All The Right Notes

Chapter 2

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Thalia, Piper, Hazel, Reyna and I stood around Piper's locker.

It was early, most kids weren't at school yet, which is why we were. We like to be able to talk when there's no one else around, and now there's no rush.

"So, Annabeth has a new man, huh?" Piper said, elbowing me slightly in the ribs.

I pushed her back. "Guys, I never even said I liked the guy, I just said he was hot. Besides, even if I did like him, he's totally out of my league."

"What do you mean?" Reyna asked, leaning against the locker.

"Well," I shrugged. "He's probably super popular with all these girls following him around. And he's a senior."

"Reyna and I are seniors," Thalia pointed out.

"Yeah, but we've known you guys forever," Hazel interjected. "Its different."

By now, some students were starting to file into the school.

"That's too bad, Annabeth," Reyna said, grabbing Thalia by the arm. "C'mon, we have to get to class. You know what Mrs Dodds is like."

We all shivered.

As Thalia and Reyna departed, Piper put a hand on my shoulder. "I totally think you should go for it! Plays guitar, tall, dark-haired, sounds like the perfect guy."

"I agree," Hazel beamed.

I scoffed. "You guys are so full of it. Lets get to class."

Hazel parted ways with us and went to her English class, but Piper and I had Latin with my favourite teacher Mr Brunner.

After school, Reyna drove me to the Upper East Side in her Suzuki.

She dropped me off at the Jackson's apartment, and I went up to the fourth floor.

When I got there, it was Sienna who opened the door. Sally was already at work. "Hello Annabeth!"

"Hey, Sienna," I replied, following the girl into the living room.

"Where's Tyler?"

Sienna shrugged. "In our room."

And Percy was in his room too, I'll bet. With Sally gone, I could hear his guitar belting out chords full volume. He was really good. I vaguely recognised the tune of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. And if I wasn't mistaken, I could swear Percy was singing too.

"You hungry?" I asked Sienna as she jumped onto the couch.

The little girl shook her head, her dark curly hair bouncing around her shoulders. "Will you play dolls with me?"

I swallowed. ", sure."

I hadn't played with dolls since I was eight! But the bright smile on Sienna's face almost made me forget about it.

She grabbed my hand and started dragging me to her bedroom. The bedroom floor was so littered with toys I stood on several pieces of Lego.

Biting on my tongue to keep from swearing in front of two little kids, I hopped on one foot. "Ow!"

"Sowry Annabeth." Tyler apologized.

"S'okay, Ty," I said through gritted teeth.

Sienna and I sat and played with her Barbies and her horses, and the new Lego Friends thingies. We played for hours, but Sienna didn't tire of our game, which was going nowhere.

Finally, like a gift from heaven, Tyler said, "Annabeth, I'm hungry!"

Suppressing my sigh of relief, I stood up and the kids bolted for the kitchen. They sat at the same seats Percy and I had yesterday, and waited eagerly for their food.

"So, uh, what do you guys want?"


I frowned. "I don't think you can have ice cream until after dinner."

"AW! Please?" They tried the puppy-dog-eyes, but-thanks to my younger brothers, Bobby and Matthew- I was highly immune.

"No, what about some cookies?"

They nodded, so I got them a cookie and excused myself.

Heading to the bathroom, I splashed some water onto my face and rubbed my eyes. Looking into the mirror, my grey eyes flickered to someone horrible and disgusting on the wall behind me.

My eyes widened and I scrambled onto the bench, knocking hairbrushes and bottles of hairspray onto the floor, and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Moments later, Percy had burst into the room, his eyes wild, out of breath, and looking very worried.

"Annabeth! Are you okay?" He followed my eyes to the giant huntsman on the wall. Then he laughed. "You're scared of spiders?"


He laughed again and took off his shoe, slamming it onto the spider. As he stepped inside, however, neither of us noticed the little devils shut the door.

"There." Percy said with finality, picking up the dead arachnid in some toilet paper and putting it in the bin. "Happy now?"

I nodded with a shiver. "Thank you."

Percy shrugged. "No biggie. But you're scared of spiders?" He repeated.

"No," I said sarcastically. "I absolutely adore them."

He smiled and turned to leave the bathroom, only to discover the door shut and the handle jammed from the other side.

The smile vanished from his face so completely it was hard to imagine he ever smiled at all.

"Little brats," He growled under his breath. "Tyler! Sienna! Open this door right now or so help me!"

I heard some giggling and two pairs of little feet as the siblings fled the hallway.

"Ah! TYLER!" Percy bellowed.

Now it was me trying not to laugh. Percy pounded on the door with his fist, but the kids were long gone.

Percy swore and slid to the floor. I stayed on my little perch on the bench.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before Percy spoke up. "So tell me about yourself."

I bit my lip. What do I tell him? "Oh, well, I'm seventeen, from San Francisco-"

"That wasn't what I meant," He interrupted, though not rudely. "I mean, like, your interests and stuff." A/N: cough* TFIOS cough*

"I knew that. I like reading, and I want to be an architect, and I used to play violin, and I hate spiders, and surprises, and..." I trailed off, not sure what else to say. "What are your interests?"

Percy grinned.

"I play in a band, as you know, I am a guitarist and lead singer, and I am on the school swim team, I love the beach and my favourite colour is blue."

"Is your band any good?" If the other members were half as good as he was, them they must've been awesome.

Percy shrugged. "We're alright," He said modestly, then with a smirk he added, "though I'm not sure its your type of music, Miss Violinist."

He was probably right, I wasn't exactly a fan of Nirvana, or Metallica, and others of that sort. "I can appreciate good music, regardless of the genre."

"Is that so?" He raised an eyebrow, and I nodded matter-of-factly. "Well, then you should bring some friends to my next gig."

Trying to hold in my excitement, I said, "When is it?"

He told me the date and the address, then stood up. "Righto, I'm starving. Let's bust this door down."

Then, he charged at the door, with his shoulder forward to force the door open. But the door opened on its own, and instead Percy was sent careening into another man.

Holding in a laugh, I watched as the two of them fell into the hallway, a look of absolute shock plastered on the other man's face.

I rushed out to help them to their feet.

"Whoops," Percy apologised. "Sorry Paul."

"What on earth were you doing Percy?" the man questioned, and looked up from dusting off his pants.

My jaw dropped. "Mr Blofis? What are you doing here?"

"I could ask the same of you, Annabeth." My English teacher said.

"Uh, Annabeth, Paul is my mom's boyfriend, and Paul, this is the kids' new babysitter." Percy explained.

Mr Blofis, or Paul, gave me a small smile and turned to Percy. "Sally still at work?"

When Percy nodded, Paul went to make himself a coffee.

We went to follow him to the kitchen, when I saw Sienna peeking out from behind their bedroom door. Apparently, Percy did too, because he lunged for the door.

Tyler and Sienna shrieked as Percy and I burst into the room, fleeing under their beds.

"You little beasts," Percy said as he pulled Tyler out and started tickling him. The two of us tickle-tortured the kids until they were begging for us to stop between giggles, promising they wouldn't do it again.

As soon as I was home with my own brothers, I missed being at the Jackson's.

Bobby and Matthew were eleven, and much more annoying than Ty and Sienna. Trying to do homework with twins pulling your hair and stealing your pencil is not easy.

Don't even ask how they got in my room.

"Will you get out of my room!" I cracked it, shooting to my feet and grabbed the twins by their arms. I pushed them outside and slammed the door.

I'll kill those little maggots, I thought, checking my phone. I had two texts from Thalia, and I one from Piper.

Piper's said:

Hey bae! I have something really important to tell you! Call me as soon as you get this ;P

I dialled Piper's number, and only waited a second before she answered.

"Annabeth!" She shouted so loud, I had to hold the phone away from my ear. "Guess WHAT!"

"What?" I replied with a considerably smaller amount of enthusiasm.

She startled rambling like she does when she's happy. "Well, I met this really cute guy and his name's Jason and he plays the drums and he plays football and he's blonde and perfect and he asked me out and he's just perfect an-"

She said all that without taking a single breath. "Hang on, I can't understand a word you're saying. Who's Jason?"

I could imagine the blush on her face as she described their meeting to me. She was working in the restaurant as a waitress, and, typical movie style, she tripped over a chair and spilled smoothie all over him. They ended up having a long conversation, and then Jason asked her if she wanted to see movie sometime.

"Piper, that great! Way to go!" I said smiling. Piper was an absolutely stunning girl, and she had a great personality, I hoped this Jason guy would be good to her.

She said we'd talk more about it at school, and said goodbye.

Thalia's texts were predictably about Percy.

Yo! How was the nanny job? Did you find out what school he goes to?

And the second one was : Annie, don't ignore me! :(

Rolling my eyes, I texted back.

I wasn't ignoring you, Thals. And the babysitting job was fine, and no I didn't find out what school Percy goes to. I did find out that he's in a band tho...

Thalia's reply was almost instant.

Really? What is it called, are they good?

I said that I didn't know, but that he had invited me to come to one of his gigs. Thalia demanded that the five of us go to see him play, then she left to do some 'homework'.

That night I spent listening to some of bands Percy had told me about after tickle-torturing his siblings. He said his band played covers of Three Days Grace, There For Tomorrow, 3 Doors Down, and Linkin Park, so I was determined to listen to it. From what I'd heard, Percy had the kind of voice that could sing anything, so I was looking forward to seeing him play.

I fell asleep with my headphones in my ears, imagining Percy on stage playing these songs.

Eh, bad ending, and I took a long time.

Soz :/

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