All The Right Notes

Chapter 12

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"Hey Annabeth!" Sally greeted me with a bright smile when she answered the door. "It feels like its been forever since I last saw you."

She gave me a hug, which I returned, and led me inside. She and Paul had been extremely busy organizing their wedding. They'd been engaged for a few months now, and Sally was still searching for the right dress.

They'd invited me and the rest of the group to come, asking me to be a flower-girl with Sienna, and words couldn't express how excited I was.

Tyler and Sienna were playing in the living room, she told me, and Percy was in his room trying to study. His final exams were coming up, and Sally said he'd wanted to be as prepared as he could. He might not be able to afford college, but he still wanted a decent grade.

When Sally left to go out with her girlfriends, I sat with the kids in the living room, playing with them for a little while before I heard an angry yell and a loud thud. Ty and Sienna jumped, and we all turned to the direction of Percy's room.

I told the kids to carry on with their game and went to check on him.

"Perce?" I called knocking on his door hesitantly. I'd never actually been in his room, I realized suddenly.


I entered the room to find him sitting at his desk with his head on his arms. His textbook was flung across the room. Which was incredibly messy.

His large bed was unmade, the floor was littered with dirty clothes and there was an ancient looking sandwich sitting on the bedside table. The bedroom walls were covered with band posters of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Imagine Dragons, You Me At Six, Bring Me The Horizon and Linkin Park.

One corner of his room was taken up by Percy's guitars. Three were electric, and he also had two beautiful acoustics. His huge stereo and amp system took up the rest of the wall.

Really, it was your stereotypical teenage boy's room.

I went over and sat on the desk. "Are you ok?"

Percy groaned and looked up, putting his chin on his forearms. "I hate exams."

I grinned slightly. "What's wrong with them?"

"Besides the obvious?" Percy said sarcastically. He hesitated for a moment before mumbling almost incoherently, "I have dyslexia."

He looked back down again.

"So do I, Percy."

"Don't be ridiculous," He scoffed in response. "You're a genius."

I retrieved his textbook from its spot on the floor and placed in front of him. "It's all about finding a learning strategy. Come on, I'll help you."

Percy looked incredibly reluctant, but he sit back and let me show him my strategy. He protested that he'd been to dozens of learning specialist with no luck, but I replied by saying that none of them were actually dyslexic as well.

Nearing the end of my explanation, I saw Percy's expression turn from desperation to understanding and he leaned forward a bit.

"Get it?" I asked, and he nodded slowly.

"I think so," He turned to me with his beautiful green eyes. "Thanks."

I smiled at him, giving in to the urge to reach out a ruffle his hair. "No problem."

Percy flashed that amazing lop-sided smile, and I was about to get up to go check the kids when there was a massive clap of thunder and rain started pounding on the roof.

Percy groaned. "Oh great."

As if on cue, his sister raced into the room. "Percy! Storm!"

"Yeah, I know." He said, pushing his chair back to let Sienna crawl into his lip. He looked up at me, "She's scared of thunder."

Another clap made the girl yelp and she buried her face into her big brother's shirt.

Carrying Sienna, Percy and I went back to the living room where Tyler was still playing. "You right buddy?"

Ty nodded, hoping onto the big couch next to me and Percy.

The storm was big, and seemed to right on top of us. Only moments before each thunder clap, I could see lightning fork across the night sky.

Every now and then, the lights would flicker, and after ten minutes, the power went out.

Sienna shrieked, latching onto me blindly. "Percy!"

"I'm right here." His voice came from his place on my left.

The poor girl, I remember how scared I was to be of the dark.

"Hey, you stay here with Ty ok? Annabeth and I are going to go find some lights."

Sienna whimpered in scared protest, but released me and I stood up.

Unable to see, I took a hesitant step forward.

Crashing into Percy's much bigger form, I probably would've fallen if he didn't reach out to grab my arm. "Watch out," He said.


Still holding my arm, we felt around in the darkness, looking for the kitchen. In the small amount of light given by the lightning, Percy ransacked the room, searching the drawers for a flashlight.

"Damn! I could've sworn it was in here."

"Do you have any candles?"

Percy thought for a moment. He grabbed what I guess were matches from one of the draws and started to steer me through the house.

We went into the laundry, Percy found the candles and started to strike a match.

"What now?" I asked when he managed to light the wick.

I stepped forward to light some more, and stupidly managed to slip on the tile in my socks.

I bumped into Percy again, but this time he wasn't quick enough to stop me from falling. We both crashed to the floor with a yelp, becoming a tangle of limbs. I found myself lying on Percy's chest, rising and falling with his breaths.

He had an arm wrapped around my waist, and our faces were only inches apart.

Even in the dim light of the candle, his sea-green eyes shone.

"Oh, um... uh... sorry," I blushed scarlett and started to push myself off him.

He sputtered for a moment. "My bad."

I held my hand to help him up, and brushed invisible dust from my clothes, already missing the feeling of his arm around me.

"We um," He coughed awkwardly. "We should get back to the kids."

I nodded in agreement, lighting another candle and following him back to the living room.

"Oh my gosh, Thals! It was so embarrassing!" I gushed into my phone. "Ugh, I'm such a freakin' klutz!"

When the storm had cleared off at about 10pm, Percy and I put the kids to bed and I decided to go home. Though Percy acted like it didn't matter, like it was forgotten, I still felt like a complete and utter idiot.

"What happened?" Thalia asked.

"Well, there was that storm and the power went out, and Sienna's scared of the dark, so Perce and I went to get some candles and we were in the laundry and I slipped over, oh my god, Thalia I fell on top of him!"

I heard a strange noise on the other end of the line, and knew immediately that it was Thalia trying to stifle her laugh. Emphasis on 'trying'.

"Aww Annabeth! You are such a hopeless case."

I flopped down onto my bed and burrowed my face into the pillow. "Don't even get me started."

"What did he do?"

"He acted like a guy, brushed it off and said it was ok and that it was no big deal. He probably thinks I'm the clumsiest person to ever walk the planet!"

"Why do you care what he thinks?"

"Why do I care?!" I repeated. "Thalia, I. Fell. On. Him! In a laundry. In the dark! At his house!"

This time Thalia didn't bother muffling her laughter. "I'm sorry, its just funny because you're acting like it was such a disaster."

"It was a disaster!" I exclaimed.

"No it wasn't! You got to lay on top of him, and he put his arm around you. When you're with a hot guy, how is that a disaster."

I cringed. "Do you manage to make everything sound really dirty?"

"It's a gift." I could practically see her smug expression.

Rolling my eyes, I said, "Whatever, I gotta go."

"Bye Annie," Thalia replied, quickly hanging up after calling me 'Annie'.

At school the next day, all my friends knew about the laundry incident because of Thalia, including Leo and Jason who got incredibly wicked looks on their faces. They were probably scheming a thousand ways to embarrass me about it.

Predictably, Piper and Hazel thought it was sweet that Percy had 'taken the fall instead of landing on top of me'.

I was called up to the main office to help show the new girl around the school.

She was a Junior and had transferred from a school in California. She was really pretty, like Piper, but with cinnamon coloured hair, dark almond shaped eyes, and very delicate facial features.

"Annabeth!" The office lady said as I entered. "This is Calypso."

The girl turned to me with a bright smile. "Hi."

I smiled back. Calypso seemed like a nice girl.

"Annabeth will be showing you around, her and most of her friends are very good students here at Goode, I'm sure you'll have an excellent time with them." The office lady introduced her to me, giving Calypso her timetable.

"Yeah, most of them." I agreed, thinking of Thalia's slacking ways.

After thanking the office lady, Calypso and I headed to her locker. The others met us there, and Leo immediately converted to 'flirt mode'.

"Hey Beautiful," He wiggled his eyebrows, making Reyna roll her eyes and give him a shove, indicating for him to back off.

Calypso blushed. "Hey, I'm Calypso, but I guess you can call me Callie."

"Callie," Leo said thoughtfully. "I like that."

I shook my head at him. "Don't mind Leo," I said to Callie. "He's a dork."

"So, whataya have first?" Jason asked.

Calypso looked at her timetable. "Uh... Forensic science."

"Me too!" Hazel smiled, and the two got Callie's books and headed off to class.

I had English with Mr Blofis, and he smiled and thanked me for looking after the kids the other night.

At lunch, Calypso sat with us, and Leo tried every pick up line imaginable!

"If you were a triangle, you'd be an acute."

Then Thalia would punch him in the arm. Hard.

I was hoping that having Calypso around would distract the others from the laundry incident, but unfortunately, Jason wasn't that stupid.

He smirked as he looked at me. "So, Annabeth, I heard to got a bit of action the other night."

My friends snickered as my cheeks grew hot. "I did not! It was an accident!"

Thalia and Jason burst out laughing.

"I swear I didn't mean it! It was dark and I couldn't see!"

Calypso looked beyond confused. "Um...what?"

Piper giggled and explained what happened. "Annabeth and Percy are so cute."

"Will you guys stop! We're friends."

Rachel smiled, and Leo showed Callie a picture of Percy.

"Annabeth, he's cute. Why don't you go out with him?"

"Because!" I sputtered. "I don't like him that way."

The girls looked at me knowingly.

"Whatever, do any of you guys do photography?" Leo asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, Thals, Reyna and I do. Why?"

Jason suddenly grinned. "Well, you know how we wanted to try and catch a producer? Yeah, so Luke thought we should give YouTube a go."

"We're going to make a music video, see if we can attract some more fans and stuff." Leo added, his grin matching Jason's.

Reyna looked excited. "Guys, that's amazing! I'd love to help."

"Me too," Thalia said.

It was a good idea. Heaps of people already went to their gigs, and posting videos could get them a worldwide fan-base.

"Are you guys in a band?" Calypso asked, and Leo smiled proudly.

"Yes we are. Percy's in it to, and these other guys called Nico and Luke."

"That's cool, what kind of music do you play?"

And that launched into Leo's massive explanation, exaggerating everything he did to try and impress her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, and I knew that she was going to fit in great.



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