Fifth Month - Doubts

Tima sat up from her bed and rubbed her eyes. She saw that Kiko was still sleeping and that gave the Hebrew time to think. The events of yesterday started to play out in her head, in particular the confession and beginning of the secret relationship with Atem. Sighing softly, she wondered quietly, "Did that really happen?"

After Atem left for the meeting, Tima spent the rest of the day and some of the night cleaning the scroll room since a relatively new servant accidentally knocked down the shelves; because of that, she did not see the Pharaoh again so she was starting to wonder if she dreamt it up. She wanted to ask him at the run but she remembered Kiko telling her that they would not be running today. So she decided to ask him when she got him his breakfast; she just hoped that she would not overstep her boundaries. After she dressed, she got his breakfast of bread slices, honey, and grapes, all the while running over ways that she could bring up yesterday. Unable to think of a proper way to ask him, she headed to his room. Once at the door, she took a deep breath and knocked. After a minute, she heard Atem say, "Come."

Taking another deep breath, she entered, closed the door with her foot, and placed the tray on a nearby table. "Good morning, Pharaoh. I brought you your breakfast. I even brought a fruit cup for Tarra."

The lightning phoenix flew to the table and started to eat her fruit. Thank you, Tima. You're so sweet.

Tima smiled and scratched her feathery head. She then heard Atem speak up. "When am I going to get some love this morning?"

Tima froze a little. Because she still wondered if yesterday was a dream, she peeked at him. He was laying on his side with his arm holding up his head with a smile on his face and the blankets covering his shendyt (kilt) and legs. Tima blushed at the sight of his smile, making him chuckle. "You have no idea how cute you look with that blush on your face."

Tima's blush deepened a little; yesterday was not a dream. "Atem…"

Atem sat up. "Bring my breakfast to me."

She nodded and brought the tray to his bed. He patted next to him and she, assuming what he wanted, set the tray on the same spot. Chuckling, he pushed the tray away a little and patted his bed again. Figuring out what he really meant, Tima timidly sat down next to him. "Is this…okay?"

Atem simply uttered, "Almost…" Tima looked at him to ask what could be done to make it better when Atem leaned forward and kissed her deeply. She moaned softly in the kiss as he slowly pulled away to show a smile. "Now it's perfect."

Tima blushed deeply, making Tarra's eyes sparkle. Atem chuckled and started to eat his breakfast. Tima watched him for a moment until her stomach growled, making her blush again. Atem smiled. "Would you like a bite?"

Tima immediately shook her head. "No, I can't eat your food. I am still your servant, after all."

Atem smiled softly and put his arm around her. "You're not my servant when it's just you and me. When it's just us…you're my special girl."

Tarra chirped in agreement as Tima leaned into Atem's muscular chest, trying to not stare at it. Catching her wandering eye, Atem chuckled and offered her a slice of bread with honey on it. "Like what you see?"

Tima nodded before she could stop herself. She then nibbled on her bread, bushing deeply. Atem laughed and kept eating. "I'm glad."

Tima peeked at him. "You are such a tease."

Atem kissed her head. "That's what I'm supposed to do with my special girl."

Tima smiled, feeling happy with the man who made her happy and at peace. While she knew that they had to act like Pharaoh and servant around others, she knew it would be worth it in the end. When the food was gone, Atem started to rub her back. "I can't wait for the day when we can walk in the sun as a couple."

Tima nodded and looked at him. "At least we have mornings and nights."

Done with her fruit, Tarra pointed out, But you have to be careful; we don't want to raise any suspicions after all.

Still rubbing her back, Atem stood up and looked at his phoenix. "Don't worry, we know what we're doing. Speaking of…" he leaned forward and kissed Tima's forehead, "The other servants should be here soon to dress me so I guess we need to assume our roles."

Tima nodded and stood up. "Very well."

Atem cupped her chin and kissed her gently. "Thank you for spending breakfast with me."

Tima smiled and left after hugging him gently. Atem watched her until she closed the door. Tarra sparkled her eyes at him. I'm very happy for you, Atem. Atem smiled in response.


Later that day, Tima was taking Atem's clothes to be washed. She would have been to the wash room sooner but she constantly hid behind pillars to breathe in his scent from the clothes. "Ah…Atem…"

Just before she reached the wash room, she passed by the tailor's room. Hearing Roxanna's squeals, the Hebrew peeked in with curiosity. Roxanna was going through different fabrics and was holding silk, a fabric the court got from their friends from the Far East. "This is gorgeous! Oh, this has to be the fabric for my wedding dress!"

Lapidos smiled in agreement. "It is a beautiful fabric."

Roxanna nodded and turned to the tailor. "Yes, use this fabric and make it as sexy as possible."

Lapidos raised his eyebrow to that. "As sexy as possible? With all due respect, you don't want to show up on your wedding day looking like a belly dancer."

Roxanna rolled her eyes. "Oh, come now, Lapidos. You know I'll do that on my wedding night. Besides, no man can resist my perfect body." She then got an idea. "Lapidos, when we go back to my room, you're to dig out the sexiest outfits I have."

Lapidos nodded. "It will be as my lady commands."

Roxanna grinned as she looked at the silk fabric. "I'll wear a sexy outfit every day…he'll be putty in my hands in no time."

Hearing enough, Tima went to the wash room and started to do Atem's laundry. However, she was very distracted by what Roxanna said. She knew from witnessing that men could not resist Roxanna when she pulled out all the stops to be sexy. Did that mean Atem would fall under her spell as well? After all, he was a man, as Kiko pointed out a couple of months ago. She lowered and shook her head, trying to get the image of Atem falling for Roxanna out of her head. "No…I'm his special girl. Roxanna will fail…I hope."


The past week was not fun for either Tima or Atem. Roxanna did indeed wear a very revealing outfit when she saw Atem. Seeing Roxanna act like that made Tima's mind torture her even more. She was just waiting for Atem to give in and ravage Roxanna like all the other men. She tried to tell herself that Atem would not because he had feelings for the Hebrew; however, all her mind had to do was remind her that even "committed men" fell under Roxanna's spell. She wanted to ask Atem about how he felt about Roxanna but she was too scared of hearing something she did not want to hear. Little did she know that she was not the only one suffering.

Atem could not stand Roxanna's new attitude. He knew that she was trying to seduce him and he knew that was an impossible feat since his heart belonged to Tima. He wanted to tell Roxanna that but he knew that, once the court heard, they would get rid of Tima and he could not have that. What he could do, however, was tell Roxanna to dress with decency but his words fell on deaf ears. So all he could do was enjoy the times he spent with Tima and ignore Roxanna.

That day, Tima was prepping Sarah for the morning run. She was alone, which gave her mind a chance to torture her with scenes of Atem and Roxanna. She shook her head to get rid of the images; when they did not work, she leaned against the horse to settle herself down. "Oh, Sarah…what am I going to do?"

Sarah nickered a little in response. Tima smiled softly and then jumped a little when she heard a familiar voice: "Anything I can do to help?"

She looked behind her and saw Atem. Since their relationship started, they always met early in the stables to have a few minutes before the run. He went to her and hugged her from behind. "Is something wrong?"

Tima did not want to bring up her mind's teases. "Don’t worry about it."

Atem did not believe her. "Tima…"

Tima shook her head. "It's all right. I can handle it; it's a stupid thing and I can take care of it."

Atem was not convinced but decided to trust her. He nodded and kissed her neck. "Very well. But remember…you can tell me anything, all right?"

Tima smiled, feeling her doubts temporarily shrink, and leaned into his embrace. For the few minutes they hugged, it was as if time stood still for them. A minute later, however, Atem pulled away. "They're coming."

Tima whined a little, making Atem chuckle. But she knew they had to do this as Kiko and Jouno arrived. Jouno smirked. "Once again, you two beat us here."

Atem shrugged with a smile while Tima went back to prepping Sarah and did not respond. Kiko giggled. "You two aren't hiding anything from us, are you?"

Tima almost slipped as Atem chuckled and shook his head, keeping cool. "No, not at all."

The two wanted to tell their friends but they knew that Kiko would possibly freak out (in a good but loud way) and Jouno would definitely blab the secret. Little did they know that the blondes already suspected the relationships and were happy for them.


When everyone returned after the run, Atem started to head back to his room with Tima following, both to get his dirty clothes and to spend a few minutes with him. As they trekked, they passed Roxanna's room and the Greek peeked out, her hair wet from her bath. "Why, hello, Atem-dear."

Atem gave her a blank stare. "Morning."

Roxanna then opened the door more to reveal that she was wearing nothing but a towel. Tima's doubts came back tenfold; this was the final bait and the Hebrew "knew" that Atem would fall for it. Atem looked away, blushing uncomfortably. "Roxanna…can you please put on some clothes?"

Roxanna glared a little before turning on the charm again. "What's wrong? After all, we are to marry in a moon's time."

Tima's heart squeezed at the reminder as Atem left for his room. "One should act with honor and decency."

Roxanna was shocked that her greatest flirt did not work. Tima smiled, her doubts temporarily destroyed, as Atem turned his head. "Tima, you coming?"

Tima started to follow him, to Roxanna's disgust. "Wait. How come I don't get to see you privately but this slave does?"

Tima paled a little, trying to think of a good answer, when Atem told Roxanna, "Isn't that what you taught her? To help me during those times? She's merely doing her job."

With that, the Pharaoh and his personal servant continued, making Roxanna quietly growl. As she started to head back into her room, she saw Tima's smile and paused. The Hebrew looked happy…a little too happy. The Greek started to get suspicious: was there something going on that she did not know?


Tima was currently gathering Atem's dirty clothes while he bathed in the other room. After the clothes were together, she sat down on the bed, intending to wait for Atem. After a minute, however, she felt her body move to the door and peek through the opening. Atem was getting out of the bath and had a towel around his waist. Tima blushed a deep shade of red at the sight. His muscular body, his tan skin, the water glistening…he was a vision of beauty to the Hebrew. She kept looking until he turned his head and smiled while saying, "Come join me."

Tima blushed deeper but walked in. Atem turned around, still smiling. "Peeking in on me, were you? I should punish you for that."

Tima pushed her hair behind her ear shyly as Atem wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back, especially when he added his tongue to the kiss. She shuddered with delight; she felt she was in heaven with his muscular, wet body against her and his addicting, spicy taste. As he lowered her to the floor, he pulled back and gave her a loving look. "Tima…"

Tima closed her eyes to enjoy his hand on her cheek and his voice saying her name. However, his voice grew louder and a little concerned. She opened her eyes to see him sitting next to her. "Dozed off?"

Tima sat up and blushed extra red. She had imagined everything; she never left the bed! Atem smiled. "You were smiling in your sleep…in bliss, actually. I'm a little jealous."

Tima did not speak; she was still in shock both at how far her fantasy went and at how realistic it was. Atem hugged her from behind. "I hope I was a part of that fantasy."

Before Tima could respond, Tarra from her perch spoke up. Judging by the look on her face, I think you were.

Tima squeaked a little in embarrassment, making Atem chuckle. "Tarra, leave her alone." He then looked at Tima. "Was she right, though?"

Tima blushed deeper a little more. Atem hugged her tighter. "Don't worry about it. I fantasize about you all the time."

Tima was about to ask Atem about his fantasies when there was a knock at the door and Seth's voice sounded. "Pharaoh? Are you dressed?"

Keeping his arms around Tima, Atem answered. "Not yet. But I will be. Go on without me."

Seth responded with, "Just don't keep me and Roxanna waiting."

When Seth left, Tima looked at Atem. "You're seeing Roxanna?"

Atem kissed her cheek. "Don't be jealous. The court needs her at this meeting to explain Greece's culture and a little of the politics. Plus, it's a way for them to meet her."

Tima scoffed and hugged Atem's arms. "If I may…you're wasting your time in the politics department. She knows nothing, never cared about it."

Atem sighed and got up to dress. "I was afraid of that." Tima stood up and started to dress the Pharaoh, making him smile. "Thank you."

Tima hugged him from behind after he was dressed. "You're welcome…my Pharaoh."

Atem kissed her gently and left for the meeting. Tima sighed gently and got the dirty clothes. Tarra landed on the Hebrew's shoulder and nuzzled her gently. So you going to tell me the fantasy you had?

Remembering the fantasy, Tima blushed and shook her head to clear her mind. "No."

Tarra made a whining coo to try to get on her good side. Come on, you can tell me.

Tima quickly pushed the phoenix off her shoulder and left to clean the clothes. She did not want to be teased anymore.


Later that day, Tima and a few other servants were serving lunches to the royal court. The meeting done, the lunch was a way for the court to meet the girl who was to be their queen in a month. An older servant looked at the others. "Now this is the first and perhaps only time you all will serve the entire court. So I need you to be on your best behavior. Is that understood?"

Everyone nodded in understanding. The servant opened the door and everyone took in the sight of the dining room. Atem sat at his seat at the end of the table and Roxanna sat at the other end of the table. Occupying the six usually empty seats was the royal court. Each of them has a Sennen Item like Atem and were dressed in various fashions, all (sans Seth in his blue) with cream-colored clothes and gold decorations. On the right sat Priestess Isis, the only female in the Royal Court and the bearer of the Sennen Tauk, Seth with his Sennen Rod, and Priest Shada, the only Priest with tattoos and bearer of the Sennen Key. On the left was Priest Aknadin, the oldest and bearer of the Sennen Eye, Priest Kalim, the strongest physically and bearer of the Sennen Scales, and Mahad, Atem's closest friend after Seth and bearer of the Millennium Ring. Shimon, the royal advisor, was not there because he was feeling ill. Roxanna was secretly happy for that because she did not like Shimon, seeing him as an old fool who needed to leave her sight. Tima caught the eye of Atem, who winked at her. Seeing the servants with the food, Roxanna sighed with relief. "Thank the gods. I was getting hungry."

Atem murmured, "And I'm sick of you."

Thankfully, no one heard him as the lunches were handed out. Roxanna took hers and gave Atem a flirty look. "This smells so good, right, Atem-dear?"

Atem shuddered mentally and did not respond. When Tima gave him his lunch, he smiled up at her. "Thank you, Tima. This looks delicious."

Tima smiled and tried to suppress the small blush that threatened to appear on her face. Roxanna bristled a little that Atem was ignoring her and giving attention to a slave. She wanted to trip her again but knew that she could not as long as the Hebrew was on the other side of the table so the Greek turned to Mahad and started to talk to him about her country's deities. Tima watched Roxanna out of the corner of her eye and her mind gave her another reason to doubt: Roxanna seemed to be getting along very nicely with the royal court and seemed to fit in with them. That was probably from her upbringing and her family. As for Tima, she was a simple Hebrew peasant turned slave; in other words, she knew that she did not fit in as Roxanna did. Did that mean she was not the one for Atem? The idea depressed her; after all, her heart belonged to him but what about her upbringing? Would that hinder their relationship?

Tima and the other servants soon left, Tima feeling more depressed than ever. She was beginning to question if the relationship was even worth it since Roxanna could fill royalty shoes better than she, a peasant/slave, could. Would Atem lose interest because of that? The very idea terrified her, yet seemed plausible. Because of that, her mind tortured her for the rest of the day.


When she went to see Atem later that night, Tima played it like nothing was bothering her. Setting down a tray with a goblet of wine, she asked, "How did it go?"

Atem groaned. "Don't ask."

Tima looked back at him. "That bad?"

Atem nodded softly and stood up, stretching his back."The only one that girl managed to charm was Aknadin. Then again, the old man is steep in traditions and was the one besides Seth who really pushed for me to marry Roxanna in the first place."

Tima gave him the goblet and then asked, "What about the rest of the court?"

Atem kissed her cheek, making her blush, and explained, "They did not have to tell me. I could tell by the looks on their face and their attitudes: they did not like her."

Tima lowered her head. "I see…"

Setting the goblet aside, Atem hugged Tima close, wanting to forget about the lunch. "Soon, my sweet…soon I shall show them that you are better suited for my heart and life."

Tima smiled in the hug. But she did take note that he said nothing about being involved in the politics. Did that mean that she really was not ultimately for him? She did not want to think of that so she hugged him a little tighter. Atem took note of the tightening and asked, "Are you all right?"

Tima quickly nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right."

Atem looked at her and wondered if she was telling the truth. Tima managed to hide the pain she was feeling with a small smile. Trusting her, he kissed her gently. Tima smiled softly in the kiss, hoping to stop her mind from torturing her with the doubts.


Towards the end of the month, Atem was worried about Tima. Ever since Roxanna met the royal court, Tima seemed to be bothered by something. He always tried to get her to open up to him but she always told him that she was not bothered by anything. However, he knew better by how she acted, distant and rundown. Not only that, Kiko had told him that Tima had taken to going to bed depressed and having more nightmares than before but refused to tell the Cetria why. He wanted to ask her that day but he was stuck in an all-day meeting over a border dispute so he decided to ask her before they went to bed.

When the meeting ended, it was so late in the day that Atem headed straight to dinner. He was not thrilled to see Roxanna there but he knew that he was stuck with her. Roxanna smiled her flirty smile. "Hello, Atem-dear. I missed you today."

Atem took his seat and simply said, "Good evening."

Roxanna stiffened a little as Tima came out with the dishes. Atem looked up and smiled. "Thank you, Tima. That smells really good."

Roxanna twirled her hair a little in an annoyed way and spoke up. "Atem-dear, why do you give more attention to her than me?"

Tima froze a little, nervous about how Atem would answer. The Pharaoh calmly said, "I treat my gifts with honor and respect."

Roxanna would have normally accepted such an answer but she was still very suspicious. "She's not going to become one of your concubines, is she?"

Tima stiffened a little at the question. She knew that Roxanna had every right to ask such a question since the Greek's father was very fond of concubines and it was rumored that he had a different one every month. Atem raised his eyebrow a little. "What's a concubine?"

Roxanna immediately sighed with relief. "Good, I'm glad."

Atem washed his hand and started to eat. "I still want to know. What's a concubine?"

Taking a sip of her wine, Roxanna explained, "It's a woman that you're involved with romantically without marriage."

Both answering Roxanna's question and telling Tima his beliefs, Atem answered coolly, "I would never do that. Once I am in a relationship, all my attention and love is on that woman."

Roxanna smiled sweetly. "Wonderful to hear."

Atem shuddered mentally. Tima smiled as she started to head back to the kitchen. She was glad to hear what Atem said. 'Glad to hear that you and I believe the same thing.'

However, as soon as she turned the corner, she froze. One of her religion's commandments was "do not have adultery." While she and Atem did not move into the physical part of the relationship, was this still a sin since Atem was technically engaged to Roxanna? While she was wondering if it was, her mind tortured her with another idea: maybe Atem was like Roxanna's father, not really keen on just one relationship. She combat that piece of torture by remembering what Atem said not two minutes ago. However, her mind continued to torture her with the idea that she was committing a sin and, therefore, was to be condemned. She leaned against the pillar and tried to calm herself down but that proved to be an impossible task. "Maybe…I can still get on God's good side again…" She decided to try that night.


Atem was preparing for bed and waiting for Tima to come by. When she did not, he stuck his head out to look for her. To his luck, she was passing by to go to bed. Atem smiled. "There's my special girl."

Tima looked up and already felt her resolve crumble: her idea was to stay away from Atem until her feelings disappeared. But one look at his face and she knew that her feelings would probably never go away; however, she did not want to be condemned. She tried to walk past him but he hooked his arm around her waist with a smile. "Wait. I think you're forgetting something."

Tima closed her eyes, her feelings of being torn clear on her face. Atem grew concerned at that. "Tima, what's wrong? And don't tell me nothing this time."

Tima broke away and looked at him. "Atem…I want to…but…" Afraid to explain, she ran for her room.

Atem stood there for a moment, wondering what just happened. He felt hurt that Tima pulled away but he was more concerned because she acted like she wanted to but could not for some reason. He returned to his room for a moment and got a torch. "Tarra, I shall return."

Tarra nodded as Atem went to find Tima. He did not have to look for long; he heard her crying in her and Kiko's room. He wanted to burst in to comfort her but he heard the girls talking and decided to listen in. Tima spoke up first between sobs. "Kiko…I don't know what to do…I feel so confused."

"Well, what is it? Does it have something to do with Atem?"

"Do you know…?"

"I have to be honest: Jouno and I have suspected for some time." Atem blushed a little, not realizing that the blondes already knew, as Kiko asked, "So tell me, what's wrong?"

Tima sniffled. "Well…I'm starting to wonder…if this is worth it."

Hearing enough and feeling a little hurt, Atem opened the door. "Kiko, will you excuse us?"

Kiko nodded and left but not without saying, "Don't worry. My lips are sealed and I don't think that dumb blond guard has fully figured it out."

Atem smirked as he and Tima were left alone. Tima was blushing at being caught and looked away. Putting the torch with the other, Atem got down on one knee before her and took her hands. "Tima…please…talk to me."

Tima sniffled a little. "I…"

Atem squeezed her hands a little. "Tima, don't shut me out. I want to help you feel better. So please…my special girl…talk to me."

Tima peeked at him and asked, "Is this relationship…worth it?"

Atem nodded and smiled. "Of course it is. Why would it not be?"

Tima lowered her head a little. "A lot of reasons…"

"List them off and I'll combat that."

Tima peeked up at him. "Roxanna's body…"

Atem shuddered a little. "She's a slut. A woman should not dress that provocatively ever, let alone every day like she tried. Besides, I was not interested in her in the first place; those clothes gave me more reasons to not like her." Tima smiled a little, making Atem smile. "Any other reasons?"

Tima fidgeted a little. "Roxanna fits in more with the court…with her upbringing…"

"I told you, they do not like her because of her attitude. And upbringing has nothing to do with it; if anything, she should have behaved better since she came from a powerful family and should have had more of an interest in politics, even if no one outside the court is ever involved with political affairs."

Tima nodded; she knew that Roxanna was a brat who needed to behave and she herself felt better that her lack of knowledge in government was not a worry. Atem smiled, thinking that Tima's doubts were over. However, she refused to look at him so he cupped her chin and made her look in his eyes. "Is there something else?"

A tear fell down her face. "I'm afraid…this is a sin."

Atem raised his eyebrow to that. "A sin? How?"

Looking away, she explained, "A commandment in my faith is that I should not commit adultery. Isn't this adultery?"

Atem knew what she was talking about; she had told him all about her faith during the early months of her being his slave. Smiling softly, he leaned forward and kissed her gently before saying, "Normally, you would be right…if I were in a relationship with Roxanna but I am not."

Tima looked at him. "But…you're engaged to her."

"For political reasons, not for love, all right? Because of that, I do not consider myself to be in a relationship with her. She might think we are but it is one-sided. So fret not: I am not in a relationship with her…I am in a relationship with you and you alone."

Tima smiled, feeling her doubts wash away completely. All the tortures that her mind put her through could not hurt her anymore. Atem kissed her again with a smile. "Feel better?" Seeing her nod, he got up and turned to get the torch. "Good. Now don't leave me hanging like that again or I'll really have to punish you."

He said it in a teasing away and Tima knew that as she hugged his waist. "All right, Atem. I won't do that again."

Getting his torch, Atem kissed her again before retreating to bed. Kiko returned a minute later and tackle-hugged Tima. "I'm so happy for you! I knew it!"

Tima shushed her by covering her mouth. "Keep it down. We're still waiting for the right time to announce it."

Kiko removed the hand to reveal a grin. "Well, you better do it soon before Jouno hears about it and blabs it to the wrong person."

Tima grimaced and shuddered at the thought. But the shudder ended up making both girls laugh before going to bed.


Two evenings later, Roxanna was trying to calm herself down. Earlier in the day, she found a pair of sandals with black feathers in the gardens. She took it as a sign of the god Hermes that he was trying to tell her something, even though it was really a stray pair of sandals that Itami happened to be under while cleaning her feathers. Roxanna talked to Lapidos about what the message could have been. He told her that he thought it meant that Hermes was telling her that he was protecting her. However, Roxanna thought it meant something bad was going to happen. After a few more minutes of thinking, she came to a decision: she would go back to the gardens and see if she would get another sign from Hermes.

Soon she came to the gardens and did not see a sign; she saw something even more disgusting in her eyes and hid in the dark to watch. Atem and Tima were there, with Tima currently sniffing the roses. Atem smiled. "You like the roses?"

Tima nodded. "Yes, Atem. They are beautiful."

That struck Roxanna as unusual and worrisome: why would Tima call the Pharaoh by his birth name? But what made her sicker is what came out of Atem's mouth: "Not as beautiful as you."

Roxanna gripped her fist so tightly, her hand bled, as Atem picked a rose and put it in Tima's hair. Tima smiled and blushed. "Atem…don’t you think we should wait? Someone might see us."

Unaware that someone was seeing them, Atem hooked his arms around her waist. "I doubt it. No one comes around here after Ra goes to sleep. So we're fine."

Tima smiled and touched his cheek. "I'm glad."

They kissed gently, infuriating Roxanna to no end. She could not believe that her betrothed would choose a simple slave over her, let alone the slave that the Greek gave him in the first place. As she watched the couple hug, something snapped in her mind: her dark side woke up and she came to a decision: "The bitch must die…"
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