping in surprise, she thought for a brief second that it was one of her guards. To her fearful surprise, she was put into a chokehold and eventually passed out. Holding Tima's unconscious body, Yima sneered. "Too easy."

Niva giggled with delight and then gave Yima her dagger. Smiling evilly in thanks, Yima got ready to slit Tima's throat but she was stopped by Bakura. She snapped, "What are you doing?! Why are you stopping me?!"

Bakura clicked his tongue at Malik, who took the unconscious Queen from Yima and put her in a large bag. "If she is killed, I don't get my revenge. I told you this, bitch."

Yima hissed at him as Malik hoisted the bag over his shoulder. "You need to stop doing that or you'll make Bastet mad."

Bakura smirked at the idea of Yima making the cat goddess mad, only for him to almost laugh when Yima hissed again. When the twins and Eris came back, Sabeen confirmed that she left the ransom note with the guards. Nodding, Bakura and Malik started to leave but Yima hesitated and demanded, "Why can't I just kill her now?!"

Bakura was getting tired of arguing with Yima and was about to yell at her when Malik interjected with, "And miss the bloody reunion between her and Roxanna? You must be crazy."

Yima stopped and thought about that. Soon her face contorted to a very evil grin, one that was accompanied by her follower's eager chuckles. They knew how eager Roxanna was to kill Tima and was upset at being left behind both times. This way, everyone would get their revenge on the royal couple. As they started to leave the kingdom, Bakura looked back at the palace. "Hurry and yet take your time with sensing that something is wrong, Pharaoh…otherwise, we'll get all the fun and blood we can get out of your bitch."
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