All The Right Notes

Chapter 17

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About last chapter, I would've liked to write about Annabeth and Percy telling Athena as well, but I didn't know how I was going to write it without it being super cheesy, and you guys already know that I had a bad block, but hopefully this chapter will be better!

Lots of you have said that you don't like when I have more lyrics than actually dialogue and stuff, and I understand that but the plot line of this story does sorta center around Percy's music, so when they have gigs its going to happen a bit, sorry, I will make chapters like that longer ;P

Percy's POV

We practised after school everyday until the gig, making sure that we were in perfect sync and that we were in tune with Calypso's voice.

She did a good job of singing the kind of songs we played; her voice wasn't suited for bands like Halestorm, but she had a huge range and could hit all of the notes perfectly.

Final Evolution was optimistic that the gig would turn out well.

The only thing that hadn't really been pleasant was telling Athena about my relationship with her daughter. I wasn't there when Annabeth told her (thank the gods that I'd managed to dodge that bullet) but we had received a phone call at eight o'clock, and judging by Mom's constant mutterings of 'Percy is a very kind and respectful boy', and 'they only had their first kiss and couple days ago, I promise they weren't doing anything', it was pretty obvious that Athena had called.

I was just glad that Mom had beaten me to the phone, I'd gotten up to go answer it as well.

I was walking down the stairs of the apartment, my ESP case in hand, towards the street were Luke was picking me up with the rest of the boys.

It was hard to find space with all the instruments and band members, but Luke refused to get a bigger van for our stuff.

"Hey Perce, ready?" Nico asked as I slide in next to him.

"Oh, definitely." I said hoarsely. My voice had gotten worse rather than better over the week, and now it was practically gone completely, which is probably why the guys kept asking me questions.

You know, to make fun of me.

Jason had said over and over how lucky we were that Calypso could sing, and at first I was the tiniest little bit miffed that he and Leo had found a replacement without even asking me, but we were really lucky. I had hoped I'd be well enough to sing by now (even if the doctor said I wasn't supposed to), so thank god they'd invited Callie over that day.

We met the girls, and Frank, in the carpark of the building where we were playing. All of them, except for Calypso, were wearing the Final Evolution shirts that Piper had designed and had her mom manufacture so she could sell them during the gig. They were pretty awesome shirts, I had to admit.

"Nervous?" Luke asked Calypso with a small sympathetic smile when he saw her wringing her hands.

She shrugged. "A little bit."

"I'm sure you'll do great," Leo added, surprisingly in an un-flirting way. "We should go set up."

Calypso gave a small smile to the girls and then followed us to the back, helping to carry some of our equipment like the music stands and some of Jason's drums.

The stage was set up in no time, and Leo was setting up all the amps and his console that he uses to distort the guitars and the microphone. Tuning my ESP, I spotted Annabeth coming over to me from where I was beside the stage.

Setting my guitar to the side, I met her halfway with a smile on my face. "We got Athena's call."

Annabeth grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, she took it better than I expected."

"I could tell," I replied sarcastically, trying to let out a laugh and failing miserably because of my throat.

"Seaweed Brain," Annabeth scolded. "Stop straining yourself."


She rolled her eyes and rose on her tiptoes to give me a quick kiss. "Good luck."

"Thanks," I said, kissing her again before she headed back to the table that Frank and the girls had reserved. Gods, I felt so bad for Frank, sitting there all alone with girls he really didn't know except for his girlfriend.

People were starting to come in now, I guessed most of them were already fans as they were wearing Piper's shirt (Luke must have advertised them on our Facebook page).

"Alrights guys, let's go," Luke said, strapping his guitar over his shoulder.

Nico and I followed suit and Jason grabbed his drum sticks.

"Hey guys!" Jason said into his mic as he sat down at his kit. "How are all doing?"

The people in the room cheered in response, and I couldn't believe how lucky we were to have an actual fan base. A lot of bands that performed like we did just showed up for their gigs and played, they didn't have people who came to see them almost every time.

Nico, Luke and I took our places to the side of the main mic, and I was sure a lot of the fans were confused about the extra stand.

"We have a bit of a surprise for you guys," Nico started to explain. "Percy went and decided to lose his voice."

"I didn't decide, Nico," I argued hoarsely, for the sake of showmen-ship.

Pretending to ignore me, he continued. "So, we found a new singer for you! Everybody give it up for Calypso!"

The crowd clapped and cheered as Calypso came onto the stage with a shy smile. She stood at the microphone and glanced back at us nervously before she turned back to the crowd.

"Hey guys, this song is called Familiar Taste of Poison by Halestorm." A/N: I know I said the Calypso's voice wasn't like Lzzy Hale's but this is a lot softer than a lot of her others and I really love it, so meh

Giving her a smile, I started to play the main guitar part of the song. After I played the riff a few times, Luke started playing the quiet melody and Calypso began to sing.

Drink the wine, my darling, you saidTake your time, consume all of itBut the roses were only to drain my inspirationThe promises were spoiled before they left your lips and...

I breathe you in again just to feel youUnderneath my skin, holding on toThe sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

Jason started tapped the cymbals and Nico came in with the bass line.

I tell myself that you're no good for me

I wish you well, but desire never leavesI could fight this til the endBut maybe I don't want to win

I breathe you in again just to feel youUnderneath my skin, holding on toThe sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

Luke and I started to play the chords, and Calypso sang louder to match us, her voice soaring over the notes.

I don't wanna be saved, I don't wanna be soberI want you on my mind, in my dreams behind these eyesAnd I won't wake up, no not this time.

I breathe you in again just to feel youUnderneath my skin, holding on toThe sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

A familiar taste of poison

I played the riff once more before the song came to a close, and the crowd yelled and clapped. I shot Calypso a big smile; first gigs were hard, she had done great.

"This next song is called The Change by Evanescence!"

Jason came in with the beat as I played the muted chords, and Nico joined in with the bass line as Callie started to sing again.

Thought that I was strongI know the words I need to sayFrozen in my placeI let the moment slip away

I've been screaming on the insideAnd I know you feel the painCan you hear me?Can you hear me?

We gradually started to play louder and Luke joined in.

Aaa aaa aaaAaa aaa aaa

Say it's overYes it's overBut I need you anywaySay you love me but it's not enough

Never meant to lieBut I'm not the girl you think you knowThe more that I am with youThe more that I am all alone

I've been screaming on the insideAnd I know you feel the painCan you hear me?Can you hear me?

Aaa aaa aaaAaa aaa aaa

Say it's overYes it's overBut I need you anywaySay you love me but it's not enough

Not that I'm so differentNot that I don't seeThe dying light of what we used to beBut how could I forgive you?You changedAnd I'm a liar by your sideI'm about to lose my mind

'Cause I've been screaming on the insideAnd I know you feel the painCan you hear me?Can you hear me?Aaa

You've been dreamingIf you're thinkingThat I still belong to youAnd I've been dying'Cause I'm lying to myself!

Aaa aaa aaaAaa aaa aaa

Say it's overYes it's overBut I need you anywaySay you love me but it's not enough

The crowd cheered, and I heard the girls yelling much louder than everyone else.

After that, we played five more songs. We were coming off the stage when we saw a tall, blonde man heading our way.

He flashed us a blinding smile, and reached out to shake our hands. "Hey guys, I'm Apollo Solace, I work for Olympic Records."

I felt my jaw drop to the floor. Olympic Records? No way!

"I know that this isn't the best time, with your lead singer being sick, but you guys can really play. And being able to work that well with a replacement, well, I'm kicking myself for not coming to watch sooner."

Luke managed to shake off some of his shock. "Uh, thank you sir."

Apollo smiled wider. "It's the truth, which is why I'd like to make you guys an offer."

Jason and Nico looked over at me, equally awestruck looks on their faces. Calypso was wide-eyed and Leo was beaming.

"And what's that?" Luke asked, licking his lips.

"When you get better," Apollo directed at me. "Give me a call and come down to the studio. If you guys don't already have an agent or a manager, I'd love to help you out, you guys deserve a record deal." He handed Luke a card. "Nice to meet you Percy, I've heard a lot about you."

Wait...what? I gaped, my jaw dropping even lower. He'd heard a lot about me? But...what? The only person I knew who worked at Olym-


Dad? He didn't even know me, he'd left before I was born. I had no memories of him, how could he possibly be telling people about me? Like, Oh yeah, my son's great, I've never actually met him, but I'm sure he's great!

"Excuse me?" I croaked out.

Apollo clapped my shoulder, but he didn't answer. "Call me when you're voice comes back."

With that, he shook our hands again and walked out of the venue.

I know this is still short, sorry :/

Oooohh, Final Evolution might get a record deal, and Percy might finally meet his dad!

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