Percy Jackson: The Demigod Avenger

Chapter 6

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Steve's POV

The Avengers were gathered in one of the Helicarrier's numerous mess halls when the alarm sounded. Sharing a glance, the team was immediately on their feet. They ran into the hallway, following as two agents dashed by, heading towards where the action was, Steve assumed.

He had a sneaking suspicion about what this alarm was about.

Tony had managed to get into the video-feed from the cameras that were watching Percy's cell, and they had seen how furious the kid looked when he woke up. "You honestly think you can keep me in here?" Percy had asked. And he was obviously right in saying that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't be able to detain him for long.

Steve heard a shout from far down the hall, followed by several loud crashes. Moments later, a black-haired teen careened around the corner, coming towards the Avengers at a full-speed sprint.

Percy's eyes widened momentarily, before a look of utter determination crossed his face. He didn't slow down, and Steve stopped in preparation to stop him.

Natasha raised a gun from her belt and fired two shots at him, hopefully not aiming to kill. The bullets simply ricocheted off Percy's skin.

He barreled through Natasha and Bruce, ducked under Clint's swipe with his bow, pushed off the wall to get around Steve and then threw himself to the ground in a baseball-slide, going right under Tony and Thor.

Before Steve could even turn around, he could hear Percy's rapidly receding footsteps.

"Jesus!" Tony exclaimed, whirling around and taking off after the teenager.

"Natasha, Clint, follow Tony and try to guess where Percy might be going. Bruce, Thor and I will try to cut him off." Steve ordered.

The team split into two, and Steve, Bruce and Thor headed in the opposite direction. Steve's best guess was that Percy was going to find his sword, but he would need to find the evidence room to get it.

If Percy managed to find out where that was, they would be there to meet him and Clint, Tony and Natasha would also be there to block off the other side of the hallway.

Around the corner where Percy had come from, the agents he'd attacked were starting to get up. Checking if they were alright, Steve quickly asked them if they knew if the teen was looking for something.

"He just asked where Fury was." One of them said as Bruce helped her up, holding her palm to her head.

Surely Percy wasn't dumb enough to go after Fury without his weapon? The three Avengers continued running to where S.H.I.E.L.D. was keeping the sword and the rest of Percy's belongings, hoping that they wouldn't be too late to catch him, as they had to go the long way round.

When Steve, Thor and Bruce reached the door to the evidence room, they were relieved to see that Percy hadn't found it yet, but he was coming this way. He'd obviously had some trouble getting here.

This time when Percy saw the three of them blocking his path and the entrance to the room, he skidded to a stop just as Natasha, Tony and Clint came up behind him.

"Percy, what are you doing?" Steve asked the teen, who stared at them defiantly, having backed up as close to the wall as he could so none of them could attack him from behind. "Give yourself up."

Steve knew that he wouldn't. Natasha had her gun aimed, Clint had an arrow knocked on his bow string, Mjolnir was at the ready in Thor's hand, even Bruce had a taser gun in his hand.

Percy was completely still, but his fists were clenched and his entire body was tense and prepared to bolt at the smallest opening.

Steve took a slow step towards the teenager, holding his hands up. By now, a few agents had gathered in the hallway, but Steve kept advancing, hoping to keep Percy's gaze off the growing force against him.

He had made a good attempt, but unless you could fly to teleport, there was no escaping the Helicarrier.

"Percy, please." Steve said, taking another step.

Percy flattened against the wall completely as some of the other Avengers came forward. And then he did something completely unexpected.

Steve made a lunge for him, only to find that the teen had evaporated into the air like mist. He immediately ran for the door to the evidence room, knowing that Percy would be looking for his weapon.

When Steve opened the door, he saw Percy's body start to reform, almost on his knees. He was obviously weakened by whatever he'd done.

Clint and Natasha sprinted past Steve, but Percy managed to curl his fingers around the hilt of his sword before they reached him. He swung his arm out in a wide arc, and the two assassins ducked and tackled the teen.

Within seconds Percy was pinned, but he was able to throw them off in the same amount of time. As he was moving the defend himself, Thor had moved in, now too close for Percy to use his sword.

Thor grabbed the teen's shoulder and free hand, spinning him in a circle and pressing him face-first against the wall. Percy tried to swing his sword back like a dagger, and Steve gripped his wrist.

"Perseus, I know you are a hero, stop fighting us!" Thor pleaded.

Percy growled in frustration, struggling against the two super-strong men.

"Drop the sword," Steve commanded, putting pressure on Percy's sword hand. Percy held it tighter. "Drop it!"

Percy glared at him as well as he could with his face pressed against the wall. The team had known that Percy would be pissed at them for 'tricking him' and that their slim chance of getting him to trust them was gone.

"Drop it Percy," Steve said slowly, applying even more pressure.

With an extremely frustrated growl, Percy tried once more to push off the wall. When his effort proved unsuccessful, he kicked the wall in anger before his fist opened and the strange half-bronze sword clattered to the floor.

Tony picked the weapon up and placed it back in its place, Natasha came forward with a pair of handcuffs and Bruce alerted Fury of Percy's apprehension.

Hands now cuffed behind his back, Thor and Steve led Percy out of the room, one on each arm, the rest of the team behind them. Seeing the kid with his head down and looking so defeated, Steve felt bad for him, even though he knew that he was probably planning another escape attempt as they walked. Steve could feel the anger radiating off Percy in waves, the teen was seething.

Steve just hoped that he wasn't mad at them specifically.

Fury's POV

Fury shouldn't have been surprised when he heard the alarms signalling Jackson's escape, especially after the kid had warned him that the cell wouldn't keep him in for long.

He was just glad that the Avengers managed to get him under control as quickly as they did. Now, Fury and the heroes were standing outside an interrogation cell, Percy on the inside.

When asked about how the teen had managed to get out of the cell that was designed for the Hulk, Clint had explained how the kid seemed to have turned into mist and reformed in another place.

Fury knew that if Percy wasn't as weakened by his last two transformations, he would've already transported himself from the cell. How he did it, Fury had no clue. They'd have to watch him very closely.

After being warned of Percy's livid behavior, Fury decided to send Natasha in to interrogate him. She was the best he had when it came to extracting information from detainees.

While Natasha spoke with Jackson, Fury had ordered for a new cell to be prepared; one that Percy wouldn't be able to escape.

Natasha's POV

Natasha let out a breath before she entered the interrogation room.

She had never been nervous about an interrogation, but there was something about Percy Jackson that almost made her uneasy. She'd dealt with men much more intimidating than Percy, but he had this aura of power that really set her on edge.

There was only a table and two chairs in the room, and Percy's handcuffs were chained to the chair on the far side of the room, keeping him in his seat. Natasha gave him a small smile before she took her place in the chair opposite him.

Noticing her sit down, he settled his sea-green gaze on her from beneath his hair.

"Percy, I'm sorry about before, and I promise you that the Avengers didn't know about the ambush back at the creek." It mightn't have been the best way to start a conversation with him, but she wanted to establish an early trust if she could.

If she could at least get him to forgive them for his eventual capture, maybe she could get him to tell her something.

Percy lifted his head and she met his eyes. He regarded her silently, searching for a lie where there was only sincerity. "Ok, so maybe you didn't know about the ambush, but you're still holding me here."

"I know you don't want to be here-"

"No, I can't be here. Our worlds aren't meant to mix, and if mortals weren't bad enough, there is definitely no way I can work with an Asgardian."

Natasha frowned slightly. "What do you mean, 'our worlds'?" Could Percy be like Thor, some sort of off-world god? It would explain his terrific power. Even though they had established that Percy had clearly been born on Earth, maybe his parents were from another planet?

Percy shut his mouth, his eyes narrowing. He wouldn't be answering her question easily. "What does Fury want with me?"

"Don't avoid my question, Jackson." Natasha insisted.

"I'm not telling you anything. None of you deserve to know what I've been through."

Natasha pursed her lips. If Percy wasn't so young, there may have been other ways to get him to talk, but even then he clearly wasn't an idiot.

"Percy, if S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to something, they'll get it. That's exactly why you're here."

Percy huffed in annoyance. "Why am I here? Which devastatingly powerful being needs to be defeated this time, huh?" Natasha noticed that his sea-green eyes had darkened, now swirling like miniature hurricanes.

"Director Fury wants to establish what kind of beings are out there that could pose a danger to the human race, and the Avengers are here to help to defend civilians, Percy."

"I'm not an alien, if that's what Fury thinks, or a threat to the people. I've saved you all before and none of you knew it." His voice had taken a strangely sad tone to it, as it he was reflecting on bad memories.

"If that's the case, then telling us about yourself shouldn't be such a big deal."

Percy glared at her, but Natasha was unfazed. Even if he wasn't going to tell them anything yet, Natasha had to make it clear that they weren't giving up on getting answers.

As it were, Natasha radioed to Fury that Percy had stopped talking; now he wouldn't respond to her at all. Steve and Thor-the only people trusted to move him-came in and detached his handcuffs from the chair.

Steve shot her a quick glance as he passed her, taking the teen to his newly prepared containment cell.

As far as Tony and Bruce could tell, Percy's main control was over water, so the new cell was being ventilated with dry air, air-tight seals on the doors so he couldn't escape the same way as the last time. Natasha followed the trio to the highest security area of the Helicarrier, and waited for Steve and Thor to remove Percy's cuffs and get out of the room before she pressed the button.

Then the door closed with a hiss, sealing the dry air and the black-haired teen inside.

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