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Catch Me If You Can

By PavLuvsPercyJackson

Romance / Action

Chapter 1

Hey guys! Now, I know I have a thousand stories I'm writing, but this was one of the semi decent ideas I have and I just had to write it

I hope you guys like it,

The story of how I ended up on the run with a fugitive is a complicated one, but you guys all deserve to know the truth about what happened.

It started when two terrorist groups, the Titans and the Giants, had a disagreement, that ended up in the murder of the top Giant.

The murderer, a man my age, had to go on the run, from both the Giants and almost every government security agency in the US, which then led to him being classified as a deserter of the Titans, getting them on his tail too.

So, to say the very least, he was in deep trouble.

And me, well, I worked for a special forces agency known as Olympus. Alerts were issued to every agent to be on the lookout for this criminal.

We didn't have a any photographic evidence of his whereabouts, he was very sneaky, we didn't know his name, but we had his physical description.

"Team," our missions direction, Chiron, said. "You must keep out a sharp eye out for this man, every road camera, traffic light, anything, they all go through here first. If someone tweets about him, I want to know about it."

The manhunt was huge, spanning over all 50 states, this fugitive had nowhere to hide, everyone with a TV in the house knew about him.

I almost felt sorry for the guy.

"Annabeth," a voice called, and I turned to see my closest friend Thalia beckoning me over. "What do you think this is?"

She had security camera footage up on her computer. It showed a young man, in his early twenties, strolling casually through a car park at a mall.

He was wearing a dark hoodie, the hood covering most of his head, revealing only a little bit of his wild black hair.

The man was tall, around about 6,2, with a substantial muscular build, and he was walking with his head down.

But he matched the description we had.

"Did he buy something? Maybe we can get a fake ID."

Thalia started typing, hacking into the malls mainframe to check for recent transactions.

"There," She pointed to a name on the screen. "That number shouldn't be working anymore, the owner of that accounts dead."

We pulled up a picture, and sure enough, the PIN number he used had belonged to someone else.

Thalia got the driving license of the man whose card he had used. The man the card belonged had to be about fifty, with sunken eyes and receding grey hair.

"Well, that definitely isn't him." I said.

Thalia grinned. "No, but this man, Gabriel Ugliano, had a stepson, who definitely looked like the guy from the footage.

She searched his stepson's name, and sure enough we got a high school picture of a guy with shaggy black hair and sea-green eyes.

"Oh my god, Thalia." I muttered. After almost two months of searching for him, we finally knew his name. "How recent is this?"

We had to get an agent out there. This was our one chance to get him.

Thalia and I leapt to the PA system, alerting the agents.

"Red Alert!" I said into the mic, and an alarm went off in our HQ.

"Squadron 1 report to air hanger, we have a sighting on Titan fugitive." Chiron ordered.

I hurried to the weapons room to get myself a gun and then followed the rest of the special agents to the hangar.

My squadron loaded onto the helicopter, Thalia beside me.

The choppers flew out of the hangars, flying at top speed to the last location of the fugitive.

It took us half an hour to get there, then we spread out to search the area. Our infrared cameras scanned for him, making sure he couldn't hide.

After searching for almost an hour, a voice boomed from one of the helicopters, and agents started sliding down zip lines to the grounds, sniper rifles and hand guns at the ready.

"Percy Jackson! You are surrounded, put your hands on your head."

The young man stood a few steps from a car, and he slowly moved his hands to his hooded head as I slid down near him.

Pointing my gun at him, I moved closer. "On your knees."

Percy Jackson rolled his eyes, but he dropped to the ground.

Jason Grace raced forward and grabbed the criminal's wrist, handcuffing them behind his back.

With his handgun resting near Percy's spine, Jason pulled him to his feet and ushered him to a grounded chopper.

I followed them to the helicopter, along with five other of the best agents in the squad.

Percy was forced down into a seat, roughly seven guns aimed at him and ready to fire, but he didn't seem at all concerned.

He was relaxed and lounged back in the seat, looking like him might actually fall asleep.

Glaring, I watched him for any signs of an attempt at escape. But he was as chill as the Arctic, and it made me nervous.


Back at the HQ, Percy Jackson was escorted to our containment facilities.

He was locked in a cell and placed under Jake Mason's guard.

Chiron met me and Thalia, congratulating us on our detective work. He said that Percy was to be interrogated on his involvement with the Titans, and would be turned over to a high security prison to await his trial.

I tried to keep the frown off my face. After all that time Percy had spent on the run, and all the effort we put into catching him, it seemed too easy.

We were just going to hand him over to the police.

"When's his interrogation?" Thalia asked.

Chiron rubbed his beard. "I'd like to do it as soon as possible, but there's definitely no guarantee he'll tell us anything."

Of course he wouldn't. "I'd like to talk to him, sir."

His name and appearance seemed familiar to me, like maybe I'd met him before.

"Of course, after what you two did, it only seems fair."

Chiron radioed the order to have Percy Jackson moved to the interrogation room to Jake, and I prepared the usual questions over in my head.

Something told me he'd be difficult and less then forth coming on any important information.

Outside of the interrogation room, I removed my pistol and taser in case Percy made for an escape and I was overwhelmed. I was on of the best martial artists in the squad, but Percy Jackson was bigger, and being with the Titans, had surely been trained in combat as well.

I walked into room, taking my seat in front the criminal.

Percy's POV

I was moved to the interrogation room and the agent restraining me cuffed my hands to the table in front of me.

But I wasn't worried.

This agency of supposed 'top rank spies' must've been beyond stupid to assume I didn't a plan, or friends on the outside.

Not all my allies were Titans.

Look out for Agent Chase, he'll be able to help you out if you give him the right information. Grover had said.

I trusted Grover, he'd been my closest friend ever since we were twelve.

All I had to do was find this Agent Chase. Piece of cake when you're locked in a cell.

When my interrogator walked in, I snapped my head up to see a small, blonde woman take the seat across from me.

I regarded her silently, noting her calculating grey eyes and her curly hair in a simple ponytail. She was quite attractive.

I glanced at her identification card pinned to her uniform. Annabeth Chase.

Wait, I thought. Annabeth Chase.

Agent Chase was a woman?

"Percy Jackson," she said, as if tasting my name, "I'm Annabeth Chase."

I nodded at her name tag. "Figured."

Agent Chase scowled, and I could already tell she wouldn't tolerate sass.

"I'm here to ask you about the murder of a certain terrorist, I'm sure you know his name."

"Of course I know his name, but I have nothing to tell."

"Listen, Percy," she hesitated. "You're in enough trouble with the government as it is, I think it's best you tell me the truth and get it over with, so maybe I can get you leniency in your trail."

It seemed like a good offer, but I knew she was pulling my leg. You don't get leniency from top secret spy agencies.

"Thanks for the offer, miss, but I know that it's bullshit."

Annabeth's glare intensified.

"But, I can tell you the truth. I didn't do it."

"Then who did?" Agent Chase raised a delicate eyebrow.

"Luke Castellan." I said. Luke was one of the highest members of the Titans, and there were rumours that he had once been a spy with a agency like this. Grover had said there was one agent who'd be particularly interested in getting back at him.

By Annabeth's reaction, I guessed she was that person.

She recovered herself quickly. "Can you prove this, Mr Jackson?"

I paused. "No."

"Then how can you expect me to believe you?" She leaned forward.

I copied her movements. "Can I tell you a secret, miss Chase."

Annabeth glanced at the one-way window, where two or three other agents would be watching our conversation.

"By that, I mean, those guys can't know," I beckoned at the window.

Agent Chase waved her hand, indicating for her companions to leave the observation room, which kinda surprised me.

"Alright," I said, then lowered my voice to a whisper. "I know your history with Luke. I'm willing to offer you a deal."

"I don't want anything from you." She responded, but her voice shook slightly.

"Annabeth, I need you to understand that I am not the guy the Titans have made me out to be. I can help you."

"How? What do you mean?"

"I'll only tell if you help me first."

Annabeth considered me, searching my face for any signs of dishonesty, but I was telling the whole and complete truth.

If she was an enemy of Luke too, then we we on the same side and I had no reason to lie to her.

And I really needed her help. Now that the Titans knew what I was, well, I'd rather not think about it.

"What can you offer me?" Agent Chase finally said.

"I have information about the Titans and the Giants; safe houses, secret allies and the identities of all the unknown members, you name it. But I'll only tell you if you help me."

I met her steely gaze, as if to push my sincerity into her.

"Fine. What do you need me to do?"

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you liked it.

I know Annabeth agreed to help him too quick, but remember she doesn't know what he wants her to do yet.

Please R&R, hope you had a merry Xmas and a happy new year :D

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