Forgotten daughter


“I was sent here to kill you like I did the others.” She hands him a vial full of poison, “ but I won’t.” She brought her family happiness, love, and forgiveness. Things change after getting kidnap. At the age of 467 young briella lost everything to an evil man with one mission, destroyed all demigods. After his first 2 plans failed. He sent in his only hope. Briella. Briella hates the sight of blood but what can you do when your an assassin. That’s right. Training since a young age. Briella is now ready to kill her masters nemesis Percy Jackson’s and his crew. Does she have the guts? Can she quit her life to find a new one? Will she be able to have the one thing she has always wanted?

Fantasy / Humor
Loganne Murphy
4.0 1 review
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Readers notes

Hey thanks for picking up my book. This is a Percy Jackson fanfic. So if you have not read the series I suggest you read them and come back to read this.

For the record these are not my characters (well some are but that’s not the point) so I don’t own any but my own. Thank you once again for picking this up. Relax. Pull up a chair. Get your popcorn. The story’s going to begin soon

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