Percy Jackson: The Demigod Avenger

Chapter 7

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Percy's POV

Percy absolutely despised being confined in small spaces. He had hoped to have just vapor-traveled out of there again, but S.H.I.E.L.D. had been smart enough to pump dry air into the cell.

Of course, you can't remove all water from the air, and Percy knew he had the power of the ocean inside him, but at the moment, he knew he wasn't quite good enough at vapor-travel to try it with such a small amount of water at his disposal.

Percy would have to wait it out for now. It was only a matter of time before something happened that would allow him to escape. When he was running through the halls, he'd passed one of the rooms that must have been on the very edge of the ship as one side was just one huge window, and Percy had seen that they were hovering in the sky. Before long, Zeus would notice that Percy was on the ship.

Even if most of Percy's actions had been carried out at Zeus' command-like pretending he was a one-of-a-kind- the Lord of the Sky still didn't like having his brother's son in his territory. Plus, maybe Zeus would figure out that striking down the Helicarrier would give Percy another opportunity.

Until then, Percy would bide his time and hope that S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't want to 'interrogate' him again. They probably would, but his last chat hadn't been as bad as

he'd been expecting. The red-haired woman had been relatively nice to him, she even seemed regretful for keeping him in a cell. But she was a secret agent, if anything she was acting, and she really couldn't care less what happened to him.

How heartless were these agents, keeping a teenager under confinement. Most of them didn't even why he was here, and yet they didn't even question it. And Thor, calling him a hero, hah, those S.H.I.E.L.D. agents really treat heroes well.

Percy paced the back wall of his luxurious, high-security cell. There was nothing to do! He was going out of his mind with boredom. Gods, I hate ADHD.

All he wanted right now was to see Annabeth, or his cousins, someone to help distract him. How long had he been in here? A few hours? A day?

Sick of pacing, Percy lightly hit his head against the wall; no matter hard he hit it, it wouldn't hurt him anyway. He hated being locked up.

Hurry up and let me out already! He silently pleaded, he would give anything to get out of here.

Maybe if he just threw a tantrum they would let him out for a little bit. Probably not, let's be real.

Letting out a sound of disgust, he hit his head just a little bit harder, hard enough to make a noise against the metal walls of his cell.

"Bored, eh kid?" A voice said through a speaker in the ceiling. It startled him a bit, but he didn't flinch.

He recognized the voice as Tony Stark. What he wanted, Percy didn't even want to know. He just continued hitting the wall.

Was his boredom really that obvious? Percy had no idea (note the sarcasm). He resisted the incredibly strong urge to beg to be let out. He would not beg to these people.

He heard the door open behind him, and he stood straight as he turned to the person walking in. Steve was there, just inside the cell, while Tony waited behind him.

"Percy, Fury would like to talk to you."

Percy rolled his eyes. When Steve came up behind him to cuff his hands together, he tried to wrench them away, but the supersoldier had a ridiculously firm grip.

Tony took the lead as Percy was marched from his cell again. Looking through the windows, he saw that it was now dark outside, meaning he'd been in that cell for at least six hours. He was just itching to use up some energy.

He debated on whether he should just make a break for it and jump out the window-they were flying over the ocean, and then he could swim away-but he could feel how tense Steve was behind him. The soldier was on high alert, ready for anything that Percy might try.

Before he could come up with a plan (that had never really been his forte), Tony stopped walking and stood beside a door, gesturing for Percy to go inside.

The room was furnished with nothing but a table and eight chairs, three of them unoccupied. Sitting in the other chairs was Fury and the rest of the Avengers.

"Percy, take a seat," Fury said sternly, leaning back in his seat.

Percy frowned, but moved to do as he was told. Before he sat, Steve grabbed his wrist and removed the handcuffs. Percy raised an eyebrow, automatically suspicious. He regarded the adults in the room carefully, causing Bruce to shift uncomfortably in his seat.

"We would like to make a compromise," Fury started to say.

"A compromise? Really?" Percy asked dubiously. Now they wanted to talk and be civil?

Fury ignored his interruption. "Though Thor doesn't know what you are, or he just won't tell us, he has told us of some of your good deeds, and I have decided that you are not a risk to society. However, there are some things I want to know before we let you go."

Percy leaned away, kinda taken aback but Fury's sudden change of mind. After all this trouble he'd gone, now he decided that Percy wasn't worth the effort?

"Like what?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

If they thought he would tell them anything just because they'd promised to let him go, they were dreaming.

"We simply need to know about your special abilities."

"You already know about them," Percy lied. They may have witnessed his control over water and vapor-travel, but there were many things he could do that he didn't want S.H.I.E.L.D. to know about.

Bruce raised an eyebrow, "Judging by the extent of your strength, Percy, I highly doubt that you're limited to hydro-kinesis."

Why did they all have to be so darn smart? "I really don't understand what you mean. What abilities do you think I have, other than hydro-whatever you just said."

"Perseus, you are only making this worse for yourself." Thor warned him, and Percy scoffed.

"Okay, listen. It's not that I don't want to tell you guys," he didn't. "But I can't. My world and Thor's can't mix, as I've already told you before."

The older people in the room shared a look of exasperation. "We'd really thought that you'd be more reasonable on our conditions."

They obviously didn't know him very well. Then, he heard it.

The rumbling of thunder.

The Avengers turned to Thor with questioning expressions, but the 'God of Thunder' shook his head in bewilderment. "It is not me."

Percy grinned. "Yeah, sorry about this, but my uncle really doesn't like me wandering in his home turf."

Before any of them could begin to comprehend his words, there was a blinding bright light, followed by an incredibly loud boom. The lights in the room flickered out, and a low whirring noise signaled that the doors had lost power, locking them all in complete darkness.

Fury dashed to the window, trying to see outside.

A storm was raging, causing the ocean below them to churn. The only light was provided by the occasional flashes of lightning, each of them scarringly close to the Helicarrier. Smoke was billowing from the front of the airship.

"We lost an engine, we're going down."

Another bolt of electricity struck the Helicarrier, a hundred feet or so to their right. The ship shuddered and began to tilt sideways, throwing Percy and the Avengers against the glass window.

He was so close, but he couldn't leave without his things; sooner or later, Thor would figure out what the sword was made of and he'd be busted. Working hard to move against the tilt of the ship and the slippery tile floor, Percy ran full force at the the door and collided with it, using his shoulder to take the impact.

The automatic doors were harder to break open, as they didn't have hinges, and Percy simply slid back to the window. As he was preparing to go again, he saw Steve had decided to mimic his idea.

The super-soldier charged that the door, ripping them from the wall with the force. Percy followed Steve into the hallway, bolting off before the Avengers could get a hold on him.

"Hey! Jackson!" He heard Hawkeye yell.

The helicarrier shuddered in the sky, and the ship fell further to the right, making Percy slid into the wall as he kept running. Hoping that most of the Avengers would be on the bridge, he made his way to the weapons room, only to meet with malfunctioning doors again.

"Shit," He cursed under his breath, biting his lips as the Avengers came around the corner again.

Fury did not look impressed. "I must say that I'm not surprised you made a run for it."

"I can help, just let me get my sword." Percy tried to reason.

Tony scoffed. "What are you gonna do, fight the storm?"

"No, but I can control the waves. You were right about my powers, I promise I can save the Helicarrier."

"And why would you need your sword for that?"

Percy groaned in frustration, running his hand through his air. "Come on! Just let me get it, and I'll stop you all from ending up at the bottom of the ocean, trust me, its a long way down there."

The Avengers shared a look. Their decision was made when another strike almost had them on the ground.

Steve and Thor both ran at the door, breaking it open.

Striding in past them, Percy slipped the cloak over his shoulders and fastened the sword sheath to his waist.

Steve's POV

The Avengers followed Fury hurriedly through the halls of the rapidly falling airship, red lights flashing above them.

Steve stared in anticipation at the teenager speed-walking behind the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., now equipped with his sword and cloak. The soldier was more than eager for Percy to finally prove to them that he really was a good person.

Fury led them to the landing strip, which was deserted in the raging storm. The wind and the rain battered the Helicarrier, almost tearing the jets from the places, but none of that effected Percy.

The teenager strode forward whilst the others stayed huddled in the relative safety of the doorway. Was it just Steve's imagination, or was the rain literally bending around the boy.

As Percy started to raise his arms, another bolt of lightning flashed, striking just of to the side of the Helicarrier. Percy remained in his position, completely un-phased. The rain and the wind started to swirl around him in a rapid vortex, tearing at his clothes and pitch black hair.

Steve shielded his face with his arm, watching open-mouthed as the storm collected itself around the teenager.

Letting out a loud yell of effort, Percy made the hurricane around him turn faster. The clouds above them seemed to be torn apart, effectively stopping the rain and the lightning.

Percy pushed the winds out away from the airship, dispersing what remained of the storm over the ocean.

However, the Helicarrier continued to fall; though Percy had stopped the storm, the ship was still too damaged to fly.

Steve gripped the door frame in preparation for the force of the impact with the water. Percy put his arms high above his head, and through a hole in the ship's hull, Steve saw the water below copy his movement.

Bodies of liquid rose and grabbed hold of the Helicarrier, gently placing it atop the now gentle waves. The water begun to flood it through the damaged exterior, but Percy swept his hand out and the water rushed back the way it had come, blocked from coming back in by the layer of ice Percy had created over the holes.

Percy then turned around to face them, his brow dotted with perspiration and his hair even more wild than it had already been. He raised an eyebrow at them, seemingly asking if he had proven himself.

Steve nodded at them, there was no doubt in his mind that the kid was a good guy.

Nodding in response, Percy gave him a slight smile, before he raced off to the side.

Before any of them could comprehend what he was doing, Percy leaped over the railing and swan-dived over the edge, rocketing into the ocean.

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