Percy Jackson: The Demigod Avenger


Nick Fury asks the Avengers to track down a teenage boy that may be a possible threat. The team set off to bring in the dark-haired teen, unaware that he is no average human.

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1


So, I have WAY too many new stories going on, and I promise this is the last one I'll do for a while, cross my heart! But I HAD to do this, I've had a weird recent obsession with PJ/Avenger fics, and I needed to write one.

This takes place after The Last Olympian, and after the Avengers fought the Chitauri, obviously.

Hope you enjoy!

Nick Fury was frustrated, to say the least.

Not only was the council opting to shut down the Avengers Initiative, after Tony Stark's latest screw up, but there was news circling around the city about a mystery boy.

There was one blurry, badly taken photo taking over social media off a teenage boy battling an explainable creature. People all had different opinions of what was in the photo; some said he had a sword, others could swear that it was a baseball bat. It was assumed that he was fighting some sort of alien, but everyone all had different descriptions of the beast.

Fury himself had studied the photo, and he indeed saw a sword in the boy's hand. Just that alone raised alarms for S.H.I.E.L.D. Was the kid a terrorist, or someone trying to help? Was he related in some way to Thor and Loki, his sword had that kind of godly look to it.

Damn photographer, Fury thought bitterly. It was like the camera itself had been half asleep when it took the photo, out of focus and over-exposed. A/N: that means its too bright, by the way ;) If the photo had been properly taken, Fury might be able to get some identification on his boy, but all he could describe him as was tall and dark-haired. Which didn't narrow it down.

Quickly making up his mind, Fury called for the Avengers to assemble at Stark Towers for an emergency meeting.

Stever Rodgers waited patiently for Fury to arrive at the tower, unlike some of the other Avengers.

Tony was whining about having been dragged away from an important experiment, only to find that the director wasn't even there yet, and Clint had had enough of his nonsense.

Just as Natasha was about to leap up and separate the two, Director Fury entered the room, holding a manila folder.

He took a seat without greeting them and threw the folder onto the desk.

Bruce Banner picking it off the table and pulled out its contents, a single photo. "I've seen this before, its all over the internet." He said, looking up at Fury quizzically.

"Exactly, Doctor Banner," Fury began as the Avengers all started to pay attention. "Then you should now the problem with the image. No one can decide what is happening in this photo. What do you see, Banner?"

"He's definitely got a sword, no doubt about it."

"That's what I thought."

Steve gestured for Banner to let him take a look, and he studied the picture. He nodded in agreement, that was a sword.

The rest of the group said they saw a sword too, and Fury went on. "If that is the case, this boy may be a threat. I need you to track him down."

"How are we supposed to do that?" Tony asked, placing the photo back on the table.

Fury shrugged. "You have some advanced equipment Stark, I'm sure you can figure it out."

"What do you want us to do with him once we find him?" Natasha inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Fury replied that they were to leave that to S.H.I.E.L.D. which made Steve suspicious straight away. The director left without another word, leaving the folder.

Tony shrugged and took the folder, he and Bruce heading off to analyse the photo. That left Steve, Natasha and Clint, since Thor was back on Asgard with Loki.

Steve already felt sorry for the kid, whoever he was. He had obviously been through some tough times, fighting unexplained monsters, and now there was a secret service on his tail and he didn't even know it.

If the kid wasn't a terrorist as Fury suspected, well, who knows what they'd do with him.

Tony and Bruce didn't take long, but they didn't seem encourage by what they'd found.

"We managed to get a clearer image, but the kid's not facing towards us."

The new and improved photo showed the black-haired teen wearing a torn orange shirt, holding a glowing bronze sword. Somehow though, the monster still wasn't very visible.

"That's strange," Steve muttered.

Tony nodded. "From what we can tell, he's only sixteen or seventeen years old, but we'd need to get a facial recognition scan to identify him."

Natasha looked to be deep in thought. She was quiet for a moment, but her eyes brightened. "Does he seem familiar to anyone?"

"I think so," Clint agreed.

"Do any of you remember that manhunt about four years ago. They were tracking that twelve year old across the country."

"Peter Jackson, or something, yeah. I remember him." Tony said, and Bruce rolled his eyes.

"It was Percy Jackson, Stark."

Natasha ignored them. "Whatever, but he'd be sixteen now, wouldn't he."

Tony's confused expression suddenly became a bit excited. "JARVIS, show me all information on Percy Jackson."

Stark's computer holograms appeared in front of them, showing all files on Perseus Jackson. It had his physical description, birth date, address, schools attended (there were a lot of those).

He was clearly a troublemaker. He had blown up school buses with war canons, was involved in that manhunt for that attack on the St Louis Arch, but he had been off the radar since then.

There was no other information on him other than his school reports, but he did look like the kid from Fury's file.

"Do you think it's him?" Clint asked.

"Almost definitely. I remember some people reported him having a sword, not a gun, when he had that shoot out with his kidnapper." Bruce replied.

Tony closed the hologram. "Alright then, I'll call Fury."

"No," Steve stood up, and the team stared at him. "I don't want S.H.I.E.L.D getting their hands on his kid."

"Since when does Captain America break the rules," Stark raised an eyebrow in bewilderment.

"I want to meet him first."

They checked for him at his apartment on the Upper East side of Manhattan first.

Knocking on the door, a cheery looking middle-aged woman with brown wavy hair and blue eyes answered the door.

"Can I help you?" She asked politely with a smile.

"Uh yes ma'am," Steve began. It was agreed that he'd do most of the talking. "We're looking for Percy Jackson, do you know him?"

The woman's expression fell. "He's my son. Why? What has he done now?"

"Nothing ma'am, we'd just like to talk to him." Steve assured her.

She nodded slightly and hesitantly opened the door to let them in, calling out her son's name to let him know he had visitors.

"He's just in his room."

The Avengers made their way down to the door Percy's mother directed them to.

"Percy?" Natasha entered the room first.

The teen was sitting at his desk with a textbook, and looked up when they came into his bedroom. His black hair was an untameable mess, his skin was perfectly tanned and his eyes were the colour of the ocean, a bright sea-green green.

He stood up when he saw them, immediately on-guard, which already told Steve that this wasn't a normal kid. Percy Jackson was tall, taller than everyone in the room but Steve.

"Who are you?" The kid said warily. His hand twitched towards the pocket of his shorts.

Natasha held out her hands. "It's all right, Percy, we're not here to hurt you."

Bruce gave Percy the folder, and the teenager's eyes widened slightly when he looked at the picture, but he quickly shook off the look of surprise.

"Is that familiar to you Mr Jackson?"

Percy shrugged nonchalantly. "Well yeah, its all over the news and stuff."

Natasha and Steve shared a glance. She had noticed his reaction too.

"Listen Percy," Natasha said gently. "Have you heard of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Percy nodded slowly.

"Well, they think this is you." She said, trying not to be to blunt about it.

The teen looked panicked for a second. "Don't be ridiculous. I don't have a sword."

"We know you already have a track record after the manhunt you were involved in-"

"That wasn't my fault! My mom was kidnapped and that man was blackmailing me!"

"Whatever the case, there were reports that some people saw you with a sword on that beach. We just made the connection, Percy."

Percy looked just about ready to throw them out. "Ok then, well I'm sorry, but I'm not your guy."

Tony opened his mouth to protest, but Steve spoke first, knowing there was no way that could end well. "We're sorry to bother you, Percy, thank you for your time."

"I'll show you out." Percy nodded, following the team out of his room.

After saying goodbye to Sally, Percy opened the front door and Natasha brushed past him as she exited.

Steve raised an eyebrow at her, but she gave him a look like tell you later.

The super spy led them behind the building, where she pulled out a tablet. The device showed the Jackson's living room, and the camera seemed to be connected to Percy. It showed Sally look over at him worriedly.

"When'd you bug him?" Clint asked.

Natasha glanced at Steve. "When we left."

The footage was showing Sally giving her son a hug. "What'd they want?"

Steve heard Percy sigh. "That picture that's going around, they wanted to ask me about it."

"They know its you?"

"They suspect me, yeah. I have to go, Mom. This S.H.I.E.L.D. thingie sounds dangerous, whatever it is."

The team shared a triumphant look. They had the right guy, but where was he going?

Suddenly, the camera started going hay-wire, and the feed ended.

"What the?"

Tony smirked. "It short-circuited."

"I know that!"

"Yeah, but how?" Clint interrupted them. "He didn't spill anything on it."

Even Tony shrugged at that. Things didn't just malfunction for no reason, especially not S.H.I.E.L.D. technology.

"It doesn't matter," Steve said. "We have the right guy. Do we tell Fury?"

Bruce pursed his lips. "Something tells me ordinary agents won't be able to take him, Fury will probably need us to bring him in anyway."

Nodding in agreement, the headed back to Stark Towers to tell Fury the news. Steve wasn't keen on bringing a kid into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, but at least he'd be able to keep an eye on him.

Percy had pulled away from his mom when something on his shirt sparked suddenly.

Jumping, he ripped the destroyed mini-camera. His demigod aura had probably interfered with it.

Rage coursed through Percy's veins. Those agents, whoever they were, were trying to spy on him. Had they caught some of his conversation?

"What's that?" Sally asked, taking the device from Percy's fingers. "They were spying on you?!"

Percy took a deep breath. "Ok, I'm sorry Mom, I have to go before they come back. They know its me."

His mom threw her arms around him. "You be careful."

"I always am." He let a small smile touch his lips, beside his anger.

Pulling away, he headed into his room and packed a bag, then he headed to the street and hailed a taxi to Long Island.

Ta da! So, its moving fast, but we wanna get on with the plot.

And of course, after everything he's been through, we can pretty much guarantee that Percy isn't going to come to S.H.I.E.L.D. quietly

Please R&R xD

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