Percy Jackson: The Demigod Avenger

Chapter 2

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Percy immediately went to see Chiron. If S.H.I.E.L.D. knew he was different it wouldn't be long before they started to investigate him, watching his every move. He had to make sure his camp was safe; that Annabeth was safe.

He bounded up the stairs to the Big House, finding the centaur on the porch in his wheelchair form.

"Percy! What are you doing here so early?" He beamed, and then his expression fell, seeming to sense Percy's distress. "What happened?"

Percy took a deep breath. "There was this photo of the Battle of Manhattan going round social media and no one could figure out what was happening in the picture, and then this security agency got a hold of it and started an investigation. I don't know, but they found me and came this group came to my house. Then when they left they tagged me a camera and I didn't notice, and then Mom asked what they wanted, and if they knew it was me, and then the camera malfunctioned, but they heard me Chiron."

He shut his eyes, and leaned on the rails. "They know it was me and they're going to come after me. Hopefully they'll stay away from Mom, but..."

"Percy," Chiron wheeled over and reached up to put a hand on the teenager's shoulder. "It was out of your control. But whatever happens, they must not find out about the camp and the gods."

Percy nodded. "That's what I thought, I just came to warn you. And to say goodbye to Annabeth."

"Well, she's in archery now I believe. Go see her."

Percy grinned at his teacher, then hurried off to the archery targets, where sure enough the Athena cabin was having a lesson.

"Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth exclaimed, dropping her bow and running to meet him, completely abandoning the class.

She leaped into his waiting arms, and he swung her in a circle before putting her back on her feet and giving her a chaste kiss.

"What are you doing here?" She smiled.

He touched his forehead to hers. "I'm sorry, Wise Girl. I'm in trouble, there's a government agency on my trail and I have to get out of here."

Annabeth frowned. "What?"

"Somehow, they got hold of a picture from the fight in Manhattan and tracked it back to me."

His girlfriend opened her mouth to protest, but he stopped her words with another kiss. "Listen Annabeth, I can't let them find the camp, I have to go."

Her grey eyes bored into his for a moment, and then she nodded slightly.

"Ok," She wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "But be careful."

"I promise, I'll come back." He whispered as she pulled him down into a hug.

"You went and saw this kid without me?!" Fury demanded.

Tony bit his lip. "Well, yes but-"

"But nothing Stark!" The agent yelled. "He could've been a serious threat."

"That's why we went, sir," Bruce interjected. "Normal agents wouldn't have stood a chance against a threat as big as you think this kid seems to be."

Fury regarded the team with his narrowed eye. "Ok, fine. But you better catch his boy!"

"Of course, sir."

The team watched the director leave, then shared a glance.

"Whoops," Tony muttered.

Natasha sighed. "Come on, let's not give Fury any more reasons to be mad at us."

She bought up one of the holograms. "Let's see if we can track him."

The secret agent hacked into a satellite and scanned mobile signals for Percy Jackson, but found nothing.

"What kind of teenager doesn't have a phone?" Tony said, confused.

Steve rolled his eyes. "He's probably too smart for that. We'll just have to find him the old fashioned way."

"Steve's right," Bruce agreed. "This kid is different, we won't be able to use technology to find him."

Clint pursed his lips in concentration. "Well, we know the kid left his apartment. Do you think his mom could tell us where he might've gone?"

"No," Steve shook his head. "A mother wouldn't sell out her son, and I don't like the idea of interrogating her; she's innocent."

Tony turned to Bruce. "Could the Hulk, I don't know, smell him out or something?"

For once it didn't sound as if Tony were mocking the doctor, but Bruce still glared at Tony. "I don't want to turn the Hulk on him."

"That might actually be a good idea," Natasha interrupted. "You can kinda control the big guy now, can't you?"

Bruce swallowed under the gazes of his teammates. "Well, yes."

"Then its settled." Clint decided. "Do we have anything with Percy's scent on it?"

"I can get something," Natasha added.

Steve nodded to her, and the spy made her way out of the room.

Natasha rode Clint's bike to the Jackson's apartment, and made her way to the side of the building.

She jumped up onto the fire escape, quietly scaling the stairs till she reach the Jackson's floor. The window conveniently opened up into Percy's room, and she grabbed one of the shirts lying on the floor.

Natasha climbed back down, jumping the last couple floors and riding the motorbike back to Stark Towers.

That had been way too easy.

The rest of her team was waiting in the garage, and she handed the shirt to Bruce.

The doctor glanced around at them. "I'm not sure about this, guys. People won't appreciate the Hulk rampaging through New York for no reason."

"There is a reason. Now get sniffin', we'll be right behind you." Tony said, in his Iron Man suit.

They were all suited up, ready for a confrontation.

Rolling his eyes, Bruce stepped out to the entrance of the garage. Clint got on the bike behind Natasha, Steve turned on the engine to his own motorbike, and Tony put on his helmet, rocketing into the sky.

Bruce took a deep breath and transformed, still holding Percy's T-shirt in his fist.

The Hulk roared and started tearing down the street, following the teenagers scent. The four remaining Avengers raced after him, dodging through the packed streets on Manhattan.

They followed the Hulk all the way through New York until the reached a deserted beach at Montauk. Steve skidded to a halt, hopping off his back and grabbing his shield off his shoulder.

Clint knocked an arrow, Natasha cocked her guns, Tony started charging his blasters and the Hulk bristled with restraint.

There was a single figure on the beach, shin deep in water, a teen with black hair blowing in the rising sea breeze.

"Percy!" Steve called, and the teen turned around slowly. "Come quietly, please."

Even though Percy wasn't talking loud, his voice carried itself to them on the wind. "If S.H.I.E.L.D. wants me they'll have to come get me. I've gone through too much to 'come quietly'."

"We don't want to fight you, Percy." Steve pleaded.

He saw the corner of Percy's mouth lift. "Then don't, let me leave."

Clint sighed, raising the tip of his bow to point at Percy. "We can't do that."

Percy shrugged, taking something out of his pocket. Suddenly, he was holding a three foot long glowing bronze sword, and Hulk saw it as a signal to attack.

The huge green monster barreled towards the teen, and Steve was about to open his mouth to call him off, but Percy simply raised his free hand and a funnel of water swallowed the Hulk, spitting him out and sending him flying through the air back in the direct of New York.

Staring in shock, Clint fired three arrows at once, but Percy swung his sword in quick succession, cutting each shaft out of the air.

When Hawkeye shot one more, Percy turned his wrist and the winds changed direction, changing the arrow's course back to Clint, knocking the archer unconscious.

"Clint!" Natasha cried, firing her guns. Natasha didn't miss, but today her bullets ricocheted off her opponents skin. "I think he's wearing armor."

Percy didn't budge as Natasha fired at him, either deflecting the bullets off his blade or simply letting them uselessly hit him.

"What the hell is this kid?" Tony wondered, zipping down to attack.

Iron Man shot straight for Percy's midsection. The teenager stepped to the side, grabbing Iron Man's arm and flipping him over into the water. He stood over Tony, slamming the hilt of his sword on the helmet so hard the metal dented inwards.

The water bending to Percy's will, the tide pushed Iron Man back onto the shore.

In a matter of five minutes, only two Avengers remained standing.

Steve and Natasha shared a glance, then charged down the beach.

A wall of water rose to meet them, towering over them, and smashed down on Natasha, leaving her spluttering on the sand.

Steve continued his rush, blocking the streams of water Percy sent at him with his shield. When he was within the reach of Percy's sword, the teen started a vicious attack. His onslaught was unrelenting and Steve only just managed to hold him off. The water seemed to be fighting against, pulling him under or pushing against him when he tried to advance.

Percy brought his sword down hard, pressing it into Captain America's shield and putting his weight into bringing Steve to his knees.

Steve gritted his teeth at the strain, God the boy was strong! His arm trembled as he tried to hold up against the teenager'e weight, but Steve was forced to his knees.

Suddenly, Percy kicked downwards, bringing the shield into the water and swinging his bare fist at lightening speeds.

Steve crashed down, out cold, and Percy dragged him back onto the beach. Natasha was still laying there on her back, trying to catch her breath.

She squinted against the sun, when it was blocked by Percy's large frame standing above her. She saw that he was no longer holding his sword, but couldn't find its sheath anywhere.

"I want you to tell your boss that this was only a tiny display of what I can do," There was no hostility in his voice, but Natasha could see it in his fierce sea-green eyes. "You tell him to leave me alone, or I'll focus all my power on your little 'S.H.I.E.L.D. agency'."

Natasha coughed up some of the water. "Fury'll take that a direct threat, Percy, he's still gonna come after you."

"It was a direct threat."

With that, Percy turned and continued his walk up the beach, soon exiting Natasha's sight.

She struggled to stay awake against the blinding light, but the weight of the crashing wave had left her winded and coughing in a fit. Seeing the rest of her team lying motionless on the beach, Natasha's vision swam and she closed her eyes.

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