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Now You See Me

By PavLuvsPercyJackson

Humor / Action

Now You See Me

Hey guys,

I know I'm busy enough with my other stories as it is, but this was just such an awesome idea and I had to do it! If you guys like this, please read my other stories! ;D

Hope you all enjoy!

Bunny's POV

Bunnymund made his way hastily through the police station towards the conference room. He and his partner, Toothiana Fey, were being assigned to a new case, and he couldn't afford to be late-Ana would kill him.

"Aster, you're finally here," His partner said with a tight smile when he finally arrived.

She was waiting for him with Nickolas St. North, the chief commissioner. Her startling, odd violet eyes were narrowed at him, silently conveying her annoyance. Ana was a usually kind woman, but she took her job very seriously.

"Glad you could finally join us, Mr Bunnymund." North said in his thick Russian accent, gesturing for Aster to take a seat.

Aster muttered an apology as he sat down and motioned for North to begin, not wanting to waste any more time.

North placed a pile of files on the table. "I'm sure you two have heard of the 'Big Four' case?"

"Of course," Ana replied.

Aster picked up one of the files and began to scan the contents. It held images of a crime scene and a detailed description of what had occured, including possible suspects. There was one blurry image of a blonde woman and a brown-haired man walking around the corner of a building, but their faces weren't visible.

"There was another robbery executed in Los Angeles on Wednesday the 7th, and the Big Four are believed to be responsible. The last team assigned to the case have run out of leads, and I want you two to continue their investigation."

Ana looked towards Aster, meeting his gaze. The Big Four was a big case, many agencies were investigating the group of criminals, but whoever they were, they certainly knew what they were doing and hadn't left much evidence.

Did they really want to risk taking the case? If they cracked it, they would be renowned within the business, would probably receive promotions. But if they failed, who knew what was at stake.

Aster nodded at Ana. He knew that they could do it. They had been working together for years, you couldn't find a better partnership than theirs.

"Alright, what do we already know?" Ana said.

North smiled, pleased that they had agreed to take the case. "We have a confirmed identity of two of the criminals." He handed one file to Aster and another to Ana. "Merida Dunbroch and Henry Haddock, both come from very privileged backgrounds. The Dunbroch's are descended from an ancient Scottish royal family, and the Haddock family owns one of the largest tech industries in the country. Whatever their reasons for stealing precious items, it most definitely isn't for the money.

"Merida Dunbroch is 20 years of age, and seems to act as the group's explosives and arms expert, as well as a getaway driver. She has an uncanny aim, and was able to hack into the security network of the most high-tech museum in America. She attended an esteemed girl's finishing school, and though she achieved good grades, she had notable behavioral issues."

Aster looked down at the photo in the file he'd been given. It was an old school photo from Merida's senior year, and showed a teenager with a large mass of unruly red curls, a pretty round face and greenish-blue eyes. Just 20 years old? And she was already one of the most wanted people in the United States. But Aster knew better than to underestimate someone based on their age, after all, he and Ana were quite young to be as high ranked as they were.

"Henry Haddock is also 20, and is the group's other getaway driver. Once he gets in the car, there isn't a person who can catch him. Judging by his high grades at school, and his family's range of technology, we believe that he is the mastermind. He provides the group with the newest gadgets available."

Haddock was a young man with messy brown hair, strands of it braided at the back, with bright forest-green eyes. He had a small scar on his chin.

"And what about the other two?" Aster asked.

North showed them another two files. Both contained a photo, but the rest was mostly blank. "We have a photographic identification, but we cannot find a name to match. These two are completely off the records."

"How is that possible?" Ana wondered. "No birth certificates or anything?"

The commissioner shook his head regretfully. "It is like they do not exist."

One of the photos showed a woman you looked to be roughly the same age as Dunbroch and Haddock, with long blonde hair and large green eyes. She was very pretty, a splash of light freckles covering her nose. Aster recognized her as the girl from the first picture he had seen.

The last picture was of a young man with strange, snow-white hair and startling blue eyes. His skin was very pale, and he had sparkling white teeth.

"The woman has some acrobatic skills, which she uses during their robberies to retrieve the item they wish to steal. She is a master of camouflage, cameras have only been able to catch her once. The man very much appears to be a ghost; he blends into a crowd and then its like he's invisible. Agents have had multiple encounters with him, and he is very fast and agile, able to perform very difficult parkour maneuvers."

Ana frowned as she studied the photos. "These kids are obviously skilled, but I don't understand how they've managed to evade us for so long."

"That is why I chose my best investigators," North smiled.

Aster grinned. "Let's get to work then."

Hiccup's POV

Hiccup sat down with a heavy sigh of relief. They had reached the abandoned building that Jack had found in record time after performing their latest robbery, now they had time to relax before they had to move again.

Th building was in a great spot; miles away from the museum they had robbed, in an area that would take a long time to search. Jack had a knack for finding places like this, he was an expert at remaining out of the spotlight.

Merida grinned as she plopped down beside him, holding the diamond they had taken in her hands. "I can't believe we pulled that off," Even after living in the States for most of her life, she still had a very prominent Scottish accent.

Jack and Rapunzel were seated across from them, wide smiles on their faces. Jack had his arm around Rapunzel's shoulders, and she was leaning into him. The two had been dating for as long as Hiccup had known them, and he was almost jealous of their relationship. How they managed to keep it going while they lived like this, he had no idea.

"I'm just glad we got out." Rapunzel replied, her green eyes shining.

The last heist had been a bit more risky than usual, due to the top-of-the-line security system, but Merida had bypassed it with her amazing hacking skills, and then Rapunzel had retrieved the diamond and they were ages away before anyone even knew they were there.

"And now we can relax," Hiccup said in agreement. As much as his dad would be ashamed of how he made his living, Hiccup loved it. He got to live with his three best friends, travelling the country and earning obscene amounts of cash, however unethical their methods were.

Thinking of his dad made him feel kinda guilty. He hadn't spoken to Stoick for almost two years after he had left. He'd never really regretted leaving his family behind, it was just him and his dad, and they weren't particularly close. Hiccup never met Stoick's expectations, but he still loved his dad.

Hiccup didn't talk about family much with the others; Merida had left hers behind like him, sick of trying to follow her mother's example, sick of being told to act like a lady, Rapunzel had been held captive by a woman she thought was her mother, only to find that she'd been abducted from her real parents when she was a baby, and Jack's entire family was dead, killed in the same accident that had turned his hair white and his eyes blue.

Hiccup suspected that not even Rapunzel knew what had happened to Jack, he wasn't very open about it. Jack was talkative until it came to sharing about himself. They didn't push him for an answer, except for Merida, but was just her being herself.

Running a hand through his hair, Hiccup leaned back into the old couch and stared at the ceiling. The place wasn't exactly clean, but it wasn't falling apart and that was better than a lot of places they'd camped out after a heist.

"Well, I wanna get some rest." Jack said, laying down on the couch. They hadn't found any mattresses, but he and Rapunzel obviously had no complaints about sharing. Rapunzel settled herself into the gap between Jack and the back of the couch, nestling her head in the crook of his arm and chest.

Hiccup and Merida, however, were a different matter. They got along great, but Merida liked her space. They found a semi-comfortable position, with Hiccup facing one way with his feet near Merida's head, and her feet near his. "Just don't kick me." He said, turning onto his side.

Merida grunted, placing the diamond back in its box and putting it on the floor below her.

It took a long time for Hiccup to feel tired, in which time Jack and Merida had fallen into a deep sleep. Trying to wake those two was like trying to wake the dead.

Knowing that moving wouldn't disturb her, Hiccup sat up. The sky outside was dark, the only light provided by the bustling city. He always had trouble sleeping the first night after a heist, like he was still wired with adrenaline.

"Hiccup?" He heard a voice whisper, and saw Rapunzel lift her head slightly.

Hiccup rubbed his eyes. "Hey Punz, what are you doing?"

She scoffed. "I could ask the same." She shifted slightly, careful not to wake Jack.

"I just can't get to sleep, that's all." He replied, leaning forward to rest his forearms on his knees.

Rapunzel nodded knowingly. "Me neither."

Hiccup frowned. "Have you been having more dreams?" He asked in concern. Ever since Rapunzel had gotten away from Gothel, the woman who abducted, she had had dreams about her seventeen years hidden from humanity. Most of them were about Gothel's death.

Even though the woman wasn't her real mother, she was the only person Rapunzel had known, the only one she'd ever loved until she met Jack.

"Yeah, but they're not as bad as they used to be." Rapunzel absentmindedly wove her fingers through her boyfriend's snowy hair.

Hiccup offered her an encouraging smile. "C'mon, we should get some sleep."

He lay back down, waiting for Rapunzel to fall asleep before he closed his eyes. Hopefully he got a good sleep, in a few days they'd be on the move again.


So that last little meaningless conversation was just in there to make the chapter a little bit longer, but I hope you all liked the first chapter.

Future chapters will be a lot more eventful, and we'll learn more about their backstories :D

Please R&R! ;P

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