All The Right Notes

Chapter 7

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After completely embarrassing myself in front of Percy, we played with the kids on the playground for a bit.

Even though we could barely fit, Percy and I chased Tyler and Sienna through the tunnels and down the slides.

We played for hours, until they were absolutely exhausted.

"Do you want to get some ice cream?" Percy offered.

"Yes!" Tyler said with as much excitement as he could muster. Sienna whooped as loud as she could.

"Let's go then!" Percy smiled, lifting Sienna onto his shoulders and grabbing his skateboard. I helped Tyler to his feet and the four of us started walking back to the pathway.

Sally had said that she and Paul wouldn't be back until about 11 o'clock that night, being on their anniversary, so we had plenty of time to walk to the ice cream parlour.

Thankfully for our exhausted feet, it was only a short walk.

The kids sat down at a table after telling Percy what they wanted, then the two of us ordered the ice cream.

"Can I please get two rainbow ice creams in a small cone, please," Percy said to the man at the counter. He ordered a mint choc chip for himself, and I got a vanilla.

Tyler and Sienna devoured their ice creams, and went out to the small playground outside.

"How do they still have the energy for that?" I said, confused. "They were practically dead two minutes ago."

Percy smirked. "Remember when I said they go crazy when you give them sugar, well I wasn't lying."

We both looked out at the kids running around and climbing things.

"How's school going?" I asked. No matter how cliche the question was, it felt appropriate. Winter break was coming, which meant that Percy was almost finished with high school.

He shrugged, licking his ice cream. "It's ok, I guess. Can't say I'm excited for exams though."

"Are you going to go to collage?"

"I don't know. I want to, but our bands finally starting to go somewhere, and Mom probably can't afford it anyway."

He sounded really down about it, which surprised me. Percy didn't seem like the kind of guy who would want to go to collage. I'd imagined that when he'd finished, he'd go and travel with his band.

I looked out at Ty and Sienna, and had a thought. "If Sally and Paul have only be dating for a year, then who's Tyler and Sienna's dad?"

Percy frowned, his face darkening immediately, making me immediately regret my question.

"I'm sorry, you don't have to answer that. I shouldn't have asked."

"It's fine, Annabeth," He dismissed the comment with a shake of his head. "Mom was married to this man called Gabe, a few years after Dad left. He was really good to us for a while, and they had the kids, but then he started to drink and gamble and became really abusive.

"I wish I had've been older, so I could've protected Mom better, but she eventually kicked him out and we lived on our own, barely managing to get by even with Mom and I working about three jobs between us."

"I'm sorry," I said again, not sure what else I could say.

"Don't worry about it, it was ages ago, and it only made the four of us closer."

Percy didn't talk again until he finished his ice cream, which only made me feel horrible and definitely made me worry about him.

When his brother and sister came back in, Percy picked up his skate board.

"How about we get some DVD's to watch his Mom gets back." He said, his bright smile back as if it have never left.

But I couldn't help but notice the tension in his shoulders as he walked beside me.

We ended up borrowing How To Drain Your Dragon, the Lego Movie, Mr Peabody and Sherman, and Percy absolutely insisted that we get Finding Nemo.

While Percy set up the the DVD, I made two bowls of popcorn, one for Tyler and Sienna and the other for me and Percy.

The kids plopped down on a couple of bean bags, Percy lounged on the big couch, and I sat next to him, holding our bowl of popcorn.

We watched the movies in silence, other than the kids laughing at the crummy jokes, especially the puns in Mr Peabody and Sherman. It was so quiet I could hear Percy's steady breathing from the other end of the couch. He hadn't even touched the popcorn, and it wasn't until we were halfway through the Lego Movie that I realised he was dead asleep.

So much for watching Nemo, I thought.

The kids soon followed his example, a soft snore coming from Ty, and I found my eyes closing in the dark room. I had no idea what the time was, but it was obviously late, and I was exhausted.

I knew I was supposed to go home, but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

I woke somewhere that was definitely not my house.

Something firm but strangely comfortable was under my head, and my legs were sticking out over the edge of the couch. A blanket covered me up to my chest, another one covering the thing I was lying on.

Disorientated and slow from sleep, I didn't notice I was in the Jackson's apartment until I sat up and realised I'd been resting against Percy's shin, tucked in close so he'd fit on the couch.

Tyler and Sienna were gone, but Percy still had his eyes closed.

I got off the couch, and found Sally and Paul in the kitchen with the kids.

"Morning, Annabeth," Paul smiled, looking up from pouring six glasses of orange juice.

"Hi Mr Blofis," I replied groggily, rubbing my eyes and letting out a yawn.

Sally turned around, leaving her spot by the stove to place some pancakes on a large plate. "We were going to wake you, but Percy sleeps like the dead. I called your parents, they know you're here."

"Oh," I muttered. I'd totally forgotten about Mom and Dad. "Thanks."

I sat down at the kitchen bench, next to a Sienna.

Sally dished out the pancakes, getting maple syrup out of the fridge.

Paul handed me a glass and went back to the living room to wake Percy. I saw him shaking Percy's shoulder, but he really did sleep like the dead.

When Paul came back in defeat, the young siblings sprinted to the couch and leapt on top of Percy.

The rest of us winced as all we heard was an agonised groan. "Get off!" Percy protested.

"Honey," Sally called, fighting off a laugh. "I made pancakes."

I burst out laughing as Percy shot into the chair next to me, his seat skidding to the right with the force. "Are they blueberry?" He asked hopefully.

Sally smiled as she scooped three onto his plate. "Your favourite."

The six of us dug into Sally's delicious blueberry pancakes, and I had as many as I could before Percy ate them all, until I felt like my stomach would explode.

"Thank you, Sally. Those were amazing!" I said leaning back in my chair.

"Mom makes the best pancakes on the planet!" Percy exclaimed, his mouth still full of the food.

"Ew!" Sienna said.

Sally rolled her eyes at her oldest son's manners. "Do you need me to drive you home?"

I was about to reply, when Percy did for me.

"I can take her, the boys and I have practice anyway."

Paul raised an eyebrow.

"I might just have a couple more before we go..." Percy reached for the big plate, but Sally slapped his hand away.

"Percy! You've had, like, a hundred!" She scolded.

I laughed again at Percy's pout. "Fine, come on Annabeth."

He went to his room to get his guitar, before meeting me at the door. He led me to the apartment garage, where we got into Sally's old Mitsubishi.

Percy put his guitar in the back seat and sat in the drivers seat.

"You're a good driver, right?" I said as I sat in the passenger side.

He put his hand on his heart, feigning hurt. "How dare you question my ability to drive."

I smirked, and Percy pulled out of the garage and into New York traffic.

I directed him to me pay house, and we sang along to Animals by Maroon 5. We sang way louder than necessary, and Percy even copied the howl, which made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

When he pulled up outside my house, I almost didn't want to leave.

"Where have you been?" My mother demanded.

"I was babysitting Ms Jackson's kids."

Athena looked up from her dishes. "So late at night? Where was she?"

I rolled my eyes discreetly. "On her anniversary. I was just watching movies with the kids and we feel asleep."

"Who drove you home?" My mother was always suspicious.

"Her son."

Mom raised her eyebrows. "Her son? You didn't tell me she had another son."

"Mom-" I started to say.

"Do you mean to tell me that you've been with a boy without adult supervision, in his house?!" Her grey eyes flashed in anger.

"Mom! Oh my god! Percy isn't like that."

"How old is he?"

I bit my lip. "Eighteen."

Mom smacked the bench. "Why didn't you tell me this!?"

"Because I knew this was how you'd react!"

Both our voices were rising, and Bobby and Matthew had poked their heads out of the stairwell.

Dad come into the room. "What's going on?"

"She's babysitting an eighteen year old boy!" Mom exclaimed, her expression nothing but anger.

"Athena," Dad frowned. "Annabeth's responsible, I'm she'd never do anything stupid."

I held up my hands. "Thank you Dad!"

I bounded up the stairs to my room and threw myself onto my bed. Athena always did this.

She didn't trust me to do anything. How could even think I'd be doing anything with him?

Before Mom could up to check on me, I phoned Thalia.

I needed to get out of here before I exploded.


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