All The Right Notes

Chapter 10

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Piper and I met up at the mall to pick out a dress for some party of her mother's.

Having a supermodel mother and a movie-star father had definite benefits, and we had no budget for this dress; Piper could go all out.

And knowing her, she would. Whereas I kinda hated shopping, Piper practically lived to buy things.

"C'mon Annabeth," Piper said, holding three bags of shoes and useless accessories. "This place has the best dresses!"

I reluctantly followed her in, holding my own bag. I had found a cool pair of boots, and Piper had insisted that I could buy them. These were way out of my price range, so Piper had given me some of her money, even though she knew I don't like to take money from people.

"Ooh! This one's nice." She drifted to a rack of dresses and grabbed a pink dress. "Actually, no it isn't."

I rolled my eyes at her. "You can't do that every time you look at one, Piper."

She shrugged, going through the rack.

"How are things with Jason?"

Piper blushed furiously. "OMG, he's so sweet! He got my the prettiest flowers the other day!"

"What for?" I smiled.

"He just said thanks for going out with him; you know we went to the movies, right?" She asked and I nodded. "Yeah, well, he asked if we could meet up some more and gave me flowers."

"Aw Pips!" I cooed. Piper and Jason were the cutest couple ever.

"I know!" She grabbed another dress. "What about this one?"

She'd picked out a light blue strapless dress.

"Yes, try it on!"

We hurried into the change-rooms. Piper shut the door behind her.

When she came out, my jaw dropped.

"Oh my gosh, Piper! You look stunning!"

The dress was quite form-fitting, which looked great on her. It had a straight top-line, and a sash that went around the waist, hugging the dress into Piper's small figure.

Piper'd also put on the white wedges she bought, and they went perfectly with the dress.

"You have to get that dress."

Piper beamed and went back in to take the dress off.

After buying the dress, we went had lunch in the food court.

"So, have you seen Percy lately?" Piper asked, taking a bite of her sushi.

I shrugged. "He came over with the kids the other day, but I haven't talked to him since then."

I couldn't believe I'd told him about Mom. I hadn't wanted to make a big deal about it, after all it was really just a fight, but there was something about him that made me tell him.

When Percy had put his strong arm around me, I felt my heart skip a beat.

Piper smirked. "He came to your house?"

"I go to his house all the time, what's the big deal?"

"Yeah but you're babysitting his brother and sister," Piper pointed out. "You're supposed to go to his house. Honestly, I'm surprised your mom didn't catch you."

I frowned. "How did you know about that?"

"Please," Piper rolled her eyes. "I may not be as smart as you, but I know relationship problems when I see them."

I looked down at my McDonald's burger. "I'm not having 'relationship problems' Piper."

"Whatever, but anyway, why was Percy at your house?"

"God Pips," I sighed, "He was just helping me out."

She smiled knowingly in response, which kinda annoyed me. "I know you like him, Annabeth. Don't try to hide it."

"What!" I exclaimed. "I do not! He's my friend."

"You do! And its adorable!" Piper replied. "Seriously, you and Percy are my OTP."

I raised my eyebrow. "Your what?"

Piper shook her head, "Nevermind. Are you going to the Stolls' party? I heard Percy is going." She winked at me in a suggestive manner.

"I don't know, Pips." I said hesitantly. The Stoll brothers were notorious for their wild parties. They were the ultimate prankers, spiking drinks and the like.

They went to school with Percy and Nico, so I didn't personally know them, but anyone who was acquainted with a friend of the Stolls was invented, with never really ended well.

"Come, please. The rest of the girls are going, even Reyna, and you know how strict her mom is."

Reyna's mother, Bellona, was practically an army sergeant. Reyna and her big sister Hylla were expected to be the perfect children, and Bellona tolerated no disobedience whatsoever.

"It's not that I'm not allowed to go, ju-"

Piper cut me off. "Great, than you can come?"

"Fine," I relented after a moment.

"I can't believe you convinced me to come." I muttered angrily to Piper as we pulled up in front of the Stolls' massive house.

It was already filled to the brim with teens, who knew how of them were drunk.

"Lighten up, Annie." Thalia gave me a nudge.

Rachel, Reyna, Hazel, Piper, Thalia and I got out of Hazel's dad's big 4X4.

Knowing that knocking on the front door was going to be useless, Reyna just walked right in.

Immediately, my eardrums were assaulted by the incredibly loud music, Swing by Savage. Thalia cringed at the 'horrible taste in music'.

We wondered as a group, holding hands so we wouldn't lose each other in the mass of dancing people.

Outside was even worse than inside. Even though it was winter, people were jumping into the pool, probably too drunk to notice how cold it was. There were people waiting at a makeshift, spooning punch, soda or alcohol into their plastic cups. There was rubbish all over the ground, and random boys were going around touching butts.

"Hey! Piper!"

We all turned towards the voice to see Jason and Nico walking towards us. Jason was beaming, but Nico looked just as grumpy as he felt. He obviously didn't want to be here either.

Neither of them had a cup in their hands, which was very smart.

"Jason!" Piper jumped into his arms.

Thalia rolled her eyes. "Get a room! Where are the others."

Nico led us back to Percy, Luke and Leo while Jason and Piper went to dance.

"YO!" Leo whooped, waving his arms in the air. If it was anyone else, you probably would've suspected that he'd had a bit much to drink, but he was just being Leo.

Percy and Luke were dancing too, trying not to spill the contents of their cups.

"Hey Annabeth!" Percy yelled to me over the music as he pulled me over. "It feels like I haven't seen you in ages!"

I stumbled forward as a couple pushed through our group, but Percy grabbed my arms to hold me up.

"Yeah!" I replied. "Sorry I haven't called you or anything."

Percy grinned and waved away my apology. He took a swig from his cup.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Just the punch," He offered it to me. "Wanna try some?"

"Uh, no thanks."

The song changed to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, and Percy and the boys shouted in excitement.

"Oh, this is our jam!" Luke hooted.

We all danced to the music. "I'm too hot!" Percy yelled, in which the rest of his band returned with, "Hot damn!"

The girls and I laughed, but I noticed that Hazel had disappeared. Looking around for her, I saw her talking to a big Asian-looking guy, blushing furiously.

Percy downed the rest of his punch. "I'm just gonna get some more."

He seemed a lot happier than normal. Like, he was usually a happy guy, but it was kinda creepy how excited he was.

"Dude," Nico protested. "You've had a hundred of those things."

"Its just punch.

As Percy wondered off, Nico and Luke exchanged a worried glance with me. They'd noticed his odd attitude too.

I looked back at Percy walking off as Rachel pulled me off to dance with her and Reyna. Nico had followed Percy, and Thalia had started talking with Luke.

Reyna, Rachel and I danced for ages, and Reyna even punched this boy in the nose when he tried to touch her butt, but he was too drunk to notice his nose was now gushing with blood.

"Omigosh!" She and Rachel had exclaimed, and they'd hurried off to tend to his possibly broken nose.

I went to find the boys again. It had probably been an hour of two since I'd last seen them. I looked at the bar, in the pool, upstairs, the kitchen, but they were no where to be found.

Blinded by the flashing strobe lights, I literally barreled straight into Jason's chest as he turned around.

He and Piper were with the rest of the gang, much to my relief.

"I've been looking for you guys everywhere!" I said. "Where's Percy?"

"We don't know," Luke replied worriedly. "We haven't seen him for almost twenty minutes."

Piper clutched Jason's hand, biting her lip.

"Hey! Nico!" Two new voices yelled. Suddenly two boys had thrown their arms over Nico's shoulders. They both had brown hair and eyes, and were practically identical except that one was taller.

I automatically knew that they were the Stoll brothers.

"Guys, what are you doing?" The shorter one questioned. "Percy's practically unconscious against the side of the house!"

"What?!" I fumed.

The tall one scratched his neck. "He's drunk out of his mind."

"He only drank the punch!" Jason protested.

"You guys spicked it!" Thalia accused, about to deck the two boys.

The brothers held up their hands, stepping back from Thalia. "Woah! I swear it wasn't us. Percy's our bro!"

Nico rolled his eyes. "Conner," He warned. "Where is he."

Conner Stoll, the short one, looked at his brother and led us to the house while Travis went to get rid of the alcoholic punch.

Conner and Travis had moved Percy out of the way of the party, slumped up against the wall where the rubbish bins were hidden.

"Oh my god," Leo muttered. "Sally's gonna kill him."

Luke dropped in a crouch in front of friend, lifting his chin to look into his green eyes. They were cloudy, and Percy giggled uncontrollably.

"Yo Luke," He slurred. "Did you know that koalas have fingerprints!"

Percy grinned, obviously pleased with himself for knowing this. The rest of the group looked at me, and I nodded. It was true.

"So..." Piper said. "Drunk Percy is kinda a genius?"

"Like Eintsein!" Percy chipped in, holding up his hand like a small child in class.

Nico groaned when Percy fell forward as he tried to sit up. "I know we shouldn't have let him have so much of that fricken punch."

"Annabeth!" Percy called,starting to look green in the face. "I don't feel well."

We all looked at each other in panic.

"Quick!" Conner cried. "Get him to the bathroom!"

Luke and Jason looped their arms around Percy's torso, heaving him up off the ground. He was able to stumble along with their support, the rest of us plowing through the crowd in front of them, until we got to the stairs.

Percy tried to copy Jason's movement to climb the stairs, but he misjudged the distance and stepped short, almost taking Jason and Luke down with him.

Thinking fast, Leo leaped in front of them and grabbed Percy's ankles, lifting him of his feet. "Ugh! Jesus Christ, you're heavy!"

Percy only giggled in response, looking like he was going to be sick.

Being very careful, Leo went up backwards, helping to carry Percy up to the bathroom.

The boys put Percy down gently onto the tiles, pulling him up on his knees to lean over the toilet bowl.

As if on que, Percy started to throw up.

Cringing, I sat down next to him and rubbed circles on his back.

"That's disgusting," Thalia remarked flatly, turning away.

I looked up at them. "How come you guys weren't drinking it?"

"I just thought it tasted gross." Leo replied, and his friends nodded in agreement.

"It was pretty bad punch, I don't how people managed to drink so much of it," Conner admitted, running a hand through his tousled hair.

I stroked Percy's thick black hair comfortingly as he continued to be sick, gripped the toilet to keep himself from toppling over.

"What are we gonna do with him?" Thalia said. "We can't take him home."

Luke nodded. "His mom would whoop him."

"Rachel's parents are away, we could take him to her place." Piper suggested.

Suddenly, the door burst open, making all of us but Percy just about six feet in the air.

Hazel, Rachel, Reyna and the Asian boy were standing in the doorway. "What happened?"

When they saw Percy vomiting, it pretty much answered their question.

Jason asked Rachel if we could take Percy to her place.

"Of course," She answered. "But I can't look after him alone."

Rachel was right. Three of us had barely managed to carry him, let alone Rachel.

When Percy had finished throwing up, we let him recover a moment before Nico and Conner lifted him up again.

Travis met us at the front door, immediately starting to apologize for getting Perce drunk. Luke ran off to get their van so we wouldn't have to carry Percy all the way over there, and he came back a moment later.

He stopped the car and jumped into the back, opening the side door. We got Percy into the van and while the rest of the girls and Hazel's new friend went in Hazel's car to direct Luke to Rachel's, I stayed with Percy, his head in my lap as I continued to comb my fingers through his hair.

With Luke and Leo in the front seat, and Jason, Nico, Percy and I in the back, we quickly said bye to Conner and Travis and then followed Hazel back to Rachel's place.

Nico took Percy's phone out of his pocket.

"What are you doing?"

Nico typed in Percy's password. "Telling Sally he's staying with us tonight."

I saw him type hey Mom, we're staying at Rachel's tonight, is that ok? and press send.

Sally quickly replied, saying it was fine.

Rachel's house was twenty minutes away, depending on the traffic, and by the time we got there Percy was out cold.

"Poor guy," Leo muttered. "He's gonna have the biggest headache tomorrow."

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