All The Right Notes

Chapter 15

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Piper's POV

I was so excited when Annabeth called me to say that she and Percy had finally kissed.

I always knew that they would be the perfect couple, and now that they had recognized it to, I had to do something to get them together.

Mom needing my help had been a completely lie, and it wasn't that I didn't want to discuss every single detail of the kiss with Annabeth, but I had a plan and I needed an accomplice.

I dialed Jason's number and waited for him to answer.

"Yea Pipes?" His voice said in my ear.

"Jason, Percy and Annabeth kissed and I need your help."

He was silent for a moment, I assumed he was processing the information. "With what?"

"Ok, we need to make sure they get together. You are going to invite Percy to see a movie with you, I'll to the same with Annabeth. It's the perfect way to get them on a double date without them realising it."

"And when we get to the movies, we stick together and let them do their own thing, kinda..." Jason continued, starting to catch on.

I nodded, without realizing that he couldn't see me. "Exactly."

I could almost hear his smile when he replied. "You know Pipes, you're kinda a genius."

Percy's POV

After our kiss, I didn't see Annabeth until the next weekend.

Words couldn't even describe how elated I was to know that all this time, Annabeth had felt the same way about me. After denying it to all our friends hundreds of times, it turned out they were right all along.

Mom had been absolutely ecstatic when she heard, pulling me into a hug and kissing me on the cheek.

The Saturday after, Jason had invited me to come to the movies to see Insurgent. It wasn't the type of movie Jason would normally want to go watch, and it wasn't until we were walking through the mall and I saw Piper and Annabeth walking to the cinema that it made sense.

"Hey Jason," Piper smiled as she saw us walking their way. "Fancy seeing you two here."

"Yeah, what a coincidence." I agreed sarcastically, shooting Jason a look.

Annabeth met my eyes, and I knew that she'd come to the same conclusion. "What are you seeing?"

"Insurgent," Jason replied.

Annabeth nodded. "Us too."

"No way, we should watch it together."

You mean, you and Piper will sit together, I thought. And then that would leave me and Annabeth.

The four of us went into the cinema and bought our tickets and popcorn. We sat up the back, and Piper took my seat next to Jason, leaving me a seat in-between her and Annabeth.

"They totally didn't do this on purpose." Annabeth whispered to me, and I stifled a laugh.

"This isn't a double date or anything."

She snickered, reaching over and stealing some of my popcorn.

We pretty much ignored Piper and Jason, talking through most of the movie. About half way through, someone flicked me on the back of the head.

I turned around, and saw that Jason had done it as he put his arm around Piper's shoulders. He gestured knowingly for me to do the same. I shook my head, mouthing that he was an idiot, and he flicked me again.

When I turned back around I saw Annabeth smirking at me. She obviously wasn't completely oblivious to what Jason was telling me to do.

Rolling my eyes, I looked back to the movie screen.


Outside the movie theater, Piper decided that it would be fun to hang around the mall for a while, and Annabeth agreed.

We walked around, Jason and I being practically dragged into the stores. Finally, we came to the new game room they'd opened. The arcade was huge.

The four of us bought tickets to as many games as we could. At the back of the arcade, they had a lazer-tag room. A/N:I'm imagining something like Time-Zone, if you guys know what that is :)

It was everyone for themselves, but Annabeth and I agreed that we were going to gang up on them for tricking us. Not that I was upset about going on a 'date' with Annabeth, just that if that she did go out with me, I wanted it to be because I'd asked her and she'd said yes.

We entered the maze-like arena where the game was played, and the lights went out, leaving us in darkness except for the light from our head-sets.

"This is gonna be fun," I smirked, and Annabeth grinned back at me.

We split-up, running off into the dark. I tried not to go too fast, peaking around corners to make sure Jason wasn't waiting for me.

You had to be shot five times in a special spot to go out, and you re-spawned as soon as you made it a safety light without being shot again, and the game just kept going till time ran out. The person with the most kills at the end wins.

Holding my guns at the ready, I crept around the course. I almost shot Annabeth twice, and then she decided that it would be better if we stuck together.

We walked back to back, and when we finally found Jason, we shot at him relentlessly.

"I feel so betrayed." Jason pouted as he started walking towards the safety light.

Annabeth and I high-fived and continued to move through the maze.

We played the game for an hour before time ran out, and we didn't run into Piper once. Other than that, Annabeth was only one who didn't have to go to the safety light, and she won overall.

"Where the hell were you?" Jason asked Piper when we met outside the lazer-tag zone.

Piper grinned. "Oh, I was just sitting my the entrance the whole time, you guys didn't even come past me."

Jason shook his head and grabbed her hand. The four of us went back out to the food court, unsure of what to do next.

"Alright, I'm starving," I said.

"Aren't you always?" Annabeth remarked.

Two weeks after our 'double date' Annabeth came over to my place again, only today she wasn't babysitting.

"Hey Seaweed Brain." She smiled at me when I opened the door to let her inside.

"Hey Wise Girl."

She walked past me as I closed the door, and walked down the hall to my room. "Uh sorry, it's a mess."

Even more than usual.

I had music sheets thrown all over the place, some of it was stuff I'd written myself, others we'd done as a band. My guitar was still plugged into the amp, which wasn't exactly safe, and there were clothes everywhere. I was pretty some of of the shirts weren't even mine.

"What's this?" Annabeth asked. She bent over to pick up one of the music sheets. "Stay with me?"

"Oh, that's just a song I wrote."

"You wrote this? She read the lyrics. "Can I hear it?"

I blushed scarlet. I hadn't really shown anyone the songs I wrote on my own. "Uh, sure."

I picked up my acoustic guitar and sat down on my bed besides Annabeth.

I started strumming the chorus, then starting finger-picking for the verse.

You've got a lot to say for the one that walked awayI give, you takeIt's the way it's always beenOh, how do I know if I should stay or just go?The bottom line is this way that I'll never know

Stay with me (stay with me, stay with me)Stay with me, oh (a-whoa, a-whoa, a-whoa...)

You've got a lot to say for the one that pushed me awayI give, you takeSome things—they never changeJust change

Stay with me (stay with me, stay with me)Stay with me

I never knew that I could be this wayI never knew that I could walk away

These things take time to growIt's been said that time heals woundsBut no, I won't be controlledAnd so the story goes

Stay with me (stay with me, stay with me)Stay with me

I never knew that I could be this wayI never knew that I could walk away

As the song finished, I looked over at Annabeth and saw that she was beaming.

"Percy, that was beautiful."

I grinned. "Thanks."

"What's it about?

"I don't know," I shrugged. "Nothing really."

We were both silent for a moment, so I put my guitar down and lay back.

Annabeth mirrored me, and after a while she finally spoke. "Do you think you'll ever write a song about me?"

I felt the corners of my mouth pull up and turned to look at her. Hey grey eyes were shining.

"Hopefully it'll never be a break-up song."

"Does that mean we're dating."

I blushed again, but I wasn't embarrassed when I saw that she was flushed too.

"Do you want it to mean that we're dating?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes and punched me lightly. "Seaweed Brain," She insisted, sitting up.


I sat up to looked into her face. Without hesitating, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers.

She responded immediately, wrapping her hands behind my neck and twisting her fingers into my hair.

I could swear that she made a sound of protest when I pulled away.

"Will you go out with me?"

Annabeth gave a kiss in response, whispering a 'yes' against my mouth.

Dissolving into the kiss, I grabbed Annabeth's waist and pulled her into my lap. She tilted her head down to kiss me...

...and then someone knocked on the door.

We pulled apart, looking into each other's eyes in disappointment.

"Perce?" I heard Mom's voice.

I let out a groan. I loved Mom, but she had the worst timing.

"Yea Mom?"

"I made some cookies if you two want some."

And suddenly everything was right with the world. Annabeth saw my excited expression, and we walked into the kitchen.

Eating Mom's amazing cookies with my beautiful new girlfriend, I couldn't have been happier.

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